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Clerihew (wikipedia.org)
69 points by andrewem 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 34 comments

    The Compiler Engineer
    Drunk Too much Beer
    Thought Undefined Behaviour
    Was His Saviour
I think my future is in programming rather than poetry...

  M H H Underscore
  Did deplore
  Their own initial stab
  At this poetic gab.


Came here to quell

Any questionable viability

As to the original posters capability

  Doreen Traylor
  Never went to Baylor
  Nonetheless she can always tell
  Someone knows how to properly pronounce Michele when they add that extra L.

(It's better than when people think it's the Italian version of Michael. Waaay better.)

Haha love it

Nick the magic man

Risked a tragic ban

By polluting hacker news

With yet more clerihews

Aiden n zero

Became a virtual an hero

By reminding the mods

To ban clerihew clods

Sir Dang

The angels sang

Sheriff of hacker news land

Have mercy on poor Nick the magic man

A famous Clerihew about Bertrand Dawson[0], the man who secretly euthanised King George V so that his imminent death would appear in the morning edition of The Times rather than "less appropriate evening journals":

Lord Dawson of Penn

Killed many men.

That's why we sing

'God Save the King'.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertrand_Dawson,_1st_Viscount_...

    R. Buckminster Fuller, 
    taken for a leg-puller,
    spake the truth we ignore:
    1 + 1 = 4.
cf. p.61, https://fullerfuture.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/buckminster...

  Assist me.
  "It looks like you're unneeded,
  All humans will be superseded."

Bostrom’s Paperclip maximiser

The Eschaton immanentizer

Wasn’t derived from Clippy

So doom may be much more nippy

Good to have a term for what usually happens when people try to freestyle rap.

dang the moderator,

silenced many an internet hater,

but could not make men see,

if 'twas pronounced "dang" or "dan-gee"

HN guardian dang

Made many a snake lose its fang

But jokesters a few

Did pen down a sick clerihew

  Elon Musk
  Tweeted dawn to dusk
  But history chronicles 
  Low cost reusable launch vehicles

Google Reader's maintenance/downtime page was a Clerihew (preserved at readerisdead.com)

    Google Reader's
    built with electrons and leptons, meters and liters.
    We're off dealing with those particles
    so we can bring you your articles.

J. R. R. Tolkien

His name is Low Prussian

He did not say many things

Yet misatributions remain memes.

  If you're reading Hacker News
  and have got time to lose
  composing a clerihew'll
  beat demanding satisfaction in a duel

Credit for effort, buuuuut: The first line contains, and may consist solely of, the subject's name

If someone can name their child "X Æ A-12", I don't see an issue with calling someone "If you're reading Hacker News" either. Right, Bobby Tables?

X Æ A-12 Her concerns must shelved The name's not weird, damn it! It's commonly seen on the red planet!

  The marvelous Mikestew
  Is a solemn student of the craft of Clerihew
  When he sees a "quasihew": close, albeit outside the norm
  He corrects its author (as is due) to improve future form

Maybe they took a little.... Poetic license? Drum roll

    Nick The Magician
    Has poems much finer than a smidgen
    The fame took his head, like a balloon of air, hot
    He don't know the difference 'tween a drumroll and a rimshot

Sir NicktheMagicMan.

When asked to explain what's a back end man.

He says it means I think golang is fine.

not that I have a predilection for ladies behinds

  Lost souls gravitate to HN,
  Great vortex of odd men,
  Even anti-automation whiners,
  Just don't mention China.

Edmund Clerihew

While choking some guy he knew

Invented a poem that sounds cool

It is what happens at St Paul's School

Paul graham

Sometimes a ham

Writes a lot of essays

For the ‘musement of the lays

Hacker News

Composing Clerihews

Nothing better to do

Than say something true


having learned of them

submitted this article so you

could read a clerihew (or two)


    wants to try too

    though he's hardly the poet

    that'd make someone wet

Local H

40 years of age

Not in a cave


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