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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (August 2020)
592 points by whoishiring on Aug 3, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 827 comments
Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: Try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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What are the chances of adding a rule on "REMOTE for the moment" style tags?

It makes searching annoying and doesn't add much if the job itself has an office location.

As another suggestion for the meantime during Covid: Have a "Who is hiring remotely" version where remote-friendly or remote-only postings go?

I would prefer a different term than "REMOTE for the moment" to make it easier to search for permanent remote jobs.

Something like "Temporary WFH for COVID".

I bet it is also more accurate. I am assuming that many of these temp remote jobs would likely require you to be in living in one of the states they have offices in for legal/logistics reasons. So you likely won't be working remotely in the Bahamas.

I'd be happy with that, basically anything that doesn't say "REMOTE".

- Flexible on location during COVID

- WFH during COVID

- WFH Till 2021 etc etc

I always thought there might be value to having all threads rendered collapsed down to first-level comments.

All too often a first level comment will results in sprawling thread with hundreds of sub-comments. If you want to look thought first level comments first you have to scroll through that entire sub-thread to get there. Not so bad on the desktop but a bit of a pain on mobile.

Have you considered putting pagination links at the top of the threads as well?

It's a good idea, but the plan is to improve performance so we can go back to not paginating at all. HN traditionally just served up large threads the same way as small ones. That seems much better, and I fear making the current workaround too 'nice' since then we might never fix the issue properly.

I agree wholeheartedly with @abtinf that don't let perfect be the enemy of good.

Of course you've said a proper solution is being designed, but in the interim, it's a bit masochistic for us to have to scroll to the bottom of the page just to click through to the next page when the "More" hyperlink could also be added to the top of the page.

FWIW, I've suggested this change before [0], but nonetheless thanks for all you do.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23202515

With respect, if you need pain to justify fixing the issue, why not just shut off pagination?

This middle-state is frustrating even for me as a long-time user who knows about the more button.

Believe me, that middle-state would be even more frustrating.

The challenge is finding time to work on the code.

Do y'all have a bugtracker somewhere with the backing perf issue filed, and do y'all accept PRs?

Not really. There's a list or two, but this issue isn't on them because it's big enough that no one's going to forget it.

We don't do PRs but if people want to request something they can always email hn@ycombinator.com.

I've often wondered if it re-sorts, though. When I press more I frequently see postings that I've already read. Not a big deal!

Yes - I have to say it is a little frustrating that there isn't an easy way to find new postings. Would be great to be able to sort comments by new. Or maybe there's a way to do this with third party services?

I often see this with the pagination on the main page itself, not just the comments

Wouldn’t it re-sort based on votes?

I think floating the "More" link to the top is a great idea for such a valuable recurring thread. In the meantime, I got annoyed and threw together a minimal full-text search to canvas opportunities faster: https://hnjobs.lifeoverip.dev/

Either float the "more" button or bring it to the top, and put a top at the bottom.

are posts in a static order by time posted or does it vary based on upvotes?

Want to be sure I'm seeing new posts when I scroll through.

Subscale | Computational Geometry / Machine Learning | 100% Remote | Full Time

Subscale is an early-stage, venture-funded, remote-first startup working on autonomous manufacturing, with a specific focus on rapid production of precision parts. Our technology combines machine learning, physics simulation, and automated robotics to reduce the end-to-end cycle time by 10x at low production costs. Here's a video showcasing some of what we've built so far: https://subscale.io/recruiting-hn/

We're looking to hire geometry-skilled engineers to help expand our machining-process-generation capabilities while we begin to bring our technology from the lab to real customers. We're specifically looking for engineers with experience in at least one of the following areas:

• Writing computational geometry algorithms for B-rep and/or mesh data

• Developing machine learning pipelines involving 3D point cloud, mesh, or B-rep data

To apply, please send an email to david@subscale.io with your resume.

This looks super-cool! Make thing button.

Login.gov | REMOTE or Washington, DC | DevOps/SRE/Software Engineers | Full-Time | https://login.gov

Login.gov gives the public simple, secure access to multiple US government services through one verified account. We're working to fix online identity for US government services. The Login.gov team operates like a startup within the government, working in the open as a distributed, agile team. The core product is open source, hosted in modern cloud infrastructure, and built for scale. Tens of millions of people have Login.gov accounts, and we aim to be the preferred entrypoint for all government digital services. Our users include people accessing benefits, applying for government jobs, serving in the military, and collecting funds awarded through grant programs.

Find us on Github: https://github.com/18F/identity-idp

The Login.gov project began as a collaboration between 18F and the U.S. Digital Service (USDS). Today it's part of the Technology Transformation Services (TTS). You'll join other software engineers delivering better public services through modern technology.

* (opening soon!) Site Reliability Engineer: https://join.tts.gsa.gov/join/devops-engineer/

* (opening soon!) Account Manager: https://join.tts.gsa.gov/join/login-account-manager/

The above postings open on a revolving basis. If they're not open, just email us at jobs@login.gov or joinTTS@gsa.gov, where we can answer questions and accept your application.

Feel free to reply on thread with any questions.

Clearance/citizenship required?

I found this in the SRE posting:

"Who May Apply: All United States citizens and nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Islands) and applicants must not be GSA employees or contractors"

Pex | Multiple positions | REMOTE (US and EU), FULL-TIME | https://angel.co/pexeso/jobs

Pex is building VISA for digital rights. Our Attribution Engine (https://pex.com/attribution-engine.html) is being deployed on most of the UGC platforms enabling any creator to be paid for their content, and be able to freely mix and remix already copyrighted content without worrying about takedowns.

We're looking for senior engineers for positions listed bellow:

  - Front-End Engineering Lead / Manager
  - Senior Front-End Engineers
  - Product Managers
  - Data Engineers / Data Architects
  - Machine Learning Engineers & Researchers
  - Site Reliability Engineers
  - Senior Designers
For all employees, we offer:

  - equal salary within US and EU
  - 30 days of paid time off
  - day off on your birthday
  - fully covered health benefits (gold/platinum) [70% coverage for dependents]
  - 4 months paid parental leave
  - $300 monthly limit on work related expenses (books, home office, ...)
  - balanced work/life (no weekends, late nights, extra long days, ...)
If you want to learn more, reach out to us at hire@pex.com

I don't see a Data Engineer role on the angel.co site. Should I reach out to hire@pex instead?

Yes please

Roblox | San Mateo, CA | Full Time | REMOTE during Shelter In Place / ONSITE in 2021

We are actively hiring and all interviews are currently done via phone & zoom.

