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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (June 2021)
365 points by whoishiring on June 1, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 1043 comments
Please state the location and include REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when that sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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Texts.com | Remote, all timezones | Full-time | https://texts.com

Texts is an early-stage startup backed by the founders of Superhuman and Vercel, and people affiliated to Stripe, Coinbase, Twitter, Facebook, Snap and others.

We believe messaging is extremely fragmented and are building Texts app, a fully hackable messaging client for power users, to make people more productive and focused. Texts connects to all major messaging platforms (including iMessage, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger, Telegram, Discord, Signal, Slack and LinkedIn) and has an SDK to connect to anything.

Open roles for our founding team:

* Full-stack/generalist engineer (Stack: React.js, TypeScript, Node.js/Electron)

* iOS engineer (Stack: Swift, SwiftUI, Combine)

* Backend engineer (Stack: TypeScript, Node.js, Postgres, Rust)

* Reverse engineer (Tools: Ghidra, IDA, or Frida)

We aren't building a simple CRUD chat app. You'll get to write quality code, optimize performance, design APIs, frameworks and abstractions that other developers love. One such framework is a drop-in Electron alternative: https://twitter.com/KishanBagaria/status/1388240326930829312

Hiring process: we don't do whiteboard/algorithm interviews. We'll talk about things you've previously worked on and then do a work trial for a week – you'll be paid as a contractor for this.

To apply, email kishan at texts.com or submit your link on https://texts.com/jobs

The United States Digital Service is a team of cross-agency federal technologists who work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people, including: streamlining immigration, helping veterans get benefits, modernizing health care, reforming hiring, improving school safety, fixing procurement, and more.

Check out our most recent impact report for examples of what you could be working on: https://www.usds.gov/resources/USDS-Impact-Report-2020.pdf

We're looking for the most empathetic, mission-driven, and tenacious technologists who are committed to untangling, rewiring, and redesigning critical government services. We hire folks from all walks of life who have demonstrable experience tackling complicated problems in the public, private, or non-profit sectors.

We're hiring for:

  * Software Engineers (Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, DevOps)
  * Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and Security Engineers
  * Product Managers
  * Data Scientists
  * Designers (Generalists, Strategists, User Researchers, Interaction Designers, Content Strategists, Design Operations, and everything in between)
  * Procurement Specialists
  * Bureaucracy Hackers
  * and more!
With regard to remote work during the pandemic, health and safety are our top priority for all employees. Everyone is currently working remotely, and we don’t have any specific timeline to return onsite yet. During this time, all new hires will start fully remote, though the expectation is they will come onsite to the DC metro area when we are able to resume normal operations. We also understand everyone’s circumstances may vary, and we will work closely with each person to make sure their transition works best for them.

Come join us in shifting government tech in the right direction -- no prior government experience required!

Read more about getting hired here: https://www.usds.gov/faq

Apply here: https://www.usds.gov/apply

Too bad it's US citizens only. Would love to apply.

Fulcrum | Full Stack Developer, Product Manager | MSP, NYC | $110k - 250k+, benefits, and equity | Full-time, REMOTE-US AND ONSITE | https://fulcrumpro.com

We're building the manufacturing operating system of the future from the ground up, engineered to create network effects as we grow. A beautiful, sophisticated quantum leap forward for the most important core industry in the world.

Currently 14 developers. (4 from HN!). Signed $18m term sheet. Expected to close in June. Product and Engineering is 75% of headcount. Hiring 12 developers in the next 3 months.

Our favorite tools include C#, Angular, and Vue. We’re primarily interested in finding intensely smart people with talent at their fingertips, regardless of what tech stack you come from. We value autonomy over routine, and empathy over ego. We want to make products that are so elegant that our users feel constantly amazed. If you have at least 2 years of professional experience building all parts of modern webapps, and are interested in helping us develop the next generation of software in a massive market, we’d love to hear from you. The future is ours to build.

Answers to your FAQs: Immediate 401(k), with 5% match after 90 days through Vanguard, immediate vesting. Health, dental, and vision benefits. Unlimited vacation (15 day mandatory minimums). Remote and flexible work. Process: culture screen - tech screen - tech interview - offer.

To get in touch: careers@fulcrumpro.com

https://fulcrumpro.com/grow for our previous fundraise announcement page

Nightwatch.io | Remote | Full-time & Part-time | Ruby, Elixir

We’re looking for an experienced developer who would like to help our users to become visible on search engines. Someone who enjoys working with server side technologies and possesses a good mixture of DevOps and application development chops, has been around the block a couple of times, and would like to build effective solutions with experienced teammates in a progressive-oriented environment.

The ideal candidate should have rich experience in building performant, easy to use, well monitored and well tested APIs, creating and maintaining robust web applications, designing efficient data flows, communicating clearly, sharing knowledge and improving existing solutions.

We’re a self funded SaaS company that primarily builds useful tools for internet professionals. We’ve been bootstraping our products without subscribing to the 9-to-5 corporate way of doing things.

Back-end Developer (Elixir, Ruby, Rust, Go): https://nightwatch.io/jobs/backend-developer

Front-end Developer (Ember.js transitioning to React): https://nightwatch.io/jobs/frontend-developer

Product Owner: https://nightwatch.io/jobs/product-manager

TalkJS (https://talkjs.com) | REMOTE (Europe/Middle East/Africa) or Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

TalkJS lets developers build a perfect chat feature in just a few hours. We power communication in online marketplaces, community sites, trading platforms and so on. We're product driven and we care tremendously about quality: We're out to build the tool that every developer worldwide will use to build chat/communication features.

Currently in the market for:

    * Customer Success Engineer
    * Solutions Architect
    * Mobile Developer (iOS/Android/Flutter/React Native)
    * Senior Fullstack Developer
    * Senior Backend Developer
    * Junior Programmer Who Can Write
Our stack is mainly React, TypeScript, Elixir and PostgreSQL. Nearly the entire company is product people, founders are a designer and a programmer.

TalkJS touches millions of people and is growing quickly. We want to be the tool that every developer thinks of for building communication features, a bit like what Stripe has become for payments. To do this, we give great engineers the maximum amount of freedom to ship fantastic SDKs, APIs and features. This means a healthy work/life balance and a lot of responsibility: We expect a lot from each other and we give a lot of freedom in return. Sound good?

More info on all positions + how to apply: https://talkjs.com/jobs/

(no recruiters/agencies please)

BARRACUDA – Senior/Principal Software Engineer - OPEN TO REMOTE US

Looking to make a meaningful impact with your work? At Barracuda, we build products that protect our customers from a growing number of threats to their business.

Do you have experience building distributed systems at scale in the cloud? Do you have a hunger for solving the challenges of such a system? Come join our team building a data ingestion pipeline and search service for security products providing real-time threat detection and remediation atop petabytes of data flowing through the system in near real-time.

This team operates with a lot of autonomy and uses modern technologies and CI/CD pipelines. We have mature monitoring and observability mechanisms in place which help make decisions for performance/reliability improvements via 'science'.

We're a remote team with a strong engineering culture, working collaboratively with frontend, devops, and other product teams within Barracuda. (Team is mostly remote - but if you live nearby a Barracuda office location, you're free to work in-office as well anytime if you prefer a hybrid approach).


I'm the hiring manager, and would love to tell you more about the role, reach out here or at awood@barracuda.com or in the Clojurians Slack community (anwood). We're a friendly bunch!

Use the link above even if you think you’re ‘senior’ and not principal-level (yet) :)

Tech stack: clojure, elasticsearch, kafka, postgres, redis, kubernetes, docker, AWS, and more

Wordy, but we're really cool, smart and doing some interesting engineering over here. :)

Unsolicited feedback: if you give examples of the kind of work you do, it might be more effective. Just reading the blurb, I don't really get much information as to what your "secret sauce" is.

I'm a Sr. Staff Relevance Engineer at Shopify

Why should sophisticated product search and recommendations be only the purview of deep pocketed, high end commerce orgs? We want to reinvent how search and discovery work for the smaller merchants of the world. We need your help.

We are looking for relevance engineers and a relevance engineering lead. Someone who wants to balance data expertise with engineering skill!

Postings https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/ni/Shopify/bedf9119-9a23-4f...


Find me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/softwaredoug if you want to DM me any Qs

Can I have a position just to implement VOEC? It not being implemented is the only reason I no longer buy anything from websites using shopify. https://www.skatteetaten.no/en/business-and-organisation/vat...

Stylitics | Software Engineer and Customer Success Engineer | New York, NY | REMOTE (US timezones preferred) | https://stylitics.com

Stylitics is the leading visual outfitting and styling solution for the world’s top retailers and brands. Our clients include Gap Inc, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Revolve, Puma, Crate & Barrel, Bloomingdale’s, and dozens of others.

We're an enterprise SaaS company. I'll point out two jobs within the engineering team (all listings: https://stylitics.com/careers-2/ )

Junior/Mid-level Software Engineer:

Relevant tech includes Clojure, ClojureScript, Postgres, Redis, Ansible. You'll work on data ingestion. This means understanding the meaning of clients' data vis a vis Stylitics' data model, ensuring internal stakeholders understand it too, writing code and thinking about code, data, and pipelines in a language (Clojure) well-suited to that domain. This listing is not yet up, so please email matt@stylitics.com

Customer Success Engineer:

"Enterprise support" at Stylitics means helping clients integrate our javascript widgets, build their own experiences with our API, and resolve issues over email or video call. Internally, you'll work with our (small, tight-knit) teams to ensure technical knowledge is available, shared, and understood.

Job listing: https://stylitics.com/careers-2/?gh_jid=5281587002

If you're a junior programmer who can write well, consider applying for this one!

Forgot to mention: the customer success engineer role is indeed remote (as is the SWE job); I'll update the job listing on our site.

Can non-US apply?

Cheqout (YC W21) | San Francisco, CA

We're an in-person ordering & payments platform for restaurants and hiring for engineering & sales. We've raised enough that we are doubling our team.

Engineering: 1 mobile, 1 front-end, 1 back-end. Our stack: Elixir/Phoenix/Absinthe/GraphQL/Apollo/React/React-Native.

Sales: SMB/POS. 1 lead, 4 AE's (60% field/40% in-office/uncapped comms)

Experienced candidates only. Health insurance provided. Startup environment. Send a resume to jobs@cheqout.co

If you're a candidate & would like a quick chat, drop me an invite here: https://lnkd.in/g3wp3xJ

DroneSeed | Seattle | Multiple Positions | Full-time | ONSITE, REMOTE

We at DroneSeed are working to help address climate change by making reforestation scalable with drone swarms - surveying and planting trees. We’re Techstars ‘16 alum, VC backed, and working with 3 of the 5 largest forestry companies in the US.

Currently have a bunch of openings and are adding more shortly in engineering, product, and sales. If you don't see something that fits right now, check back in the next week or two.

We want creative, thoughtful, empathetic people with serious grit to join a team dedicated to inclusion and a critical mission.


Some media: https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/26/that-night-a-forest-flew-d

Our site: https://www.droneseed.com

Sync Inc | Platform Engineer | Los Angeles or Remote | https://syncinc.so

Integrating with third-party platforms has looked the same for the past 15+ years: bespoke and limited JSON APIs. Want to help change that?

At Sync Inc, we make accessing data from third-party platforms as easy as accessing data in your database. Instead of having to learn the ins-and-outs of a third-party API to access their data, developers can connect to a real-time replica Postgres database instead.

We launched in December 2020 with Airtable as our first platform. We’ve made spectacular progress and we’re already working with some amazing companies. Just crossed $3,500 MRR, marching to $10,000 MRR [1]. Backed by David Sacks/Craft Ventures. Adding Stripe support here in June.

We're looking for our second founding engineer to join us on the journey. This is a special time: you’ll play an instrumental role in shaping everything from our culture, to our engineering workflow, to our process design/architecture. Really fun and interesting challenges ahead.

We primarily build in Elixir/Phoenix, but no prior experience with Elixir is required.

Find out more about us and the role on our jobs page: https://syncinc.so/careers

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly. Email in bio. Tell me about the most impressive thing you've ever built, software or not.

[1] You can see our progress from previous Who's Hiring? postings :) https://hn.algolia.com/?dateRange=all&page=0&prefix=true&que...

real-time replica Postgres

How does that work? Aren't you affected by the 100 records per call?

NASA ADS | Back-end Engineer & Data Scientist | Cambridge, MA (US) | Remote from US for 1 year, onsite afterwards | Full-time | VISA Sponsorship Available

The NASA/Astrophysics Data System is seeking a talented Back-end Engineer & Data Scientist to maintain and improve the data pipelines, as well as to support the search engine and the ADS natural language processing/machine learning plans. Your back-end code will empower astrophysicists around the world to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Job description: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/about/careers/

NASA ADS: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/

Do not hesitate to contact us directly at adshelp@cfa.harvard.edu

Abine + DeleteMe - the online privacy company | WFH / REMOTE or BOSTON, MA | Full Time | Web application and Full Stack Developers, Growth Marketers, PM's, ETC. | https://www.abine.com/ | https://joindeleteme.com/

We are a profitable small but fast-growing company focused on better, easier, online privacy.

We make two products. Blur is a password manager with integrated privacy aliases / tokenization built-in from the ground up to help people mask / control their PII credentials like email addresses, phone numbers, and credit cards. DeleteMe is a SaaS service for removing private information from the Web / data broker sites that list and sell consumers personal info.

We're looking for strong web application, mobile, and full-stack developers, growth marketers, legal-tech and data-science professionals, who are interested in making a difference in the fight for privacy. We are profitable, have been doing this for years, and have millions of users.

Please contact us at jobs at getabine dotcom. 1. no recruiters (please, really, please) 2. helpful if you can include both a full CV and desired comp range

WeeBID (www.weebid.app) is the first fan-initiated crowdfunding platform, where fans submit ideas to creators, and commit small amounts of money to crowdfund those ideas. This gives creators a list of exactly what their fans want, and an easy way to monetize their ideas, while enabling fans to leverage the crowd to get what they want from creators.

We're looking for a lead developer or technical cofounder to make the application amazing. We've raised pre-seed financing, built the MVP, and have celebrity users on the platform (Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock, and are currently courting urban/pop celebrities). We have 2 full-time developers (one front-end and one back-end) and are about to employ a dev shop for additional dev resources. We need someone to lead the technical side of this operation.

Founder is Greg Spero, pianist for Halsey for 4 years among other musical accolades. Also will be looking for a product lead, but Spero is the subject matter expert and is currently running product.

Software is based in React and React Native. Web App is in use as private beta, and iOS Mobile App is in Testflight.

Based in Los Angeles, CA. Candidate can be remote.

This is an opportunity to change the fabric of the creative marketplace into something that is more equitable to artists, more engaging to fans, and better for the entire consumer/producer ecosystem.

Full specs here: https://angel.co/l/2vg76Q

Please email greg@weebid.app with interest, and mention you found the job post here.

Timescale [Fully Remote | Anywhere in World]

We develop TimescaleDB, the open-source relational database for time-series data, and the Timescale cloud platform.

Build on PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB offers developers the reliability, performance, scale, and advanced analytical capabilities they need to store and analyze mission-critical data. With over two million active databases deployed worldwide, Timescale customers span all industries and use cases.

We're hiring broadly across engineering and others areas. Timescale is fully-remote, and hires anywhere in world.


Database: Core database, open-source PostgreSQL contributor, testing/test infra, release

Cloud: Front-end, infrastructure, kubernetes, software eng (senior & junior), database ops (PostgreSQL)

Observability: Database/sql engineer on observability tools, observability tools

Technical Support: Particular PostgreSQL / RDBMS expertise


Multiple product roles in Cloud & Observability

Recent HN stories about Timescale: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27050072 ; https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27068535 ; https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25287793 ; https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24931994 ; https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24579905

Bowery Farming | New York, NY | Onsite |

Bowery is growing food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture. Our modern farming company combines the benefits of the best local farms with advances made possible by technology to grow produce you can feel good about eating. BoweryOS, our proprietary software system, uses vision systems, automation technology, and machine learning to monitor plants and all the variables that drive their growth 24/7. Because we control the entire process from seed to store, Bowery farms use zero pesticides, 95% less water, and are 100+ times more productive on the same footprint of land than traditional agriculture.

Check out more about our company values and technology at Bowery on our Muse page: https://www.themuse.com/profiles/boweryfarming

We're currently hiring across multiple seniority levels:

Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/boweryfarming/94e174e5-3594-4174-9097-...

Elixir Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/boweryfarming/d15cd38b-52eb-43e2-b567-...

Staff Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/boweryfarming/1f8ace07-4add-4c7c-8a83-...

Tech Stack: Backend: Elixir(Phoenix Framework), Node Frontend: ReactJS + Vue

Lune | Software Engineers, Product Designer | London or REMOTE | Full-Time | https://lune.co

Lune’s mission is to make every product and service climate positive by default.

With the Lune API, we enable companies to seamlessly build emissions calculations and high-quality carbon offsetting into their services and make it part of the customer experience. In the future, everything we do will have a positive impact on the planet - powered by Lune.

If you’re a talented engineer who learns quickly and cares about tackling the climate crisis, we’d love to work with you.

This role is a unique opportunity to be part of Lune’s core team, to have a real impact on our mission and to define and scale the company into the future.

As we grow, you’ll have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and help build a great company while tackling the greatest challenge of our time.

Interested? Let’s chat: fomo@lune.co … if you are in London, let’s grab a coffee.

Tech stack: Typescript, (a little) Rust, React, AWS, Postgresql

Hiring for:

* Backend Software Engineer

* Fullstack Software Engineer

* Product Designer

* [Create your role]

Yumi | https://helloyumi.com | Full-Stack Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers, Test Engineers | Los Angeles or Remote (US Only) | Full-Time

Yumi is the fastest growing childhood nutrition company, transforming the way parents approach mealtime with healthier meals and content tailored to your baby and delivered direct to your door.

A passionate team of parents, nutritionists, engineers, and people who are simply committed to a healthier future, we were appalled by the glut of highly processed, nutrient poor options at the grocery store. We believe families deserve better options especially for the first 1,000 days -- a period recognized by the scientific community as the most important period in a human’s life for nutrition and development.

We’re well-funded, rapidly-growing and sparking a national movement that’s transforming a $48 billion industry.

If you're interested, send an email to kyle@helloyumi.com and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours!

Aclaimant | Full-Time, Remote | QA Engineer | Full-time | https://aclaimant.com/

Work and learn with a highly collaborative team of the best engineers, developers, and quality assurance professionals that bring Aclaimant’s brightest ideas to life. Active Risk Management begins with an innovative approach to development that leverages both revolutionary and time-tested tools to create a world-class user experience and solve customers’ problems.

Here are our open roles:

* Full Stack Developer

* Development Team Manager

* DevOps/SysAdmin

* Data Engineer

Tech Stack: Clojure/ClojureScript, AWS, Postgres

We offer:

* Competitive salary and equity

* 401k with company match

* Excellent health insurance

* Work anywhere in the US

* Conference reimbursement

For more information visit https://www.aclaimant.com/work-with-us and https://jobs.lever.co/aclaimant

CitizenLab | Brussels | Full-time | REMOTE or ONSITE https://www.citizenlab.co

CitizenLab builds an e-democracy platform for local governments, allowing them to engage their citizens in decision making. We aim to make local democracy more inclusive and representative.

We're looking for a talented Lead Architect, a DevOps engineer and multiple Full-Stack engineers. Our back-end is written in Ruby and Elixir, our front-end in Typescript using React.

We're a scaleup with about 50 people in total, and a talented product/development team of 15 people.

You can find more info about the roles here: https://www.citizenlab.co/jobs

In case of any questions, feel free to reach out to me (co-founder and CTO) at koen /\t citizenlab.co

Vanta provides a security solution at scale for hundreds of companies that trust us with their most important data. We integrate deeply with our customers’ SaaS providers, infrastructure, and employee laptops to analyze the relationships with that data and surface potential security threats in real time. Help us secure the internet, increase trust in software companies, and keep consumer data safe.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/vanta

Here are our open roles:

* Software Engineer (SF or NYC): https://vanta.com/jobs/software-engineer

* Senior Software Engineer (SF or NYC): https://www.vanta.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer

* Engineering Manager (SF): https://www.vanta.com/jobs/engineering-manager

* Senior Product Manager (SF): https://www.vanta.com/jobs/product-manager

Meet our Team:

* Ellen, Software Engineering: https://www.vanta.com/blog/meet-our-team-ellen

* Robbie, Software Engineering: https://www.vanta.com/blog/meet-our-team-robbie-software-eng...

Tech Stack: Node.js, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Docker, Terraform, Go, AWS

Email: talent@vanta.com with questions!

Rainway | Seattle, WA | Remote | Full Time | https://rainway.work/

We're unleashing the future of computing, collaboration, productivity, and development by using real-time video streaming to change the way that desktop software is built and distributed.

We've opened source all of our code challenges, so if you're interested in any of our open positions you can apply by following the instructions on this page: https://rainway.work/Code-Challenges-f1bc61fecf754d06be253ad...

onXmaps, Inc | Montana or REMOTE, USA only | https://www.onxmaps.com/careers

ABOUT – Are you an Engineer who loves the outdoors? Join onX! onX is a suite of digital navigation apps (Hunt, Offroad, and Backcountry) that empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re passionate about writing great software, love playing outside, believe in protecting access to public lands, and want to dominate the off-pavement mobile GPS market – then join our team, where we empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts to explore the unknown!

We have multiple openings! View them here: https://www.onxmaps.com/join-our-team

Here are some of the technologies we work with:

3D (OpenGL, Metal, C++)

Data Automation (Python, PostgreSQL, GIS)

Android (Kotlin)

iOS (Swift)

Backend (Go, Elixir, GraphQL, GCP, Kubernetes)

Web (Vue JS)

SDET / QA (Cypress, XCUITest, Espresso)

Snap Inc | Core Growth | Bay Area, LA, Seattle ONSITE | https://snap.com/jobs

The Core Growth Organization at Snap, a highly visible and impactful team, is looking for junior & senior iOS & Android engineers to help us responsibly grow the Snapchat community. If you'd like to learn more about the roles, teams or company feel free to reach out to me directly by emailing samk [@] snapchat.com.

Snap is hiring iOS & Android engineers across the company in many locations. You can search for specific teams and locations on the jobs board here: https://snap.com/jobs

Here are a few company performance metrics from Q1'21 earnings - 280M daily active users - over 5 billions Snaps created every day on average - over 75% of the 13-34 year old US population uses Snapchat

More details available on the Snap investor site https://investor.snap.com/overview and the Q1'21 earning slides https://s25.q4cdn.com/442043304/files/doc_financials/2021/q1...

Good luck on your search and thanks for considering Snap!

Connectly(https://connectly.ai) is hiring experienced frontend, backend and full-stack engineers. We are a distributed team and all roles are remote.

Our goal is to enable everyone to message and finalize transactions with businesses(e-commerce, hairdressers, tax advisors, etc.) and vice versa. My co-founder was the global Head of Messenger at Facebook, and we've raised substantial money from top investors.

I know a lot of companies were founded recently and are all looking for people, and I surely hope we are doing better in every way:

- great team/top investors/market demand is strong/modern tech stack(Golang + TypeScript + React + RxJS + Docker+Kubernetes)/top pay + equity/a significant role/fully remote

And most importantly we are building a company for ourselves - somewhere one can learn, grow and be happy

Looking for senior engineers who are passionate about building a company together. Should have good abstractions, work independently, care about eng quality as well as business impact when doing the work.

Connectly was founded by executives from Facebook and Strava and we've raised substantial money from top investors. Email me(careers@connectly.ai) or directly apply at https://jobs.lever.co/connectly. Speak soon!

Portchain AI | FreightTech | www.portchain.com | Sr. Software Engineer (Full stack) | REMOTE (CET +/-2hrs) or Copenhagen | Full time only | Did you know that 90%+ of all goods globally are transported by container carriers and terminals, with the largest container vessels being 400 meters long and able to transport 23K+ containers at a time - which sometimes accidentally blocks the Suez channel :) Portchain is a cloud-based AI software, empowering container carriers and terminal teams to collaborate, analyze and design operations plans to get container vessels through terminals faster and more efficiently. Lower cost. Faster planning. Better outcomes

We're looking for a a total of 2 Sr. Software Engineer (Full stack) with 5 years minimum of professional experience in building SaaS applications. We are looking for people who both wants to build a platform product that greatly improves the industry standard and solves hard problems, but also wants to build the company and culture they want to work in. Techs we use: React, Node.js, TypeScript, Python, Cloud based and similar. If interested, send your resume to jobs@portchain.com to apply! Full Job Desc: https://www.portchain.com/careers/611/full-stack-software-en...

We are an international team of 26 people from 9 countries (half of which are remote) and serve a global customer base of some the largest companies in the industry.

Metopio | Backend Developer (Python) | Chicago, Illinois ONSITE | Full-time | https://metopio.blob.core.windows.net/lalage/files/Back-end%...

