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A list of books that have won the Kate Greenaway award.


========== Why my spelling is so terrible.

1) I use an iPhone 4s. The keyboard is pretty bad for thumb typing. I use Chrome on iOS. When the keyboard is active the address bar is visible. This leaves a two line gap for text, which makes it harder to proof read text. (You have to look at the keyboard, not that text, because the keyboard is so bad.)

2) I'm just bad at spelling. I don't think spell check helps.

3) I should proof-read more.


Just for clarity: I'm not a mod and I have no connection to HN or YC. A couple of people have made this mistake so I clarify it here.


An Australian campaign to make it easier for men to seek help than to die by suicide. I think it's really good.


(They don't censor the word on their website)