Roblox is ushering in the next generation of entertainment, allowing people to imagine, create, and play together in immersive, user-generated worlds. We are recruiting across multiple teams and positions. Our top priority roles are:

Technical Artist: 5+ years’ experience; Proficient in C++, Lua, Python and/or JavaScript

Backend Web Engineer: 5+ years’ experience, Fluent in C#, C++, Java, or another OOP language

C++ / Lua Engineer: 3-5 years’ experience; Proficient in C++; Experience with Lua preferred

C++ / UI Engineer: 3-5+ years’ experience; Proficient in C++; Experience with building very complex end user applications

C++ 3D Modeling Engineer: 3-5+ years'; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on 3D API's

Software Engineer, Distributed Caching/Infrastructure: 3+ years experience, building software to manage infrastructure.

Data Engineer: 3+ years’ experience; Expert with Java and Go; Custom ETL design, implementation and maintenance

Engineering Manager, Developer Tools (3D); 3-5+ years'; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on growing and mentoring teams

UI Engineer: 2-4+ years experience; Strong Python; Build tools to accelerate the development process for millions of engineers

Please visit https://corp.roblox.com/careers/ to apply, find more information and/or to see our full list of open positions. -or- reach out to "efife at roblox.com" and mention this Hacker News post.

Quill.org | Software Engineer | New York, NY or Remote React / Ruby / Rails / Python / Machine Learning At Quill.org, we’ve created an online learning platform to help middle school students, primarily lower income ones, improve their reading and writing ability. Our pedagogy is based on years of research that shows that once students understand the logic behind constructing sentences, their ability to read and write improves dramatically. Unlike common multiple-choice-based learning tools, our tools allow students to practice writing sentences and passages in their browser, while still receiving real-time, focused feedback. This is a challenging engineering problem that we use a variety of methods to solve, from simple regex to machine learning.

Some info about Quill.org:

- We were named one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Education Companies in 2018 - We served over 2 million students last year and are continuing to grow. - In April 2019, we won a grant from Google’s AI for Social Good initiative which provides us with both funding and mentorship from Google’s NLP experts. - We’ve been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AT&T, Black Rock, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (to name a few).

As a member of our engineering team, you will be directly involved in building tools for students, teachers, and administrators. We are looking for developers who can take features from a user story to production. We are a rapidly-growing team of 20 working in the Financial District of New York City. We cannot sponsor a visa at this time.

We're hiring: Mid-level and Senior Full-Stack Engineers. Full positions here: https://www.quill.org/careers or email a resume and cover letter to jobs@quill.org.

Are you open to UK-based applicants?

"[T]his role will start as a fully remote position, but will likely convert to an onsite role in NYC at a yet-to-be-determined date in the future."

Synthetic Minds (YC S18) | REMOTE (for the moment) | $125k-$180k | 7th team member: engineer/designer

Synthetic Minds is building program synthesizers, i.e., automation that can write code. We have a working prototype in stealth and are currently in the process of doing user studies.

Our hiring needs over the next month are:

- Full stack / frontend engineer

- Generalist

- Passively looking: UI/UX designer

Details on positions we are actively hiring for are on: https://www.workatastartup.com/companies/1873

The engineering team works all the way from the front end to the bleeding-edge backend program synthesis stack, so there is opportunity for significant technical learning. Our team includes 3 PhDs and 2 ex-Googlers, and people with 10+ years of experience. We are backed by YC, Khosla, and Pantera. This is my 2nd YC startup. Our team of 6 is split across SF + Seattle, and if you are remote we'd prefer the US to maximize time-zone overlap.

Contact me at saurabhs@synthetic-minds.com

I always hoped that devs were smart enough not to automate away our own jobs, I guess capatalism wins over self preservation in your case.

There are good reasons to need program synthesis in our industry.

There are domains in programming where the cost of errors is too high. Being able to specify requirements in a high-level language and synthesize the program from the specification would prove that there are no errors in the resulting program, assuming you trust the kernel, and bring the resulting cost of producing code that is free of those kinds of errors way down.

An example would be programming authorization control systems. Some enterprises require a stunning level of complexity that testing all the different combinations of authorization rules would be infeasible. Instead, if we can specify the rules in a rich type system, we can synthesize the program that implements the rules. Such a program would be, "correct by construction."

Take a look at projects like Synquid [0] -- it's a really cool idea.

[0] https://www.csail.mit.edu/research/synquid-synthesis-liquid-...

There are 26-29M software developers in the world [1], which accounts for less than 0.9% of the global workforce. We can do with making programming more accessible.

[1] https://www.daxx.com/blog/development-trends/number-software...

I don't understand why having a "Googler" on your team should boost your credibility?

Petal | New York, NY | Senior Full-Stack Engineers, Senior Backend Engineers | Full Time | Remote (US) or Onsite (NYC)

Petal is a credit card for people with limited credit histories. We use use machine learning to analyze cash flow, augmenting traditional credit score-based lending decisions. Our mission is to increase access and fairness in the credit market. We've raised our Series C and are growing dramatically.

Some recent coverage we've received: https://www.cnbc.com/select/petal-visa-credit-card-review/

Tech stack: https://stackshare.io/petal

Please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/petalcard?lever-origin=applied&lever-s...

This is a great company and a great team, I recommend checking them out!

NV Access | Brisbane, Australia | Full Time | 100% REMOTE (Australia) | Software Engineer

Use your Python / C++ skills to empower blind and vision-impaired people globally through technology.

NV Access is a global non-profit organisation, based in Australia with a 100% remote team, dedicated to the ideal that access to technology should not incur an extra cost for blind and vision impaired users. The purpose of NV Access is to lower the economic and social barriers associated with accessing Information Technology for people who are blind or vision impaired. NV Access develops the free, open source NVDA screen reading software for Microsoft Windows, enabling more than 100,000 blind and vision-impaired people across the globe to access computers. We are looking to appoint a full-time Software Engineer to join our small team. Your work will focus on improving our NVDA screen reading software and related online infrastructure, including feature implementation and bug fixing.

To apply for this position, you must be classed as "An Australian Resident for tax purposes".

More information, requirements, and how to apply: https://www.nvaccess.org/post/nv-access-seeking-software-eng...

Klarna Bank | Software Engineer (Haskell/Erlang/Scala/Clojure/Python/Java/JavaScript etc.), DevOps Engineer, Engineering Manager | Stockholm, Sweden; Berlin, Germany; Milan, Italy | VISA | Currently REMOTE / WFH, normally ON-SITE

Klarna Bank (www.klarna.com) is a dominant payment service provider in Europe, and expanding rapidly. We have 3000+ employees and are valued at $5.5bn, which makes us the largest private FinTech in Europe. We are backed by Sequoia, among others.