Metopio is a data visualization SaaS that combines publicly available datasets with client data to identify relationships and make better systematic decisions. We have fantastic JS visualizations powered by a flexible data architecture and Django backend. We bring "analytics as a service" to people without technical or data skills, and we make it easy for anyone to explore and visualize data about their state or city. We’ve just closed a sizable seed funding round and are looking to grow. Our clients include the largest health systems and public health departments in the country.

As we grow, we're looking for a backend developer to help us build out and scale our analytics engine using Python—Django and SciPy. Django (or similar backend web framework) experience required, and you should be comfortable with data and statistics.

We are a growing startup, so candidates will be comfortable taking initiative and building new things. We offer competitive compensation with equity options. Apply by following instructions in the job posting. We will get back to you within a day and follow up with a phone screen, technical screen, short coding challenge, and then a longer interview. The whole process will take 2-4 weeks.

I'm an Eng Director at Maple.

Maple is a virtual healthcare company based in Toronto, Canada. We're the team behind the [Virtual Emergency Department at Michael Garron Hospital](https://www.tehn.ca/programs-services/emergency/virtual-emer...) in Toronto, the [Trillium Health COVID screening program](https://helpdesk.getmaple.ca/en/articles/4518855-trillium-he...) in the Peel region and [VirtualCareNS](https://www.halifaxtoday.ca/local-news/virtual-health-care-p...) in Nova Scotia.

We have a job posting for a [Senior Front End Developer](https://maple.applytojob.com/apply/jDZTXV4ugJ/Senior-Front-E...)! We're excited to grow out team and keep helping Canadians access healthcare.

Forward | Product Managers, Engineering Managers, Software Engineers, Product Designers | San Francisco, CA

Healthcare is backwards. It's time to go forward with personalized and preventative care. We're hiring for our R&D team here at Forward. https://goforward.com/

We’re on a mission to make high-quality healthcare available to a billion people across the globe...for free. You’d help rebuild one of the most important yet broken industries from first principles, while working alongside a team of people using their talents to drastically improve the lives of others.

If this sounds like something you’d want to be a part of, check out our open roles at https://goforward.com/careers, or reach out to me directly at marissa@goforward.com with your resume.

Read our founding story here: https://blog.goforward.com/health-moves-forward-939f73334bf

Watch a video tour of our doctor’s office here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUshx1IIHm4

Healthcare is backwards: https://youtu.be/x_Nu-vg59SU

SS&C | Staff Software Engineer (Cloud Platform) | Full-time | Remote

SS&C is a global provider of investment and financial services and software for the financial services and healthcare industries.

We're developing the foundations for a platform that will become the cornerstone of application development for our company. We're at an early stage in our development, and there's a lot of opportunity to set precedent and guidance in architecture, process, and team culture.

We’re looking for great engineers to join our talented team and help us build.

You're passionate about the unreasonable efficacy of cloud platforms and developer experience. You're looking for an opportunity to build something big with extremely smart people who've done it before. You thrive in cultures that value innovation and fast-paced delivery. You’re tied to whatever tech is right for the job, not just the tech you’re experienced with. That said, if you have experience with Go, Temporal, Kubernetes, and/or vSphere, you'll feel at home pretty quickly.

Feel free to reach out via email if you'd like to talk through the position or the company in more detail.


Microsoft (Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Cognitive Search teams) | Software Engineers | Full-Time | ONSITE (Aliso Viejo CA, Atlanta GA, Hyderabad India) or REMOTE (US, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica) | https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en/search-results?keywords=... and https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en/search-results?keywords=...

We're growing our teams in a number of different areas. If you have expertise in database systems internals (query processing, optimization, distributed query execution, storage engines), search (lucene, elasticsearch, infrastructure) or cloud systems (any cloud platform), we probably have a role that could be interesting for you.

Our current positions are all for folks with at least 2-3 years of experience and go up to fairly senior. We don't have entry-level positions in these teams right now (I'm sure other parts of Microsoft most likely have some though).

If interested apply on the links above, or email me and I'll route to the right hiring manager. pablo <dot> castro <at> company's domain.

Hosta Labs | www.hostalabs.com | Boston, MA | Full-time & Remote

We are hungry, we are bold, we are up to revolutionize the built environment! We are backed by incredible and renown investors who strongly support our vision to create a pure A.I. driven solution that structurally assesses spaces. We are born out of MIT where both founders graduated from. We’re technology and analytic savvy folks. We are all self-driven, highly motivated innovators who are all thinking our business forward. We are looking for like-minded people, who are passionate about computer vision, the built environment, and about getting your hands dirty!

Join us:

*Senior Backend Engineer: https://hostalabs.com/beta/https-hostalabs-com-beta-careers-...

*Senior 3D Computer Vision Engineer: https://hostalabs.com/beta/https-hostalabs-com-beta-careers-...

*Senior 3D Computer Graphics Engineer: https://hostalabs.com/beta/https-hostalabs-com-beta-careers-...

Questions? apply@hostalabs.com

Degreed | Backend Developer (C#/.NET/.NET Core) | Full-time | US-based Remote

Degreed is growing quickly with 500+ employees, an award-winning product, and one of the most innovative brands in skills & learning on the market. With our recent round of funding, Degreed is now valued at $1.5 billion -- and our people are the reason why. We hire outstanding candidates from all over the world. With unlimited PTO, monthly learning and wellness stipends, and endless internal growth opportunities, we don't usually have trouble finding the best and brightest.

Our engineering team is looking for one more! We challenge the status quo, we hold ourselves to high standards, we love to learn, and we're a little cheeky. Right now, we're looking for a backend developer to help drive the Degreed platform to the next level.

The ideal candidate has an exhaustive attention to detail, thrives on bringing new ideas to the table, has top-notch communication and organizational skills, and enjoys collaborating with all humans. If this sounds like you, let us know!

More roles + benefit info: https://explore.degreed.com/careers

Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/degreed/8a2bc41f-a832-4efe-93ab-9968ea...

Amplitude | San Francisco, Vancouver | https://amplitude.com

We're building the analytics infrastructure for digital products and looking for people passionate about distributed systems, machine learning, dev tooling, and/or data visualization. Anyone who has a website, mobile app, or even IoT device is a potential customer.

We're 500 people now (85 engineers) and growing incredibly quickly as a business. We're 22nd on YC's top companies list (https://www.ycombinator.com/topcompanies/) and still climbing. We know that people are the most important part of the business and think a lot about how to create and scale a culture of humility, ownership, and growth mindset.

Whether you're interested in building scalable infrastructure, prototyping new products and UX, making analytics instrumentation easier for engineers, or doing machine learning research, you can do that at Amplitude.

Tech stack: TypeScript, React, Java, Python, AWS, Spinnaker, K8s

I'm one of the founders, so feel free to reach out to learn more (jeffrey at amplitude). Otherwise check out our openings and apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/amplitude

Hopin | Fully Remote | Full-Time

Hopin is an online events platform where you can create engaging virtual events that connect people around the globe. We've experienced massive growth over 2020, going from 6 to 600 employees in one year, and we're currently working on sclaing up our infrastructure to handle millions of concurrent viewers. We're doubling the size of our infrastructure org, so now is the ideal time to join us if you're excited by the thought of helping us steer the direction that infrastructure at Hopin goes!

Tech Stack: AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Datadog, (Python, Golang)

Senior Engineering Manager, SRE (USA, Canada or Argentina): https://boards.greenhouse.io/hopin/jobs/4540043003

Site Reliability Engineer (EMEA): https://boards.greenhouse.io/hopin/jobs/4253469003

Site Reliability Engineer, Observability (EMEA): https://boards.greenhouse.io/hopin/jobs/4277960003

Performance Engineer (EMEA + India): https://boards.greenhouse.io/hopin/jobs/4531604003

Intellimize | Back-end / Machine Learning Engineer | REMOTE (US or Canada only) or ONSITE San Mateo, CA | FULL-TIME | https://www.intellimize.com/careers/mle/

Intellimize optimizes websites to generate more revenue. We use machine learning to automatically optimize each buyer’s path to drive more web conversions.

Our unique solution enables experimentation and personalization at an unparalleled scale, and it replaces traditional approaches to optimization such as A/B testing and rules-based personalization. These methods are too slow, require daily attention, and don’t automatically adapt to changes in behavior over time.

This role: experienced levels (mid, senior, ...),back-end and ML engineering. The exact ML / non-ML blend is flexible, and we'd be happy to have a great back-end engineer join us without any ML background.

Primary technologies: Java, Python, Tensorflow, Spark, Airflow, AWS.

Our team is positive, low ego, and customer focused. Strong communication skills are a must.

We plan to re-open our San Mateo office once it is safe to do so, and the company will continue to embrace remote work (it's going great for us!). Our engineering team is is remote-first, this particular team 100% remote.

You can apply via email to careers@, or to alex@ if you want to contact me directly. I'm the hiring manager for this position.

Splitgraph (https://www.splitgraph.com) | Remote | Full-time

Splitgraph is reshaping how organizations interact with data. We provide a unified interface to discover and query data. In practice, this means we're building a data catalog (a web app) and query layer (implemented with the Postgres wire protocol).

We're a seed-stage, venture-funded startup hiring our initial team. The two co-founders are looking to grow the team by adding multiple engineers across the stack. This is an opportunity to make a big impact on an agile team while working closely with the founders.

Splitgraph is a remote-first organization. The founders are based in the UK, and the company is incorporated in both USA and UK. Candidates are welcome to apply from any geography. We want to work with the most talented, thoughtful and productive engineers in the world.

Open positions:

* Senior Software Engineer - Frontend. Responsible for the web stack, mainly involving Typescript, React, Next.js, Postgraphile, etc.

* Senior Software Engineer - Backend. Responsible for a variety of core services, using Python, PostgreSQL, C, Lua, and a ton of other technologies.

Learn more & apply: https://www.notion.so/splitgraph/Splitgraph-is-Hiring-25b421...

Terrastruct | Senior software engineer (4+ yoe) - Go, React | SF Bay area preferred, remote okay for right person | Full-Time | https://terrastruct.com

Terrastruct is modernizing software architecture diagrams. Diagrams and diagramming tools are essential to software teams, but most are stuck using general-purpose tools meant for HR, marketing, and engineering, even though engineering diagrams are much more complex -- it's like using Microsoft Word for coding. We're building the IDE of diagramming tools.

Team is 3. Founder + 2 engineers, so you'd be fourth person. We're funded by great investors, working on exciting things that your engineering teams will soon be using. Happy to tell you all about it over the phone!

Looking for someone who can contribute to either front-end, back-end, or both. To apply, just email us at jobs@terrastruct.com and include HN in the title. If it looks like a fit, we'll get back to you within 24 hrs tops.

Salary $150-200k based on experience/skill + founding engineer equity. Top of the line health/dental/vision, premiums 100% employer covered, 401k (no match). No whiteboard/algorithm interviews.

Additionally we are hiring part-time/contract technical content creators for writing blog posts and creating example diagrams. If you're interested in this, please send some examples of content you've created (diagrams, blog posts). We are also hiring product designers.

Vertex | Platform Product Manager | Remote (US or Canada) | https://vertexvis.com

We are a startup working on a cloud-native 3D visualization platform for digital manufacturing. We've built a horizontally scalable platform on AWS for rendering large complex CAD, BIM, and scanned models (think airplanes, cars, tractors) with performance independent of a device's graphics card (our tech stack does not use WebGL). Our customers and partners use our platform to build digital twin and Industry 4.0 applications for use cases in engineering, manufacturing, sales, IoT, AR/VR, and service.

We are hiring a Platform PM to lead our SDK/API product efforts. You will responsible for building and managing the customer-facing developer experience, understanding customer use cases and developing a roadmap for API functionality. Along with working with our development teams, we are looking for PMs interested in getting their hands dirty in all areas of the business: user experience, sales, product marketing, and customer success.

Dev Portal: https://developer.vertexvis.com/

Apply here: https://vertexvis.com/company/careers

HVN | Full-Stack / Multiple Roles | Full-Time | Remote | https://stayhvn.com/info/careers

At HVN, we're building the digital infrastructure for the future of travel - powering a new category of private ‘havens’ that bring together the best of hospitality and home, and delivering this category to professional travel advisors and other channels that have never had access to a reliable global-scale offering in this space before.

We connect, augment, and distribute a fragmented supply of professionally-managed apartments, homes, suites & villas into tens of thousands of distinct sales channels at the heart of the global travel industry. With hundreds of thousands of unique properties around the world and a rapidly growing client base, HVN is unlocking valuable opportunities for real estate owners, property managers, service providers, and travel professionals.

We are hiring to grow our (currently small but formidable!) remote-first engineering team and are looking for talented engineers familiar with Python (Django) and/or React for multiple roles. Visit https://stayhvn.com/info/careers for more information and links to apply, or contact careers at stayhvn.com.

Framer | Product Engineer, Javascript Performance Engineer, Customer Success Engineer, (AWS) Cloud Engineer | Amsterdam | Onsite/Remote (NL,UK,IE,DE)| Full-time

About us: At Framer we build a prototyping tool that allows our users to bring their ideas to life and make their designs interactive, with and without touching code.

Product Engineer: Work on many engineering projects, including but not limited to our React-based design environment, native mobile apps, open source Framer Library, and custom code editor. Tech stack: TypeScript, React

JavaScript Performance Engineer: Use your deep understanding of the JavaScript ecosystem to help us build a stable and performant design tool. You’ll work on optimizing browser rendering performance, as well as developing and implementing performance tests and experiments.

Customer Success Engineer: Own the customer relationship with our most technical enterprise customers and help make them successful with Framer. Tech stack: JavaScript (experience with React is a plus)

(AWS) Cloud Engineer: Work closely with our engineering and product teams to build out our infrastructure—supporting our applications in a secure, scalable, and reliable way. Tech stack: familiarity or experience with modern programming languages and environments, such as JavaScript/TypeScript/Node.js, Go, Python, Shell scripting

Learn more / apply here: https://www.framer.com/careers/

ReCharge Payments | Senior Software Engineer, Platform Services | Remote US | Full-Time

ReCharge is a software-as-a-service platform that manages subscription payments and customer management for some of the largest e-commerce brands in the world. We're well-capitalized and fully remote - we were remote before the pandemic, and we'll be remote forever afterwards.

We handle payments and customer management for some of the largest subscription brands in ecommerce. If you've subscribed to Native, Hubble, Lola, Soylent, or Billie products, you've bumped into us!

If you're curious about our engineering culture, read more here: https://eng.rechargepayments.com/a-million-tiny-details-b396...

We're looking for a senior software engineer to join our Platform Services team, which handles our asynchronous workflows, orchestration, caching, etc. - all of the inner cogs that make the app hum along.

If that sounds like fun to you, you can reach out to me direct (jmosby@rechargeapps.com) or click the link below to see the full job description:


Saildrone | Multiple Roles | Onsite/Remote | SF Bay Area (Alameda) | Full-Time | https://www.saildrone.com/

Saildrone is the world’s leading collector of ocean related in situ data via uncrewed vehicle, above and below the sea surface. Government, scientific, and commercial organizations around the globe rely on Saildrone to deliver the critical information they need—when they need it.

We're hiring for a breadth of different positions across our organization. In software, we're hiring for DevOps, Backend, Full-Stack, Data Pipeline, ML, and Vehicle engineers. Stacks vary from team to team, but we're looking primarily for folks with backgrounds in C++, Python, and/or JavaScript (Node, TypeScript, React). We're remote-friendly for certain positions, though require folks to be onsite for others.

In addition to software engineers, we're also hiring in a host of other positions, including a Technical Program Manager, Mechanical Engineer, and Content Writer, among others.

You can see a list of open positions on our career page: https://www.saildrone.com/careers

Please apply through our career page; be sure to select "Other" and specify this HN post when asked how you heard about us!

Instruqt.com | Full-time | ONSITE | Amsterdam | Back End, Front End, Full Stack https://instruqt.com

Instruqt is a challenge-driven online learning platform that helps organizations accelerate the adoption of new technologies. Customers, like Hashicorp or Google Cloud, use our platform to teach real-world usage of their products and drive adoption.

Instruqt was engineered for reliability and scale, making sure our customers can train (virtual) classrooms of all sizes without headaches. Our customer base is growing fast in the face of the new reality of working from home, in combination with the ever-growing pace of technological innovation. Therefore we are looking to expand our product team with great engineers.

Apply if you like working on challenging problems, running Instruqt is a complex operation to scale and secure. Supporting all major cloud providers and containerization platforms, is a hard problem. Our core technology is Golang and React+TypeScript, knowledge on cloud automation technology (e.g. Terraform) is a plus.

It's a great time to join Instruqt, we're a growing product team consisting of 6 full-time people, and we reach students all over the world through our customers like Hashicorp and Google Cloud.

Apply via https://instruqt.com/careers/full-stack-product-developer/ or contact me directly matthisk at instruqt.com

Senseon | Red-teamer, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Analytics Developer, and Endpoint Developer | London, UK | REMOTE | https://senseon.io

At Senseon, our mission is to fix cybersecurity. We are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive defence against cybersecurity threats; for every user and asset in an organisation, wherever the location.

We're hiring for a range of roles, using technologies including Python 3, C++, SQL, and modern JS Frameworks.

You can learn more about Senseon here: https://www.senseon.io/, and read more about the specific roles at the following links:

Senior Red Teamer: https://wrkbl.ink/7F1nldt

Senior Developer: Analytics Specialism: https://wrkbl.ink/8AWYZVs

Senior Developer: Front-end Specialism: https://wrkbl.ink/jhvL4i1

Senior Developer: Back-end Specialism: https://wrkbl.ink/2nMCun5

Senior Developer: Endpoint Specialism: https://wrkbl.ink/7crQl0C

Etta | Denver, CO | Contract | Ideally Onsite, Potentially Remote | https://www.etta.io/

Etta is an AI-Dermatology decision support tool company started by 2 engineers and 3 dermatologists, that instantly identifies, screens, and scores the whole body for cancerous lesions and rashes. Etta is used by clinicians for Dermatology triage purposes, and is used by patients at home to map and monitor skin lesions and diseases in between appointments.

We've raised money, partnered with a research hospital, and are performing clinical trials this fall; there are additional health systems across the U.S. that are adopting our product post-trials.

We're hiring a computer vision scientist to help us with some of our gaps in imaging expertise. Our ideal candidate would have a strong background in computer vision (ex: geospatial imaging, autonomous cars, manufacturing, etc).

If you're excited about working with a small team and a research hospital that are reaching new frontiers in cancer detection, email us at hello[at]etta[dot]io

Further details and application portal here:

* Computer Vision Scientist https://angel.co/company/etta-io/jobs/1384472-computer-visio...

Revvable | Founding Frontend / Mobile Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | https://www.revvable.com/

We’re a VC backed startup transforming powersports dealership management by bringing modern technology and workflow automation to the industry. Most dealerships use 3+ software systems to run their dealerships with multiple employees copying data from one system to another. We’re creating a seamless system for owners and general managers to run their dealerships, servicing departments and manage their online presence from one platform.

Our hiring process involves no whiteboard coding: you complete a take home coding assessment you perform a code review on a provided code sample you have a small coding project you have a system design interview

We’re hiring multiple founding engineer roles to work on our Go, gRPC, Flutter and React stack. We offer founding engineer equity, a 401k, health/dental/vision and a 80/9 work schedule (every other Friday is yours). Check out our job description (https://bit.ly/34GQjhG) to learn more.

If you’re interested, email me your LinkedIn or resume to jobs at revvable.com. If it's a fit, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Koddi | Currently seeking FT employees in the following locations: Ann Arbor, MI | Fort Worth, TX | Austin, TX | New York, NY Open roles: Senior Software Engineers (Go, Java, C, C++); QA Automation SDET and QA Manager (Cypress, PostgresDB, TimescaleDB, Go); Senior Software Engineering Leads/Manager (all locations); Product Owner (adtech experience preferred); Senior Data Engineer; Data Scientist Manager, Site Reliability Engineer (USA and Germany) Passionate about development in leading technologies? Looking to become a major player on a diverse team? Want to make a big impact on an engineer-driven roadmap in your next career adventure? Koddi Engineers drive innovation by embracing challenges and deploying emerging technologies to solve complex problems in software development. Koddi is a technology company that was born in 2013 from an opportunity to innovate in the adtech space. Our award-winning SaaS platform provides a robust network for brands to connect with consumers and drive revenue through native sponsored placements, metasearch, and programmatic media campaigns.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, we’ve grown to become a diverse global team. Ranked by Forbes, Deloitte, and Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation, we’re growing rapidly and looking for innovative problem solvers to join our team.

Review all open roles at www.koddi.com/careers and apply directly, or send your resume to matthew.myller@koddi.com. We are 100% remote until 2021, likely to return in a flex capacity thereafter. Please reach out with any questions. We are not currently seeking external recruitment partnerships at this time.

Nest Wealth | Toronto/Remote | Full-Time | https://www.nestwealth.com

We are empowering financial firms and institutions to provide better advice to more people than ever before.

You will be building a platform that will increase our ability to scale by 100x; one that provides the best possible B2B wealth management experiences. We have been chosen by some of Canada’s largest financial institutions, including the National Bank of Canada, to modernize their platforms. Founded in 2014, Nest Wealth created Canada's first SaaS-based wealth management platform to ensure investors have access to sophisticated, personalized, and transparent wealth management services.

We are looking for Senior Software Engineers who have experience with: - Domain Driven Design (DDD)

  - architecting message-based systems

  - building ETL jobs

  - working with messaging queues

  - CI/CD automation
Tech Stack: AWS (ECS, CloudFormation, RDS, Glue, Lambda), GitLab CI/CD, Postgres, Kafka, Docker, Node.js, TypeScript, NestJS, Angular

Get to know the team: https://www.beforeyouapply.com/team/engineering-at-nest-weal...

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/nestwealth/ccda5d14-a426-460d-8a0a-802...

SPAN Digital | Polyglot Software Engineer | South Africa, Remote/On-site | Full-time/contractors | https://spandigital.com

SPAN (est. 2013) is a software solution and product development firm headquartered in San Francisco, California with an engineering team operating from Cape Town, South Africa.

We strategize, workshop, design, and develop software solutions for clients ranging from startups to global brands.

We have a background in consultancy, so process is important to us; every project follows a core pipeline, tweaked to suit the specific project's needs. We run projects agile, but only after some up-front planning and iteration is done to get a good sense of scope. Any crunch is frowned upon, since it implies failure to adapt and adjust the scope of the project.

Tech stack is often client-dependent, but typically a mix of Python, Golang, Scala, Java, Node, React, Kubernetes and more.

Personal note: I came in as a less-experienced engineer, and have learned an incredible amount over the last three years. Mentorship is a large part of that, as well as moving between different services projects and naturally being exposed to different tech.

Jobs: https://spandigital.com/working-at-span/ (mostly looking for Senior Engineers, but all levels welcome)

Application: freecandy@spandigital.com (feel free to mention "HN" or "Roan")

Pave.dev | Software Engineer, Data | Sr. Data Scientist | Fullstack Engineer | Remote

Pave.dev is a fintech API based in the Bay Area and founded in 2020. We’re commodifying the massive data engineering & data science effort necessary to build financial services. There’s an explosion of digital first banks, automated budgeting & savings apps, robo advisors, and financial products geared towards a new market of consumers who have traditionally been underserved.

Our first product is a Cashflow API that helps data scientists & developers access clean and unify insights into an individual’s financial health and behavior.

We’re looking to bring on software engineers and data scientists to help build out our core data infrastructure, pipelines, and human-in-the-loop ML systems that will clean and transform messy bank data into financial insights.

If you’re excited about joining a 9-person team and helping more people gain access to financial products, email us at hi [at] pave [dot] dev.

* Software Engineer, Data, https://bit.ly/3duupSH

* Senior Data Scientist, https://bit.ly/3ebVKe2

* Fullstack Engineer, https://bit.ly/3uk0kfZ

Qualli Inc | Full-Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA (ONSITE POST Covid) | 120k+ | H1B OK

Economic Infrastructure for Logistics.

We are a seed-stage company focused on fintech in logistics. We want to make the billing and payment process as smooth as consumers paying for online goods. So Qualli can help trillions of dollars move more efficiently and improve millions of people’s livelihood.

We have a team of 6, primarily engineers and data scientists with a logistics background. We're looking for two full-stack engineers. Ideal candidates are experienced in building complex, data-heavy enterprise applications. Experience in fintech or logistics is a plus but not required. Qualli’s tech stack today is mostly typescript with node on the backend and react/redux on the frontend, running on AWS.

We offer company-covered health care, including medical, vision, and dental insurances. We offer unlimited vacation and reimburse gym membership (ski pass or equivalent)

Open Roles If you do not see your role list here but are excited about what Qualli is building, send a note to founders@qualli.com. Full-Stack Engineer - https://angel.co/company/qualli/jobs/1398627-full-stack-engi...

MachineMetrics | Engineering, Ops Roles | Boston && Northampton, MA | Full time | Remote (PST - EST) or Onsite | NO VISA

MachineMetrics is a (remote-first!) manufacturing analytics platform that increases productivity through real-time visibility, deep analytics, and predictive notifications driven by machine-learning.

