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Am I the only one who doesn't get this UI? If I have to scroll anyway, what's the point of those next buttons? What is the purpose of page numbers at the top when there's already a scrollbar showing where I am? I think it does nothing but adds clutter and distracts from the message they are trying to convey.

A simple web page with the same infographics would tell me the same story, take less time to design, print well, work everywhere, and (in my humble opinion) look just as good.

I'm with you. The buttons on the top and the next are redundant. However, the worst bit is that if a point doesn't fit on the screen, you can't hit the down button on the keyboard to scroll down because the down button takes you to the next point. Painful.

Seems they're listening, as this no longer appears to be the case.

The buttons set up a clear linear path between "reading our slides" and "requesting an intro", with gentle animations showing your progress on that path. It's a simple but powerful metaphor. For me, far from distracting from the message they are trying to convey, the extra attention that has been lavished all over this page sends great messages about the competence of the people involved. Clearly to some this is going to come off as gratuitous; as usual it comes to down to how well they have judged their audience.

That said, as actual navigation I didn't find the buttons very usable. It would have been nice if there was a visual clue somewhere that the left and right keyboard arrows work.

Thanks everyone for the feedback - we ditched the next/previous buttons. I kept a 'start' button at the bottom of the first page because I wanted to set up for the user that it all scrolls down from there, plus I just had to keep a giant button somewhere on the page :)

And good idea about giving some sort of visual cue the keyboard buttons work. I think I might work on something to indicate that. Thanks!

I think the page numbers at the top serve as a nice progress indicator. I'm with you on the next / prev buttons. Ditch those.

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