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They seem to employ a several dozen developers in NYC: http://www.cenedella.com/job-search/photos-of-us/

I wouldn't think a giant job and resume board needed this many people to run.

A Lisp/functional programming meetup group I sometimes attend is hosted by The Ladders. Their offices are actually really nice and look like it'd be a great place to work for a developer. It's awesome of them to let us use their space and equipment; I know nothing of their business practices, however.

I interviewed there about 4 years ago or so when I was about to graduate.. I think they had just been over a couple of years old and were hiring a developer or two to work on some back end stuff as well as JavaScript .. I could not follow up after the final intws because of some health issues.. but at that time, they had some interesting people working for them that were nice to talk to .. It was the same exact office as in the pictures but definitely no where close to that many people in there

I'd say they'd need a lot of people answering phones, a good couple lawyers (looks like they'll be expanding their legal team soon), lots of marketing and sales folks (churn must be a problem) and a couple programmers. I'd be surprised if it takes more than half-a-dozen to write page-scrapping robots and keep a job board site.

OTOH, as was pointed out earlier, it looks like a chaotic, noisy environment. If you have that kind of environment, you may need to multiply your team size by 1.5, at least.

edit: from http://careers.theladders.com/ it looks like they are using Java, Spring and are fully enterprisey buzzword compliant (only missing an Oracle RDBMS). If that's the case, you can multiply your team size again by a factor of 3.

edit 2: talking with a colleague from another company (they do a lot of Ruby stuff) I could confirm that our two-week sprints (we do mostly Java in this cell) are too long for them. Your iteration time varies according to the tools you use.

That is a lot of people... Yeah I don't quite see how you need that many...

Looks like it would be very noisy too, headphones a must.

This is how you typically run a 'sales & marketing' office in NYC, by being open. Just surprised to see devs that are in that mix.

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