We simplify industrial IoT by helping manufacturers realize real returns within their organizations by enabling them to digitize and drive decisions with machine data. We get to solve really interesting problems everyday as a result of interfacing directly with machines on a large scale - here are some of the technologies we use: Node.js, GraphQL, TimescaleDB, React, C#, C++, Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes

It’s an exciting time to be here - we just raised a $20m series B (!) and are looking to grow our team with the following roles:

* Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

* C++ Engineer

* Fullstack Engineers

* Frontend, Backend Engineers - these aren't posted yet, but feel free to email me for specifics (see address below)

* Data Science Engineers

You can apply directly at https://grnh.se/eb4775e72 (don't forget to mention HN / Scott in your application), or reach out to me directly at scott [dot] demeo [at] machinemetrics [dot] com (please include HN in the subject line!).

Cedar AI | Seattle | Full-time software engineers

Cedar AI is a small Seattle-based startup building management and automation products for short line and class 1 railroads. Our team is a mix of engineers from major tech companies (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Uber) and railroad industry veterans.

We're looking for frontend and backend engineers. Our current stack is mostly React, Python, and Go on AWS.

Email: hn@cedarai.com


Embraer (Beacon) | Technical Project Manager, Senior Back-End Engineer (Clojure), Senior Front-End Engineer (TypeScript) | 100% REMOTE (but, for legal reasons, US or Brazil only)

Embraer, the third-largest producer of civil aircraft, is hiring. We’re building https://beacon.works, a tool for airlines and mechanics to manage unscheduled aircraft maintenance. This has the potential to be a very high-value product for the aviation industry and could make air travel much better for everyone.

We have multiple React and React Native frontends and a GraphQL API backend in Clojure. Our engineering team is small but very experienced, passionate, and kind. We're looking for senior engineers with relevant technical experience.

Location: Remote (must be able to legally work and reside in the US or Brazil)

Tech: Clojure, React / ReactNative, GraphQL, TypeScript, Postgres, AWS/GCP

Apply: Please email your resume to work@beacon.works (principals only, no recruiters or agencies)

Note: We can only hire legal US/BR residents and cannot sponsor visas or relocation. We are also federally regulated and all employees must pass a federal drug test. These restrictions are not within our control so please do not ask for exemptions. Thanks.

Skydio | Autonomy Engineers | Redwood City, CA | Some Remote | C++ / Python

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone company and world leader in autonomous flight. Today our products are flown at scale in complex, unknown environments by a wide range of customers to capture incredible video, inspect critical infrastructure, and save lives in emergency response scenarios. We’ve raised $170M at a $1B valuation led by a16z.

If you’re interested in being a core member of a 25 person world-class engineering and research team that is defining the future of a major emerging industry, dive in --> http://bit.ly/skydio-autonomy

We’re looking for a diverse combination of engineers, researchers, and managers with strong SW skills and experience across complex products. We’re particularly interested in people with mobile game dev or deep learning experience.

Autonomy - Engineering Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/skydio/jobs/4424734003

Autonomy Products Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/skydio/jobs/4303435003

Autonomy Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/skydio/jobs/4168122003

I lead this team and you can reach me at { hayk at skydio dot com }.

Front | Engineering Roles | SF + Paris + Remote (various locations in US/Europe) | https://frontapp.com

Front is growing fast, and reinventing how work gets done. With $138M in funding, Front is backed by Sequoia Capital, and other leading venture capital firms, as well as independent investors including top executives of Atlassian, Okta, Qualtrics, and Zoom. Front was recently named to the Forbes Cloud 100 2020, the definitive list of the top software companies in the world. We have also been recognized on LinkedIn’s 2020 Top Startups, Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2019, The New York Times’ The Next Wave of ‘Unicorn’ Start-Ups, Fortune’s Best Small Workplaces, and Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work. Open roles include: Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Full-stack Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Security Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, Director of Engineering, Design and Sales. Technologies we use: Node, Typescript, React, Redux, Kubernetes, AWS

See open roles at https://jobs.lever.co/frontapp?lever-via=1C01dbPRMX

Wefunder | Software Engineer + | San Francisco | Full-time

Wefunder is building a new stock market for startups, opening angel investing to the public. Anyone can invest as little as $100 in startups they love. Our pitch: https://wefunder.com/wefunder

We're growing like crazy: https://wefunder.com/pbc

We're looking for frontend, full-stack, and backend engineers of all levels. We're in particular need of senior engineers (or beyond).

Location: Wefunder HQ is in San Francisco. Given the pandemic, we're all working from home right now. When it is safe to do so, the SF office will reopen. We will generally prefer candidates who live in the SF Bay Area or want to relocate, but we're also open to fully-remote candidates who have a proven track record of working remotely effectively. We will consider senior-level candidates requiring visa sponsorship.

Full description & apply: https://jobs.lever.co/Wefunder/cf0fdd96-f95f-4c55-a036-81ebc...

This seems like an amazing company

Thanks! I'm relatively new to the company — joined 9 months ago — but so far it has been a fantastic experience. It's a great team, and (if you'll forgive the near-cliché) the work you do has a truly positive impact for the world.

AMA if you want to know more.

Would you consider hiring remotely outside of US?

In short, yes, but the bar for a fully remote candidate is much higher.

Powr.tv (powr.tv) | Full Stack | Sarasota, FL | REMOTE | Full-Time

At Powr.tv, we're building an OTT platform that brings together creators, publishers and end users. Our multi-platform OTT, mobile and web apps are used by several large and mid-sized clients, and we are actively expanding on this both in terms of new clients and additional exciting platform functionality.

We are looking for a full stack developer with experience building intuitive GUIs and the backend to power them to help take Powr.tv to the next level.

Our web UI and CMS are built on a MEAN stack currently. Our backend systems are a mixture of Node.js, Java and Python, with everything housed in Digital Ocean and AWS.

As a developer you'll be responsible for:

* Collaborating with the rest of the tech team to design, develop and launch new features for our platform - powr.tv.

* Owning your piece of the product - you will support it all the way from conception through deployment and resolving post-release bugs.

* Maintaining quality and proactively looking for ways to increase performance and reliability of the application.

* Innovation! We are always looking for efficient new ways to solve problems as they arise.


* Minimum 3 years experience in a similar role,

* Production experience with the MEAN stack,

* A "can do" attitude,

* Ability to work independently or as part of a small team.

Ready to learn more or to apply to come innovate with us at Powr? Please e-mail hiring@powr.com.

Adevinta | Senior Backend Engineer • Lead DevOps Engineer | Full-time | Remote Europe, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris Office | https://adevinta.com

Hi, I'm Viktor the EM for the Storage team in Adevinta. We’re a world-leading online classifieds business that reaches more than 200 million people each month through our household name brands across 11 countries. We connect buyers with sellers and facilitate transactions, from job offers to real estate, cars, consumer goods and more.

The Storage team manages a vast number of Apache Kafka clusters for our marketplaces around the world. As part of the Data Highway area we play a key role in Adevinta’s Data Strategy. The data we collect is essential to our business as it feeds marketplaces with low-latency (“realtime”) updates, visitor insights analysis and targeted advertisement. We are providing services on top of Kafka like lineage, data catalogue and IAM.

As we are going towards the acquisition of eBay Classifieds Group[1] we need more senior people to join our great team.

We are looking for Senior Backend and DevOps Engineers right now.

Available roles: - Lead DevOps Engineer: https://smrtr.io/5Bbz9 - Senior Backend Engineer: https://smrtr.io/5Bbzn

[1] https://www.adevinta.com/news/adevinta-signs-agreement-to-ac...

HumanFirst | Software Engineering / Product Management / Research | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | US-Based Remote | https://gohumanfirst.com/careers

HumanFirst is advancing remote patient monitoring by enabling the safe and effective use of connected sensors at home. We’ve just closed our Series A [0] and are rapidly growing the team to build out the next iterations of our products!

We’re currently looking for more awesome Humans to join us across software engineering, product management, research, and more. We have a deep commitment as a team to always improve communication. Every team member has a user guide (check out mine [1]) and a personal tour of duty. We do a weekly all hands, have a monthly (optional) book club, have given everyone on the team an obligation to speak up, and somehow started doing regular 5K runs!

Our tech stack is Typescript, React, and Postgres running in AWS.

You can reach out to me directly about the roles - james[@]gohumanfirst[.]com - I’m happy to chat more about the various roles, our engineering culture, team culture, or whatever! Otherwise, apply via our careers page at https://gohumanfirst.com/careers

[0]: https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/humanfirst-raises-12-millio...

[1]: https://bit.ly/hn-james-userguide

SumUp | Tech Lead, Software Engineering | ONSITE or REMOTE (Boulder, CO)

SumUp is a fintech company focused on empowering small businesses. We're primarily focused on enabling merchants to accept payments, and we build a number of tools including POS devices (similar to Square). As a company we've primarily operated in European markets and Brazil, but we're hiring in the US to build out our Global Expansion team which will be responsible for establishing new markets including the United States.

We're looking for experienced engineers with a history of technical leadership on big projects. We use tools like Elixir, Ruby, Golang, (among others) to work on a myriad of technical projects related to establishing new markets.

We're especially interested in engineers who have experience with hardware certification and payments infrastructure, and those who have experience working on open source projects.

We're currently employing a hybrid model for remote work, so most engineers come in to the office 1-2 days a week. We provide relocation assistance to move to Colorado if possible for you.

Send me an email at austin.tindle@sumup.com and mention hackernews if you're interested.

Macro | SF or Remote | https://www.usemacro.com/ Founding Frontend Engineer Founding Backend Engineer See our roles here: https://www.notion.so/Careers-at-Macro-69984730d3b84442b873c...

Please send us your resume to: derrick@usemacro.com

Optimal | Autonomous Greenhouses | Founders Fund Backed | London

- Software Engineers (all levels) - Backend, Frontend, Data

- Simulation, Modelling, Optimisation and Control Engineers (all levels)

- Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning Engineers (all levels)

We are a collection of engineers from Palantir, DeepMind, McLaren, MIT etc on a mission to supply safer, healthier food by deploying fully autonomous greenhouses outside every city on earth.

Greenhouses can supply nutritious food outside cities all year round without having to transport it great distances. They use 95% less water and fertiliser than field farming and minimal-to-zero pesticides. They allow countries to produce food within their own borders and they are resilient to extreme weather conditions caused by climate change.

£700BN of new greenhouses need to be built around the world. Come and help us build them!

Find out more about our mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDJ_QdUaap4

Team: https://www.linkedin.com/company/optimal-labs/

Contact me (founder) directly: david@optimal.ag

SteelSeries | Full Stack Engineers | Chicago | Full time, ONSITE | https://steelseries.com/

SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice, and gamepads.

We are looking for full stack engineers to take our gaming software platform, SteelSeries GG (https://steelseries.com/gg), to the next level.

Tech stack: JavaScript, React, Go, C++

Our current open roles:

* Lead Software Engineer (https://jobs.jobvite.com/steelseriescareers/job/oeatffwQ)

* Software Engineering Manager (https://jobs.jobvite.com/steelseriescareers/job/oadJffw5)

Interested? Please check out https://careers.steelseries.com and email tom@steelseries.com to find out more.

Good Club - Senior Software Engineer (Elixir) | London | Remote GMT+/-2 | https://www.goodclub.co.uk

We’re a UK e-commerce grocery service focused on making sustainable food and household products accessible to all. We’re all about getting responsibly sourced, organically produced, low/zero waste groceries into as many households in the UK, without costing the earth.

We’re on the lookout for a brilliant remote Elixir/Ruby (or similar) engineer to join us in our mission to bring sustainable food to everyone. We believe in using technology for good; to positively change customer buying habits, reduce waste, develop new supply chains, and ultimately build the sustainable supermarket of the future. You’ll be motivated by solving valuable, real-world customer problems with technology to make a genuine environmental and societal difference.

More details here: https://help.goodclub.co.uk/en/articles/5295475-senior-softw...

Waitwhile (https://waitwhile.com) | Backend and Frontend Developers | Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE or REMOTE

At Waitwhile, we work on tools to eliminate the 1 Trillion hours that people spend waiting in lines every year. Our queue management platform is used by over 10k companies worldwide and has helped 100M people enjoy a better waiting experience.

Waitwhile is looking for a Frontend and/or Backend Engineer to build features, design and implement API methods, and improve the performance and reliability of our clients and systems as we rapidly scale our product and organization. We build our app using Angular, NodeJS, React, Firebase, Firestore and Linux on GCP.

We’re still a small cross-functional team who genuinely enjoys working together to make Waitwhile a better product and you’ll be among our first engineers, which leaves room to really shape the work you will be doing.

These are full time positions in Stockholm, Sweden but we are open to remote work for the right person in GMT to GMT+2.

More info and how to apply: https://careers.waitwhile.com

Reddit | Backend, Frontend, iOS, Android, Machine Learning, Managers, Product | SF, NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle & Remote (US), Dublin (Ireland), Australia, Germany | Full-time

Reddit is growing fast. We have recently raised $367m in our Series E funding to make strategic investments in the platform including video, advertising, consumer products, and expanding into international markets.

We are hiring across the board, I want to specifically stress out the jobs for video product which is currently a really exciting area to work and innovate in.

For any Golang enthusiasts out there: we are writing more and more of our services in Go. We have interesting challenges in scaling, data pipelines and building the foundation for a series of new products.

- Machine Learning Engineer, Video Ranking

- Machine Learning Engineer, Video Recommendations

- Senior Backend Engineer, Video

- Senior Full Stack Engineer, Video Creation

- Senior/Staff Backend Engineer - Video Platform

- Senior/Staff Full Stack Engineer (Web) - Video Platform

- Engineering Manager, Video Product

- iOS Engineer, Video

- Engineering Manager, Mobile Video

- Engineering Manager, Video Product

- many more…

If you are interested apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/reddit?gh_src=3c9ba6c41us

Brevio (https://brevio.com) | Full-stack developer | Remote or onsite in Norway | Full-time

Brevio is a profitable, boostrapped start-up in the Scandinavian audit industry, digitizing audit processes and acting as an intermediary for audit companies/banks through API integrations. Our current clients include DNB (largest bank in Norway), PwC, EY, Deloitte, and KPMG.

We're a very small team (4, of which only 2 are developers), serving very large customers (see above), without overtime and with a very healthy work-life balance. We accomplish this by having an intense focus on the craftmanship (code) as well as the product. Of course, everyone says this, but I think we can make a case that we actually do. You will literally increase our development team by 50% by joining, which means you'll enjoy a high degree of autonomy and impactful decions.

We have no demands for education or experience. Every applicant is given due consideration, as we believe good software engineers can be found in the strangest of places.

Stack: PostgreSQL / Ruby on Rails / React

Apply by email: nicolay[at]brevio.com (co-founder and CTO)

Hey, I'm not able to apply since I'm not looking to move/work in the EU, but just want to say that this is definitely one of the better "Who is hiring" posts here. Especially this part:

> We have no demands for education or experience. Every applicant is given due consideration, as we believe good software engineers can be found in the strangest of places.

I wholeheartedly agree with this (from experience!) and am just glad that place such as yours exist.

Kinsta | JavaScript Developer | Full-time REMOTE (USA, UK, Switzerland, Hungary)

Kinsta set out to create the best managed hosting platform in the world. Originally a team of four, we are now a globally distributed, remote company of 190. Our Development Team works with some of the most exciting JavaScript technologies on the market to build our client-facing and internal tools, and we are looking for talented and experienced JS developers to join us. If you would like to work with an ownership-embracing, highly skilled team in a relaxed environment where culture is as important as technical excellence, Kinsta might just be the place for you. What you'll see at Kinsta: ownership, quality code, relaxed environment, work-life balance, technical excellence

Our tech stack: React, Node, GraphQL, SQL, Express, Webpack, Babel, TypeScript, Jest, Storybook, Git, Heroku, Docker, Stripe

Check us out and apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/kinsta/a3fe724e-65de-424c-8c07-541b15a...


We’re team Appwrite! We build secure, open-source backend tools for all your front-end applications! https://appwrite.io/

We value simplicity and if what we do resonates with you, read on

We’re a 100% remote team and we’re looking to expand our team to keep up with our ambitious plans. We have some exciting roles open for varying levels of experience, spanning various domains! Here’s a brief of what we’re looking for:

- [Senior] Head of People : You have a knack for all things People. You have experience acquiring awesome talent and building company culture.

- [Senior] Head of Marketing : You have experience building and executing growth strategies at other startups and understand the in’s and out’s of social media.

- [Junior - Senior] Full Stack Engineer : You love OSS and have some solid experience building full stack applications.

- [Junior - Senior] Platforms Engineer : You are a polyglot and love SDKs with a keen eye for seamless developer experience

- [Junior - Senior] DevRel Engineer : You love to write blogs, tech tutorials and interact with the OS community. You also love to code when you aren’t writing blogs

- [Junior - Senior] Cloud Engineer : You have experience with cloud provisioning and management tools and share a passion for devops in general.

You can check out our careers page for more detailed info and other exciting benefits that we offer https://appwrite.io/company/careers

New York Mets | Engineering and Design roles within Baseball Systems | Citi Field, New York City | Onsite | Full Time

The NY Mets are looking to hire for a couple roles to build systems and tools for Baseball Operations. There are a fair number of green field opportunities to build apps and app architecture from scratch with a large degree of autonomy. The current stack is Javascript and PHP, however we are looking to get on a completely JS stack in the coming months (React, Node) and move many services into Google Cloud. The team is a couple of engineers strong right now and looking to grow quickly. Baseball Systems is a flat structure and all roles report to the department head. We’re looking for technologists with broad, diverse backgrounds to help build the best technology team in the Major League. No prior baseball experience required.

Senior Software Engineer, Baseball Systems - https://sterlingmets.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Mets/job/Ci...

Software Engineer, Baseball Systems - https://sterlingmets.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Mets/job/Ci...

Product Designer, Baseball Systems - https://sterlingmets.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Mets/job/Ci...

CloudTrucks | Frontend Tech Lead, Full-Stack, Backend | San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE ---

CloudTrucks is a mission-driven startup, working on innovating in the multi-billion dollar logistics industry, and affecting one of the largest workforces in America. Our platform leverages software, data science, and world class operations to provide truck drivers an all-in-one business-in-a-box solution, offering greater simplicity and more financial opportunity, so they have the freedom to focus on what’s most important in their lives.

We have series A funding with multiple years of runway and are looking to grow our small engineering team with a number of foundational roles:

- Frontend Engineer / Technical Lead

- Full-Stack Engineer

- Backend Engineer

Examples of project areas we are tackling include: fintech (payments, credit, risk, etc.), business and workflow automation, building integrations across the logistics ecosystem, data extraction, and logistics optimization and routing problems.

Our tech stack: Typescript, React, Django, Python, Postgres, Redis

Apply at https://jobs.lever.co/cloudtrucks?department=Engineering

Adaxa Technologies | Lisp/Clojure Software Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time

Adaxa Technologies creates software that powers dental insurance plans for over 4 million members across 8 states. We've grown from just 1 state to 8 in the 10 years I've been here and are still growing fast.

As an Lisp/Clojure Software Engineer, you will design, create, and maintain software that interfaces with clearinghouses, Medicaid agencies, and plan sponsors. As part of a small team, using technologies such as Clojure, Lisp, and MarkLogic, you will be responsible for the accuracy of our most critical data and solve difficult engineering problems in a distributed system with terabytes of data while ensuring performance and scalability. This is a very data-focused software engineering role - heavy emphasis on data integrity and performance, not user interfaces.

Apply by sending an email to me (Director of Software Development): elavigne at adaxatech dot com. Include "HN job posting" in the subject and include both your resume and a code sample for us to review. Code sample can be in any language to give us an idea of your programming ability.

Palo Alto, CA or Tokyo, Japan | Onsite only | H1B visa minimum, sponsorship available

Moon Creative Lab is a human-centered venture studio that develops prototypes and MVPs for incoming projects at Mitsui & Co. All of our work directly contributes toward improving Japanese society.

Projects may be in IT, health, infrastructure, renewable energy, etc. There is a heavy focus on growth and collaboration, both within the engineering team and with the product design department. Emphasis on the "creative" in Moon Creative Lab.

Full Stack, Bay Area: https://boards.greenhouse.io/moon/jobs/4987632002

Front End, Bay Area: https://boards.greenhouse.io/moon/jobs/4984324002

Engineering Lead, Tokyo: https://boards.greenhouse.io/moon/jobs/5218292002

For any questions, reach out to Nushi at nushi@mooncreativelab.com

Monograph | Staff Frontend Engineer | Full-time, REMOTE in US

We do 4-day (32 hour) work weeks at Monograph, and we've been doing it for 3 years now. I believe we're one of the only companies in SV that are advocates for working less, but more productively. We only have one engineering/product meeting each week and then everything else is heads down work (or one-on-one pairing).

To learn more about our engineering culture check out our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/monograph (Lynne is a good friend!)

We're currently looking for a staff frontend engineer that is interested in building resilient, scalable systems for a thoughtfully moving startup. If you're interested in the built environment (architecture) that's a huge plus! https://monograph.com/jobs/staff-frontend-engineer

Our stack:

- Next.js + Typescript + React on Vercel

- GraphQL + Rails on Heroku

Reach out directly to me (head of engineering) and mention the HN post: moe at monograph dot com

Crisp | Software engineer | Full-time | ONSITE | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Crisp is building a new online supermarket in the Netherlands. We believe real fresh grocery shopping should be better and easier. Launched in 2018 we are here to stay: backed by excellent investors we are currently scaling up.

We are looking for software engineers that like to work directly with their colleagues in other disciplines such as warehouse operations, retail commerce or app user experience. An ideal candidate has a background in computer science, a healthy disregard for red tape and excellent communication skills.

Our stack is no-nonsense (using technologies such as grep, strace and make), with backend code in golang/php and frontends around react (native). We prefer generalists over specialists, and willingness to learn over a long CV.

Reach me directly at emiel%crisp.nl. Please include a CV or linkedin profile. All messages will be answered. Our recruitment process includes a 30 minute tech test we ask you to do at home.

Vacancy page: https://crisp.jobs/fullstack-developer-1

Tise | Oslo, Norway | Backend (Node.js), Web (React), Android Tech Lead | Onsite | Full time

Tise is a social marketplace in the Nordics. We have operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with the aim to make it easy, fun and inspiring to buy and sell second hand. Tise has over 500.000 monthly active users, who each contribute to making the world a little more sustainable.

The Tise team now counts over 50 people in 8 countries, the majority at our headquarters in Oslo. We're currently 12 engineers, split across backend, web, iOS, and Android.

We are currently looking for a senior backend developer, a senior web developer, and a tech lead on our Android team.

We're offering

  - Work with a highly dedicated team of in-house developers
  - A healthy work-life balance. We work for ourselves and our users, not corporate clients.
  - Working with one of Norway's most used apps
  - Ownership in Tise through stock options
  - A possibility to help on the way to a more sustainable planet through engaging young people everywhere in buying second hand
Read more on https://tise.com/careers, or at one of the listings below:

  - Tech Lead Android: https://tise.com/job/aJXx2AaBL
  - Web developer: https://tise.com/job/OgyAwLwMK
  - Backend developer: https://tise.com/job/0KORE31oN
Just want to hear more about Tise and how we work? You can reach me at thomas@tise.com, or grab a digital coffee with one of our tech leads at https://grabacoffee.io/tise/

MetaMask (https://metamask.io) | Multiple roles (engineering, project management, QA, UX Research) | Full-time | Remote

MetaMask is both a blockchain wallet and a gateway to the entire decentralized web. Our tools help people create communities, play video games, access financial services, make payments, invest in assets, survive from economic turmoil, and more use cases than we can even predict. We exist across multiple platforms (browser extension and mobile) and are used by millions of people across the world to access the decentralized web.

Some of the roles we are currently hiring:

- Agile Project Manager - (Junior/Mid/Senior) JavaScript Engineer - Mobile QA Engineer - Senior JavaScript Security Engineer - Senior Mobile Engineer (with Web3 expertise) - Senior Mobile Engineer (React Native) - Technical Lead - Internal Tools and Automation - UX Researcher

You can see details on these roles here: https://consensys.net/open-roles/?discipline=32543

RStudio | Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US or Canada) RStudio (https://www.rstudio.com) is a Public Benefit Corporation that makes software for data scientists using R and Python. I have one of the roles open below, Software Engineer Full-stack, that is for a product built in Go. But there are plenty of interesting positions available:

- Software Engineer, Full-stack: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4373214003

- Software Engineer (Infrastructure): https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4439282003

- Software Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4519188003

- Site Reliability Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4454206003

- QA Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4429599003

- Head of Product: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4517788003

Elastic | Full-Time | Remote, Global | https://elastic.co

Elastic -- you know, for search. Elastic is the creator of the open-source search engine Elasticsearch and we're expanding our global footprint to bring the most valuable tools to our eager and passionate community. The UX team is looking to hire our first, lead UX Researcher. This is a terrific opportunity for an experienced self-starter to recruit and build out a user research team in a flourishing, global organization. We are a fully distributed company with deep, genuine open-source roots, capable of hiring in many regions.

