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on Feb 25, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite

Parody or real startup, I don't know, but I'm grabbing popcorn and upvoting either way.

And I thought soylent had the eating people market cornered. Fool me once...

This is about the original soylent, the green one.

Pretty sure you can't sell human tissue (e.g. umbilical cords, etc.) for purposes other than medical, but I may be wrong.

They should have waited until April 1.

This is almost exactly from the plot of the movie Antiviral. It's a dystopian movie where people's insatiable love of celebrities have lead them to eat meat produced from their genetic material and infect themselves with the same viruses as their favorite celebrity. It's a strange movie.


The weird didn't fall far from the tree there did it. It was an interesting concept but I kind of found myself not caring about the movie fairly soon into it. Given the advice he can get at home though I'm sure his future work will only improve considerably.

it sounds like cannibalism, but they use a modern design and minimal iconography so it's probably fine.

And their company name ends in "Labs"!


Old school.

Were bitelabs.io or bitelabs.ly already taken?

Or bitela.bs? (.bs being the TLD for The Bahamas)

Technically, bs is not a form of human meat but instead the excrement of male cattle.

This was portrayed in the film Antiviral. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antiviral_(film)

So, is this an actual product that you are ready to start producing, or is this just something to raise interest? If Kanye West came to you and say, "you can now push the boundaries of taste with my meat", would you be ready to go?


Maybe you've been whooshed?

maybe you have?

Are we talking about eating human meat ?

It seems so crazy that I am not really sure what I am reading...

It is not the wrong way to use technology ?

The question is: is it human meat if it didn't grown on the human?


Same genome.

I don't have the ability to downvote today, but please take this to Reddit.

Because only Reddit can appreciate some good humor, amirite?

I do though. Down you go.

Deeply disturbing... mainly because that salami looked quite tasty.

Don't worry, it's from a restaurant opening advertisement:


Yeah. I took a look at the salami, realized my mouth was watering, then wanted to throw up.

I'm eating (cereal though, no meat) and I'm not sure I can continue.

This reminds me of a passage in "The State of the Art" by Iain M. Banks, when a group of aliens visit earth and dine on various clone - grown dishes from earth's current dictators and the like.

"Most of you over there will be eating either Stewed Idi Amin or General Pinochet Chilli Con Carne; here in the centre we have a combination of General Stroessner Meat Balls and Richard Nixon Burgers. The rest of you have Ferdinand Marcos Sauté and Shah of Iran Kebabs. There are, in addition, scat­tered bowls of Fricaséed Kim II Sung, Boiled General Videla, and Ian Smith in Black Bean Sauce..."

Is this a parody on Soylent? If so, I like it.

I'll take this with a side of Soylent. That would be awesome.

What is this parodying?


If you don't get it, then perhaps you.

Silicon Valley.

It's on linode and they made the mistake of not blocking the IP only route on their server: howtosaybeerinswedish.com is also hosted there (or rather it comes first in the configuration). This doesn't say much though, but it's definitely a parody.

Soylent should acquire these guys.

Damn - site not in responsive design - no salami on the go

This idea is taken from "Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand" by Samuel Delaney.


When you get right down to it, is it any different than Twitter?

holy shit i wish this were real. that's the kind of company where you just wanna drop everything and work on it because it's so crazy.

Hmm. Looks like the site is suffering a DoS (friendly, I hope?) at this moment

Interestingly, I got this message when navigating to a secondary page:

> Cannot GET /get-involved

So true.

Is this real ? It can't be can it ? Isn't it illegal to sell/process human flesh ?

Edit - Never mind.

I have the disturbing desire to eat some of my own cloned, cured, salami.

Technically this is an entirely feasible idea...

Cannibalism isn't illegal...

We already make ice cream out of human breast milk. Granted, it's not cannibalism, but it's close.

If I eat any of this, will I still be a vegetarian?

Someone will surely notice the French pun?

This is incredibly well done :)

Is there an app for this?

Never imagined that pop culture can reach such lows.

L O freaking L

how can i get my meat produced?

No references to the "Long Pig" food store chain in Transmetropolitan?! (Warren Ellis)

Some of the best stuff he ever did, imho.

Is there anything else (comic/graphic novel) quite like Transmetropolitan in the 'cyberpunk/post-cyberpunk' genre?

Is that seriously on the frontpage of HN? At rank #1?

Where are all the interesting articles about start-ups posted now? Reddit?

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