We are growing rapidly and are therefore looking for engineers. There are a lot of roles on our website (https://jobs.lever.co/klarna?lever-via=6jipXaWgC8&team=Engin...). Let me highlight a few that I think are most relevant for the HN crowd:

- Software Engineer - Functional Programming: Erlang, Haskell, Scala, or Clojure, depending on the team

- Software Engineer - Python

- Software Engineer - Java

- Software Engineer - JavaScript

- DevOps Engineer

- Engineering Manager

There are also roles in Front-End/UX/Mobile (iOS & Android)/Design etc. The job specs on our website normally describe profiles rather than roles, so sometimes they don't give an adequate depiction of the work you'll be doing. Some of it can be very exciting. For instance, I work on a mission-critical distributed cloud application that processes over one million transactions per day. The available jobs vary, of course, but if you're at all curious about what we do, I can only encourage you to apply.

Currently, we're fully remote and are onboarding people from all over the world. Otherwise, our main engineering offices are in Berlin, Stockholm, and Milan. We sponsor visas and provide relocation assistance.

PostHog | Remote (Europe/US timezones) | Early full-stack engineer | https://posthog.com

PostHog is open-source product analytics. Graduated YC W20, we were the most popular B2B software HN launch since 2012 [0]. Our GitHub repo [1] has 2.8k stars and a growing and active community. We've raised a very comfortable seed round and are growing quickly.

We're looking for a full-stack engineer, someone who knows what a good product should look like. Our stack is Django/React/Redux (Kea -- main contributor works at PostHog too!).

We have a culture of written async communication, with most of it happening publicly on GitHub (see our repo). Being fully remote means we're able to create a team that is truly diverse. We're based all over the world, and the team includes ex data team leads from Uber, former founders and recent grads.

Email me at tim@posthog.com to see if we're a good fit!

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22376732 [1] https://github.com/posthog/posthog

Stedi | Serverless Engineer | Full time | Remote / fully-distributed

Stedi is working in one of the biggest markets on the planet – EDI, the technological backbone of the physical product economy. We’re building a next-generation platform: a ubiquitous commercial trading network to automate the trillions of dollars in B2B transactions exchanged by nearly every company on Earth. We are a 25-person, fully-distributed team with $21 million in funding (First Round, USV, Bloomberg Beta, others), located across six states and four countries.

We are 100% built on AWS serverless technologies - Dynamo, API Gateway, Lambda, SQS, SNS, etc, all provisioned with CDK, with TypeScript through the full stack.

Full list of positions here: https://www.stedi.com/careers

Hi Zack! I'm a college student taking a gap year next year. I have spend the past 3 months at my internship using the AWS Serverless technologies you mentioned in your post. I was planning on continuing to work at the BigCo I interned at for the next year, but I realized that a startup environment might be a better fit for my personality. I'm super excited about the work you do at Stedi -- if you have any opportunities that would allow me to help out in my somewhat unique position I would be honored to help.

Northvolt (https://northvolt.com/career?d=Software+%26+IT) | Stockholm | Full Time

We are building the world's greenest battery, and we're building tons of them. We aim to be producing 150 GWh of batteries into the market annually in 10 years.

Digitalization is a key part of reaching this goal. We are doing traceability data collection in an order of magnitude higher degree than what is common even for modern industrial projects. We are building connected battery systems for our customers to collect usage data from the field, on top of which we're creating predictive maintenance models, smart diagnostics tooling and feeding data into machine learning models to optimize future production.

Are you tired of working on yet another CRUD application and want to work on something actually meaningful that might (and will) have a real impact on the world for the better?

I am a hiring manager in the frontend team, and we're always looking for talented and creative people with solid react or react native experience and maybe a dash of adventure since you're probably not reading this from Sweden (we have 60+ nationalities at Northvolt so you're likely to have at least one future colleague from where you live!) and, as me, you might not have much experience in what it entails to build a highly modern factory on a modern tech stack. It's honestly an amazing experience and we have a lot more to do ahead of us!

We're also looking for a whole lot of other software developers as well, here are a few examples:

  - Battery Management System (BMS) engineer | Embedded C
  - Data Scientist | Python, data driven modelling, data viz, etc.
  - Software Engineer, Robotics
  - Software Engineer, Go
  - ... more (see link in beginning)

Wow! If there was a way to contact anyone at Northvolt and have a very quick conversation about if/where I'd fit, I'd greatly appreciate it. There were 11 positions that I was strongly interested in, of which about 6 I think I would be somewhat more comfortable qualifying for. I went ahead and applied via the "Open Application" already, but it would be great to have a conversation with someone about where I might fit best, if at all.

My resume is available here: https://github.com/rckoepke/resume/raw/master/Koepke_Ross_IT...

Hi, thank you for applying! I'll get a few hiring managers to have a look at your open application, and we'll get back to you for a call if they see a potential fit.

Two questions: 1. Any interest in a Fall co-op/intern?

2. How can I learn more about your batteries as a potential customer for a college SAE electric car racing team?

1. Any interest in a Fall co-op/intern?

Perhaps! File an application with your resumé. If we think there are good fits we'll work something out.

2. How can I learn more about your batteries as a potential customer for a college SAE electric car racing team?

Good question, I have to follow up that internally. The current focus for our Battery Systems team has been geared more towards larger automotive customers and ESS, not sure where we are currently in terms of smaller applications. Will get back to you.

Regarding #2. Please reach out to bd@northvolt.com and include "Battery Systems inquiry" or something to that effect in the subject.

Informal Systems| Senior Distributed System Engineer (Berlin, Toronto, Remote)| Full Time| Informal Systems| Senior Rust Engineer (Berlin, Toronto, Remote)| Full Time| https://informal.systems/

Informal is an R&D institution that conducts fundamental research and development into the design, implementation, and formal verification of distributed systems and protocols, including blockchain systems like the Cosmos Network (https://cosmos.network/). Our mission is to bring verifiability to distributed systems and organizations.

We’re hiring:

Senior Distributed Systems Engineer - working on open-source distributed systems software in Rust that forms the foundation for production blockchain networks securing billions of dollars in market capitalization.

Senior Rust Engineer- working on open-source products and developing correct and reliable software that serves as critical infrastructure in the blockchain ecosystem.

You can learn more and apply online here: https://informal.systems/careers/ Feel free to reach out to hello@informal.systems with any questions!

I had an interview with a recruiter from this company (named "Informal"). "Okay, "informal" you say, let's try to stand out!" - so I'm calling them from a walking area near the beach - beautiful background for informal video-interview. Recruiter refused to talk while I'm outside..

Maybe will help someone to pass their first line :)


We're tackling exciting difficult challenges and building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We have particular strengths in dispersed computation, functional programming, cryptography, and deep learning.

