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How to Hustle SXSW for Fun & Profit (daniellemorrill.com)
136 points by dmor on Feb 29, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 27 comments

If anyone's interested, I did my take on how to get the most out of SxSW, here:


But the best part is that I crowd-sourced the question out to all my musician clients (+ friends like Tim Ferriss and some record label people) - and they all contributed their opinion on video. All these are linked in the post, too.

(I curated it, so the ones in the post there are the best of the best. At very least, click the "Big Kenny" one.)

It's very musician-centric, but maybe you'll find it useful.

I was a volunteer at SXSW and watched your talk a couple of years ago (used to live in Austin). Loved it.

Personally, my favorite part of SXSW is after the Interactive portion is over -- just kicking back and enjoying the concerts at the music festival.

I'm exhausted just reading it.

Sorry, wasn't written for normal tldr blog consumption but so many people were telling me to blog it I wanted to share.

tldr version: calendar is fluid, RSVP to everything, every person is an opportunity, don't forget you're there to get leads, brand plays, take care of your team

I wasn't referring to the amount of content or its complexity. I meant it sounds like an exhausting time.

I have a brother-in-law who loves that stuff. But it's not for me; I have too much of my father in me.

> If you are going to get ridiculously drunk, and especially if you are considering using substances that the United States considers illegal, PLEASE DON’T WEAR YOUR COMPANY TSHIRT.  It is every PR person’s nightmare.  Please just no.

These are really great tips for keeping it both casual and professional. Finding that balance is important at events like SXSW. I wish I was going this year.

Tangentially related - Sketchnote Guide to Speaking at SXSW


SXSW: making Austin more dynamic, one decaled SUV at a time

"I love breakfast burritos"

Just a tip: we call them breakfast tacos.

Really really important note: there are no 'breakfast burritos' in Austin, only breakfast tacos.


Also really important to note: breakfast tacos are amazing, and far superior to burritos. Just go visit Torchy's Taco's while you're in Austin, and you'll understand.

Great tips Danielle! Wish I had this last year when I went to SXSW!

After loading, article disappears on an ipad. (unable to investigate right now)



Startup entrepreneurs who might be going for the first time, because everyone is telling them "you have to be there" but aren't sure what the point is or what to do.

OPs Q: who is this directed at (good Q)

I like the way you write. It's straightforward and cuts the crap. I kinda wish there was more articles like this.

Nothing new that already had not been said a million times before. oh wait, there's the obligatory use of profanity to make it seem "cool". Lame attempt to gain attention, even more lane posting it to HN.

It probably has all been said before, but doing it is harder. And lot's of first-time entrepreneurs haven't heard it. Lame being jaded on HN

wait...so an opinion that conflicts with your pov is branded as "jaded"? how mature of you...

No, a jaded opinion is branded jaded. Obviously I don't agree with your opinion, or I wouldn't have spent an hour writing an email to the 500 startups mentors and founders. This is what HN was for, helping startups with contributions to the community. This is what I have to offer, take it or leave it - but clearly the votes indicate there is some value here.

wait, you really created an account just to say this?

yup...nothing wrong with moving from reader to commenter...is there?

As a part of your move from reader to commenter, please take the time to become acquainted with the site guidelines. Among them: "Be civil".


Did chuckle that a response to a guy complaining about profanity in a linked article includes "be civil."

What the hell is this crap?

Beautiful writing, almost too beautiful. But please, take it as a compliment. Its perhaps a little too specific of a topic, may I suggest you team up with a someone more technical than yourself? I'm trying to do the same with my design because I think remote collaboration is brilliant. Cheers~

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