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This is probably the most comprehensive article about the background to this situation and reasoning as to why McAfee seems to be losing his mind: http://gizmodo.com/5960138/the-crazy-secret-journal-of-john-...

I came away from reading that link and the whoismcafee.com blog thinking that the man is an eccentric but certainly not insane. It is well within my imagination to believe that he may be being persecuted by senior government officials in Belize for not making "donations" or providing other favours when asked of them.

I think that North Americans sometimes don't realize that one of the reasons that the rest of the world is susceptible to urban legends and conspiracy theories is because in those countries, similar stories have been known to hold true. Nothing like a moon landing of course, but presidents and prime ministers have in fact been involved in murders, drug charges and fraud. In that context you're more amenable to think, "Yeah, this could have happened."

So you think the Belizean police are digging up the heads --- just the heads --- of McAfee's dogs while he watches them disguised with shoe polish on his face?

No, they dug up the entire bodies, but only kept the heads, which is normal concidering it's a standard way to test for poisons in dead animals (they test the brain matter, not the muscle tissue).

Here it's worth noting that McAfee contests this explanation. There is some other, more sinister reason they've taken the heads of his dogs. I think we all know what it is.

To bring his dogs back to life for a few minutes each in order to see what they saw in their lifetimes? Then they'll have all of his secrets!

What dog would have an easier time tracking and killing John McAfee than a dog bearing the reanimated head of one of McAfee's own dogs?

Sparky! You're back!

"In September of this year, McAfee published a diary in three parts of his recent "adventures" in Belize on a private message board"

Does anyone have a link to the original source?

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