We're currently most interested in engineers with solid experience in Rust, Haskell/Idris, or cryptography. We also have openings for enthusiastic developers or researchers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We welcome internship/fellowship interest from postdoctoral scholars or senior graduate students.

We do not presently have openings for current/recent undergraduates.

Send your resume to info@onai.com and we'll let you know if there's a potential fit.

Is remote an option for people outside of the US as well (more specifically in Europe)?

Yes, remote is possible anywhere depending upon the role.

Tuple | WebRTC Expert | REMOTE | Full-time | https://tuple.app

Tuple is a macOS app for doing remote pair programming. It's faster and higher quality than things like Zoom and Slack Calls, and our customers love it.

The app is built on WebRTC, and we want to hire an expert to help us add support for calls with 4+ people. Later, you'll help reduce our latency, improve perf, and build out our monitoring infrastructure.

We're bootstrapped, highly profitable, and growing revenue (but not headcount) quickly. Our team is 4 full-timers (3 of which are cofounders), and 2 part-timers.

More details, and a link to the short application form can be found here: https://tuple.app/webrtc-expert-job


Station A | Full-stack software engineers | Based in SF/Oakland, but remote-friendly | https://stationa.com

Station A is the first AI-powered clean energy marketplace that aims to make clean energy cheaper and faster to deploy, build a cleaner and more resilient grid, and ultimately to create an ecosystem that brings more equitable access to clean energy.

We are currently a team of five (three engineers), based in San Francisco and Oakland, and recently closed our seed round (https://blog.stationa.com/2020/seed-round-closed). We're now looking to grow our engineering team by adding two new full-stack software engineers. This team will continue development of our product that enables anyone to easily power a building with 100% clean energy.

If you're reading this and are thinking to yourself "I don't know the first thing about the energy industry," please do not hesitate to get in touch with me anyway! I too started out working in e-commerce, ad-tech, and other "traditional" software companies, and I've found that nothing compares to the impact you can have by working on a problem that matters to you. In fact, one of our key strengths is in combining these complementary perspectives: industry outsiders to challenge the status quo and industry experts to provide deep knowledge and experience. This will only continue as we strive to cultivate a diverse, resilient, and impact-driven culture.

If you're interested in learning more, reach out to me directly at jeremy[at]stationa.com

Gravitational (YC S15) | Backend Engineer | US, Europe, Canada, Remote OK | https://gravitational.com

Do you enjoy building security and deployment tools for other engineers? Join us to hack on open source software anywhere in the U.S, Canada and Europe. Most of our code is Go, we have very little technical debt, our codebase is clean and small.

We expect you to be comfortable with the following:

  * Go.
  * Linux, networking.
  * Scalability or security experience for systems engineering software is welcome.
We’re looking for senior engineers to join the Teleport team. Gravitational is a company started by engineers to build products for engineers. We are a stable and growing company.

We offer:

  * Competitive salary and equity.
  * 401k with company match.
  * Offsite retreat for everyone once a year.
  * Excellent health insurance.
  * Work anywhere in the U.S.

Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/gravitational

We are also looking for Full-stack Engineers, On-Call System Administrators and SRE, you can find more details on our jobs page.

This post says "US,Europe,Canada" but the job application asks about ability to work in the US so I wasn't able to get further :(

Are you open to experienced devs who fit the bill in other respects, but aren't Go pros (but are very willing to learn) ?

Culture Biosciences | Software Engineer | South San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Fulltime | https://www.culturebiosciences.com/

Write software to make cells grow in custom made robots! We're a 16 person startup, we build our own hardware in our own lab and we need a great addition to our software team of 3 to help keep the cells, robots, and customers happy.

This can involve writing software at all levels of the stack. No specific experience required other than writing good software and being curious.

I joined almost 2 years ago and I can not emphasize enough how much fun it has been. The people are kind and trustful, the environment is one of curiosity and exploration, and I always look forward to going to work.

We're looking for someone with 6+ years of experience shipping software, preferably some of that at company of our stage. Good interface and architecture design, knowing which corners to cut, and which to spend more time on are important.

If you're interested in chatting send me an email: satshabad@culturebiosciences.com


[Grain](https://trygrain.com/) turns your debit card into a credit card by syncing with your primary checking account, analyzing your income and spending patterns; then offering a line of credit tailored to you (not your credit score). We never run a credit check. We never reject anyone. We don’t issue a physical card. Millennials, Gen Zs, and immigrants are using Grain as an alternative to the credit card in order to establish credit history or ease their cash flow.

We're challenging the notion that debit and revolving credit need to be distinct, siloed products. We believe that one should very much inform the other - one card with access to both.

We’re a YC-backed and venture funded startup. Since launching this past December, we’ve been growing about 250% MoM on average with a 4.8 ratings on the [App Store](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/grain-get-credit-no-hassle/id1...).

See the roles we're hiring for below: [Software Engineer- Back-End](https://www.notion.so/Software-Engineer-Backend-7th-Employee...) [Front-End Engineer](https://www.notion.so/Frontend-Engineer-React-7th-Employee-o...) [iOS Engineer](https://www.notion.so/iOS-Engineer-7th-Employee-overall-fd99...)

This is actually pretty cool... I'm gonna save this and come back in a couple of months, maybe there's a leadership position available. This is as neat as privacy.com for me 2 years ago.

Vetspire | Full Stack Software Engineer | Remote | Full-Time | https://vetspire.com

Vetspire is an AI-driven medical records and practice management platform for veterinarians. We’re a startup that builds the technology suite that powers veterinary hospitals, impacting every aspect of patient care from AI assistance in the exam room to managing client communications and clinical analytics.

We're looking for a full stack engineer to join our small and technical team to continue to bring veterinarians’ dreams into fruition. Your day to day work will consist of learning and understanding veterinarians' needs and bringing them into reality from the front-end to the backend. Some examples of what your weeks may look like:

* building remote tools for pet owners to sign consent forms, pay invoices, and fill in information online so they don't have to walk into the clinics during the pandemic

* creating an emergency room clinical census to monitor patients and alert staff in real-time

* designing the interface and algorithms for intelligent immunization reminders.

You'll be working directly with the thousands of veterinarians and staff using Vetspire every day, and talking with them often to better understand their needs and iterate on solutions with them. It's an incredibly fulfilling role to be able to make such a drastic difference in the lives of vets, and ultimately, everyone's pets. It's half-part engineering, half-part problem-solving.

Our backend tech stack is a GraphQL Phoenix/Absinthe application written in Elixir, our frontend is using React with the Apollo GraphQL framework, our primary database is PostgreSQL, and it all runs on Google Cloud via Kubernetes.

