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"...but too old to have a grasp on technical details..."

Huh? Am I the only one the notice how illogical this is?

We are not basketball players. Some of us do are best hacking in our 40's and 50's. (Lay off the drugs - you'll see.)

Joel has forgotten more than many here have ever known about hacking. His only problem with this essay is that he has the balls to make a prediction.

There is only one prediction that is always 100% accurate - that no prediction will ever be 100% accurate.

Great read, Joel. Now back to my ramen.

Joel is light on the technical details. He's old enough to remember when C was going to be the language for everything. But not guru enough to mention or properly analyze anything else from that time. (Eiffel, Forth) Joel is just one of the mainstream programmer sheeple, just louder and with a bit of panache.

Dvorak has enough balls to make a prediction. Does that make him clever?

Am I the only one who thinks his description of CICS is quite wrong? CICS was a transaction server, there were many layers usually in front of it before it reaches the terminal. The terminal was actually quite dumb, which was the advantage of the solution since it allowed for full backend integration. That is the problem Microsoft hit their head against in the late 90's, and their 'innovative' new direction was to move back towards thinner clients

Dude, I've been reading Joel since 2002, and every time he goes on to blog about hacking he looks silly. His posts about "harm of exceptions" (he prefers -1 as a return code), about "mistake of .NET" and, from relatively recent ones, about poor Ruby performance do not make him look good as a hacker in my opinion.

Besides, he never really was a programmer. If I remember correctly he started his career as a program manager at Microsoft.

He's great as a general technology trends observer and I find his thoughts on business side of software crafting immensely useful, bug a hacker? No.

> His posts about "harm of exceptions"

So am I officially the only person who agrees with Joel on this?

OK, agreed. Stupid comment on my part. How would I know how good a hacker is unless I worked with him or used his output?

But I definitely stand by my "too old" observation. That's just silly.

Oh, and don't call me dude, shirley.

There is only one prediction that is always 100% accurate - that no prediction will ever be 100% accurate.

Nice Godelian statement :)

Was wondering if anyone would notice. You just won 6000 boxes of instant noodles.

Well assuming there are 20 packets of ramen in a box, you just put three meals on his table for the next 109ish years. I think you, sir, should be in charge of the World Food Program...

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