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I'll be the lonely voice here who says this: Google TV is the least worst option in a sea of mediocrity. I still use a Logitech Revue (conspicuously absent from the updated products list, once again) and I've yet to find any better platform. There's one simple reason for this: It goes in between a content feed (such as cable or antenna) and your tv. In that way, it can control content on my network, the streaming services, AND live tv or DVR shows. No other product that I'm aware of does that. I want one interface to control all those things. Roku doesn't do that. Apple TV doesn't do that. Hell, my Samsung "smart" tv doesn't do that either. Tivo? A pile of laggy shit, and it can't stream on my network without jumping through 1000 hoops. Also, $15 bucks a month for a program guide is highway robbery.

I'd love to not have to have a cable source for shows, but until the content producers get their heads out of their asses, I still can't watch what I want from the Netflix/Hulu combination. I also hate having to switch apps to use those, but such is life it seems.

It's FAR from ideal, but it's the most polished turd I can find. It's the only thing I know of that (barely) passes the wife test and does the things I need.

For those of us that don't feel like we need cable and only rarely watch OTA broadcasts the ability for GoogleTV to connect to cable or an antenna isn't very attractive. Roku's extensive list of additional channels, simplicity, and compactness are much more appealing.

Roku doesn't support Youtube... that was a deal breaker for me.

Roku also didn't use to support local media browsing. I know it does now - is it any good at it? (at least for video content this was one of Boxee's strengths)

Also - how is Roku in terms of a 3rd-party app ecosystem? That is another essential in my books.

It does, but not well. You'll have to resort to Plex.

Roku has a better app ecosystem than Google TV, more video channels in particular.

You can use Plex to get YouTube on Roku.

I use a Revue as well and like you said it does pass the wife test so I appreciate that. We both love the keyboard. YouTube could be a bit faster but works fine. Netflix app is the best bar-none. Puts my PS3 and XBoX versions to shame. I still long for a slightly higher powered device. HD streams from my media server seem to choke the Revue a bit using TVersity but I probably could use a different transcoder. Suggestions welcome! Maybe even a replacement device?

I'm currently thinking about switching up my mediaserver / htpc setup and I'll prolly end up getting a Synology NAS and run Plex server on it.

If you have a GoogleTv, there's an App to view plex content in the Play store.

As an added bonus, it's possible to run sickbeard / couchpotato / sabnzbd on a Synology as well, so it becomes a set and forget experience.

I prefer GTVBox to Plex:


Lets me connect over cifs/nfs, which is my preferred way to connect to my Synology DS410.

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