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created:November 27, 2017
karma: 29327
about: Among other things, I do resume work, usually for tech professionals with a lot of experience who are struggling to keep their information-dense resume digestible. You can hire me here:


I'm also working to develop online planning and economic development resources and services for small communities, both incorporated and unincorporated. Small communities are hard pressed to either find planning and development resources at all or afford them if they can find them. I want to help fill that need, which I believe will only grow as more remote workers move to smaller communities.


I would like to crowd source support for this project so I can develop free resources as a stepping stone to offering paid services that make sense for this market. I expect it to take some time to begin putting resources into the hands of small communities before that begins to come back to me as paying customers wanting services in addition to the free resources I am putting together.