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It was so much fun to build this package. Atom is very modular, and any piece of functionality in the editor is open to being extended.

The documentation still has some ways to go (events aren't documented, for example), but I'm excited about the future of this editor!

Shouldn't this package be called "covalent"?


the (full!) source [0] of the extension i think shows how easy it is to extend the editor. i am impressed.

[0] https://github.com/firebase/atom-firepad/blob/master/lib/fir...

hey anant! i was your intern at mozilla 3 years ago... great to see you popping up again :) this plugin looks awesome

heya, glad you like it!

Looks great - impressive feature, and congrats! We tested it a bit and you're off to a solid start. We were having a few issues with multiple tabs and such, but we'll post github issues when we have repeatable results.

Thanks! Currently sessions are scoped to a window, so you may have better luck opening another session in a new window. Do file an issue, we should certainly fix this.

Is there any trick to getting a beta to try this out?

Join the ##atom-invitations channel on freenode and ask for an invite there. Plenty of folks sharing.

If you add your email to your HN profile, or at least a hint to it, I can send you one. Or you can email me. (See my profile.)

EDIT: all out :(

Can you spare one for me as well? (email's in the profile)

Pretty please me as well :)

People who get an invite get three to give away.

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