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Atom: Now with pair programming (atom.io)
144 points by jamest on Feb 28, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 44 comments

It was so much fun to build this package. Atom is very modular, and any piece of functionality in the editor is open to being extended.

The documentation still has some ways to go (events aren't documented, for example), but I'm excited about the future of this editor!

Shouldn't this package be called "covalent"?


the (full!) source [0] of the extension i think shows how easy it is to extend the editor. i am impressed.

[0] https://github.com/firebase/atom-firepad/blob/master/lib/fir...

hey anant! i was your intern at mozilla 3 years ago... great to see you popping up again :) this plugin looks awesome

heya, glad you like it!

Looks great - impressive feature, and congrats! We tested it a bit and you're off to a solid start. We were having a few issues with multiple tabs and such, but we'll post github issues when we have repeatable results.

Thanks! Currently sessions are scoped to a window, so you may have better luck opening another session in a new window. Do file an issue, we should certainly fix this.

Is there any trick to getting a beta to try this out?

Join the ##atom-invitations channel on freenode and ask for an invite there. Plenty of folks sharing.

If you add your email to your HN profile, or at least a hint to it, I can send you one. Or you can email me. (See my profile.)

EDIT: all out :(

Can you spare one for me as well? (email's in the profile)

Pretty please me as well :)

People who get an invite get three to give away.

Is it really "now with pair programming" when the software hasn't been released?

Wouldn't it be "Atom: Eventually with pair programming"?

Some people are in fact using it now. You just had to snag an invite.

Beta software can gain features.

Even so, isn't it only for OSX?

Yes, which is why I'm not yet able to try out my own copy :/

Windows and Linux packages are on the way, according to the devs.

Having painfully hacked together a few packages for ST (and TM) over the years, I'm impressed at how fast they pulled this together. If it's this easy to extend, Atom could have a very bright future.

> I'm impressed at how fast they pulled this together.

Not that fast:

> But seriously, I've gotten to watch the development of Atom over the last two years and am soooo excited to see this baby ship.


I think he literally meant the speed at which the package was created for Atom Steve ;)

Oh, yeah, maybe that. :)

Language is hard. :( I read it as "Wow, Atom is really extensible-friendly, even though they've only been making it a short while."

I have used firepad as well as other online collaborative text editors extensively, and believe it to be the best one on the market. Go Firebase!

Isn’t Firebase an externally hosted database-as-a-service? Seems like a no-go for me in post-Snowden times.

It depends what you're doing with it. If, for example, you're collaborating together on an open-source project then I don't see any problem.

Firebase and their data sync api's are really great. You could really build a lot of things if you're creative.

PS. It would be nice if anyone could send me an invitation. thanks!

I've never really done pair programming, but I feel like I'd benefit from it. My boss was looking over my shoulder the other day while I doing some Clojure, at which I'm still very new, and had some suggestions on my workflow. It's on my list of things to look into.

Anyone have any invites left, by chance? Email in my profile. :)

Very cool! This has been, in my experience, a factor limiting the use of GUI editors in places with a heavy emphasis on remote pairing. Of course not everyone does this, but if you work someplace that does, this is a big selling point. I'm excited about this!

It's promising to see that features like this can be hacked into the editor in a very short amount of time.

I would love to find out what emacs-like features I could implement myself. Anyone that can help me with an invite? (email in my profile)

I'd love an invite. How long has everyone waited to get one?

Kinda offtopic: I have three Atom invites in case anyone wants one just send me an email (in profile).

Or if you want just ask one from http://twitter.com/mdo

Hi folks, sorry I'm already out of invites. Hope you guys enjoy using Atom!

Ok, thanks. If anyone else has one, please consider me. My email is in my profile!

This is why Atom is so great. New packages can be quickly hacked up using existing web libraries and technologies.

Will this notepad ever evolve into an IDE (automated refactoring, static analysis, intellisense)?

Any Windows package?

it's time to stop using github.

Why? And use what instead?

Bitbucket? Gitbucket? There are viable alternatives for many purposes. That doesn't answer the why, though.

Do we really need random Atom extensions posted two hours after the first commit? Is this the shortest time from initial commit (like, it looks like this is the real first commit instead of a squash-like commit for release)?

I guess we do, this really shows the extensible nature of Atom. So you get an idea, you pull some code together (only 70 lines!) and it works. I think that is reason enough to post it.

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