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professions where a bowtie is suitable for a job interview:

- clown

- english professor

- that is all

- bowtie retail clerk

Though if I found myself wanting to sell bowties I'd rock an ascot to the interview

I've met a number of doctors (UK: "Consultant" / US: "Attending physician") who wear bow ties.

Many surgeons have a certain personality. I find this is also true of people who wear bow ties.

Am I missing the trend?

These days, long neckties are banned in hospitals because they transfer infections. Your bow tie-wearing doctors likely figured this out for themselves years ago, and settled on a bow tie as an alternative way of looking presentable. For a certain generation of doctor, it'd be unforgivable to appear in front of a patient in an open-necked shirt. (A cravat, of course, being suitable only for confidence artists, gigolos and Europeans.)

Continental tie would be acceptable, no? Or do only 50's band members and western outfits get those?

Heh :) Permissible by the regulations perhaps, but definitely not acceptable (at least not in the UK).

What is one of them?

//edit//I have googled those. Good grief.

As a programmer I can't think of a single job interview I went through where it would have conceivably put me at a disadvantage.

It would have at worse been taken as a harmless eccentricity.

That's preposterous. You've neglected:

- English professor at clown school

- and old-school physics professors at Harvard

You might as well wear spats as well.

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