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created:August 27, 2008
karma: 24428
about: My name is Ryan.

email is: blhack at gmail dto cmo.

My current (profitable) stack is: python/jquery/apache/mysql My current (dev) stack is: golang/react/RDS

My failed startups are: Social networking websites: thingist.com (better, more organized facebook/twitter), newslily.com (fark/digg/reddit/HN clone), lanmarks.com (social mapping). News aggregators: newsyndicated.com (computational linguistics applied to news/RSS).

Successful startups are: Business analytics/CRM software for niche industries.

Startups I have worked with but not founded so I won't name: Unnamed telemedicine project. Well funded, solved social isolation in the elderly. Great team. Parent company was acquired, and our project (ran as an internal startup to the larger company) was terminated. My role here was research/design/build hardware devices which were to be placed in senior's homes, as well as the backend service that they reported to, and the interface for remote health-providers to interface with this data. Unnamed educational non-profit. This project is ongoing and successful.

Times I have been rejected from YC: 2.

Other consulting that I have done and don't consider startups: design and build custom robotics and control systems for large scale advertising installations. Clients have been amazon, carvana, Tostitos, red bull, the NFL. Design and build complex, custom fire effects displays for use at music festivals including EDC and bonnaroo. The fire effects team is easily one of the most brilliant, competent groups of people I have ever gotten to work with.

My skillset is extremely broad, and I have worked at almost every design/build level of many different successful products.

My hobby is designing and teaching educational workshops for teenagers. I have a strong belief that most people are capable of much more than they realize; I find sharing this understanding with people extremely rewarding, and so do my students. I have taught workshops on electronics to both children and adults all over the world.

My other hobby is creating interactive art installations. I have a profound love for people and humanity, and my art projects typically try to highlight the beauty I see in other people.