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As someone who's used Common Lisp, Scheme and Clojure; out of that bunch I would highly recommend Clojure for a beginner.

Pros: 1. Easier to setup (with a single script from https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen) 2. Benefits of a lisp-1, with nicer syntax (fewer confusing parens) 3. Easier to get started with Emacs + swank-clojure + lein 4. Wealth of Java libraries 5. Functional

Cons: 1. Can't think of any, unless you want Interface Builder and similar, or are desperate to program using call/cc or are in any of the above ways a non-beginner. drscheme is a nice counterpoint though, in that the learning enviroment could include a bit more hand-holding.

IMHO for those coming from ruby/python etc. Clojure is a huge win. With square brackets for function-args, if you turn off or dim parens (emacs has several options such as rainbow-parens) the source looks very much like python.

And with M-q and friends and sexp editing, it behaves better.

Interesting. Thanks. Maybe I'll start there, too.

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