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I'd say they'd need a lot of people answering phones, a good couple lawyers (looks like they'll be expanding their legal team soon), lots of marketing and sales folks (churn must be a problem) and a couple programmers. I'd be surprised if it takes more than half-a-dozen to write page-scrapping robots and keep a job board site.

OTOH, as was pointed out earlier, it looks like a chaotic, noisy environment. If you have that kind of environment, you may need to multiply your team size by 1.5, at least.

edit: from http://careers.theladders.com/ it looks like they are using Java, Spring and are fully enterprisey buzzword compliant (only missing an Oracle RDBMS). If that's the case, you can multiply your team size again by a factor of 3.

edit 2: talking with a colleague from another company (they do a lot of Ruby stuff) I could confirm that our two-week sprints (we do mostly Java in this cell) are too long for them. Your iteration time varies according to the tools you use.

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