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Ask HN: Matasano Crypto Challenge
6 points by signa11 on May 30, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
Used to be available here : http://matasano.com/articles/crypto-challenges/ is no more :(

Our admin moved servers, and I wrote this page quickly and outside of version control, so it didn't move with the server. This wasn't deliberate.

Having said that: we're making an announcement about the crypto challenges today (all good stuff). If you were already in the challenges, you'll get it; otherwise, you may need to wait a month or so.

Of course, this is exactly what I would say if I had been NSL'd.

Would you please make a post to HN when the challenges are back up for newcomers? I could also just send you an email and you reply when you can.


Did that announcement actually go out? I'm in the challenges already and haven't seen anything.

yes, but does the challenge-rsp-challenge thing still work ?

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