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Windows 2000 Running in WebAssembly (copy.sh)
71 points by astlouis44 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

There's something uncanny about this. I think it's the lack of clicks caused by a mechanical hard drive that I'm so accustomed to when things are loading in an old OS.

It seems to run relatively smoothly, but what's keeping it from running lag-free? Opening up "My Computer" takes 3-4 seconds. Why doesn't it open instantly?

It's the disk access. In order to open My Computer, Windows reads 6399 disk sectors, which are read using ~150 http requests.

It is considerably faster than any Windows 2000 installation I ever used.

You must be kidding, right? W2k had a very long startup time by today's standards, but after that the basic utilities felt very snappy, just like most software of the pre-web era:


Why would I be kidding about any Windows installation I ever used? I was on a computer with a CPU measured in the low hundreds of megahertz and RAM measured in the low hundreds of megabytes. It was paging like crazy trying to do anything non-trivial.

Perhaps, judging by the downvotes of the grandparent comment some folks thought I was casting aspersions on Windows 2000 itself.


I just kicked Solitaire's ass for the first time in at least 15 years. I couldn't remember the rules but my hands took over and it was like I was killing time at my moribund old job all over again.

Still got W2k running in the lab on bare metal, now cloned onto a 2014 Win8 PC.

kinda of mindblowing. Don't really understand how this is working, need a diagram of the build/runtime overview on that Readme

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