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Disappearing title bar is up to applications developers, not shell but the trend is to hide them when window is maximized.

> I dislike the main theme as i find it is too "fat".

But you just said you love title bars. They are fat space-hogs by definition. Regardless of theme.

>Why have you removed configuration options that you had in gnome 2? I found a lot of what i was missing in gnome tweak tool, But it seems like someone has decided that I don’t need those options, and it makes me feel stupid.

Because 1. GNOME is not a final product. It'll never be. 2. Regular users really doesn't miss them.

I don't think its contradictory that I want title bars and thinner theme. The title bar serves as the main handle to move a window. When its taken away it makes it hard to pull the window out of being maximized, depending on where there is free space that will let me drag a window around to pop it out of its maximized state. The title bar serves a purpose. The extra padding on tabs, buttons and menus doesn't help me much as I know what i am looking for.

I fully understand that gnome 3 isn't a final product, and like basically all Open Source software it is available "as is" and without any guarantee that it is fit for your purpose. I would have thought that the "regular user" for a system like gnome was a person like me. I guess that is no longer the case, which is fine, its just hard finding a new desktop environment that i'm comfortable in.


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