As UX Research, Team Lead you will...

* Educate the org on both novel and trusted UX research strategies

* Implement methods of qualitative and quantitive UX research at scale

* Build a rag-tag team of productive misfits from a global talent pool

* Be embraced by and enrich many teams across the org

* Have the support of a vibrant, multi-functional UX team

A good fit if you have...

* Implemented UX research practices at scale

* Experience leading and building research teams

* Spent time in a technical function

* Learned deeply the art of SaaS growth

If this sounds good, please reach to me for a discussion!


Read more: https://www.elastic.co/about/careers/

Pssst... The job is not yet open to the general public, so you're already ahead of the line.

Sense | https://sense.com | Multiple Positions | Cambridge, MA, US & Montreal, QC, CA | REMOTE & Onsite (see positions for detail) | Full-time

Sense is trying to make a difference in climate change by making an engaging product which changes your relationship to your home. Get insights into how your appliances use energy, know what's on without smart appliances or IoT hubs, get alerts or automate your home if you like, or just sit back and save some money and energy.

We have an incredibly productive cross-functional technology team, doing nearly everything in-house: electrical & mechanical engineering, embedded linux, DSP, cloud backend, data science and machine learning, mobile and full-stack web. This means there's incredible opportunities for personal growth. Basically anything you're interested in learning about, there are experts in-house.

We have partnerships with major players in the energy space: Schneider Electric (electric panels) and Landis & Gyr (electric meters). We are scaling up, and you can help!

Sound interesting? Join our team! We have openings in backend, embedded, and mobile software engineering, data science, electrical engineering, finance and marketing.


Touch base with me (jonah at sense․com) if you want to chat! I've been here for 4 years in a IC role. I'm currently spending my time working on our embedded platform, from linux drivers through DSP, data science through cloud connectivity, but I can put you in touch with folks from other areas of the stack if you want to learn more.

No recruiters, please.

Reclaim.ai | Multiple Roles | REMOTE (US Only) | Portland, OR

Reclaim.ai (https://reclaim.ai) is an intelligent operating system for the calendar, helping to automate and defend the schedules of busy product leaders, engineers, managers and their teams. Thousands of busy professionals rely on Reclaim every day to manage their calendars.

We offer full health, dental, and vision benefits to all employees as well as a competitive salary, a generous equity package, and a 401k program. Flexible hours, remote-first, awesome (and scrappy) team.

Reclaim is backed by some of the top venture firms in the US, and you’ll be on the ground floor of a fast-growing company with a big mission.

Full-Stack Engineer: https://reclaim.ai/careers/full-stack-engineer

Senior Backend Engineer: https://reclaim.ai/careers/senior-software-engineer

Focsec | Python Software Engineer | Full-Time | Remote | Europe (within +/- 2 hours of central european time) | https://focsec.com/

We are building the most advanced threat intelligence API and platform. We help businesses and public agencies reduce fraud, detect suspicious logins and signups, block spam and bots. Our core technologies are Python, Django, Flask, Celery, PostgreSQL and Redis.

We're looking for a Python Software Engineer (mid to senior level) who enjoys building backend systems, understands software architecture and loves to automate things.

Your qualifications:

* 2+ years of Python development (preferably using Django or Flask)

* strong understanding of HTTP and a broad understanding of networking in general

* working with SQL and No-SQL databases, processing large datasets

* strong linux server and command line skills, you should feel comfortable in a SSH session

Additionally, any of the following is considered a plus:

* experience with e-commerce software

* basic AI/ML experience

* open source contributions

To apply, send your CV to hackernews@focsec.com and also tell us what your favorite Python library is.

LogicLoop | Founding Full-Stack Engineer (#1) | San Francisco, CA or Remote


LogicLoop is a low-code internal tool to empower operations teams. Our CEO was #5 at Instabase and our CTO was a founding engineer on Stripe’s Billing Team. We are co-led by two Tier 1 VC firms and backed by execs from Brex, Quora, Plaid, Coinbase, Benchling, Oscar & more.

We’re looking for a full-stack engineer who thrives in fast-paced environments, wants to take ownership and can wear many hats. As an extension of our founding team, you’ll have the opportunity to shape product strategy, product architecture, customer success, culture and more. You will work across the stack on backend, frontend and systems. We use React, Flask (Python), Postgres, Docker and AWS.

Our interview process is based on collaborative, real-world coding as opposed to brain-teaser algorithms. Email your resume to jobs@getlogicloop.com. We respond within 2 days if there's a fit. We can't wait to meet you.

Best, Jackie Cofounder & CTO

Flexport (YC W14) | San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL | Onsite | https://www.flexport.com

Flexport’s mission is to make global trade easy for everyone. We are revolutionizing a huge industry that touches every country on the planet, which means solving complex challenges. We are looking for makers who love learning, are passionate about collaborating, and desire to see the global impact of the solutions they build.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/flexport

View all of our jobs here: https://grnh.se/c0d6caef1

Tech Stack: Frontend: React, Relay, Flow, Jest, Enzyme Mobile: React Native, Apollo Backend: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, GraphQL, Python, RSpec CI: GitHub, Buildkite Infrastructure: AWS, Python

TechEmpower | Full stack developer | Los Angeles area, California (near LAX) | Full-time | ONSITE or REMOTE

Please apply at https://jobs.techempower.com/hn

TechEmpower is a custom software company. We help our clients understand their needs, plan solutions for them, and build software -- on time and on target.

We're looking for good programmers interested in web development. If you're smart, motivated, and you want to work in a supportive environment, then let's talk.


We're small, with 25 employees working in teams of 2-6.

We're friendly. Since our teams are small we focus on cooperation.

We're the authority on web framework performance (https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/)


We don't expect new hires to have experience with all of these, but you'll learn about them here.

Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, C#

Web: Jersey, Node.js, .NET Core, React, Svelte

Mobile: iOS, Android, React Native

Data Persistence: ORM, Postgres, MySQL, Redis, etc.


Flexible schedules

A culture of camaraderie and helpfulness

Challenging and varied projects

Sedition | Full-Stack Developer | Remote | Full-Time | https://www.seditionart.com Sedition is a platform for selling and collecting digital art. We've been doing this for the last 10 years and since have become one of the industry leaders in terms of content and playback options. Our collection consists 4000+ artworks, including works from artists like Tracey Emin, Shepard Fairey, Yoko Ono, David Choe. Every collected artwork can be enjoyed on Apple TV / Chromecast / LG TV / Samgung TV via Sedition apps. We are particularly excited by the recent rise of NFTs popularity and the direction digital collectables are taking.

We are looking for a Full-Stack developer with strong Ruby on Rails skills. Ideally you should have experience with some of the following: React / React Native / Solidity / TypeScript / Obj-C. Most importantly you are a generalist who enjoys working with any part of the stack.

Ocient | Backend Senior/Principal/Distinguished Software Engineer | Full-time | $130-215k+ plus stock options | USA, Chicago or Remote (US) | https://ocient.com

We're building a petabyte-scale distributed database for analytics (OLAP) workloads, with an emphasis on low-level performance optimizations. Our approach is to build nearly everything from scratch, including custom distributed storage systems, filesystems, task schedulers, consensus protocols, and an advanced SQL stats engine and query planner/optimizer. As an engineer here, you'll tackle really challenging problems and work with huge systems but also get the pride of ownership and autonomy that comes with a startup. We currently have about 50 engineers on the team.

Our Stack: Modern C++, Linux, Bazel, Python, etc.

Apply at https://ocient.com/careers. Send your questions to starzia at ocient.com.

TravelJoy | Engineer #6 | Full-stack / Generalist | Remote within USA | Full-time

TravelJoy is the market network for the leisure travel industry. Our mission is to bring the joy back into travel planning. We've built a product that thousands of travel agents absolutely love and depend on every day.

Why join us? - We’re an interesting collection of colleagues, united by our mutual love of travel. We’re a team of eight, seven of whom have a background in software engineering. The founders worked at LiveRamp together ($310MM exit). - Virtually all of our growth has been organic and referral based (85%!) which goes to show how much our clients love us, and the inherent value of what we’re building. - While the pandemic was incredibly hard on travel in 2020, we managed to stay lean, and grew our revenue and customers from Dec 2019. We're poised for extremely strong growth as travel comes back in 2021.

Learn more: https://join.tjoy.io/hn-eng6

Fern Creek Software | Louisville KY | 100% Remote Fern Creek is a software consulting company. We build stuff for other people, usually in .NET on Azure but we do other stuff occasionally. The company has been around since I started consulting independently about 20 years ago. Recently I started taking on larger projects that need more people and as a result, started hiring people. Sometimes a 1099, sometimes W2. This is not super sexy stuff where you will get options that might be worth millions, but likely worth nothing. What you will get is a load of experience on new tech (asp.net core, azure, blazor etc) and a great focus on the best feature of all...shipping. The job is remote so you don't have to be in Louisville though if you are close that is cool. Set your own hours and all that, I want pros not people that need babysitting.

1 opening right now...

Full stack dev (C#, asp.net core, sql server etc)

Live the stress free life, work from home, build some cool tech, make money, be happy etc etc.

Shoot me a message at jobs at ferncreeksoftware.com

MiraDx | Senior Software Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | Full-time | Onsite (preferred) or Remote

MiraDx builds genetic tests to predict patient responses to cancer treatments. We have also developed an FDA-authorized COVID-19 test.

My name is Joanne Weidhaas, and I am an oncologist, molecular biologist and professor at UCLA. I founded MiraDx in 2008 with my colleague Frank Slack. MiraDx spun out of our research on a new class of genetic biomarkers. Over the last year, in addition to developing a COVID-19 test in the lab, we have also developed software to handle our large volume of COVID-19 testing.

We are looking for our first full-time software engineering hire to take the lead on that software (our stack is TypeScript, Next.js/React, Salesforce). Longer term, you would lead the development of new software to streamline our genetic testing more broadly. You would also take significant product ownership of the software roadmap.

If you're interested, please email me at joanne@miradx.com with "Software Engineer HN" in the subject line.

ForceMetrics | Senior Software Engineer - multiple roles | Denver or Remote (US & Canada only)

We are in the business of solving some of the toughest societal problems through data science

As a Senior Software Engineer at ForceMetrics, you will be an owner of the first software solution that will transform the way police departments and community services engage one another. You will help do this by working closely with our data science team to analyze and enrich some of the most fascinating and rarely ever available public safety datasets.

As such, the platform you build will produce realtime and actionable insights that will have a direct impact on public safety, the community, and our daily life to provide answers to these critical questions:

  •  How do we actually help police officers engage with our community to provide social and emotional support services?

  •  How do we better identify individualized training content specific to the officer?

  •  How do we identify risky situations in real-time?

  •  How do we help city leaders identify employee stress and burnout before it is too late? 


We are currently in stealth - just know that we just closed a successful multi-million dollar seed round with notable investors & VCs, we are currently a team of 6 engineers & data scientists and now looking to hire 5-10 more engineers this year, and we already have cities leveraging our platform on top of their existing public safety datasets


To apply, email me Andre McGregor (CEO/Founder) at andre@forcemetrics.ai or click the links below:

  •  Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2541343939

  •  Senior Frontend Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2541366703

Learning Equality | Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE (USA) or San Diego | Full-time

We're a cross-disciplinary team that believes in the transformative power of access to education. We're a nonprofit, we create open-source software, and our beneficiaries are in underserved communities such as rural schools, community centers, and refugee camps all over the world. We enable completely offline access (via local network, mobile app, and peer-to-peer/sneakernet distribution) to a wealth of free learning resources (things like Khan Academy) and tools to support students and educators.

We are seeking a Full Stack Engineer who identifies strongly with Learning Equality's mission to bring quality education to under-resourced communities around the world. We use Python/Django on the backend, and Vue.js on the frontend. Apply at: https://grnh.se/5b407e571us

Signal | San Francisco or Remote (US Timezones) | Full-Time, Remote-OK | https://signal.org

Signal is making private communication simple. As an Open Source project supported by grants and donations, Signal can put users first. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. We design open protocols, develop Open Source software, and give it away for free.

Here are our open roles:

- Android Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/cc2a16be-b9aa-496e-ba2c-cf8ba36...

- iOS Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/5d866dff-b979-4a90-9a53-f581eee...

Tech Stack: iOS team: Swift & Objective-C. Android team: Java.

Please email us your resume to: Workwithus@signal.org

TeamSnap | Multiple Positions | REMOTE | https://www.teamsnap.com

TeamSnap is hiring for multiple positions to join our remote-first team. We work every day to simplify the lives of players, coaches, parents, and sports organizations by taking the headache out of organizing sports.

Engineers at TeamSnap are critical to technical and product innovation, driving projects like the award-winning HealthCheck feature. We build applications and services with Ruby, Elixir, React, TypeSript, Swift, Kotlin, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase, and Google Cloud. On the Full Stack side, “T-shaped” developers are encouraged.

Our engineers and engineering managers tell their stories ->

* https://www.builtincolorado.com/2021/03/24/colorado-engineer...

* https://www.teamsnap.com/blog/teamsnap-culture/teamsnappers-...

* https://www.teamsnap.com/blog/company/teamsnappers-manager-h...

We are looking at doubling our team by end-of-year and are hiring Engineers and Leaders for pretty much everything: Mobile, Front-end, Back-end, SRE, QA, and Security.

See all positions here -> https://jobs.lever.co/teamsnap

Podsights | https://podsights.com | Machine Learning, ML Operations, Software Engineering | Remote within the US | Fulltime

Podsights is the operating system for podcast advertising.

We likely work with your favorite publisher and handle over 7 billion events a month. Our mission is to grow the podcast industry. Far too many brands try a podcast advertising campaign and churn. Or worse: they don’t even try to enter the market. By providing a platform for brands to understand and scale podcast advertising, we encourage investment in podcast advertising, and by proxy to publishers.

We're a growing funded, remote-first team spread across the US. We like entrepreneurially-minded folks who like solving problems in podcasting.

We're hiring a machine learning engineer, ML ops engineer, and backend engineer. Listings here:


Brex | Remote in USA, Canada, or Brazil | Onsite | Remote OK | https://www.brex.com

Brex is reimagining financial systems so every growing company can realize their full potential. We’re building a unified experience so that your software and services can be in one place. Our international team is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture and believes your potential should only be limited by how big you can dream.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/brex

Our open positions are on our careers page. Feel free to message https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-ruiz/.

Tech Stack: Elixir, Go, Kotlin, Python, Typescript

Kollider | https://kollider.xyz/ | Junior, Senior Backend Engineers (Rust) and DevOps | REMOTE | Full Time |

Kollider is building the first instantly settled cryptocurrency derivative exchange.

We believe that cryptocurrency traders should be able to access markets without exposing their funds to seizure, theft or long transaction times. So starting with Bitcoin(more chains to come), we've built a derivative exchange that allows each position to be instantly opened and funded in a single action, directly from a traders' wallet.

We're big fans of Rust and have built everything from the ground up with it. We are looking for junior, senior backend engineers and DevOps engineers to join our team and help build state-of-the-art technology to redefine what's possible in global financial markets.

More information: https://kollider.homerun.co

Would you consider an intern position either full-time or part-time?

CareEvolution (Remote; Ann Arbor, MI) \ Patient Engagement Platform \ Hiring: Technical Documentation and Customer Self-Service Specialist

CareEvolution is looking for enthusiastic self-starters and team players to further build out our industry leading patient engagement platform. The patient engagement team delivers digital clinical research, digital therapeutic solutions and telehealth offerings to our clients, allowing clients to create unprecedented patient data sets and interventions to advance clinical research and preventative care. We work with the world’s brightest and most prestigious clinical research universities, providers, payors, and wearable/device manufacturers across the globe.

Apply at: https://angel.co/company/careevolution-1/jobs/1389744-techni...

Notion | Head of Platform Engineering & Head of Product Engineering | San Francisco, CA

Here at Notion, our work shapes our culture and our culture inspires our work. We seek to hire creative toolmakers that want to be the best in their craft. We believe this will enable us to achieve our mission of enabling the world to better solve it's problems. We are looking to expand our Engineering Leadership team.

As the Head of Platform Engineering, you'll lead the engineering group responsible for Notion's API and the broader platform surrounding it. Apply here: https://grnh.se/ef56d33e3us

As the Head of Core Product Engineering, you'll lead the engineering group responsible for the core of Notion's product—the docs and wiki experience, the editor, our mobile apps, collaboration tools, and more. Apply here: https://grnh.se/3a76669e3us

Some other Engineers Roles:

Engineering Manager, Infra https://grnh.se/a9433dd23us

Engineering Manager, Product https://grnh.se/8e36e69d3us

Software Engineer, Infra https://grnh.se/b65f8c493us

Software Engineer, Backend https://grnh.se/5e2b054d3us

Software Engineer, Fullstack https://grnh.se/c6b21b743us

We're hiring for many more positions, see notion.so/careers

Flinker | Software Engineers | Stockholm, Sweden | Full-time & part-time | Preferably onsite

Flinker is a Stockholm-based fintech company currently leading the development within asset financing with innovative technical and functional solutions.

We offer:

* An exciting journey with a smaller company that is growing rapidly.

* Freedom combined responsibility. Find your own best way to tackle challenges and projects.

* Short lead times between ideas and releases that quickly lets you see tangible results from your work.

* A strong belief in continuous development, both for our platform and for you.

Tech stack: Vue, Vuetify, Typescript, Jest and Cypress, Docker, Java, Spring, MySQL, MongoDB

We’re hiring:

* Frontend: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2557911515

* Backend: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2557907781

You can contact me directly on daniel@flinker.se

Location: Porto, Portugal (GMT+1)

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, React Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Flask, Redis, Celery, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, AWS, Docker, Elasticsearch

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertommoura/

Portfolio: https://github.com/mmnemonic

Email: albertommoura@gmail.com

Availability (Starting June 2021): 40 hours/week

[Python-Django-React Fullstack Developer]

If you are looking for a technical architect for consultation or a full stack developer, who can help you with development, you have reached the right place. My goal is to make sure that my clients are 100% satisfied with the work that I perform and that their solutions are built to increase usability, revenues, and user experience. I can guarantee that the time you spend talking to me will be worth it!

I think you posted this in the wrong thread.

Saga | https://saga.so | Fullstack Software Engineer | REMOTE

Saga helps teams explore and connect their knowledge across notes, documents, and other SaaS tools. We are building a rich-text editor that can automatically search, suggest and cross-reference information for you.

We're looking for passionate engineers who want to join us on a mission to connect everyone's knowledge.

Stack: React, Typescript, Node.js, GraphQL, Postgres.

Fullstack Software Engineer https://saga.so/careers/software-engineer-fullstack

Junior Software Engineer https://saga.so/careers/junior-software-engineer

Learn more about us https://saga.so/careers

Kraken Digital Asset Exchange | Software Engineers | Remote | https://www.kraken.com/en-us/careers

Kraken was founded in 2011, being a pioneer exchange in the crypto market. Kraken is in rapid expansion of its engineering teams. At Kraken we have a remote global workforce, allowing our employees to have more freedom in choosing how to organize their routine and balance work and personal life.

June Highlights:

Senior Frontend Engineer - React

Senior Backend Engineer - Rust

Site Reliability Engineer, Rust - Core Backend

We’re also hiring software engineers with the following skillsets: Backend (Rust/Go/Typescript/PHP), Frontend (ReactJS/ReactNative/Typescript/TailwindCSS/NextJS/Xstate) and many more.

Please apply directly on our careers page at https://www.kraken.com/en-us/careers.

Stationhead | Senior Web Developer (React) | NYC or Remote | Full Time | https://www.stationhead.com

We are a group of 13 highly passionate people building the future of radio. We're democratizing live audio by building a global broadcasting platform where anyone can have a radio show, play their music, and speak to the world. Founded by a real-life rockstar, we're the social platform built from the ground up for musicians and music-lovers.

So far, our platform has thrived on iOS and Android. You will be the founding member of the team that will take our signature, polished experience out of the pocket and build new professional features for our most serious broadcasters.

We offer competitive pay, early-stage equity, health insurance, unlimited PTO and more.

If you're interested, send me an e-mail at andrew@stationhead.com. Be sure to include your favorite band in the email!

Monad is hiring!

A little about us. Our mission is to reduce data management problems in the security industry, providing clear insights and guiding action to reduce risk. We are building the first security data cloud platform to make security data easy and accessible for DevOps and cloud engineering.

We thrive on collaboration, teamwork, and a transparent environment of proactive communication and responsiveness. We are a customer-first company, and work closely with our customers to solve all their security data challenges.

Position available:

Backend Engineer Data Analyst Data Architect Data Engineer Integration Engineer Site Reliability Engineer Software Engineer in Test

You can apply here https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/monad for any of the jobs posted above.

Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications? Please apply anyway!

I am one of the co-founders and happy to chat if there are any questions.

Lexop | Remote (Canada) | Montreal | Fintech | Full-Time |

Join a fast-growing Montreal-based Fintech that's leading a change within the collections industry and impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people every day. Become part of our team and embark on our vision to unburden the world, one payment at a time.

Lexop is looking for Full Stack and Backend developers. Our stack includes ruby, rails, react, postgres, redis, etc.

  * Contribute to software development plans and participate in peer reviews
  * Develop integration tests
  * Implement and design functional requirements
  * Focus on maintainability, flexibility and scalability
  * Work alongside designers, developers and product managers to create beautiful and amazing things
Apply by email: priscilia@lexop.com


Thinknum | https://www.thinknum.com/ | Front-end Engineer | NYC / Remote | Full-Time

Thinknum, the leading venture-backed alternative data company is rapidly changing how Wall Street and Fortune500 analyze companies. Our proprietary technology creates datasets from a broad array of public online sources, capturing ephemeral information on the products, operating markets and labor markets of 500,000+ global companies across sectors, and provides rich toolsets for extracting intelligence.

We're looking for strong front-end engineers with:

* 3+ years of full-time software engineering experience * Extensive knowledge of Javascript, Angular, React, Node.js * Passion for SaaS and data startups

If you're interested, please email me with your resume attached at marta.lopata@thinknum.com with "HN" in the subject line

AMD | multiple Linux developers | Toronto, Canada | REMOTE | Full Time

(Remote possible for senior candidates at location where AMD has offices, with focus for Toronto and Bangalore.)

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

* Open source graphics driver feature development based on Engineering and Marketing requirements

* Contributes to software projects of significant technical importance

* Solves complex non-recurring problems that leads to development and implementation

* Driver bring-up and qualification on new hardware platforms

* Debug, analyze and resolve quality and certification issues as reported by Customers and QA

* Write detailed design notes for new features

* Coordinate closely with peers and colleagues to ensure timely and effective communication of all assigned work activities

* Coordinate with developers in the open source graphics development community


* Proficient in C and C++ programming

* Excellent debugging and trouble-shooting skills

* Broad technical knowledge of Linux operating systems

* PC architecture knowledge

* Strong oral and written communication skills

* Experience dealing with customers or Linux community

Nice to have:

* Experience with 3D graphics APIs such as OpenGL and Vulkan

* Contributions to Mesa, LLVM (amdgpu backend), Xorg, or kernel GPU drivers highly valued

* Experience with Linux graphics driver programming a plus

* Experience with open source Radeon graphics driver programming is a strong plus

* Experience with Linux build and packaging tools (make, rpm, dpkg)

* Strong shell scripting and Linux systems administration skills

Composable Analytics | Boston, MA | https://composable.ai Full-time positions for:

- Front-End UI Developers passionate about creating well-architected user interfaces and fluent in current best practices for responsive and accessible design.

- Junior and Senior level Software Engineers that have the ability to work across all layers of the application, from back-end databases to the UI.

- Data engineers and data scientists knowledgeable in developing and training data models and building data-driven products.

Opportunities are ideal for those that have an interest in designing and building large-scale, distributed, web-based platforms, utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

More info at https://composable.ai/careers/

Synthesis Technologies | Multiple Roles | Remote (AU) | http://synth.earth

Synth works with research organisations to develop 3D mapping software for government, military, and industrial use. Our focus is on software, but occasionally we extend to integrating with various hardware sensors and robotics systems.

Our principal focus is currently visualising real world environments scanned with LiDAR and photogrammetry in 3D for analysis and data extraction.

Roles Available:

    - Automation
    - Front-end
    - 3D Graphics
    - UX


    - Rust
    - TypeScript / JS
    - ROS
Positions are fully remote but applicant must be an Australian Citizen.

Email: careers@synth.earth

Hey, just FYI -- you need to fix your cert at https://synth.earth :)

SmartThings | Embedded Software Engineer | Onsite (Minneapolis) or Remote | Full-time

SmartThings is a Samsung-owned company operating independently from offices in Mountain View, CA and Minneapolis, MN, and we’re creating the easiest way for anyone to get the most out of their connected devices.