Email me if interested at sam@vetspire.com (include "HN" in the subject).

Haven Connect | Software Engineer | Full-time | ONSITE | Denver, CO


Haven Connect is a newly seeded startup (2.4M) that aims to streamline the affordable housing application process to reduce costs for property managers and help applicants get into housing faster.

Founder and CEO Caroline Caselli is a former social worker turned entrepreneur who personally changed California state policy to help make it easier for people to apply for affordable housing electronically.

We're looking for talented full stack software engineers to fill out our small team. Here's a quick look at our stack. We are willing to teach Elixir to candidates with an aptitude for functional programming.

- Single-page application frontend written with TypeScript using React, GraphQL (Apollo), and CSS modules.

- API server written with Elixir using Phoenix and Absinthe to serve data to the frontend over GraphQL.

- Postgres database.

email us at engineering@havenconnect.com

A humble request to all the wonderful companies that are hiring:

1. Could you please provide a short note on your hiring process?

2. Could you please provide valuable feedback to the candidates who spent time and didn't get selected?

Edit: @dang would it be possible to provide a template for the companies that make the job postings easier?

Yep, can't upvote this enough. I would rather not even look at companies who have hiring process like the FAANG.

What? you don't want to review path finding algorithms for a job that involves HTML and CSS?

I could stomach going through all the algorithms and data structures that I learned many years ago even though we don't use most of them just for fun, but what I can't stand is the time pressure. There is no way in real life somebody will write a complex algo like that in 45 minutes. Their process is just so broken.

Passing job interviews is already a skill on its own, and one that does not necessarily coincides with being a good employee.

100% agree with all of you in this. I was once rejected for "taking too long to dive into coding." I was only given 20 minutes to solve an algorithm, and was clarifying input and output, edge cases, and pseudocoding before implementing.

The process is very very broken indeed.

Elektron | Rust Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | Gothenburg, Sweden | https://www.elektron.se

Elektron builds state-of-the-art music machines with deep functionality and exceptional sonic capabilities. We are expanding our team in order to push the edge of music creation.

We are looking for a highly skilled Rust engineer to join our team working on a cutting-edge software platform which will drive the next generation of our instruments. In this role, you will be a key contributor to core platform code, product-specifics, and the crucial API design connecting distinct layers.

Interested in helping to build the future of music machines? Read more and apply at the link below!


Pitch (https://pitch.com) | Multiple Roles | Berlin, Germany / Remote | Full Time

We are hiring for various engineering positions, remote and on-site in Berlin.

Founded by the creators of Wunderlist, Pitch is the future of presentation software.

We don't shy away from technical challenges. Pitch is built in Clojure and ClojureScript and is deeply invested in the Clojure community. Whether you're already a Clojurian or eager to learn, this is an opportunity to build a state-of-the-art application in a functional programming language.

Our open positions include

- Senior Backend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/pitch/jobs/4102296002

- Frontend Performance Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/pitch/jobs/4358754002

- Senior React Native Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/pitch/jobs/4697592002

and many others. For the full list have a look here --> https://pitch.com/about#hiring

Farmstead | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | REMOTE

Our mission at Farmstead is to make fresh, high-quality food accessible to everyone. We’re a new delivery-only grocer that’s re-inventing grocery from the ground up. We've recently moved in to a new hub that will let us fulfill four times as many orders in the Bay Area. https://www.grocerydive.com/news/farmstead-eyes-expansion-wi...

We have a fully-remote engineering team of four people currently and are looking to add a couple senior full-stack engineers with experience building solutions for complex and demanding environments. In addition to the customer website, we build applications to power procurement, warehouse, pick-pack and delivery.

Our tech stack is React and Rails with Postgres running on Heroku. See our posting for more details, and note that while the posting is written with an emphasis on front-end skills, we have equal need for someone with deep back-end skills.

Full-Stack Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/73fea0c93us

United States Digital Service | Senior Product Managers, Senior Designers, Senior Software Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers, and more! | Washington, DC | ONSITE required in general, but most of us are 100% REMOTE during COVID-19 | https://www.usds.gov/

We're looking for the most tenacious designers, software engineers, product managers, and more, who are committed to untangling, rewiring, and redesigning critical government services. You'll join a team of the most talented technologists from across the private sector and government. No government experience or resume required! We work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people, including: streamlining immigration, helping veterans get benefits, modernizing health care, reforming hiring, improving school safety, fixing procurement, and more. Come join us in shifting government tech in the right direction!

Check out our most recent impact report for examples of what you could be working on:


In plain language: We are looking for empathetic and mission focused engineers, designers, product managers, government procurement specialists, bureaucracy hackers, and more with 3+ years of experience in the tech industry to work on sometimes ambiguous-- sometimes huge--but always impactful work for the American people.

Apply here: https://www.usds.gov/apply

The PDF above is really good, but there's also this recent segment on CBS if you want to get more context: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-us-digital-service-...

Repl.it (YC W18) | Frontend, fullstack, mobile, backend, designers | SF or Remote (US) | https://repl.it/jobs

Repl.it is the first massively open collaborative computing platform where anyone, even without even needing an account, can hop on and in seconds start coding, building, and hosting apps and websites.

Apply if you like working on challenging problems, because running a service like this is hard to operate, scale, and secure. Also, supporting the number of languages we do (https://repl.it/languages) is a hard tooling problem -- we have to build generic protocols for all IDE actions like executing, debugging, authoring, running tests, writing files, etc. Finally, it's an incredibly challenging frontend/design problem to build a fast collaborative in-browser IDE that's both powerful and simple.

It's a great time to be joining us, we're still 12 full-time people, we reach millions of coders a month, and we're backed by YC and a16z.

Hi! I’m a college student currently taking a gap year. I’ve used Repl.it extensively both for coursework and during my internship this summer and I’m very passionate about your product and vision. I planned on working at the BigCo I worked at this summer for the next year, but recently I realized that I am a better fit for a scrappy, startup environment. I’d be honored to help out at Repl.it — is there any way for me to do so?

Yeah would love to explore it! We already have one intern taking a gap year and doing a great job so we're definitely open to it.


I can recommend everyone look at this jobs page, even if you're not interested in applying, for sheer style points!


12 of you? That's really impressive. Great work -- love the product.


IOMED | NLP Data Scientist| Barcelona, Spain | Full Time | Onsite

Are you looking for a job with a direct impact on healthcare?

