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This is a good little post, but you actually are branded in the US if you seek paid treatment for depression. See this: http://behavioral.kaiserpapers.org/prozacharm.html

The article doesn't state when it's from, but it does mention a 2001 Georgetown study, which means that it's probably from around 2001-2002.

It looks like the health care reform of 2010 prevents insurance companies from denying you coverage due to pre-existing conditions (starting in 2014): http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2010/0324/Health-care-...

Even earlier in some states, too. If I were uninsurable, I'd give serious consideration to moving someplace like Seattle.

Move to Seattle and the lack of sunlight will pretty much guarantee that you need antidepressants.

Spoken as someone who knows.

They make lamps for that.

Absolutely, and many people have claimed they have worked for them. My mileage has varied.

I know many counterexamples of people in various states who have received health insurance coverage even after seeking treatment for depression. The problem of denial of coverage for "preexisting conditions" is much broader than that, anyway. Insurance companies have been playing that game for so long with so many different disease conditions that regulation is increasingly denying the companies the scope to write their contracts in that manner.

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