We’re looking for someone with diverse embedded Linux experience to help lead current and new initiatives on the Core Hub team. We work to support first and third-party platforms, using Yocto as well as a variety of other frameworks and tools. On the systems side, most of our services are written in Rust, with FFI to existing C code where needed.

Our team is a mix of onsite and remote, though most of us are based in Minneapolis.


Medic | Data Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://medic.org

Medic is a nonprofit organization which stewards the Community Health Toolkit - a suite of open source products to improve health care in hard to reach communities.

We currently have 2 engineering openings:

Data Engineer - improve our data workflows to enable visualization and integration to advance this goal. https://medic.pinpointhq.com/en/jobs/14718

Engineering Manager - help build and accelerate our team as we build build open source software for community health workers. https://medic.pinpointhq.com/jobs/15381

BREAKFAST | Senior Firmware/Software Engineers, Senior Electronics Design Engineers | Brooklyn, NY | ONSITE or PARTIAL REMOTE (NEAR NYC)

BREAKFAST is an art studio that creates very large-scale computer-controlled interactive kinetic art sculptures (whew!). Our work has been exhibited at Christie’s in New York, The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in New York, and Design Miami to name a few, and is installed in several locations around the globe.

We have some incredibly ambitious and exciting projects in the pipeline and we’re looking for experienced software engineers to join the team.

If you like the idea of solving really challenging problems, learning new things everyday, and writing code that makes physical objects come to life, we encourage you to apply!

Competitive compensation and benefits. Work on-site in our studio or partially remote within commuting distance to NYC for occasional trips to the studio.

You can see some of the things we’ve created here: https://breakfastny.com/

Senior Software Engineer position: https://breakfastny.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer

Senior Firmware Engineer position: https://breakfastny.com/jobs/senior-firmware-engineer

Senior Electronics Design Engineer position: https://breakfastny.com/jobs/senior-electronics-design-engin...

Please apply through the web site!

Keywords: realtime, interactive, computer vision, games, robotics, microcontrollers, motors, frontend, backend, fullstack, embedded, linux, iot, art, opencv, pcb layout, kicad/altium


I've been following your studio for a little while. I love what you're doing. I also love physical kinetic things, and the opportunity to work for you is really exciting. Last Summer I created an interactive light installation in my home https://edwarddeaver.me/portfolio/control-my-lights/ which used openFrameworks, NodeJS, ReactJS, Python(Selenium), Redis, MongoDB, Arduino and custom LED tubes. Right now I'm working on a lighting controller that is motion activated artistically light up stairs. I also used OpenCV and Tensorflow to place 2nd in a local hackathon last Fall https://edwarddeaver.me/portfolio/hack-upstate-2020-is-the-m... .

I would love to join your team. How hard is the requirement to have 8+ years of experience for the Senior Software Engineer position?

MindBeacon - mindbeacon.com| Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Typescript/Angular/Node) | Toronto-Remote | Full-time. To apply directly, please follow the link https://mindbeacon.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=138 MindBeacon's Therapist Guided Program is based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). With more than 40 years of research and practice, CBT is an excellent long-term solution for those suffering from mood and anxiety disorders.

It’s a skills-building approach to therapy, helping you develop resiliency and coping skills to better manage your mental health concerns. It consists of readings, exercises and activities that will help you learn and practice those new skills.

Microsoft (Microsoft Teams) | Software Engineers | Full-Time | ONSITE (Prague, Czech Republic) |

Our team is responsible for modern meetings experiences in Microsoft Teams product, and we are focusing on delivering the best in class audio and video meeting experiences, and very passionate about quality of our solutions so that individuals and businesses throughout the world can rely on us to do more and achieve more.

If interested apply at the career site https://careers.microsoft.com/professionals/us/en/l-prague, or email me and I'll send it across to the right manager. dev <dot> tanna <at> microsoft <dot> <com>.

Tech Stack: React, TypeScript, Angular, C#.

OnePointOne, Inc | Software Engineers | Phoenix, AZ or Remote (Americas)| Full Time

OnePointOne is revolutionizing vertical farming by building the most technologically advanced cultivation platform on the planet through innovations in robotic automation, AI, and plant science.

Senior Frontend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/onepointone/jobs/4505144003

Platform Services Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/onepointone/jobs/4505127003

Learn more about us at: https://www.onepointone.com

Wild Alaskan Company | Multiple Roles | Full-Time | Remote [US] | https://wildalaskancompany.com/careers

The Wild Alaskan Company offers an online direct-to-consumer membership service for premium wild-caught seafood. Our mission is to accelerate humanity’s transition to sustainable food systems by fostering meaningful, interconnected relationships between human beings, wild seafood and the planet. Our values keep us focused on the mission while having fun building a custom ecommerce platform.

We're hiring for roles across the company. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions:

- VP Product - Member Experience Specialist - Product Manager - Fulfillment Manager - Logistics Category Manager - Content Strategist

Genymotion Android emulator | Paris/Lyon, France, SF, REMOTE | Full-time

Genymotion is an Android emulator for App developpers and testers. It is available on desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows) and in the cloud (Saas, Paas). If you are looking for technical challenges, R&D, and eager to learn, you've come to the right place!

We are looking for:

- A SRE to maintain our Saas infrastructure.

- A Qt engineer to improve Genymotion for desktop.

- An Android/Linux system engineer to hack stuff in our Android distribution.

- Frontend and backend engineers to make our Paas and Saas products smoother.

You can apply directly on: https://www.genymotion.com/jobs/

Our github: https://github.com/Genymobile/

Hey there -- do you have English-language versions of these job posts?

Hey, thanks for asking! Unfortunately we have no English version for these job ads... :-/

I guess you will have to use your favourite translator tool. Feel free to ask if you need more details.

Amazon Print On Demand | Software Development Engineer | Senior Software Development Engineer | San Luis Obispo, California ONSITE

In Print On Demand we allow authors and publishers to sell books on Amazon without ever providing physical inventory. We process a massive amount of digital content validating and formatting files for physical printing. When a customer buys a book, we print it and ship it in two days. We solve the largest problems in book publishing using a variety of tech, working with business partners from all around the world. I am looking for creative problem solvers who want to help expand reading all around the world.

We work out of a small office, where Print-On-Demand was built as a start up, in sunny central California.

Contact: William Schaller - schallw@amazon.com, hiring manager.

PolyScale | Full Stack - React & TypeScript | Remote - USA | Full-time

Hiring founding engineers: https://www.polyscale.ai/careers/

PolyScale (https://www.polyscale.ai/) is changing how databases are distributed and scaled. Our mission is to make data-driven apps faster by simplifying global caching for developers.

Software Engineer, Full Stack - React & TypeScript - https://www.polyscale.ai/careers/software-engineer-full-stac...

Verkada | SFBA | Engineers

Verkada is a C stage startup with strong product market fit. We have modernized enterprise physical security (cameras, access control, sensors) and are working on a bunch of new hardware & software products to continue expanding into enterprise building management.

We are looking for all types of engineering talent from Frontend to Backend to Firmware to Hardware. If you are excited about building modern cloud enabled hardware, and passionate about what you do reach out I'm sure we can find you a spot.

Email me directly at: mike.lyons@verkada.com and I'll connect you with the right team.

Careers page: https://www.verkada.com/careers/

Zotero | REMOTE | Full-Time | https://www.zotero.org

Zotero is an open-source project that develops software to help people collect, organize, cite, and share their research. Our software is recommended by most universities and used by millions of students, scholars, scientists, and researchers worldwide.

We're looking to fill three positions:

- Community Support Engineer

- iOS Developer

- UI Designer

At Zotero, you'll be part of a small team producing free and open-source software along with a passionate global community, and you'll make a huge difference in people's ability to manage their research effectively.


Arturia | senior devs | Grenoble, France | Full-time | ONSITE

Arturia creates / rebuild synthesizers. We are hiring in the IT team for various positions, including projects in angular (internal tools), day-to-day / micro-projects operations (closely related to other teams), ops (CI/CD, test suites, ...).

You'll be expected to speak french, but we do have members of other teams that took classes after getting the job.

Example of position: https://jobs.arturia.com/o/lead-developer-full-stack-devops-...

Music experience not mandatory, as this team does not produce our instruments, but it's always a bonus.

Roadie (roadie.io) | Backend engineer | Full-time | Remote in EU timezones | https://careers.roadie.io/o/software-engineer-platform

Roadie is a VC-backed DevTools startup based in Europe. We are building a SaaS version of the popular open-source project backstage.io. Backstage is a service catalog and developer portal created by Spotify.

Our engineering team is small but strong. Mostly senior ex-Workday and Spotify. We have raised multiple-millions of dollars from US VCs and have customers despite being founded only 9 months ago.

Email me (Founder & CEO) if you have questions. david@roadie.io

Datadog | Software Engineers | ONSITE (Boston, Denver, NYC, Paris) and REMOTE (US & EU) | Full-time

Datadog is a monitoring, tracing, logs system, and more, for your infrastructure and services. We build our own tsdb, distributed tracing tools, cutting edge visualizations, and more. We love shipping great experiences for customers just like us and are growing fast! We write Go, Java, Python, and React, (mostly) run on k8s, and are multi-region and multi-cloud.

We're looking for people who can build systems at scale as we process trillions of events per day. Let us know if that's you!


Brewbird | Hiring in San Mateo, CA| Onsite, Fulltime At Brewbird, we’re building a technology platform and marketplace that scales the specialty coffee experience and helps entrepreneur roasters grow their businesses.

Mechanical Engineer:

Founding engineer role with a focus on Solidworks and product design. Experience with injection molding, sheet metal design, and vendor management. - BS or higher education

Front-End Software Engineer:

You will architect and build front end software applications for browsers and mobile devices that will integrate with our backend software infrastructure. Focused on CSS and HTML, Knowledge in cloud services (GCP, Azure, AWS etc.) - BS or higher education

Please send resume's to: Luca@brewbird.com

Full Harvest | Full Stack, Senior Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA (US) | Onsite and Remote

Full Harvest is a high-growth, VC-backed AgTech startup solving food waste (Forbes’ Top 25 Innovative AgTech Startups).

We are looking for a skilled Senior Full Stack Software Engineer who believes in our values and mission, is passionate about building great products and a desire to leave a positive impact on the planet.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres

Job description: https://www.fullharvest.com/careers?gh_jid=5293001002

Feel free to contact us directly at charles.wang@fullharvest.com

Spill | Senior/Principle Software Engineer | UK/London/Remote in Europe | https://www.spill.chat/

Spill offers employees free, easy access to therapy.

You will be joining an engineering team of 4 working with Node/React/PostgreSQL. You will help shape the engineering culture and work on projects such as (i) allowing users to prepare in advance of their therapy sessions, (ii) re architecting tables to support additional features or (iii) implementing a system that better matches users with therapists.

If your interested, you can email me on calvin at spill.chat

DeliveryHero | Scala Software Engineer (all levels) | Full-time | ONSITE | Berlin, Germany

The Logistics organisation inside DeliveryHero is looking for Scala engineers. Our tech stack is Akka 2.6.x and Scala 2.12.x, plus several AWS products.

Reach out to me directly at bogdan.mihai <at> <company_name> .com or apply at the job ad: https://careers.deliveryhero.com/global/en/job/JR0008584/-Se...

Neocom | Munich, Germany | Full-Time | https://neocom.ai

We help customers to find the right product in no time by replacing Product Listing Pages with our Guided Selling solution. Neocom is used by big brands such as InternetStores (fahrrad.de, bikes) and Amorelie (sex toys).

Our clients and consumers love our solution (more than 30.000 individual consultations per week) and have many feature requests. We are now looking for a React.js engineer to help us replacing product listing pages (because it's 2021 not 2004).

If you are interested, email me at ssl@neocom.ai

HiHello, Inc. | Palo Alto, CA | Remote OR Onsite | Mobile, Backend, Frontend, Design, Product Management | www.hihello.me

At HiHello we believe that who you know is often more important than what you know. We’re puzzled by why we don’t have better tools to help us grow and curate our most valuable asset: our network. We are on a mission to build a new business relationship network that has a high signal to noise ratio. Our wedge for doing this starts with digital business cards. We make it possible for people to finally do away with paper business cards and instead have a modern, beautiful, professional digital business card to share their identity. In the process, we enable our users to collect all their human relationships in a digital form. HiHello’s digital business card platform caters to individuals (Free, Basic, Professional) and to teams (Business and Enterprise). We want to do all of this while being grounded to our core values of Love, Trust, and Value. We want to build a product people love, a company people trust, and deliver value to our users so that they are willing to pay us directly for it. (We will never sell our users data or use it for advertising.)

We're hiring for:

o Mobile Engineer: Expert in React Native for building mobile apps that are beautiful and performant.

o Frontend Engineer: Someone who can use React, Typescript, and modern web technologies to craft beautiful experiences on the desktop and mobile web.

o Backend Engineer: Someone with incredibly strong CS fundamentals, who understand data structures and data modeling for flexibility and performance. Stitching together APIs, creating new elegant ones, and working with Google Cloud/AWS, GraphQL, authentication, security, and overall awesomeness.

o Product Designer: A unicorn like blend of design, marketing, and business. User flows, wireframes, visually beautiful prototypes and dreaming in Figma.

o Product Manager: Someone who loves bringing order to chaos and can distill information and requests from multiple sources and organize it all into a coherent roadmap and help everyone else operate at peak efficiency.

We're a fun team of oddballs. If you're one too, come build with us. Email us at joinus@hihello.me

Software Engineering- Mentor | Bangalore | ONSITE | Full-time employment | 75 paid vacations days | INR100K learning & travel allowance | Competitive compensation | Apply at https://careers.mountblue.io/mentor

If you've ever thought of sharing your programming skills, we want you. MountBlue Technologies (https://www.mountblue.io) is looking for great software engineers to mentor the next generation of coders. Come, contribute towards making India a nation of coders. You have been saying you want to give back- here is your chance

Design, plan and implement a 9-12 weeks intensive programming bootcamp in one of the various streams such as Full-Stack Web development, Android, iOS, front-end intensive, backend intensive etc. Be a coach and a cheer leader. Continuously push, nudge and encourage, trainees to produce their best work.

MountBlue vision is to be an alternative to traditional college education. Currently, MountBlue’s business is running coding bootcamps for entry level programmers on most in-demand web and mobile technologies, with a view of finding them rewarding development careers in startups. Our developers are in some of the most well-known startups in India- from bootstrapped software shops to unicorns. If successful, MountBlue will rewrite the technology education paradigm in the country

Orion Browser | https://browser.kagi.com | Palo Alto, CA or Remote

Come build a new macOS browser based on WebKit, natively running Chrome/Firefox extensions!

We believe that macOS deserves a browser that will have the speed and battery life of Safari, privacy of Firefox and extensions support of Chrome. So, we are building one.

Senior macOS Swift software engineer:

- 5+ years of experience with macOS development

- Experience with web technologies, protocols and Javascript

- C++ experience is bonus

- Passion for Mac

- Deep understanding of macOS/iOS internals

- Problem solver

- Located anywhere in the world!

Apply with Vladimir Prelovac - vprelovac@kagi.com

Nadine West | Senior Full-Stack Rails Engineer | GLOBAL REMOTE - Austin TX

Founded in 2014, Nadine West has been profitable since early on and we're still doubling in size almost every year.

We're looking for one senior full-stack rails engineer to join our already world-class engineering team.

We're employee-owned which means we have a thoughtful, deep-work culture that respects your evenings and weekends. No useless Zoom meetings here.

To learn more: https://join.nadinewest.com/engineering

Resemble AI | Toronto or Remote | Full-Time | Frontend Developer, Full Stack Developer, Business Development Lead, Sales Development Representative Since HN is full of these posts, I guess we have to really try to get your attention. :)

Hey you! Do you want to help build state of the art technology? Do you want to work with a team that values creativity, autonomy, and was working remotely before it was cool? Well, look no further (seriously, there are hundreds of comments below this).

Resemble AI creates high-quality synthetic voices that capture human emotion. We're a venture-backed high-growth startup that's looking to shake up an entire industry with state of the art AI. Our product changes the way that thousands of brands, media companies, creative agencies, and game studios work with voice content.

We’re a remote-first team that thrives on flexibility and creativeness. We cover expenses for office space, equipment, and all of the other perks and benefits that make you productive. We also believe that to build an enticing product and solid team is by encouraging innovation is by enabling continuous education. That's why every Friday is a day that you can use to work on anything you want, Resemble-related or not.

We're hiring for four (that's right, FOUR!) roles:

Frontend Engineer - Product-driven Engineer that is able to craft beautiful UI. We work with largely with React and pure JS with Rails on the backend.

Full Stack Engineer - Can you break the entire stack? You're the right person for this job. Work on our Rails app, with sprinkles of React, and Python for the deep learning. Everything is dockerized, and we use Kubernetes to deploy.

Business Development Lead - As our lead biz dev, you'll be responsible for guiding our customers from day one. You'll also be responsible for maintaining a high level of satisfaction throughout the customers journey and providing valuable feedback to product and engineering teams.

Sales Development Representative - Work with our team to identify potential leads. You should be comfortable in understanding innovative tech products and work closely the with Account Executive to qualify leads.

If interested, reach out directly to me: zohaib [at] resemble.ai

Docker | Remote (Americas) | Full-Time, Remote-Only | https://docker.com

Docker is...Docker. The one you know and love. We've continued to enhance the core of Docker Hub, the largest container registry in the world, as well as integrations, UX, and support for Docker Desktop, Docker CLI, Docker-Compose, and the Docker Engine.

We are hiring in the Americas for the Accounts & Growth team, responsible for extending the core SaaS features of Docker Hub, Docker-Desktop, Docker CLI, and hub-tool, with a focus on user experience and growth of our subscriber base. Our work has involved authentication and authorization, billing, platform engineering, audit logs, organization management, user entitlement, and more.

We're also hiring for The Squad, an enablement group helping with the largest architectural efforts and challenges.

We're hiring for front-end/back-end and full-stack for these teams, with openings on our Careers page for opportunities on other teams:

- Front-end: https://www.thegravityapp.com/shared/job?clientId=8a7883c670...

- Back-end: https://www.thegravityapp.com/shared/job?clientId=8a7883c670...

- Full-stack: https://www.thegravityapp.com/shared/job?clientId=8a7883c670...

Tech Stack: React, JavaScript, Golang, Python, AWS.

Roostify | San Francisco, CA | Remote in CA | Full-Time | Technical Support Engineer, Sr. QA Engineer, Sr. DevOps, SRE Lead |

Roostify is a fast growing FinTech startup transforming the mortgage industry with an innovative and integrated platform that’s streamlining the entire digital lending experience.

You can find these and all of our other current openings at: https://www.roostify.com/open-positions

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Java, React, AWS, Python, Bash, JS, CSS

MLS | Remote, Eastern timezone | Full-time | mlssoccer.com

I'm Camille and I'm looking for a Backend engineer to join our application development team. Major League Soccer is a major sports organization with a growing fan base. The engineering team is building a world-class, data-driven technology platform and the backend engineer will contribute to real-time data feeds, a multitude of applications, and our digital product infrastructure as a key member of a high-output expert team. We are looking for an experienced engineer who is a true team player as we continue to build out our digital presence in the beautiful game of soccer. In this role, you will be recommending solutions and solving technical issues as it relates to web, mobile, and data driven applications. We are looking for someone with node.js, SQL and working knowledge of AWS suite of services. We are open to remote opportunities If you're interested, please take a look at the full job description here and apply: https://careers-mlssoccer.icims.com/jobs/1522/backend-engine...

Camille Schenkel LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cschenkel

Reforge | https://www.reforge.com | Senior Software Engineers + Multiple other roles | REMOTE in US | Full-time

Reforge is reinventing professional education. Our mission is to help people level-up in their careers, and meet like-minded people.

We're a team of about 50 and we raised a Series A from a16z earlier this year. We were profitable in the Millions completely bootstrapped before taking that round: https://www.reforge.com/blog/weve-raised-21m-to-grow-reforge https://a16z.com/2021/02/23/investing-in-reforge/

We have always been a remote-first environment, but do have an office in San Francisco if you want to drop by any time...!

Tech Stack:

Ruby on Rails

React, vanilla javascript, webpack

Postgres, redis, memcached

Our engineering team is 6 right now and we'll be closer to 15-20 by end of year. I'd love to talk to you about it - I manage all recruiting for eng. Email me with HN in the subject line: morgan dot khodayari at reforge dot com!

All positions here: https://www.reforge.com/careers/all

Lexia Learning | Senior Software Engineer | REMOTE (US only) | Full-time

Lexia Learning, a Cambium Learning Group company, empowers educators through adaptive assessment and personalized instruction. For more than 30 years, the company has been on the leading edge of research and product development as it relates to student reading skills. With a robust offering that includes solutions for differentiated instruction, personalized learning, and assessment, Lexia Learning provides educators with the tools to intensify and accelerate literacy skills development for students of all abilities.

In this role you’ll work on one of our small agile teams to scope, plan and implement new or refactored features in our myLexia application for educators. You will work on a PHP, Laravel, MySQL backend that is integrated with our TypeScript / AngularJS frontend to deliver clean, testable and scalable code. As a senior member of the team you will also mentor more junior engineers, work with our Software Architects to help implement new tools and processes and collaborate with our UX/UI team to provide feedback on application designs

Apply here: https://cambiumlearning.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/camb/job...

Cfx.re | Remote | Full-time & part-time | Engineering, Web, UX/UI | Open source | https://cfx.re

We are the developers of FiveM and RedM, creating the next generation of online multiplayer with a unique game modification framework. Cfx.re enables gamers to play multiplayer on fully customized dedicated servers where creators can develop their own game-mode, build custom worlds, and much more in a variety of scripting languages. With years of extensive research, our mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience within the game industry. Topping the Steam player charts with over 250k concurrent players, we work on one of the largest active game modifications around.

Cfx.re is looking for passionate people with an affinity for games. You will join a remote-only team with developers from all over the world, and will have a highly flexible work schedule. With multiple roles available, we are always looking for highly-motivated people who want to help us create and innovate. Some of our open roles:

  - Software Engineer, game development (C++, C#, Lua, JavaScript)
  - Software Engineer, front-end development (React, JavaScript)
  - Software Engineer, platform/web development (Kubernetes, Go, C#, JavaScript)
  - UI/UX designer, web + game UI
Find all positions on https://jobs.cfx.re/, or contact me directly at technetium@fivem.net.

Tuned | Remote (Worldwide) | Software Engineer (AWS/Rust/Java/Kotlin/React/Flutter) | Full-time | http://www.tuned.com Tuned is a cloud-based algorithmic trading platform that gives anyone the ability to build and grow a quantitative trading business. Using Tuned, traders have access to real-time market data and high-powered testing capabilities to help them build winning trading strategies and then get paid for sharing trading signals with their communities. We launched in July 2020 and in this time Tuned traders have facilitated over $1b in transaction volume. After raising our first major round of funding, we’re looking to grow our team with software engineers interested in building complex and scalable systems that democratize access to financial markets and enable the creation and protection of wealth.

You’ll join me on a team with experience working at companies big and small, spread across 7 timezones, with a shared interest in cryptocurrencies, fintech, and trading communities.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/tuned or send me an email (see my profile) if you'd like to talk!

Join Discord: https://discord.com/invite/nN8PaRW85K

Spark.Orange | Sr. Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer | Syracuse, NY | REMOTE | https://sparkorange.net | Full-Time Spark.Orange's engineering team specializes in custom development, UI work and system integrations for Salesforce customers. The engineering team is all-remote and based mostly around the Northeast US. Our team has developed a new way to build web components, and we are looking to roll this out as far and wide as we can. We have internally built a suite of tools, reusable solutions, and underlying framework which allows us to build large projects with a modest sized team. We regularly reinvest in our tolling so that we can continually build bigger and better things for our clients. Thanks to this, development work is rarely boring or repetitive. As a team, we also set aside time to put down project work and come together to build interesting side projects.

What we are looking for in an engineer is creativity, strong frontend skills, attention to detail and a strong understanding of PL theory. If you're motivated by creating new things, this is an environment where you will thrive.

Tools and languages we use most: Vanilla JS, python, Adobe XD.

Bonus points for experience with Salesforce, Angular, Material Design.

You can learn more and see our open positions here: https://www.sparkorange.net/jobs/

Rest of World | NYC, NY, USA | Frontend Developer, Product Manager | Full-time | ONSITE

I am looking to hire 2 Front-end Developers and 1 Product Manager for my small cross-functional team at https://restofworld.org/

Rest of World is an international journalism publication that’s focused on exploring the impact of technology beyond the Western bubble. Our goal is to surface and showcase the often surprising and unintended effects of tech in places that get little attention from mainstream news outlets.

The Product team is small, impactful, and highly autonomous. In the last year we have built a full off-platform experience, a high-performance website, traditional and experimental story formats, support for eleven different languages, curation and editorial tools, and boast a highly engaged newsletter audience. We are a non-profit, no ads, no subscriptions, so we can focus on the reading experience and reader engagement.

