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This is NOT "jQuery style". This is an actual decent use of OOP and Method Chaining.

jQuery does use Method Chaining but it actually discourages the use of good JS OOP.

I figured more people understand "jQuery-style" than "fluent interface" / "method chaining". Pretty much like you call a tissue "Kleenex" (or "Tempo" in German).

I honestly think that HackerNews readers would understand "fluent interface."

Do you honestly think I ever thought about my dimwit-no-rocket-science URI.js ending up on hacker news? But, to satisfy hacker news readers, I added the terms "fluent interface" and "method chaining" (while preserving "jQuery-like" for normal folkā€¦)

Not to be dismissive, but I feel that if you're a jQuery user, you shouldn't be calling it jQuery-like|style|whatever suffix either. The purpose of terms like fluent interface is so that we can identify a pattern and speak a common language.

Cool work none the less, I didn't give you props in my original post.

You can't google "jquery-style" and get helpful information.

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