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What can I, as an individual with no money nor power, do to help stop this?

I can reduce my energy use as far as possible. Apart from the online stuff I'm pretty low CO2. I can reduce, reuse, and recycle. (I need to get better at that.)

But what else can I do?

Crowd fund energy initiatives. Depending on your views on various energy sources, i.e. solar, take a look at

https://www.sunfunder.com/ https://joinmosaic.com/

Also, don't become too pessimistic. Even here, its pretty obvious that people tend to fall into two camps: doomers or deniers. Very few in between. I have spent the better part of a year struggling with depression related to the realization of the scale of environmental and sustainability issues facing civilization. I was a doomer, and some days, I still am. That said, I also see that the uptake of renewable energy is accelerating. Electric car sales were considered negligible two years ago, and now they are growing fast. Thats not to say that there aren't HUGE challenges facing us. But I also feel more hopeful that things will eventually change in time.

On top of that, opportunities to address the challenges faced can be exciting, especially in the business world. Not all doom and gloom if you look at it that way.

Decrease your transportation needs. Running a gasoline vehicle for 1 second produces more CO2 than turning off all of the zombie loads in your house. Move closer to work so your commute is shorter and you'll cut your carbon footprint more than any other thing you could do.

Over what time!

Sorry, 1 second of idle has more CO2 emissions than 1 day without zombie loads.

What can I, as an individual with no money nor power, do to help stop this?

Everyone who can vote has at least some power. Please vote for pro-science and reality-based candidates whenever possible.

The ecological impact of meat is one of the biggest reasons I became a vegetarian.

I guess we can pick the alternative energy source of our liking and evangelize for it. We can also technologically, monetarily, electorally and emotionally support the people who are looking for and deploying these alternatives. At least temporarily switch to ecologically cheaper foods, so that species who are facing problems get a few decades of rest, and recommend your preference to others who might enjoy the change as well.

Minimizing meat consumption fits in with those other individual contributions, I think.

However, I'm not confident that individual contributions like that are very effective in a global economy based on perpetual growth and consumption.

As somebody else mentioned elsewhere in the thread, get involved with 350.org, or alternatively Greenpeace. AFAIK, these are the largest and most effective organisations in the climate change area.

We're well past the point where changing individual behaviour will be enough (and also, this strategy has been promoted over the last 30 years and largely failed - emissions are still rising). We need protests and actions that will lead to policy changes around the world and the shutdown of the fossil fuel industry.

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