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I highly recommend AGAINST Hetzner.

Tried to use it earlier this year. Opened an account to host a new project.

Went to login the next week to create the instances and launch the projects. Couldn't login because the Hetzner console was broken for 2 days. Yes you heard right, everything was broken and unusable for 2 days. Imagine the AWS console down for 2 days for comparison, that doesn't happen.

Few days later when the service was restored. I found out the account was banned. It seems they ban new accounts automatically because they're afraid of bitcoin miners or something. It's not uncommon among cloud providers to ask for an ID or something to verify the account, only problem, Hetzner banned the account but didn't ask for anything.

Couldn't raise a ticket to have the account unlocked because the only way to raise a ticket is to open the account and raise a ticket, that's not possible with the account locked.

Tried to contact support through the provided support email on their site. They never replied. Tried to contact again. They never replied.

At that point the project launch was 2 weeks late. Had to have horrific meetings to explain why everything was late with my reputation on the line, all the fault of Hetzner. Will never use again.

They have also answered me on twitter and email. All within several hours or less. But anyway, even if such terrible situation really happened, two weeks? I would have changed provider the next day. Not counting the fact I duplicate critical production deployments and replication on two providers always.

I've used many cloud providers over the decade. It's not uncommon to lose a week to fully open an account, going through some checks and verification with support. I was expecting Hetzner to resolve the issue a couple days after contacting them, just like AWS always responds after exactly 2 days when I send them a request.

Indeed, some checks on some providers are strange towards some people. E.g. I can't open an account on Linode no matter what, and zero feedback.

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