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I figured more people understand "jQuery-style" than "fluent interface" / "method chaining". Pretty much like you call a tissue "Kleenex" (or "Tempo" in German).

I honestly think that HackerNews readers would understand "fluent interface."

Do you honestly think I ever thought about my dimwit-no-rocket-science URI.js ending up on hacker news? But, to satisfy hacker news readers, I added the terms "fluent interface" and "method chaining" (while preserving "jQuery-like" for normal folkā€¦)

Not to be dismissive, but I feel that if you're a jQuery user, you shouldn't be calling it jQuery-like|style|whatever suffix either. The purpose of terms like fluent interface is so that we can identify a pattern and speak a common language.

Cool work none the less, I didn't give you props in my original post.

You can't google "jquery-style" and get helpful information.

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