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The CPR example that's used throughout the article is a bit weird, isn't it? Isn't CPR performed when someone has no heartbeat? What does it matter if you crack their ribs? It's only painful if the person survives.

I'm not debating whether people should attempt to prolong their lives with aggressive chemo, just picking a nit.

If I was in an accident or an illness today -- I'd want them to crack my ribs and so on. In 50 years or so, when I'm 80 and in poor health I'm not sure I'd want the same thing.

Yeah that's the author's point. Chronically ill or terminally ill patients receiving heroic care, not an otherwise healthy 30 year old who has an acute illness.

If you're 80 and in poor health, recovery from broken ribs is likely to be extremely difficult and painful.

CPR is done on unconscious people who are not breathing. They may have no heartbeat, or it may be an irregular one. CPR shouldn't be done on someone that can feel the pain at the moment of the ribs breaking, correct.

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