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This is precisely why Google will remain a search company. It's not that they can't create tech for enterprise, it's that no one with a brain cell trusts them with anything important.

I know we don't.

That's obviously false. Hundreds of millions of people trust Google with things of high importance. They're even approved to be trusted by the US Government (FISMA). Cities like Los Angeles have no problem trusting Google. Neither do businesses like Genentech or BBVA.

Who's the we? I'm sure tons of Y Combinator startups use Google Apps.

They come with million dollar accounts and get a rep. Joe average doesn't get that luxery.

They offer enterprise support: http://support.google.com/a/bin/request.py

Yeah, but not for Android or their Play store or their app ecosystem.

brador's comment stands. Would I trust my livelihood to a company with a proven track record of not caring about its own digital sharecroppers?

Google has a team of Developer Advocates to provide developers with support. Search for "google play developer advocate" and the top 4 results are Google+ profiles for people in those positions.

Oh so you have to join Google +? And then send a message to a few profiles; hoping you get a response?

That's now good customer service.

That's not what he said. What he said was that there exist customer advocates. You can see this for yourself by finding them on Google+ and looking at how they chose to advertise their job description.

They also have office hours that you can join via hangouts. I've only seen them on youtube after the fact, but they're generally pretty good, and they will sit there and answer questions to your face (though since it's a webcast, general questions about banning would probably work better than "why is my app being banned?"):


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