Frontend Developer: https://restofworld.org/about/hiring/front-end-developer/

Product Manager: https://restofworld.org/about/hiring/product-manager/

River Loop Security | Cyber Security RE/VR/Dev | Maryland/DC/Virginia | Onsite | Full Time | https://www.riverloopsecurity.com/

River Loop Security specialize in solving complex cybersecurity challenges across the commercial and federal space. In the federal space we work to solve DARPA hard problems and fulfill our customers' mission needs. We are looking to hire a number of Security Researchers with experience in the following categories: firmware reverse engineering, hardware reverse engineering, and kernel/UNIX C development. Additional opportunities are available for RF engineers, engineers with FPGA experience, and low-level developers looking to enter the security field.

We are looking for an experienced senior software engineer to lead development of our advanced firmware analysis platform. This involves collaboration with a team of best-in-class security researchers to productize new cutting edge research as new capabilities into the platform. Prior experience with distributed systems, cloud infrastructure, and containers preferred. Security research background is a plus.

If you work in the embedded security domain, we would love to hear from you. Preference is for applicants who hold a S/TS clearance. We are also always looking for embedded pentesters and firmware reverse engineers for our commercial business!

If interested, please reach out to team @ riverloopsecurity.com

Wallaroo | https://wallaroo.ai | Lead Client Software Engineer && Hands on Client Architect | REMOTE | cannot sponsor H1B

Wallaroo provides a platform for production AI that helps turn data into business results faster, simpler, and at lower cost. We enable data science teams to get models live against production data, while giving them visibility into how the models are performing, and the power to make quick and easy iterations. We run as a service inside a client’s environment.

We're looking for engineers and architects who will help our clients use our software to achieve their goals. These are client facing roles where you will work together with the client to understand their needs and their environment, then architect and build the software and systems required for success.

You should have cloud computing experience, familiarity with ML/AI frameworks, and experience working directly with clients. Our software is based on Kubernetes and Rust, so experience with related technologies is also highly desirable.

This job will require work with the US Department of Defense, so applicants must be US citizens who are willing to obtain a DoD Common Access Card.

If you're interested in either position, please apply here: https://wallaroo.breezy.hr. If you have any questions please contact me (Andrew Turley) at andy@wallaroo.ai.

SiteSpect | Backend Engineer, Front-End Developer, Linux Operations Engineer | REMOTE - Boston | https://www.sitespect.com

SiteSpect is a digital optimization platform that lets you test, target or personalize your web traffic without having to change any code on your side. Under the hood, SiteSpect is a reverse proxy. Requests from end users are routed to an appropriate backend and SiteSpect modifies the response based on what tests the user is assigned to and then delivers those changes back to the end user. We're looking to fill a variety of roles, including seeking client facing front-end developers to help our clients use our tools to test and modify their websites, and advise clients on how best to test and optimize their customer experience.

Open Technical Roles:

Backend Engineer http://app.jobvite.com/m?3FfDNlwa

Front-End Solutions Developer (Customer Success) http://app.jobvite.com/m?3HfDNlwc

Linux Operations Engineer http://app.jobvite.com/m?3KfDNlwf

Platform Engineer (EU) http://app.jobvite.com/m?37NIFlw7

Course Hero | Redwood City, CA | Front-end engineers | Full-time, Remote (Only within the Bay Area) | https://grnh.se/2ywlpf

About the Company: Course Hero is an online learning platform where students can access over 40 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of educators and other students. We envision a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared. We have been recognized as one of the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area in 2020, as well as in the Top 50 Most Transformational Growth Companies in EdTech. We recently received a Series B round of funding and are now valued at $1.1B.

About the job: We have a very collaborative, learning-focused culture with an active front-end "Technical working group" where we learn from each other, meet weekly, and work on company-wide engineering initiatives. We also recently sponsored and conducted workshops at Reactathon. We're big on Typescript and experimenting (with products in production) with React-Native & GraphQL. Our engineers have complete autonomy and independence to innovate.

We are currently hiring for Staff/Senior/ and SWE II front-end engineers. I'm a hiring manager / front-end engineer myself, so feel free to reach out (contact info in profile) if you have any questions / want to know more!

Glovo | Senior (Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Engineering Managers) | Barcelona & Madrid, ES | Warsaw, PL | Onsite after Covid | VISA

Glovo is not just another food delivery app - we also bring your groceries, medicine, and parcels, and we want to become the everything app for your city. We are active in 20+ countries mostly in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Our tech staff is currently distributed between our HQ in Barcelona and our tech hub in Warsaw. Another hub in Madrid in the works. Work is (optionally) full remote until it's safe to go back to the office, when we expect to have a mixed model of teams gathering in the office for a couple of days and working from home for the rest of the week.

We are hiring frontend, backend and mobile engineers, as well as data scientists, engineering managers and lots of other tech and non-related roles.

Our tech stack includes: Java (Backend), Swift, Kotlin (Android), Typescript+Vue, Python (data science), AWS

Careers page: https://jobs.glovoapp.com/en/tech-careers (please apply through the form there)

I personally work at Glovo as a backend engineer, but I can assure you we have a great team of recruiters that will handle the application process. If you would prefer to ask some questions to an engineer first, feel free to reach out to me (email in profile)

Wellth | Sr. Software Engineer | Los Angeles or Remote | Full-time

Behavioral Economics is at the heart of what we do. If you are a fan of books like Nudge, Freakonomics, and Predictably Irrational and were as excited as us when a Nobel Prize went to a professor of behavioral economics, then this is the place for you!

Apply: https://wellthapp.freshteam.com/jobs/_bSlURLVKjrW/sr-softwar...

Holos | AR/VR Interaction Engineer, Unity Network Engineer | Madison, WI or Remote | https://holos.io/

At Holos, we're developing a general-purpose spatial computing system for AR and VR, and deploying it in the educational and training fields to let people take control over their learning and personal growth like never before. Our product is built on top of proven technologies like Leap Motion's hand tracking, Valve’s SteamVR platform, Node.js, and Vue.

Our team is small but mighty and growing. You'll be working alongside the CTO, and often the Co-Founders, in a very generalist and multidisciplinary role. If you have an affinity for technology, design, and education, then please reach out. We welcome friendly, curious individuals that understand the power of communication, knowledge, and teamwork to apply.

We are currently seeking:

- AR/VR Interaction Engineer: https://angel.co/company/holosxr/jobs/1370420-unity-networki...

- Unity Networking Engineer: https://angel.co/company/holosxr/jobs/1370420-unity-networki...

Zalando | Senior Backend Engineer (Java and/or Kotlin) | Full-time | ONSITE | Berlin, Germany

Zalando is Europe's leading online fashion platform. We deliver to customers in 20 countries. In our fashion store, they can find a wide assortment from more than 4,000 brands.

We are looking for 2 Senior Backend Engineers to join the teams that select the delivery promises (how fast customers can get their orders, and for what fee) shown on the product detail and checkout pages. The team owns its services completely, so we look for candidates with DevOps experience in addition to excellent software development skills.

Our stack is mostly Kotlin microservices running on Kubernetes, with a few services in Java as well. You will get to work on critical services at a large scale, and with strict availability and latency SLOs. You will be part of a small-to-medium size team, will work closely with stakeholders and Product Managers, and will help mentor other engineers on your team.

Senior Software Engineer (Java/Cloud) - Fulfilment Offering https://grnh.se/25c5a86f1us

More positions here, including other locations: https://jobs.zalando.com/en/jobs/?filters%5Bcategories%5D%5B...

BrightHire | Remote | Full-time | https://brighthire.ai/careers/

BrightHire’s mission is to fix hiring, making it fundamentally more equitable, effective, collaborative, and human.

We’re doing this by building the first intelligent platform for the most important part of the hiring process: interviews and decisions. We just closed a $12.5m Series A from Index Ventures — and the investors behind Figma, Slack, Notion and Roblox to make hiring better and more equitable.

* Founding Data Scientist https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/c3ad3bfc-e3b4-4aca-a3ad-be1...

* Staff/Principal Full Stack Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/7fbb7fb9-ae91-4841-a55d-b5b...

* Senior Full Stack Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/43eee1e7-42a8-4cbd-9aa6-814...

Juros Baixos – Financial Services | Senior Backend developer | HQ Sao Paulo, BR – REMOTE | Full-time

Hi everyone! At Juros Baixos we are looking for a Senior Backend developer to help us with the professionalization of our platform. We are in that phase where we have outgrown the initial version of our system and have other and bigger plans for the company.

We are a company that brings transparency to the Brazilian financial market. Last year we started our strategy towards expanding our origination portfolio to also compare other products such as credit cards, debt renegotiation, bank accounts, and insurances while building our financial education service.

We are migrating our Rabbit, Node/typescript infrastructure to Kotlin (and later on Kafka) we could use someone that can guide us in the process, assure top code quality and build the tools for the future.

For more details and applying use a platform of your choice: https://angel.co/company/juros-baixos/jobs/1363732-senior-ba... https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2549178759/ queroserjb@jurosbaixos.com.br

Way to Health (Penn Medicine) | Full-time | Philadelphia, PA | Mostly On-Site (once the office reopens) | Software Developer Way to Health (https://www.waytohealth.org/) is a patient engagement and research platform, which has been used to power hundreds of research studies and clinical programs improving the health of our patients. It's built and managed at the University of Pennsylvania Health System (Penn Medicine) by our team of developers, implementation specialists, innovation managers, and more.

Way to Health has had a huge impact on Penn Medicine's COVID response, having cared for over 12,000 patients with COVID Watch, and having communicated over 14,000 COVID Test Results to patients by SMS. In the next few months we expect to hit a milestone of 1 million patients who have been in Way to Health programs.

We currently have 5 developers on the team, and are looking to hire two more. Requires 3+ years experience with application development (especially but not only PHP) and a Bachelors degree.

More details at https://www.waytohealth.org/careers/. I'd also love to chat informally with any interested (or potentially interested) developers directly. Email me at my HN username at gmail.

Gladly | Engineers | Remote (only US for now) | Full Time

- Senior DevOps Engineer (this is my team, we hired one awesome Engineer recently, looking for moar): https://www.gladly.com/careers/?gh_jid=2609013

- Senior Software Engineer: https://www.gladly.com/careers/?gh_jid=2442512

- Software Engineer: https://www.gladly.com/careers/?gh_jid=764786

We’re working on a people-focused customer service platform that enables companies and their customers to converse seamlessly across different channels (such as voice, email, SMS, chat and social media).

We have a modern SaaS tech stack (React/GoLang/Docker/AWS/Kubernetes/Serverless) and product architecture (real-time pubsub microservices) and tons of interesting problems to solve.

We have a collaborative environment of mutual respect, mentorship and learning from peers.

I have been in various roles for 4+ years at Gladly. Currently head of Platform (our DevOps team) and Tools/Quality teams. You can always email me at michal@gladly.com or apply via https://www.gladly.com/careers/

Canopy Analytics | Oakland, CA (SF Bay Area) | Full-time | 3x Onsite, 2x WFH | Founding Engineer, Ruby on Rails | $120k-$150k, .25-1% range

Full JD: https://www.notion.so/canopyanalytics/Founding-Engineer-Ruby...

Canopy Analytics is a small but mighty team. With just three founders, we bootstrapped an enterprise SaaS platform, grew +500% in the last year, raised a strong round from top-tier investors, and our customers depend on our software everyday. The key to our success has been a strong team obsessed with customer experience and great product engineering.

We're looking to grow that team with a founding engineer and our first senior hire. As part of the early team, you will be a strong individual contributor and a leader for the business. You will delivering high-quality code quickly, and also be responsible for our architecture, roadmap, hiring and engineering culture.

Full JD: https://www.notion.so/canopyanalytics/Founding-Engineer-Ruby...

Please email me at sunny dot juneja at canopyanalytics dot com. I will respond within ~24 hrs.

Vinli | Various Roles | Full Time | Remote US

Vinli’s (www.vin.li) team is transforming the mobility industry via our next generation data intelligence platforms. Our passion is building products and services that unlock the true value of connected cars by showing drivers, passengers and organizations the potential hidden within their vehicles' data. We were founded in 2014 and are backed by some of the biggest names in transportation (Cox Auto, Samsung, Continental) venture capital (First Round Capital, Westly Group) and energy (E.ON). We are partnered with some of the largest players in the mobility industry – including ALD Automotive. Remote work has been a successful part of our cultural DNA since long before 2020.

Open Positions include:

Software Engineer - https://vinli.breezy.hr/p/09504b289fb3-software-engineer (Golang)

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - https://vinli.breezy.hr/p/bbf8c3356eee-cloud-infrastructure-... (AWS/Terraform)

SDET - https://vinli.breezy.hr/p/2794079633b9-sdet-software-develop...

Webaverse | Full-stack Software Engineer | Remote | https://github.com/webaverse

About: Webaverse is an open source project to build a decentralized 3D world truly owned by its users. One which meets users where they are, requires no installs, supports self expression to the max, and is fun to use.

We are looking for founding engineers to help us with our Discord bot that can mint/trade digital assets, connects to a web3 dashboard, and a browser based virtual world. There are positions available for webgl, frontend (reactjs), and backend engineers.

The virtual world is powered by clean crypto (sidechains) and pure web tech. You will get to work on open source software that will play a critical role in steering the future of the Internet and spatial computing.

Role: We're hiring senior full-stack engineers with skills and experience in Ethereum, IPFS, Three.js, AWS, Node.js, React, Next.js, WebRTC, y.js, Mediasoup, WebSockets

Requirements: Have strong web engineering (JS, profiling, optimization), have experience/interest in decentralized technologies, likes video games and memes.

Hiring page: https://www.notion.so/webaverse/Webaverse-is-Hiring-8fb49c06... | Email: hello@webaverse.com

Spectral (http://spectral.energy) | Multiple Positions | Full-Time | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | VISA Sponsorship Available

Primarily On-Site after the pandemic, with flexibility for some remote working days.

Spectral develops technical solutions that help propel the evolution of smart energy networks. We are involved across the whole grid, whether it's a community, building, energy farm, neighborhood, or all at the same time! Some areas we focus on include: improving asset efficiency, unlocking the value of energy storage, facilitating demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy.

We believe that one of the most urgent issues of our time is the challenge of providing for our energy needs in a sustainable way. We are looking for developers, backend (mid-level/senior/lead) and frontend (mid-level), that share our mission.

ABOUT THE TEAM: An awesome, multicultural and very ambitious entrepreneurial team and the chance to change the world for the better by creating innovative software! No unnecessary hierarchy, but a team of like-minded individuals that are committed to making a lasting change in the energy landscape.

TECH: Python (with some golang and C#), Google Cloud, Postgres & TimescaleDB, gRPC, Kubernetes & Docker, RabbitMQ, Vue.js

WHERE DO I APPLY? https://spectral.energy/workwithus/

I am interested in the Junior Software Developer position https://spectral.energy/workwithus/junior-software-developer...

Does internship experience count? I graduate in May 2021 but I will have more than 1yr internship experience.

Toucan (https://toucan.events) | Sr. Frontend Engineer | FT | Remote

At Toucan, we bring local, organic, and free-range to your virtual gatherings. Our video platform empowers online meeting participants to self-organize, engage in presentations, and swap non-verbal emotions in a refreshingly-natural setting.

Toucan was founded by a brother-sister pair of Stanford undergraduates driven back home mid-semester by the 2020 pandemic. Forced to resume their studies remotely, they were unpleasantly surprised by what the bleeding edge of telecommuting technology had to offer. Unwilling to settle, they started a company with a mission of helping virtual event participants feel human again.

The role: Senior frontend engineer interested or experienced in React, TypeScript, real-time servers, REST APIs, websockets, and audio/video streaming. Experience/interest in Node.js, [No]SQL, and the AWS platform is certainly welcome. Self-starter who enjoys working in a small (very) distributed team, can design and implement solutions to unusual and complex problems, as well as troubleshoot, identify, and resolve product issues.

The core UI stack is React/TypeScript and Tailwind CSS in conjunction with a homegrown library for rendering OO HTML5-based sprites.

Note: our interview process largely consists of a small programming assignment with a 48-hour deadline, and the discussion around the solution. To apply, please send a note to andrei@toucan.events.

IPinfo.io | Various Roles | Remote | Fulltime / Parttime / Contract | https://ipinfo.io & https://host.io IPinfo is a leading provider of IP address data. Our API handles over 40 billion requests a month, and we also license our data for use in many products and services you might have used.

We started as a side project back in 2013, offering a free geolocation API, and we've since bootstrapped ourselves to a profitable business with a global team of 14, and grown our data offerings to include geolocation, IP to company, carrier detection, and VPN detection. Our customers include T-Mobile, Nike, DataDog, DemandBase, Clearbit and many more.

We're looking for exceptional and ambitious people to join our team - we've got various senior roles we're looking to hire for:

- Senior Engineer - Data team - See full role details and apply at https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=21

- Sales (Inbound / Enterprise) - See full role details and apply at https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=22

- Various non-eng roles (customer success, g-t-m, operations etc) - job posts coming online soon, email ben@ipinfo.io if you're interested

DataRobot | Automated Machine Learning Company | Boston, MA, Columbus, OH or REMOTE | Visa Sponsor Opportunity | Senior K8s Engineer | https://www.datarobot.com/careers/job/3181648/?gh_jid=318164...

DataRobot is the leading end-to-end enterprise AI platform, taking customers from data ingest all the way to automated, monitored decisions. We are trying to deduplicate the work that Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and MLOps people do every day, and dumb it down so that it can all be controlled with a UI. My team is leading the effort to allow users to augment our generated pipelines to better fit their data. To do that, we have developed a secure platform built on Kubernetes to run these algorithms. However, we need somebody who knows how to make this platform more secure, more performant, and rock-solid. If security and performance for arbitrary customer code is your forte, or you'd like it to be and you've done lots of DevOps and Kubernetes work in the past, come join me.

You can email josh.preuss+apply@datarobot.com (me) or just drop your resume at the link above, and it will be routed to me that way too.

We're accepting applicants in timezones between UTC+6 thru UTC to UTC-7

Volta Labs (http://www.voltalabs.com/) | Senior Electrical/Hardware Engineer | On-Site Cambridge, MA | Full-Time

We are looking for a unique electrical engineer to be an early member of the Volta Labs founding team and own the development of our next generation instrument electronics.

Volta Labs builds automation tools for the genomics sequencing industry using digitally controlled microfluidic chips (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0NBsyhApvU). Genomics based applications are growing faster than Moore's law and we're building the tools to support and enable that scaling. Volta is propelling further adoption of sequencing technologies by building an end-to-end automation system that uses electricity to move, mix, heat, and inspect biological specimens and reagents. Our ultimate goal is to build the platform to enable future biological factories.

We are an early stage company spun off from the MIT Media Lab and founded with genomics expert George Church. We were incubated at the MIT Engine and recently came out of Y Combinator.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/voltalabs/aa863e34-c68b-429d-976a-dd83...

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at: will@voltalabs.co

Carbon Five | San Francisco, Santa Monica, Chattanooga, New York | Full-Time, Onsite | https://www.carbonfive.com

Carbon Five is a digital product development consultancy. We partner with our clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams. We work with numerous startups in addition to companies and organizations like Chime, Coinbase, StitchFix, Protocol Labs (Filecoin, IPFS), Compass, Everlane, WeWork, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/carbon-five

Here are our open roles:

- Senior Developer (5+ years): https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/senior-developer/?ref=key...

- Developer (2-5 years): https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/developer/?ref=keyvalues

Tech Stack: The majority of our work is in Rails, Node, and Java, but almost everything is up for grabs. The only tech we don’t work in is .NET and PHP.

Check us out!

Strateos(YC W15) | Front End and Back End Software Engineers, Product Managers | Menlo Park, CA | https://strateos.com | FULL TIME; REMOTE & ONSITE

Strateos is turning life science into an information technology by creating a fully automated cloud wet lab. Scientists anywhere can define and (reproducibly!) run experiments over the internet on-demand and without investing up-front in a lab facility.

The Strateos Common Lab Environment (SCLE) takes Autoprotocol (http://autoprotocol.org/), a high-level JSON description of a biological protocol, and executes it on our custom-built robotic workcells. The protocols we handle routinely involve solving constraint programming models with thousands of variables and constraints in order to find the best plan that fulfills the scientist's biological intent.

Scientists manage their experiments through our web application or via our API. We provide a single platform that controls scientific devices from many vendors in a unified way, and an interface to control our automated labs.

Tech stack includes: Linux, Scala, RabbitMQ, Rails, Typescript, React, Ansible, Postgres

Benefits include: full medical/dental/vision insurance; catered lunch and dinner, and a fully stocked kitchen when onsite; flexible vacation policy; 401(k) with matching; gym and commuter reimbursement; and education reimbursement up to $3,000/year.

Teachers Pay Teachers "TpT" | Engineering, Product & Design Roles | NYC & Remote

TpT is the go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best. We currently have over 7 million educators using our product and over 80% of teachers in the US alone are active on our site. Over the next 2-3 years, we'll literally be reinventing parts of education as teachers across the world increasingly embrace distance learning.

Right now we are focused on our recent launch of Easel by TpT; interactive, device-ready, digital tools to engage students. With Easel we are able to pair easy-to-use digital tools with the world's largest catalog of educator-created content. In addition, we're aiming to grow our Schools Subscription product to several thousand schools while taking our search, recommendation and personalization efforts to the next level.

If you’re passionate about supporting teachers and you believe technology is a great enabler of change and growth, come see if there’s a position that’s right for you. Click below for a full list of our open roles.

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Careers https://www.easelbytpt.com/

ReaQta (https://www.reaqta.com ) | Amsterdam, Remote EU | Full-Time

ReaQta started with a mission to 10x the performance of security teams defending against next-generation threats. ReaQta is changing the game for endpoint security with its award-winning technology and user experience. Our platform is a force-multiplier which enables organizations to future-proof themselves at scale, at a fraction of the cost. The company continues to drive research and innovation around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral-based analysis and defense to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity to organizations and governments worldwide. We are the one of the most disruptive and fast growing companies in the rapidly expanding endpoint security market.

- Endpoint Detection Engineer (Linux): https://reaqta.com/team/join-us/3975

- DevOps Engineer: https://reaqta.com/team/join-us/3994

- Cloud Detection Engineer: https://reaqta.com/team/join-us/3974

- Software Engineer (Integrations): https://reaqta.com/team/join-us/3793

DrChrono (YC SW11) | Full-Stack, Backend, Product | REMOTE, FULL-TIME | Latin America

Our team is quickly growing! If revolutionizing healthcare excites you, join our growing team and help us achieve our mission to build better software for doctors and patients and improve healthcare for all. DrChrono was founded and is led by two software engineers, Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos. Unlike other healthcare companies, our company is built from the ground up to address modern healthcare through technology and innovation. We believe in open APIs and being part of an open ecosystem!

Senior Software Engineer I - Latin America (Remote): https://jobs.lever.co/drchrono/54ae9ad6-f919-4b7d-b7e8-31657...

Senior Software Engineer II - Latin America (Remote): https://jobs.lever.co/drchrono/2d7c0143-6223-40fc-876e-55910...

Senior Product Manager - Latin America (Remote) https://jobs.lever.co/drchrono/18bd3414-6617-4682-83ea-d8d13...

Spacelift | Remote | Europe | Full-time | Software Engineers | $50-120k

We’re a VC-funded startup building an automation platform for Infrastructure-as-Code, adding a Policy-as-Code layer above it, in order to make IaC usable in bigger companies, where you have to take care of state consistency, selective permissions, a usable git flow, etc.

We are looking for software engineers. On the backend we're using 100% Go with AWS primitives. We're looking for backend developers who like doing DevOps'y stuff sometimes (because in a way it's the spirit of our company), or have experience with the cloud native ecosystem. Ideally you'd have experience working with an IaC tool, i.e. Terraform, Pulumi, Ansible, CloudFormation, or SaltStack.

Overall we have a deeply technical product, trying to build something customers love to use, and already have multiple happy and satisfied clients.

We promise interesting work, the ability to open source parts of the project which don’t give us a business advantage, as well as sane working hours. We’ve got investment days on Fridays, when you can work on anything you want, as long as it could possibly benefit Spacelift in some way.

If that sounds like fun to you, apply at https://spacelift.recruitee.com/ or email me at magdalenaw at spacelift dot io!

Expensify | Software Engineer - React/JS/PHP/ReactNative/Java/C++ | Remote | Full-time| https://we.are.expensify.com/#workwithus

Join our passionate team of top-notch engineers to solve a real-world problem, and help people spend less time managing expenses and more time pursuing their real goals. As we revolutionize the way people manage their expenses, being part of the Expensify team means building the easiest, fastest, and most efficient platform to automate everything expense-related.

For the best possible fit, we are looking for someone who:

-Has experience writing real-world software to solve real-world problems.

-Communicates well, both interpersonally and in their code. Is a natural problem solver, knows how to solve problems by automating their solutions.

-Understands the role and impact that programming can have on the organization as a whole.

-Wants to develop and grow their skills in programming and leadership within the organization.

