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Though I do not have any problems with tiny arrows on Twitter/Firefox3 Some of my friends complain that they see blah blah instead of the right signs. And when clicked they get errors. Must be a problem with unicode support I guess & it will be a major drawback for the tinyarrows :(

How are you sending the link to them? What software/tools are involved?

Some IM messangers and emails will mess IDN links up, so I'm on a crusade to notify vendors to get things working better.

Also these don't work in IE6. Are they using that?

Can they click on a page like this? http://ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ.com ?

Thanks in advance!


I just twittered via twitterfox. I checked on my Twitter page & it shows up well for me. But a friend using Fx3 on window$ just complained there are problems viewing it. WC.


Thanks a lot for the clarification. If it's not a hassle, can you ask them how they read Twitter? Did they visit the website or get through a different reader?


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