* Problem: Clinical data is messy and makes research slow. * Mission: To structure clinical data and give unified, standardized access to it. * Product: Natural language processing models and a unified SQL data access interface for researchers. * Traction: Validated idea, Validated business model, growing and scaling stage. * Funding: +2y runout and growing. Backed by national and international VCs. * Stack: Python and Data Science libraries (pandas, numpy), general ML knowledge, experience with NN (libraries: keras, tensorflow) and NLP * Values: Scientific, methodic, transparent, hard workers with a HUGE emphasis on work-life balance. Join a multidisciplinary team working hard to make clinical research faster, accessible and ubiquitous. Also it's a nice excuse to enjoy Barcelona's vibe and nice weather!

Want to know more? Ping me at rocio@iomed.health Check our site for more info https://iomed.health/en

FIVETRAN (https://www.fivetran.com)| OAKLAND, CA | FULL-TIME| ONSITE (remote during shelter-in-place) Fivetran replicates all applications, databases, events, and files into a high-performance data warehouse. Our data connectors free companies to focus on insights instead of fixing data leaks. Now more than ever, companies rely on data to get to critical decisions; Fivetran makes this happen. Good products for good or bad times. Made by good people.

Our core values make us who we are: https://fivetran.com/culture

Hiring for different positions: https://fivetran.com/careers

Principal Software Engineer

Staff Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineers (product - backend dev)

Staff Application Security Engineer

Senior Cloud Security Engineer



Product Managers

Some of our stack: Java, Postgres, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, CircleCI

Interview process includes an HM interview and coding test prior to (virtual) onsite for tech roles. Presentation and simulation for Product Manager roles.

Want to learn more? Contact Angeline@fivetran.com

Dgraph Labs | Palo Alto, Bangalore, Remote | Hiring Community Engineers, Technical Writers, Distributed Systems, Frontend, and Fullstack Engineers | Full-time, VISA | https://dgraph.io/

Dgraph Labs was started by ex-Google engineers and is VC funded. We are a team of dedicated engineers with a mission to build the world's best graph database. Nothing less excites us! Dgraph has solid open-source traction with over 13,000 GitHub stars and over 2 million Docker Hub pulls and is being used in production at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

We are hiring for community engineers, frontend engineers, fullstack engineers, technical writers, and distributed systems engineers. We love what we do and take care of each other while hand-crafting the best graph database.

Stack: Go, ReactJS, Javascript, Docker, k8s

More details: https://jobs.lever.co/dgraph

If this sounds exciting, drop-in a mail to anurag@dgraph.io, also mention HN in the subject line.

Hi, I've sent an email! Please check.

Zefort | zefort.com | Software Engineer, Full Stack | Remote (GMT+2 timezone) | Full-Time

Zefort is on a mission to build a zero-effort contract management solution for companies of all sizes. We've been on the market for a couple of years, no VC, growing with revenue.

Our teck stack includes things like Django, React, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, PyTorch, Ubuntu, and Ansible.

We're hiring a full stack engineer, with several years of experience of shipping software, to grow our small team of seasoned software professionals. The job involves writing software at all levels of the stack to develop new features, integrations, test automations, etc.

We value things like good architecture and interface design, automation, low ego, smart communication and priorization, attention to detail, and willingness to take time to think things through and do them the right way.

We do have an office in Turku, Finland, but these days it's mostly empty. More info: https://zefort.com/join/

Contact ville@zefort.com.

Powertools Technologies | Junior Engineer | Lisbon, Portugal | Full-time | ONSITE

Looking for a junior engineer for work on software related to Electronic Design Automation and/or Software Development. Candidate should at least have (or graduate shortly) a 3 year university degree in engineering. Most suitably Electronic/Computer Engineering or Informatics with good Systems base. Software Developers are welcome to apply.

Site: https://www.powertools-tech.com . Growing a small experienced team with international industrial and academic track, willing to train new hire in fairly uncommon skill set. Candidate should be capable of quality detail work, and have good communication abilities, to provide support to international design teams in fabless semiconductor companies.

Email your interest and CV to hr@powertools-tech.com, please.

United Community Bank | ucbi.com | Senior Software Engineer | Remote (US only) | Full-Time

We're building a software developement group from the ground-up inside a $15B bank. We're looking for experienced developers who will be instrumental in our strategic initiatives to architect, code, test and operate solutions for both internal and external customers. If you've ever wanted an opportunity to code a better bank, this is it!

Required Skills & Experience - Strong communication skills, curiosity, inquisitiveness - software development is as much about understanding the business needs as it is the technical implementation - Plays well with others - supporting our teammates and lifting the standards of everyone is critical to a well-functioning team that can maintain consistent growth - Excellent organization skills and the ability to manage competing deadlines and priorities - The ability to work cross-functionally with a variety of colleagues - you don't have to be a banking expert, but being able to learn the operating context for an application is essential - Strong knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript - our primary modality is the web - Firm grasp of functional programming paradigm, particularly Elixir's implementation of these concepts - Ability to choose appropriate data structures and properly model persistence mechanisms, especially RDBMS systems (we use Postgresql mostly) - Software quality assurance mechanisms - TDD/BDD - Version control with Git & GitHub

Preferred Skills & Experience - 4 year degree in Computer Science, MIS or equivalent program - Experience working in an agile software environment - Experience onboarding, mentoring and coaching more junior engineers - Experience integrating other systems via a variety of integration mechanisms, but especially XML/JSON over SOAP/REST and batch processing - Postgresql - Elixir / Phoenix / LiveView - Cypress - Github Actions

To apply, please submit resume to: jmartinez at navitascredit dot com

Bolt | Software Engineering | San Francisco or Remote| https://www.bolt.com

Literally all of commerce is moving online, and our Engineering team (ex FB/Google/Twitter/Uber) cannot build fast enough to meet demand.

If up for it, connect with us over a 10min zoom coffee next week to share more, including details on our recent Series C raise.

Email vivek@bolt.com to setup and check out more details here: https://www.bolt.com/careers/software-engineer/5a260836-617b...

PS: here’s our recent manifesto | https://www.bolt.com/blog/democratizing-commerce/

MetaMask | 100% REMOTE (North and South America, Western Europe) | Full Time | | Senior Software Engineer

MetaMask aims to democratize access to the decentralized web. We are pursuing this mission through our desktop browser extension and mobile app, both of which enable millions of users and builders to work with the Ethereum blockchain.

We are looking for our next teammate, a Senior Software Engineer who can bring passion and focus to help lead the development of APIs, tools and libraries across our suite of open source projects: https://github.com/MetaMask

The role requires proficiency with full stack javascript.

For more information and to apply: https://consensys.net/open-roles/2261618/

onXmaps, Inc | 3D, Geospatial, Android, VueJS, Golang, Elixir, Python | Montana or REMOTE, USA only | https://www.onxmaps.com/careers

ABOUT – onX is a leading off-the-pavement GPS app, allowing users to download sophisticated topographic maps for outdoor exploration. We bring our devotion to the outdoors to work daily with a singular, powerful goal; to inspire others to find their own adventures off the pavement.