We are looking for people who have a strong understanding of algorithms and design patterns that can apply those concepts into a production level codebase. Knowledge and experience with Javascript, React, React Native, PHP, C++, Java, iOS or Android is a plus.

Please visit https://we.are.expensify.com, and we can’t wait to meet you soon!

Sokanu | Multiple Roles | Vancouver, Canada | Onsite or Canada Remote (all remote for now) | Full-time Serving over 10 million people per year, we use psychometrics and modern data science to help people discover their best-fit careers and give them the tools they need to make that career a reality. We're a small team looking to grow as we enter a new stage for the company. We'd prefer (eventually) on-site in Vancouver, but are open to remote hires within Canada for some roles.

Roles we're hiring for at the moment:

– Front-end Engineer: Typescript/React. Help us create and deploy our new design system, provide mentorship, and improve our stack and toolchain as we grow.

– Infrastructure / DevOps Engineer: Terraform/AWS/ECS. Help us develop and maintain our systems and DevOps culture as we expand and grow.

– Back-end Engineer: Python/Django. Help us get our backends ready for more scale and new features. We're currently typing our entire codebase and improving our test coverage but have some fun projects coming up.

– Full-stack Engineer (Growth): Python/Typescript. Help us continue to grow by finding both technical and product opportunities, running AB tests, and working closely with our data science and marketing teams.

If you're interested in what we're doing, send us an email to hiring@sokanu.com with a résumé/GitHub and let's chat!

Fleetio | 4+ open roles on our Engineering team - see below| Full-time | REMOTE (Open to candidates in the USA, CANADA & MEXICO)| https://www.fleetio.com/careers/engineering

Fleetio is a modern software platform that helps thousands of organizations around the world manage a fleet of vehicles. We recently raised a $21M Series B round and are on an exciting trajectory!

Company perks: competitive pay, company stock, 401(k) + match, health, vision & dental insurance, strong remote working culture (since 2012), fitness incentive + professional development budget.

Senior Software Engineer, Product: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/64C77FFD8C/

Senior Software Engineer, Integrations: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/B1675FC557/

Senior iOS Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/A9491C195B/

Senior Android Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/54AC96D249/

BMNT | REMOTE, Bay Area, Austin, DC | Full time | US-based US citizens only | https://content.bmnt.ai/careers

Come work with a great group of down-to-earth, smart people!

BMNT builds AI-powered products that help people solve complex and world-changing problems. We're working to expand our small dev team - this is a great opportunity for builders who have ideas about project structure, tooling, and organizations. Our stack is React.js with a Node/Express backend on AWS infrastructure.

Director of Engineering https://boards.greenhouse.io/bmnt/jobs/4518974003

Devops and Backend Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/bmnt/jobs/4524113003

Frontend Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/bmnt/jobs/4534923003

Deployment Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/bmnt/jobs/4534939003

Read more here https://content.bmnt.ai/careers

Bond | SF (HQ), SLC, NY, or Remote | Full-time, On Site or Remote

Bond is a tech company focused on transforming underlying technologies that fintechs need to use in order to successfully launch and manage a financial product. We empower brands with the platform to accelerate the pace of financial innovation and inclusion. The future of financial services will be highly customized and deeply integrated products that meet people where they are. By connecting best-in-class brands with best-in-class banks, we bring money into the context of modern life and make banking personal again.

Why work at Bond? We care deeply about investing in our most important asset — our people. We hold a balanced but intense pace that allows for flow, in which your work feels natural, exhilarating, and high impact. Our executive team are industry veterans across fintech, tech, and banking. We've raised one of the largest Series A rounds ever in fintech funded by the industry's most respected investors.

Benefits: Lunch & learns, Fireside chats, Company-wide mental wellness days, Weekly All-Hands, Volunteer activities, Competitive salary, Stock options, Freedom PTO, 401(k), Generous parental leave, DoorDash credits.

These are some of the ideas we live by: Raise the bar. Put people first. Demand transparency. Drive with passion. Question every assumption. Debate quickly, then commit.

Please visit: https://www.bond.tech/careers for all open positions and email: vimarsh@bond.tech

Fathom Radiant | Machine Learning Hardware | Boulder, CO | Full time, ONSITE | https://fathomradiant.co

Human-level AI, if it's possible, is going to be the most important thing that ever happens. We're working on making sure it ends up being a good thing. We're a startup working on machine learning hardware which can scale to the level of the human brain. We've just closed a round of funding and are hiring for 30 roles over the next 6 months. And we've just set up our new lab space in Boulder, CO.

Open, high priority roles:

◉ Machine Learning Compiler Engineer (https://bit.ly/3x2ozQQ)

◉ Head of Software (https://bit.ly/3w2UFMe)

◉ Chief Architect (https://bit.ly/3g6H0OR)

◉ Physical Design Engineer (https://bit.ly/3wfuceF)

◉ Design Verification Engineer (https://bit.ly/3gi3JGn)

Check out our other open roles and apply at https://fathomradiant.co/careers

If you'd like to chat you can reach me at tim@fathomradiant.co

Atomic Search | Research Engineer, ML Lead | SF Bay Preferred, Remote for right person | Part-and-full-time roles available | https://atomicsear.ch

Atomic Search is reimagining the search engine, with a focus on understanding questions and retrieving information, rather than pages upon pages of web links.

We are working at the cutting edge of NLU, leveraging neurosymbolic approaches to finally realise the dream of the Semantic Web. # Roles:

## Research Engineer (part-time, or intern):

- Find, synthesize and summarize cutting-edge research in NLU - Perform experiments and run our R&D pipeline - Assist with day-to-day hacks and otherwise put out fires.

Required skills: - Python, common sense, fluent written communication, quick learner, strong interest in NLP

## ML Lead (full-time):

- Work to improve interpretability for large language models - Generate structured symbolic data using sequence-to-sequence ML approaches - Implement Natural Language Generation models for question answering

Required skills: - Experience with Pytorch, Tensorflow or similar - Experience with common NLP architectures (BiLSTM, Transformers, etc) - Experience with common NLP tooling (spacy, huggingface, nltk etc.) - Working knowledge of NLP, including the current limitations of the space

# Contact - Contact igor@atomicsear.ch to ask about the role. Candidates who can start quickly preferred.


Shard is a scrappy, boutique web development agency based out of Oregon – we build focused, market-ready prototypes for venture-backed startups and Fortune 100 companies (JPMorgan Chase, MetLife, KPMG) alike. Last year was our best year to date and 2021 has been amazing so far.

======= Senior Software Engineer ($120-160k) =======

We're looking for an opinionated senior engineer who doesn't like being trapped in a single codebase and enjoys being able to context-switch between projects. You'd be a great fit for our team if you enjoy taking ownership of projects new and old, figuring out what it would take to build "good, bad, and ugly", then picking a favorite and making it happen.

Tech preference isn't important for this role, but the majority of our projects use Python/NodeJS/.NET Core on the backend, React on the frontend, and Docker + AWS + Terraform for infrastructure.

======= UX/UI Designer ($65-100k) =======

We're also on the hunt for a take-charge UX/UI designer who can help us on both internal and client-facing projects alike. We're a pretty small team, so an ideal candidate would be comfortable stepping in to scope out product features, make impactful recommendations on strategy and timing, and manage their own workload.

hiring [at] poweredbyshard.com

RINSE | REMOTE or San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Taipei, or Washington DC | Software Engineers | Full-Time | https://www.rinse.com

Rinse provides dry cleaning and laundry delivery services to tens of thousands of customers in five metropolitan areas in the US. We have sophisticated logistics optimization software, a polished consumer product, and firm business fundamentals.

Rinse has weathered COVID-19 well - read about some of our efforts at https://www.rinse.com/blog/rinse/coronavirus/

Our engineering team is distributed across the United States, and has been entirely remote for over a year now, but an in-office experience will also be available in the above cities to those who prefer a traditional desk.

We're open to both newly-graduated engineers or more senior engineers, provided they meet our bar. Since we're a small team, we're picky.

Relevant Terms: Logistics, Django, Python, Optimization, React, React Native, Postgres


Interested? Email us at jobs@rinse.com, or my first name at rinse.com

90th Cyber Ops Squadron, US Air Force | Multiple Roles | San Antonio, TX | Full Time | ONSITE

Ever wanted to reverse engineer, analyze, write countermeasures to, or even design and build malware? The 90 COS is a software development unit which specializes in offensive and defensive capability development in support of USCYBERCOMMAND and specialized Air Force missions.

We're looking for creative, problem solving, mission driven teammates who are able to understand and create bespoke software used to conduct some of our nations most complicated cyber missions. Write software to defeat a botnet? We've done that!... Given our first hand knowledge of how they are developed ;) We work in small, dedicated teams using Agile development practices to deliver quick-turnaround projects to enable tomorrow’s operations with capabilities delivered today.

We work across multiple disciplines spanning Windows, Linux, Mobile, embedded and work with many languages including Assembly, C, C++, Python, Powershell, and others. We regularly cross train among disciplines aligned to personal interests.

We’re looking for: -- Software Developers -- Product Owners -- Scrum Masters -- DevOps Engineers (or DevSecOps if you prefer that lingo)

No security clearance is required to apply. If you have the skills and are a US Citizen, we’ll get you the clearance.

Compensation: Up to $120K depending on experience, 5% 401K match, generous pension, other federal benefits, performance awards, recruiting and relocation incentives available

Interested or want to learn more? Email a resume to 90COS.Hiring.Office at us.af.mil

Knotch | https://knotch.com/company/careers | New York, NY | Full-time | Remote within the US only, Visa allowed | Multiple Engineering Jobs | $115k-$145k range

As the global leader in Content Intelligence, Knotch’s mission is to empower brands to unlock the true value of their content by using data-driven strategies. With the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform, companies conduct competitive research and measure the performance of their content in real-time. Knotch ultimately allows companies to connect content to business outcomes to enhance brand, increase ROI and build audiences.

We’re hiring for a mid-level Frontend Engineer (who’s strong in ReactJS). They’ll help us build both beautifully interactive UI components with React and trusted, scalable integrations to dynamically inject our product in client websites.

In this role, you’ll take on unique challenges in front end architecture and library construction as we develop our next generation of product. We’re at Series-B, and as revenue continues to grow, we have no plans to raise more VC just to inflate our value. We take pride in our people and we’re lucky to have won best place to work awards four years running by BuiltInNYC and Best Benefits + Perks in 2021 as well!

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/knotch/5b9d1554-6294-442e-92c8-2f2ee2b...

Alvéole | Full-stack developer | Full-time | REMOTE, Canada | Montréal, QC

At Alvéole (https://www.alveole.buzz), we install urban beehives while educating thousands of businesses, organizations, schools, and families about bees and beekeeping along the way. Ultimately, we want to make people fond of bees, which in turn will lead to them falling in love with nature and building awareness about the impact that each and every one of us can have in preserving our environment. We’re a B Corp founded in 2013, active today in Canada, the United States and Europe, and officially joined the 1% for the planet movement in January 2021.

We've been driven by our tech since our inception: logistics, routing, scheduling, middleware, sales, internal and external apps and tools. We're entering an exciting stretch of new growth and expanding our presence and offerings in the proptech sector, and are looking for a full-stack developer to help support our existing systems while developing new ones. We're primarily MERN, but we have a lot of time for the right candidate—clever, creative, always eager to learn—with a background in a different stack.

We're committed to a development team as diverse as the cities where we operate. We encourage you to apply even if you don't match every item in the description.

We look forward to hearing from you! https://alveole.humi.ca/job-board/software%20development/599...

Hypernode | Full Stack Developer | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://www.hypernode.com Industry: Web Hosting, Web Technology | Company size: 11-50 people | Company type: Private Technologies: Python, Django, Vue.js, Linux (Debian)

Hypernode by Byte is a software engineering company, developing a PaaS for e-commerce, recently released on the international market. We are looking for a Python developer to join our web team to help us take on the challenge of providing the best possible managed hosting experience for our customers.

Our stack consists of mostly Django, Django REST framework, Vue.js and Docker Compose but we utilize many different technologies. We value code quality, write automated tests (unit and integration), code review is standard, and we practice continuous development.

Your responsibilities would include development on our control panel, internal and customer facing APIs, command-line tooling and working with many different systems (from domain registration to invoicing).

For more details check out: https://www.hypernode.com/career/full-stack-developer/ or apply via email at jobs[at]hypernode.com.

Benepass (YC W20) | Software Engineers, Engineering Manager, and Customer Engineer | Earth | Full-time | REMOTE (US timezones preferred) | https://www.getbenepass.com

Benepass is using modern software and a great UX to transform the $30+ billion benefits industry. We’re displacing incumbents running on manual processes and legacy technology, like fax, checks in the mail, and artisanal CSVs.

In the past year, we’ve grown to cover thousands of lives and signed big customers who are household names. We've found product-market fit and we’re growing at breakneck speed. Our investors include Gradient Ventures, Y Combinator, and awesome angels like Aaron Levie of Box.

We’re hiring great software engineers for multiple mission-critical roles. Our backend stack is Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, AWS, IaC, & Docker. On the frontend we use Javascript, Tailwinds CSS, React, and React Native (plus a bit of Objective-C and Java when it’s called for).

We offer competitive compensation + equity, flexible PTO, 95% coverage of medical/dental/vision, and fantastic benefits (of course ).

To learn more & apply, visit https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/benepass

Cohere Health | Software/Machine Learning Engineer | Boston, MA | ONSITE OR REMOTE

Cohere Health is simplifying healthcare for patients, their doctors, and all those who are important in a patient’s healthcare experience, both in and out of the doctors office. We build software that is expressly designed to ensure the appropriate plan of care is understood and expeditiously approved, so that patients and doctors can focus on health, rather than payment or administrative hassles.

This is a unique opportunity to join a rapidly growing engineering team with great ambition. You will have an outsized influence on the future direction and technology decisions.

Our application stack:

    - React
    - Groovy Grails/Springboot
    - Elasticsearch
    - Spark/EMR
    - Kafka
    - MongoDB
    - AWS
Software Engineer - https://grnh.se/d56e23313us

Data Engineer - https://grnh.se/d88a64463us

Machine Learning Engineer - https://grnh.se/134c4c363us

Director of Machine Learning - https://grnh.se/1cd680c53us

Engineering Manager - https://grnh.se/8dcb739a3us

Dreams | Engineering Manager + Rails Engineer | Stockholm (HQ) and/or Remote (EU timezones) | Full-time

How would you like to help build a world where people live more fulfilled lives? At Dreams, we use science to help people save and feel good about money.

In a world of overspending and easy credit, it’s no surprise that money is the number one source of stress for millions of people.

We created Dreams to level the playing field. And today, we help half a million customers in Scandinavia gain control of their finances by providing easy ways to save, invest, and pay off debt. We are also changing the financial industry from within, by providing an embedded solution to banks.

The days when financial institutions could benefit from ignoring customers' needs are over. And we're looking for more people to join our purpose-driven team.

Read more about the product here: https://getdreams.com/en/

Open positions:

→ Engineering Manager: https://www.getdreams.work/jobs/1166106-engineering-manager?...

→ Rails Engineer: https://www.getdreams.work/jobs/1090745-senior-rails-product...

Sr. Full Stack Engineer Needed for Fast-Growing Technology Firm 100% remote

Quantiva (formerly Wunderkind) is a fast-growing software development firm based in New York City that executes projects in AI, IoT, Blockchain, and other technologies for clients in Digital Media, Finance, Healthcare, and Retail.

We are currently seeking to bring on Sr. Full Stack Software Engineers to join our extended team to participate in the design and execute a diverse set of projects on behalf of our clients.

We are looking for people with deep experience in as many of the following areas as possible: - AI / Deep Learning - AWS services, GraphQL, GRPC and Docker - Blockchain / DAPP development - Functional languages such as Haskell and Kotlin - Procedural languages such as Java and Go (Golang) - Web application development using React, HTML5 & CSS3 and Typescript.

A Masters degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, or equivalent experience (3+ years) is required.

If selected, you will join a team of highly experienced international engineers. Accordingly, you will need to be self-motivated, and be able to both work independently and communicate effectively with your remote team members. Our team's success in serving our clients will depend on your ability to consistently deliver on time software that meets the established requirements.

We want this to be a long-term engagement. Most of our contractors work with us for years.

We are looking forward to working with you.

The Quantiva Team careers@quantiva.co

ROCKSTAR GAMES | NYC-San Diego-New England| FULL-TIME | .NET SOFTWARE ENGINEERS A career at Rockstar Games is about being part of a team working on some of the most creatively rewarding and ambitious projects to be found in any entertainment medium. You would be welcomed to a dedicated and inclusive environment where you can learn, and collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry.


Develop highly scalable server-side features for our online game console clients using object-oriented development in C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. Develop back-end services and APIs. Actively practice Test Driven Development (TDD) while developing new features and refactoring existing code. Work in an AWS cloud-based, event-driven microservice architecture with a high priority on web performance optimization. Collaborate with other Rockstar technology teams across our worldwide studios.

NYC: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4050...

SAN DIEGO: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4110...

NEW ENGLAND: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4161...

UW Laboratory Medicine | ONSITE/REMOTE (Seattle, WA) | Full-Time Our department maintains all clinical testing and laboratory operations at the UW Medical Center, from sample collection to analysis and final reporting. We employ over 900 people and handle 30 million tests each year. In parallel, we research, develop and operationalize novel diagnostics in genomics, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry and automated imaging. Currently recruiting for:

* Senior Interface/Integration Engine Developer * to support our HL7 and clinical data interfacing systems. Experience with SunQuest, Epic, the Lua programming language, HL7/FHIR or other healthcare data exchange formats desired. (Please apply here: https://uwhires.admin.washington.edu/eng/candidates/default....)

Work environment: Flexible work/remote schedule (currently fully remote for COVID), excellent UW benefits, cross-sectional work environment where you will be working with technologists, trainees, physicians and laboratory directors. The UW maintains a "Patients are First" model of operation-- your contribution at UW Laboratory Medicine will absolutely impact the health and lives of those patients.

If this sounds interesting...

1) Please apply via the UW HIRES website (Link above)

2) reach out at nkrumm@gmail with a resume.

Thanks, Nik.

Reaktor | Software Developer - Technology Agnostic | Amsterdam, Netherlands | 42 - 70k | Visa + relocation | https://www.reaktor.com

More information and application: https://www.reaktor.com/careers/software-developer-amsterdam...

Reaktor is a creative technology consultancy for forward-thinking organizations with offices in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, New York and Tokyo. From premium software development to digital transformation, our global community of experts does it all.

As a Software Developer, you will be applying your tech skills in different domains and finding new ways of solving complex problems with your teammates.

What are we looking for?

At Reaktor, we are not looking for a work title, we are looking for a personality. We know that good developers can create great things in any language so we have no hard language or tech requirements.

Ideally you…

- View your colleagues and clients as individuals with their strengths and weaknesses. - Can work with the team to decide the best tools for the job at hand. Sometimes it’s Clojure running in a Kubernetes cluster, and sometimes it’s a small piece of JS running on AWS Lambda. - Enjoy working with juniors and seniors on the shiny and dirty bits of the codebase. No ivory tower architects here. - Have 3+ years of experience or maybe you’ve gotten a lot done in a shorter period.

Meter | https://careers.meter.parts/ | San Francisco, CA and Boston, MA | Full time | Onsite

Meter is developing next-generation volumetric imaging technology. We build a machine that can see inside of anything and cloud-based software for processing the complex, volumetric data that the system produces. Our technology will give engineers, designers, and eventually medical practitioners more confidence in their processes and lower the barrier to high quality imaging and inspection tools.

Our team of engineers includes world-class researchers, industrial designers, PhDs, founders of successful startups, and zero egos. We are backed by some of the top venture capital funds and angel investors in Silicon Valley and beyond. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and has an office in San Francisco, CA.

We’re hiring across a number of open positions including…

DevOps Engineer - Architect Meter’s cloud data processing pipeline for performance and scalability

Backend Web Engineer - Drive development of the backend tech stack behind Meter’s customer-facing web app and websites

Frontend Engineer - Build user-friendly 3D experiences utilizing React, Typescript, Three.js, and WebGL

Research Scientist - Independently lead and contribute to applied research projects

Apply at https://careers.meter.parts/ or email jobs@meter.parts if you have any questions.

Six to Start | REMOTE | Full-time | Web / Mobile (iOS and Android) | https://sixtostart.com

Six to Start is looking for a web developer and mobile developers (iOS and Android) to join our existing engineering team of two web developers and two mobile engineers.

Our flagship apps - Zombies, Run! and The Walk – combine innovative real-world interaction and gameplay with captivating stories and design. In short, we make exercising fun for over ten million people. We want to find people who can help us maintain and improve our existing apps and develop new experiences that are just as revolutionary and innovative.

Here's the US App Store featuring Zombies, Run! as App of the Day last week: https://apps.apple.com/us/story/id1296360463

This is a fully-remote position open to all locations, but you will need to overlap with at least 3 hours of 9am-5pm UK time (e.g. 9am to 12pm, or 2-5pm, etc.)

- Senior Web Developer: https://www.sixtostart.com/onetoread/2021/senior-web-develop...

- Senior Mobile Developer: https://www.sixtostart.com/onetoread/2021/senior-mobile-deve...

SiteScape | Product Designer/Manager/Cofounder | NYC or Remote | Full-time

At SiteScape (https://www.sitescape.ai/), we're working to democratize 3D scanning and change the way project teams communicate and collaborate in commercial architecture/construction. With Apple's new LiDAR-enabled iPhone and iPad, we believe that commercial-grade scanning solutions can finally be simple enough for anyone to pick up - so simplicity and human-centered design are at the core of our strategy.

We've passed over 250k downloads on our free app (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1524700432), consistently viral on TikTok (latest: https://www.tiktok.com/@wutchyy/video/6962296574714137861), and just closed a second round of venture capital. Now, our 3-person team is looking for a Cofounder/Product Designer/Head of Product to join us full-time and overhaul the UI/UX for our paid enterprise web app (currently in beta), own the product roadmap, grow the product team, and likely wear several other hats in the process.

See https://angel.co/company/sitescapeai/jobs/1357336-cofounder-... for more or email andy at sitescape.ai

Just want to say, this is seriously cool stuff.

Rockport Networks | Engineering, Operations, and Sales and Marketing Opportunities | Ottawa (REMOTE during Covid), Ontario-Remote, US-Remote | Full Time

As an Ottawa based start-up, Rockport Networks has developed a revolutionary Switchless Networking architecture that enables data center clusters to be deployed without centralized switches; increasing security, scalability, and performance while decreasing cost, power, rack space, and management complexity.

Rockport is growing rapidly across the business! We currently have opportunities for:

- FPGA Verification Specialists, FPGA Designers, FPGA Architects

- Software Developers

- Director of Product Marketing, Marketing Programs Manager, Channel Development Manager

- HPC Field Engineers, Solutions Architect

- Senior Product Engineer, Senior Test Engineer

- and more!

If you are ready to make your next career move mean something, then you need to take advantage of this rare opportunity for early involvement in a well-funded stealth-mode start-up, which is offering you the opportunity to be surrounded by co-workers who are passionate about what they do and proud of the products they build. We offer a collaborative environment with room to grow and the opportunity to help build a company with an amazing team.

For more information and to apply: https://rockportnetworks.com/careers/

Refersion | NYC/Remote, US-only, all timezones | Full-time | https://refersion.com

Refersion is a high-growth technology company helping brands and merchants in every industry transform the way they manage marketing partners; from affiliates and bloggers to influencers and brand ambassadors. Having processed $9.93B in orders in 2019, our performance marketing SaaS platform has a large and growing client base ranging from enterprise retailers to small and emerging businesses.

We're hiring for a number of roles in engineering (and many more outside of engineering), and we'd love to speak with you! We're stable and have a great environment, with a wonderful engineering culture. We're growing a lot and have a lot of great opportunities for career advancement and growth!

Open roles for our engineering team:

- Frontend Engineer (Stack: React)

- Backend Engineer (Stack: PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter)

- DevOps Engineer (Stack: PHP, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes)

Hiring process: we don't do whiteboard/algorithm interviews. We'll talk about things you've previously worked on and touch a little bit on technical details relevant to the role.

To apply, visit: https://apply.workable.com/refersion/

The Walt Disney Studios | Contract SRE | Remote (US) | Full Time

We have two teams at Disney Studios SRE that are looking for a number of contractors on 18 month contracts. We're building out shared services and providing application teams support with their infrastructure.

We have positions that leverage kubernetes, aws, terraform, gitlabCI, and also some positions that are more on-prem focused with storage/vmware infrastructure via terraform.

If you're interesting hit me up @ aaron.m.tracy (at) disney.com

LegalMate | Toronto / REMOTE (international) | https://legalmate.co

Our mission is make access to justice affordable. In North America, almost $400 billion dollars is spent every year on legal services, yet 86% of of civil legal problems faced by low-income individuals receive either inadequate or no legal help at all. The legal system is intended to benefit us all, not just the top 10% of income earners.

We are bringing progressive and modern financial services to the legal world, opening the door for more people to access legal services and seek justice.

