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npm, Inc. - Oakland, CA

We run The npm Registry and are the stewards of the open-source npm client and related open-source projects. We want to make Node.js awesome for everybody. You may have heard of us, particularly yesterday, when we broke something important and a lot of people got mad.

We are interested in hiring all sorts of people this year, but our priority right now is a DevOps engineer -- we already have a couple, but we are growing fast and need to improve our reliability, so we need more. (This was already our priority before yesterday, I promise)

We like working on npm because JavaScript is fun, and solving problems that lots of people have -- about how to share code, deploy it, and scale it -- are really rewarding. We are not interested in working long, life-destroying hours. We are interested in working with people who are sane, fun, and friendly. We have a strict no-assholes policy.

We are also accepting applicants for a summer internship. There's more details on both jobs here:


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