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Dude, I've been reading Joel since 2002, and every time he goes on to blog about hacking he looks silly. His posts about "harm of exceptions" (he prefers -1 as a return code), about "mistake of .NET" and, from relatively recent ones, about poor Ruby performance do not make him look good as a hacker in my opinion.

Besides, he never really was a programmer. If I remember correctly he started his career as a program manager at Microsoft.

He's great as a general technology trends observer and I find his thoughts on business side of software crafting immensely useful, bug a hacker? No.

> His posts about "harm of exceptions"

So am I officially the only person who agrees with Joel on this?

OK, agreed. Stupid comment on my part. How would I know how good a hacker is unless I worked with him or used his output?

But I definitely stand by my "too old" observation. That's just silly.

Oh, and don't call me dude, shirley.

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