Roles: LEAD Senior 3D Engineer (WebGL, OpenGL and Metal) – This person will lead the development of our web and mobile 3D platform. https://onxmaps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=187&source=aWQ...

Android Engineer (Kotlin) – https://onxmaps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=196&source=aWQ...

Software Development Engineer (Geospatial Data Automation) – https://onxmaps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=175&source=aWQ...

QA Managerhttps://onxmaps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=205&source=aWQ...

Contact: recruitment@onxmaps.com

As a hunter in Wyoming and a tech guy, this is _the_ off-pavement GPS/mapping platform. If you haven't heard of them, it's because you and their target customers don't intersect. They have a ton of customers and a growing fan-base.

Go Montana! Missoula has a number of tech firms doing great work. (Shout-out to Helena and Bozeman too).

Revolut | Software Engineers and many more | London, Krakow, Berlin, New York, Moscow, Vilnius | Full-Time | https://www.revolut.com

Revolut is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. We’re hiring throughout the company for many roles. I work on Data Platform, helping people bring ML models to production. We use Terraform, Kubernetes, GCP, Vault, Python, Java, Kotlin, Exasol and many more. There are a lot of interesting challenges and projects. We're looking for experienced engineers that will work within a distributed company. REMOTE work is possible.

Careers: https://jobs.lever.co/revolut?lever-via=8QDkIWda8L

FBI | ONSITE | USA | fbijobs.gov

The FBI consists of more than 35,000 special agents and professional staff who work across the globe to protect the U.S. from terrorism, espionage, cyber attacks, and major criminal threats.

Many FBI career options are traditional to the investigative and intelligence community. Others are similar in nature to careers found in most Fortune 500 companies.

* Computer Scientist (San Diego, CA) 20% Recruitment Incentive - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

* IT Specialist - Networks and Enterprise Architecture (Washington, DC) - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

* IT Specialist - CJIS Information Assurance Unit (Clarksburg, WV) - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

* Forensic Examiner IT Specialist (All 56 Field Offices) - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

* Special Agent (Nationwide) - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

Please see further details in postings.

Do you have a non-polygraph series of jobs? I'm kinda bad at it.

You also must have not used marijuana within the last 3 years (even medically or if legal in your state), and no illegal drugs within 10 years. This lost a lot of applicants when they recruited at my college

I can pass those, but I have personally interviewed and had them send 3-4 polygraphers, each one betting $10 bucks against the previous one that they could get a baseline from me.

The last guy seriously thought I was a plant there to discredit whoever approved me and called down to the local DMV to make sure my driver's license was real (it was) since he couldn't get a baseline on my name (three times)

and that's how you found out you were switched at birth

Nova Credit (YC W12) | San Francisco, CA or New York City, NY | Onsite or Remote (North America only) | https://www.novacredit.com Despite having built substantial credit in their home countries, millions of immigrants have difficulty accessing credit cards, loans, mortgages, and leases without domestic credit. Nova Credit enables newcomers to share their credit history from their home country with financial service providers and others, unlocking new consumers for lenders, and new futures for immigrants. The team is 30 people and has raised $20m+ in funding from Index, General Catalyst, First Round Capital, Nyca, and Y Combinator.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/nova-credit

Here are our open roles:

- Data Platform Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/e831babd-01d1-4442-849d-b0203...

- Engineering Manager - Credit Bureau Supply: https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/da9b7eef-0fd8-4c53-ba11-a7e19...

- Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/7079e859-c78c-418e-82bf-f47da...

- Product Designer: https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/e5165268-3763-4cf1-9ca2-8a517...

- Product Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/0129b4e3-4701-4d93-8411-48652...

Tech Stack: Node.js, Postgres, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, React

The Register (Situation Publishing) | Sysadmin/Devops | REMOTE / EMEA / UTC±2:00

The Register: https://www.theregister.com/

El Reg's small tech team is (still) looking for a sysadmin/devops human who can wrangle the Debian GNU/Linux-based systems that run a mix of open-source software and the closed-source Perl/Bash tooling.

Fully remote, though ideally you'll be in a UTC±2:00 TZ.

More details on: https://www.theregister.com/Page/devoops.html

Sorry, but I don't want Simon to see me as the competition. My window-diving skills aren't good enough.

98point6 | Product Security Engineer, Engineering Manager, Automation Engineer, Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer | OnSite Seattle, WA | Full-time | https://98point6.com/careers#open-roles

Hi, I’m Thomas and I’m Director of Engineering at 98point6. We’re hiring for a number of roles, like Product Security Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Automation Engineer. Our goal is to make access to primary care as easy as googling something, without needing to make a financial tradeoff. We were seeing exciting growth before COVID-19 and that growth has accelerated even more as we help support the response to this global pandemic in the US. Some quick mentions of the technology we’re using: all our infra is in AWS, IaC using CDK (and some Terraform), Typescript, Kotlin, DynamoDB, and PostgreSQL. We are usually ONSITE in the office. During Covid, we are fully remote. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Recent press about our team: * https://www.seattletimes.com/business/technology/seattle-sta... * https://www.geekwire.com/2019/riding-telemedicine-wave-docs-...

Jupiter | Senior Software Engineer | Full-Time | SF/Remote

At Jupiter, we’re on an (ambitious) mission to eliminate personal food waste by putting groceries on autopilot. We’re based in San Francisco and backed by Khosla Ventures, NFX, and Y Combinator (S19 batch).

Our goal is to make the experience of buying groceries as seamless as paying for running water. By keeping track of our customers’ consumption habits and product preferences, we aim to play a role in reducing the 8 million tons of food that go to waste every year due to spoilage by building the most personalized, comfortable grocery experience for working families.

Joining as the third full-time member of our engineering team, you’ll dive right into our TypeScript/Kotlin stack and have a say in making foundational infrastructure and architecture decisions. You should have a strong background in building human-centered products from the ground up. You’ll have the opportunity to marry operations with data to create the most personalized predictive experience for our hundreds of homes in San Francisco.

Learn more here: https://jupiter.co/careers/senior-software-engineer

Check out our stack here: https://starship.jupiter.co/jupiter-stack/

Elation Health | Software Engineer | REMOTE | https://elationhealth.com

At Elation we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible. We have various openings across the rest of the organization which you can see here: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers/ but specifically I'm focused on growing our engineering team with frontend ReactJS experienced folks. Right now is a particularly challenging time for our healthcare systems and providers -- Elation offers an opportunity to work and innovate in support of those providers and their patients.

Elation is headquartered in San Francisco (though remote for at least the rest of 2020), and our engineering team is distributed across PST-EST timezones.

