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Wordloops | https://www.wordloops.com | Full Stack Engineer (React, Next.js) | Full-time or Part-time | 100% REMOTE (any region)

Wordloops is a Y Combinator backed startup. We're a virtual club for creative writing. Our goal is to provide high quality training to writers of all experience levels from beginner to expert. We're doing this by building a fun and motivating social experience that takes place inside a virtual world. One way to think about Wordloops: it's the experience of a prestigious workshop like Iowa or Clarion, but for everyone, and designed to support you over the long term. Another way to think about it: we're building a game world where writing is the primary game mechanic.

Our current stack is Hasura, Zeet, PostgreSQL, Next.js.

We're looking for a high impact, passionate coder who wants to work at a fast moving, early stage startup that's constantly talking to and learning from a growing base of customers. Big bonus if you love creative writing and video games.

See https://www.workatastartup.com/companies/wordloops for more info.

Contact jay _AT_ wordloops.com mentioning HN.

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