- We're VC-backed and well capitalized

- We have paying customers and exciting MoM growth

- Our founding team has an exceptional track record ($2.5 *billion* in shareholder value created in previous 3 ventures)


We're looking to bring on our FIRST engineering hire. High degree of autonomy & responsibility. High equity compensation, competitive salary, and opportunity to join on the ground floor.


- We're predominantly a Clojure & ClojureScript shop.

- We're happy to teach people Clojure, and functional programming!

Full description here: https://www.notion.so/legalmate/Senior-Software-Developer-5b...

Upwave | Senior/Staff Data Engineer || Full Stack / FE Engineer | San Francisco | Full-time | Bay Area-based or REMOTE (working Bay Area-compatible hours)

About Upwave:

Upwave is a YC/venture-funded startup that helps large enterprises plan, measure, and optimize brand advertising campaigns. We offer a comprehensive set of tools that help our Fortune 500 clients to understand and improve how they’re perceived in the marketplace, how aware consumers are of the value they provide, and how much consumers trust them to provide the value they promise.

About the Roles:

Our business has been growing fast enough that our first generation of data pipelines are struggling to keep up. We need an experienced technical leader to help us rationalize our cloud costs, architect a new high-efficiency system, and help guide us towards a highly scalable, highly maintainable set of pipelines.

Also, we are continuing to build out our suite of interactive, visually compelling, self-serve analytical tools to help marketers ask and answer sophisticated strategic questions (and visually communicate their results to internal stakeholders). We need enthusiastic, quick-learning full stack or frontend developers to work on our backend microservices, our React/Redux-based data visualization dashboard, and the suite of integrations that help keep our measurement process smooth and highly automated.

See and apply for the roles at http://www.upwave.com/careers and/or email me: george@upwave.com

Apex Dental Partners | Ruby on Rails Developer | Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (USA) | Remote from office is fine, but needs to be driving distance to DFW | Full-time

At Apex, we're revolutionizing dentistry. We’re committed to providing patients and dentists with the best experience possible, through our Private Practice Reimagined® model that focuses on long-term patient relationships and high-quality care. Simply put, we let our dentists be dentists, and we help make them more efficient by operating the non-clinical parts of the business.

As a fast-growing organization, we face exciting new challenges every single day. The most successful members of our team love problem-solving, are eager to get their hands dirty, and love learning new things. Our patient-centric culture is built around the values of service, integrity and excellence. We preach and practice servant leadership and ask every person in our organization to take on a leadership and ownership mentality.

A huge part of our business operations runs on a Ruby (2.7) on Rails (6.0) web application. We are hiring someone to help build reliable, well-tested features and improve what's already there.

We want someone comfortable working remotely on a small team, although we do want a candidate who is within easy driving distance of the DFW area (Addison) to be able to do in-person meetings and other collaborative sessions.

Experience with AWS, Docker, Vue.js, and Terraform would be great, but not strictly necessary.

If you're interested, or want to learn more, please email me at dhanson (at) apexdp.com.

Open Systems | Site Reliability Engineer | Full-time (80% possible) | Redwood City, CA or Remote US / Canada

We are looking for Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) at different seniority levels to help us scale our cybersecurity and secure network services. Looking for US or Europe based engineers, remote-friendly and 80% friendly. One interesting specificity is that our services are highly distributed in all the network nodes of our customers (cloud & on-prem), which makes understanding service levels and building for reliability especially challenging and interesting. We have to think creatively when it’s not only what can go wrong in your DC or your cloud setup, but what can go wrong in the world.

We also have an operations center in Honolulu which you’ll be able to go to for a few months from time to time, if you want to. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, get in touch!

Email me at tfavre[at]open-systems.com or apply directly from the job description (see careers page for different locations): https://opench.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=293 https://www.open-systems.com/

Qualia | Fulltime | SF/Remote (PST) | Fullstack developers | https://www.qualia.com/careers/

Qualia’s category-creating digital real estate closing platform has transformed home buying and selling into a quick, simple, and secure experience for all. Our engineering-led culture and passion for building community, empowering others, and curating well-calibrated beliefs creates a diverse and inclusive environment for our team to move forward with unlimited potential.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/qualia

Our open positions:

* See All Open Roles: https://grnh.se/035789f71us

* Software Engineer II: https://grnh.se/2336d9aa1us

* Senior Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/8e96b6c11us

* Engineering Manager: https://grnh.se/6e04192c1us

* Senior Software Engineer (Remote): https://grnh.se/478160b91us

KindHealth | Mid - Senior Backend Engineer | Full-time | Remote / Austin, TX, USA

KindHealth Insurance is improving the insurance buying experience for direct consumers and employees alike through our self-service web applications and industry partnerships all backed by the support of knowledgeable licensed insurance brokers. We're leveraging technology to aggregate disparate personal insurance data across a variety of platforms in order to quickly and optimally serve our customers at scale. We leverage Node.js, TypeScript, React, PostgreSQL, Terraform, AWS, serverless, and other technologies to accomplish this goal.

We're looking for experienced backend engineers to join our growing team. You'll have an opportunity to make a positive impact on both the engineering culture and in the direct-to-consumer health insurance space. We're seeking:

* 3+ years of professional industry experience

* Node.js / TypeScript experience, or equivalent experience in an OO language

* Proficiency in SQL with an understanding of relational database design

* Experience working remotely on a team

Nice to have:

* Experience with automated testing (unit / integration) & Continuous Integration

* Experience leveraging AWS ecosystem and Serverless Framework to build out supporting systems

* Have worked in an Agile development environment

If interested, please send résumé / portfolio / Github to: apply@kindhealth.co

Doppler | San Francisco, CA or Remote | Onsite | Remote OK | https://doppler.com

Doppler is the easiest way to securely manage all your environment variables in one place. No more sharing secrets over Slack, copying .env files, or home-brewed solutions. Set up your development, staging, and production environments in minutes with integrations for every cloud provider. Doppler allows you to easily manage all your projects and your team's access to secrets.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/doppler

Here are our open roles:

- Lead Product Designer: https://jobs.lever.co/doppler/cf84928c-4643-499f-ac15-4c4119...

- Senior Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/doppler/f293d858-c3cb-4c1b-b856-b39ed3...

- Senior Growth Marketer: https://jobs.lever.co/doppler/f69ab993-9e63-455d-9de0-4696f7...

Tech Stack: Node.js & Express backend, Golang CLI, Postgres database, Google Cloud

Baserow | Amsterdam | Remote (UTC ± 2 hours) | Full-time | Full Stack developer

Baserow is an open source no-code database and Airtable alternative

We're building a small, remote and experienced engineering team focused on building a great open source no-code tool. If you have experience with Django and Vue.js, you want to work on open source software and want to join a startup we'd love to hear from you.

You'll be building features from scratch and you have full ownership over the whole process. Build new functionality for internal and external users. Collaborate with the team to improve the code base and product experience. Your changes have a direct impact.

It's our goal to build an open source no-code tool that can be used by everyone, from hobbyist to enterprise. We want our software to be flexible, modular and fast. We have big plans for the future and you can be a part of it in an early phase.

Want to learn more about our software and tech stack? Take a look at the code at: https://gitlab.com/bramw/baserow.

More information about the position: https://baserow.io/jobs/experienced-full-stack-developer

Grouparoo | Senior Backend / Lead Engineer | Full-Time | Remote - USA

Grouparoo (http://www.grouparoo.com) is a venture-backed software company building the open-source framework that makes it easy to have meaningful, data-driven conversations with your customers. Do you need to keep your product data in-sync with Hubspot, Marketo and Zendesk? Do you want to be able to build, test, and deploy data sync code just like the rest of your stack? That’s what Grouparoo is - the powerful combination of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a reverse-etl tool. The main components of our stack are Typescript/Javascript, Actionhero, Next.js, and React. Join us to build the product and the community!

Learn more about the positions @ https://www.grouparoo.com/jobs and https://www.keyvalues.com/grouparoo . Check out our open-source framework (and see what you will be working on) @ https://github.com/grouparoo/grouparoo

Foundation Devices | Bitcoin HW/SW | Multiple Roles | Boston, MA - San Diego, CA - REMOTE | Full-Time

Do you believe in sovereignty, privacy, and freedom? Do you want to help Bitcoin and the decentralized Internet achieve widespread adoption?

At Foundation Devices, we are building the open hardware foundation for Bitcoin and the decentralized Internet, starting with our next-gen Passport hardware wallet.

Passport offers a 10x leap in design and user experience, making it easier than ever to store your own keys.

We've begun shipping Passport to our customers and recently raised a seed round led by Bolt. We're now ready to make our first hires to help us build a new ecosystem that we call sovereign computing. Our roadmap is aggressive, and we'll be shipping new products every year.

Open Positions:

  * Embedded MicroPython/C Engineer 
  * Full-Stack Software Engineer 
  * Embedded Rust Engineer 
  * Bitcoin/Crypto Rust Engineer 
  * Tools/Test/Build Software Engineer
  * Head of Design
See position details: https://foundationdevices.com/jobs

Read more about our recent seed round: https://foundationdevices.com/2021/06/announcing-our-seed-ra...

Learn more about our first product, Passport: https://foundationdevices.com/

Coalition Inc | https://coalitioninc.com | Backend, Frontend engineers,PMs, managers and security analysts - both local and remote (US/CA/EU/UK)

Coalition operates as a cyber insurance and security company that helps businesses manage and mitigate cyber risks.

For positions available: https://jobs.lever.co/coalitioninc

Teleport (YC S15) | Backend, Frontend Engineers | US, Europe, Canada, Remote OK | https://goteleport.com

Do you enjoy building security and deployment tools for other engineers? Join us to hack on https://github.com/gravitational/teleport anywhere in the U.S, Canada and Europe. Most of our code is Go, we have very little technical debt, our codebase is clean and small.

We expect you to be comfortable with the following:

  * Go or Rust for Backend and Full-stack folks
  * Typescript, React for Frontend folks
  * Linux, networking.
  * We are looking for Windows engineers too
  * Scalability or security experience for systems software is welcome.
We’re looking for engineers to join the Teleport team. Teleport is a company started by engineers to build products for engineers. We are a stable and growing company.

Apply to this and other positions: https://jobs.lever.co/teleport

We are looking for Backend, Security, Full-stack, Front-end Engineers and SREs.

What to expect once you apply:

  * We will send you a 20-30 minute programming quiz
  * You will join 30 minute intro call and we will walk you through the compensation,
    interview process and requirements.
  * You join a slack channel and submit a coding challenge in Golang or Rust using Github.

Wordloops | https://www.wordloops.com | Full Stack Engineer (React, Next.js) | Full-time or Part-time | 100% REMOTE (any region)

Wordloops is a Y Combinator backed startup. We're a virtual club for creative writing. Our goal is to provide high quality training to writers of all experience levels from beginner to expert. We're doing this by building a fun and motivating social experience that takes place inside a virtual world. One way to think about Wordloops: it's the experience of a prestigious workshop like Iowa or Clarion, but for everyone, and designed to support you over the long term. Another way to think about it: we're building a game world where writing is the primary game mechanic.

Our current stack is Hasura, Zeet, PostgreSQL, Next.js.

We're looking for a high impact, passionate coder who wants to work at a fast moving, early stage startup that's constantly talking to and learning from a growing base of customers. Big bonus if you love creative writing and video games.

See https://www.workatastartup.com/companies/wordloops for more info.

Contact jay _AT_ wordloops.com mentioning HN.

Stacker (YC S20) | Full-time | Product Engineer | 100% REMOTE (limited to Europe!)

We're on a mission to let anyone create software, by building a platform to let you instantly create apps from the data you already have. We want to change the way software is built. That's a pretty big task, and we've got some exciting problems.

If you're a product-minded engineer, come and talk to us about how we're building a platform that lets us run rich, flexible apps built without fully code.

Our stack is a React frontend, Python backend. Postgres, Memcached, Elasticsearch and everything running on Docker/Kubernetes. Experience in React is a must, but everything else is a bonus.

You'll be creating a React-based app editor that lets users create software through their browser, and building a backend that can connect to any data source and simulate running complex data processes.

We're a fully remote team of 15 people, with ambitious growth and product plans for the coming months! Post-pandemic we'll also be meeting up in person every few months for social activities and further collaboration opportunities.

We believe in Radical Transparency, being Empathetic and Kind and Making a Dent in the Universe.

Apply at https://www.stackerhq.com/jobs

Employment Hero (https://employmenthero.com) | Various Engineering roles | Australia, Remote | Full-time

Employment Hero is the easiest way for small to medium businesses to manage HR, payroll, employee engagement and benefits. We’re on a mission to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone, through a remote-first workplace with global ambitions!

We're now hiring across several roles to build the foundation for a new set of fintech products, focused on improving financial outcomes from employment.

Platform Tech Lead -> https://apply.workable.com/employment-hero/j/E4B8E832D3/

Solution Architect -> https://apply.workable.com/employment-hero/j/EE5CFA8472/

Full-stack Developer -> https://apply.workable.com/employment-hero/j/48F4222E3D/

You can also send me an email through `will` @ our domain with any questions :)

Symaps.io | Full stack | Paris, France | Full Time | Remote / On Site | Compensation based on profile |

Symaps.io is an application that ranks and scores locations based on the surrounding environment : residents, footfall, surrounding businesses and infrastructure. Our data includes anonymized movements from 500+ million mobile devices in 180 countries, +100 million businesses, and census information in any country. We just closed a 700K seed round and several client contracts and are urgently looking for passionate people to strengthen our team of 10 (incl. 4 full time engineers). We're particularly keen to hire 2 full stack engineers. Our stack : Python, React, Scikit-learn, Kubernetes, Elastic, PostgreSQL / PostGIS.

More details here : https://50-partners.welcomekit.co/companies/symaps-io-1/jobs... https://50-partners.welcomekit.co/companies/symaps-io-1/jobs...

Red Leader Tech | Hiring in Mountain View, CA| Onsite, Fulltime Red Leader is redefining software in lidar for autonomous sensing. Our patented architecture enables 30x the resolution over current state-of-the-art methods. It’s dynamically controllable in software, easy to manufacture, and we’re already working with top 10 automakers and suppliers. We're backed by top VC's and looking for great people to bring this future to light.

Head of Software - Lead role focusing on embedded software development, digital signal processing, real-time operating system, and C/low-level background. Ideally also FPGA & SoC experience - BS and MS/PHD.

Digital Hardware/FPGA Engineer - Digital hardware role focusing on FPGA(Xilinx) design, Soc design, verilog, and Digital Signal Processing - Master’s or Ph.D. preferred

Global Supply Chain Manager - We are seeking a Global Supply Chain Manager to bring our next-generation hardware design to market. We see this as a strategic role within the engineering team; you'll be leading and defining our strategy on silicon sourcing that will directly influence what product ships. - EE/Physics/Materials background, 5+ years of industry experience in supply chain management for electronic products

Please email resumes to luca@redleadertech.com

Partoo | Lead Developers / Fullstack devs / Python devs | Paris, France | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.partoo.co/en/

We keep synchronized and up to date your business information on all major online platforms as Google + Google Maps, Facebook, Apple Maps, Foursquare, etc.. For example, those past weeks we helped tens of thousands of business updating their opening times regarding coronavirus. Like this, we avoided people doing unnecessary trips to a closed business.

We're looking for :

- Lead developers, to manage a feature team of 3 developers and a Product Manager.

- Full stack developers, intermediate & senior levels :)

- Senior Python developers

Our stack is mostly in Python & React, and we're in AWS. If you never worked with that stack, we will teach you, as we believe that a good developer adapts itself to any situation :)

We're growing rapidly while being profitable, and there are plenty of opportunities to leave a mark in the company. To know more about us : https://www.welcometothejungle.com/fr/companies/partoo (in French)

Need to be able to work in France.

If you're interested, send an email to jonas@partoo.fr :)

JW Player | Data Scientist, Product Manager, Support, Sales and Solutions Engineers | New York (NYC), NY | REMOTE possible | Full-time

JW Player pioneered video on the web over a decade ago and continues to innovate as the world’s largest network-independent platform for video delivery and intelligence. Media companies including Apartment Therapy, Business Insider, and Univision, in addition to hundreds of thousands of creators of all types and sizes, rely on JW Player to deliver and monetize their content across all devices.

JW Player’s massive global footprint of over 2 billion unique devices creates a powerful data graph of unique consumer insights and generates billions of incremental video views.

JW Player also started as and continues to be the most popular open-source video player: https://github.com/jwplayer/jwplayer

All our openings can be found here: https://www.jwplayer.com/company/careers/

Overall, we are seeing record video traffic over the past year, and with that comes a ton of exciting challenges to work on at a huge scale.

If interested in any of these roles, please email me at pgodzin@jwplayer.com

SMX (http://smxemail.com) | CBD, Auckland, New Zealand, GMT+12 +- 3 | Full-time | C++ Developer

SMX aims to be a global leader in managed email security, analytics and deployment solutions.

We deliver enterprise-grade email security, analytics and messaging as-a-service, with a unique focus on the Australasian and Trans-Tasman threat landscape. As a Microsoft Co-Sell Partner and NZ All-of-Government supplier, a growing list of enterprise and government customers trust their email security to SMX.

We're looking for experienced engineers to build our bespoke mail stack which is primarily in C++ on Linux but also using Lua for orchestration.

The primary role is software development, but you will be required to configure, manage and troubleshoot email systems to ensure our customers receive world class service and uninterrupted mail flow. You will also be involved with systems integration, automated deployments, threat analysis, big data ingestion and product design. You won't be on the pager!

GMT+12 adjacent might be an option for remote work. We currently work a mixture of home and office and expect that to continue.

Visa Sponsorship is an option, we are a NZ Govt. preferred employer so very fast turnaround.

Technologies: C++14 on Linux, Lua, Redis, Ansible, Azure.

Contact: careers@smxemail.com

GRAILED | https://www.grailed.com | REMOTE - USA | Full-Time | Grailed is a P2P marketplace for clothing. We are a 75 person company, with a 25 person engineering team that build and maintain a ruby on rails app that connects millions of users. We use react for the web, and native iOS for our iOS app. We've got a lot of exciting work to be done in the space of recommendations, discovery, and fraud! We place a lot of emphasis on quality of life - this is a truly great place to work :)

Open roles:

-Engineering Manager (https://boards.greenhouse.io/grailed/jobs/4883501002)

-Sr. Software Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/grailed/jobs/4885598002)

-Sr. iOS Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/grailed/jobs/4890394002)

more: https://www.grailed.com/jobs

email: alec.mckinley@grailed.com

Klue | Senior Backend & Senior DevOps & Senior Data Engineers | Remote (US & Canada), HQ in Vancouver | Full-time | klue.com/jobs

From a technical standpoint, Klue's mission is to descale data to the human level so people can process the information. Currently, the focus is on sales enablement but tomorrow it is all teams enablement. Klue raised Series-A in September 2020 and is in the growth state.

Here are some of the challenges we are currently working on as the backend team: * Ingesting thousands of news articles, web pages, marketing and sales data points per day. The challenge is dealing with unstructured data,indexing them for a long period of time and making them searchable and ready for different analyzes. * Expanding our Rails REST API and offering public APIs to enable integrations. * Architect infrastructure for a scalable, resilient and robust service. We are migrating from a monolith architecture to microservices.

Our current tech stack: * Python (Flask), Ruby (Rails), PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, GCP, AWS, Tensorflow, Keras, Docker, Kubernetes. * We are open to use different tools and languages if they reduce costs associated with solving problems!

Apply at: https://klue.com/jobs

FYI, All the engineering applications mention location as Vancouver, you may be missing out on Remote folks if they see the list of jobs and just browse away.

Spoiler Alert | Software Engineers | Boston | Full time, Remote | https://spoileralert.com

Spoiler Alert is an enterprise SaaS company that partners with food manufacturers and grocery distributors (customers include Kraft Heinz, Campbell’s, Danone, etc) to better manage excess and distressed inventory. Our software brings greater efficiency and accuracy to surplus inventory management and keeps good food from going to waste.

We're a team of 16 (8 on the Product side) looking to add 1-2 Software Engineers to our team to help us expand the capabilities of our B2B platform for food brands. We want to work with people who have an active interest in advancing our mission of minimizing food waste and recovering value in the supply chain. We don’t expect you to already be fluent in our current tech stack or in the nuances of inventory management. We do expect you to learn and grow with us.

Technologies used: Node.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, React, and MongoDB Please apply via our website at https://www.spoileralert.com/careers#op-446951-software-engi...

Launch Potato | Product Manager | 100% Remote (US) | Full-Time

We need someone like you to help create products that help millions of users reach their personal finance goals. If you’re looking to make an impact while leveraging innovative technologies, this is the place for you. As Senior Product Manager, you will have the opportunity to lead our product strategy for FinanceBuzz and its 3 million (and growing!) visitors who come to our site each month.

Our team has built groundbreaking technology that helps us understand our users and helps them reach their personal goals every day across our portfolio of brands. On any given day you might be leveraging our proprietary platform to create widgets or funnels with flawless user experiences. Or you might be focusing on SEO or improving the CMS used by our team. Ultimately you will be making an impact while working with key business stakeholders to define the vision, strategy, and roadmap for FinanceBuzz.

Product Manager: https://launch-potato.breezy.hr/p/05187ad0c897 All other positions: https://launchpotato.com/careers

Hiring Web Developer to join our creative agency of ~50

I'm a dev, posting this to help my HR homies find me a new buddy to join the team.

Remote: Perfectly okay. Local or relocation preferred (I don't think the managements cares much either way, but I want more nerds to hang out with!)

Experience level: Mid-level preferred, all welcome to apply.

Skills/Platforms: JS, PHP, WordPress. We are a creative agency so our developers support all sorts of platforms. Someone who is flexible and willing to tackle new challenges is ideal!

Salary expectations: Starts between 45-70k depending on experience

Vibe: Super chill. Coolest job I've ever had! The company was bought out a few years ago and the new owners turned the whole place on its head,

Benefits: I got like a month off paid every year from day 1. Insurance is top-tier. Super great.

From the job posting:

"Oneupweb is looking for a Web Developer who can write, develop and implement standards-compliant code to create dynamic web pages. This position will be part of a team dedicated to working with a variety of clients developing websites, microsites and landing pages."


If you do happen to apply, let mention that you saw the post on HN. I don't get a kickback or anything but if you add that, we'll know you're a cool kid :P

Hey, I sent a mail with the subject following subject, and mentioned your post in this thread.

>Web Application Developer: Supun "Buddy" Budhajeewa

Peerspace (https://www.peerspace.com/) | Software Engineer, Business Engineering | Full-time | Remote in US

Peerspace is on a mission to bring people together. Our marketplace uncovers the world's most unique spaces—such as lofts, rooftops, and galleries—and opens them for people to book almost any activity. With Peerspace, guests have hosted weddings, photo shoots, team meetings, and more. In total, over 5 million people have attended a Peerspace booking, and we're looking for people who want to help us reach the next 50 million.

We are looking for a software engineer with 3 or more years of experience in full stack development. This engineer will join the business engineering team and collaborate in the architecting, design and implementation of internal facing features and services.

● Minimum 3 years of work experience

● Working with any language like Clojure, Clojurescript, Javascript, Node.js, Java, Python in back-end development

● Working with a modern front-end framework like Fulcro, React or Angular

More detail can be found here: https://jobs.lever.co/peerspace/50a749e9-eaef-4ac9-8209-0a78...

Aha! (https://www.aha.io) | Rails / React / Security | REMOTE Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps. We serve more than 450,000 users worldwide.

We are looking for:

* Experienced full-stack engineers to work on the Aha! product. Our application is built in Ruby on Rails, with some React on the frontend for rich client-side experiences.

* Security engineers, with hands-on Rails development experience plus experience with compliance projects, security policy development, or other security initiatives.

Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North or South America, and we offer excellent benefits. We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding) and we deploy continuously.

Our entire team has always been 100% remote - in North American timezones so we can collaborate during the work day.

You can view open engineering positions at https://www.aha.io/company/careers/current-openings, and click through to a specific job for our simple application form. Our job postings also have a lot more detail about the team, our values, and what you'd be doing day-to-day.

Senior Analytics Engineer. Remote: UTC -1 : UTC+3.

M-KOPA (https://m-kopa.com/) serves over a million customers across multiple (African) geographies and is growing fast. From solar lights to phones we are powering progress through internet connected devices. The Analytic Engineering team’s mission is to upgrade the value our Data Science, BI and Business teams get from the data that we have. We're looking for a Senior Analytics Engineer to join the team (https://www.shortlist.net/jobs/4843) and:

- Increase the velocity of our transition to a modern data stack (dbt, Airflow, Python, Spark, Synapse, Kubernetes, Docker, + ?)

- Deploy new tools with effective default patterns implemented, so that other teams are empowered to work with that tool/process

- Abstract logic into libraries and patterns of work that enable teams to build value from our data independently and efficiently

- Demonstrate best practices across the data stack, and optimize the highest leverage opportunities to improve data processes, whether at data load, or with data model redesigns

- Build systems that enable us and other teams to deliver end to end value more easily

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