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I use a Revue as well and like you said it does pass the wife test so I appreciate that. We both love the keyboard. YouTube could be a bit faster but works fine. Netflix app is the best bar-none. Puts my PS3 and XBoX versions to shame. I still long for a slightly higher powered device. HD streams from my media server seem to choke the Revue a bit using TVersity but I probably could use a different transcoder. Suggestions welcome! Maybe even a replacement device?

I'm currently thinking about switching up my mediaserver / htpc setup and I'll prolly end up getting a Synology NAS and run Plex server on it.

If you have a GoogleTv, there's an App to view plex content in the Play store.

As an added bonus, it's possible to run sickbeard / couchpotato / sabnzbd on a Synology as well, so it becomes a set and forget experience.

I prefer GTVBox to Plex:


Lets me connect over cifs/nfs, which is my preferred way to connect to my Synology DS410.

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