Tech stack is AWS/Python/Django/MySQL/ReactJS. We have a great team full of people that really value working closely with product, customer-experience, and users. Lots of interesting problems to solve!

Apply on the website if interested, and feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or are curious! You can reach out to me directly at phill.tornroth@elationhealth.com

Tatari | SF,LA,NY,Remote | Eng,Product,Data Science | https://tatari.tv

Tatari is democratizing TV advertising for disrupter companies everywhere. We apply data engineering and proprietary analytics to help companies like Calm and Daily Harvest efficiently reach new audiences on TV.

We have a great company culture (https://www.tatari.tv/insights/tatari-named-inc-maganzines-b...) and the opportunity to work on all sorts of challenging problems.

About: https://www.tatari.tv/insights/inside-tatari-engineering

Sr. Engineer: https://www.tatari.tv/careers/job-posting?gh_jid=4418682002

Data Scientist: https://www.tatari.tv/careers/job-posting?gh_jid=4514118002

Product Manager: https://www.tatari.tv/careers/job-posting?gh_jid=4648340002

The Commons Project | Lead Android Developer | NYC | REMOTE OR ONSITE

The Commons Project Foundation (TCP) is an impact-focused non-profit organization. Established in 2019, TCP’s mission is to create, finance, and operate digital services for the public good. We partner with government agencies, for-profit companies, academic institutions, and other stakeholders to create digital infrastructure in healthcare, education, finance, and community & civic engagement.

CommonHealth helps people collect and manage their personal health data from hospitals, labs, and devices and share it with the health services, organizations and apps they trust.

CommonHealth extends the health data portability and interoperability model pioneered by Apple Health to the 55% of Americans with Android™ devices (85% globally), enabling broader and more equitable participation in research, innovative care models and next-generation health services. Check out our early release app on the Google Play Store.

We’re hiring a senior developer to be our top Android expert. A successful candidate will have years of experience building and shipping Android applications. She or he will be passionate about empowering people to take their health into their own hands without compromising security or privacy.


Seesaw | San Francisco, CA or Remote (US) | Onsite or Remote | https://web.seesaw.me Seesaw is a learning platform that brings educators, students and families together to deepen student learning. Teachers design and facilitate powerful learning experiences, students create, reflect, collaborate, and make their learning visible, and families actively support and celebrate student learning. Seesaw is used by millions of K-12 students in over half the schools in the U.S.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/seesaw

We're currently looking for Senior Platform Engineers https://jobs.lever.co/seesaw/e71a2588-1907-4194-bde8-a4c4d5e... to help us scale while serving millions of students! And we're also looking for Sr Full-Stack Software Engineers https://jobs.lever.co/seesaw/26bd1406-4ac9-4ea0-94b3-adf90b7... to help deliver product experiences that delight students, teachers, and families.

Tech Stack: Backend: Python3, Deployed on AWS Lambda + ApiGateway, GraphQL endpoint. Frontend: React written in Typescript.

Summery.ai | New Position: CTO | REMOTE

We are pleased to announce the search for Summery's first CTO. As a fast-growth, dedicated-remote company with a 100% virtual offering, we are rapidly expanding our client base. We are especially interested in diverse candidates who share our Summery values. Please apply & forward the open position to talented professionals within your network.

Looking for someone to: • Partner with the CEO to build the business, including overseeing engineering, managing technology partnerships, owning product road maps, representing the organization in the media, industry conferences, and with investors. • Assume role of lead engineer, continuing to enhance existing product suite to direct and build new AI-based products • Make critical technology decisions, including tech design planning, product architecture, development platform enhancements • Manage tech team, including recruiting and hiring additional developer support/consultants as needed • Fortify current QA and product testing systems • Track, analyze and monitor technology performance metrics • Oversee and implement best practices on data & tech security and ethical AI • Take the initiative in thought leadership, innovation and creativity

More info on the position specifics including core projects for 2020-21, tech stack, and corporate values: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/summery_summery-cto-position-...

Faithlife | Full-Stack, Backend, Team Leads, Project Managers | Bellingham, WA, Chandler, AZ | Fulltime | Onsite or Remote

There is a lot that goes into building an Integrated Ministry Platform (https://equip.faithlife.com) and Logos Bible Software (https://logos.com). We are looking for Software Developers who can help us build awesome software. Join us as we make revolutionary technology for administration and discipleship for churches all over the world. The ideal candidate will be able to work on front-end UI, develop the supporting back-end services, and has a passion for building elegant solutions.

Technologies: C#, .NET, JavaScript, React

Where we can hire: https://faithlife.com/careers/remote

Team lead: https://fl.vu/engmgr

Senior Full-Stack: https://fl.vu/srfullstack

Senior Backend: https://fl.vu/srbackend

and more ... https://faithlife.com/careers

CAMEO | https://www.cameo.com | Engineers and Product Managers | Los Angeles / Chicago | Full Time | FULL REMOTE OK

We are the marketplace for personalized video shoutouts from your favorite athletes, influencers, musicians, and celebrities. We've helped create over 1,000,000 moments for our customers and built a marketplace for over 30,000 talent to connect with their biggest fans.

Cameo is one of LinkedIn’s Top 50 Startups to Work For, recognized on TIME Magazine's 50 Most Genius Companies list, and listed as the 2nd fastest growing marketplace in the country by Andreessen Horowitz’ Marketplace 100. We are a global company, headquartered in Chicago, IL in the Fulton Market neighborhood and HQ2 in Venice, CA.

Here are our open roles:

  * Senior Software Engineer (Backend or Fullstack)

  * Senior Product Manager

  * Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
Tech Stack: TypeScript, React/Redux, Node.js, React-Native If you are interested in applying, please visit our careers page at https://cameo.breezy.hr and mention HN

To learn more about our overall engineering culture, visit: https://www.keyvalues.com/cameo

Helm.ai | Various Engineers | Full-Time | REMOTE & ONSITE (covid WFH) | Bay Area

Helm.ai is a rapidly growing seed-stage autonomous vehicle startup. Our deep learning approach to self-driving is uniquely data- and capital-efficient, allowing us to get to market quickly. Our team consists of researchers from top schools like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Caltech and engineers from companies like Google, Stripe, Quora, and more.

* Autonomous Vehicle Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmAVE

* Software Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmSWE

* Research Engineer (Perception) - https://tinyurl.com/HelmRE

* Systems Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmSYSE

You can read recent articles published about Helm.ai below:

* Forbes, "Android of Self Driving Cars" - https://tinyurl.com/HelmForbes

* Medium, "Helm.ai Pioneers Breakthrough 'Deep Teaching' of Neural Nets" - https://tinyurl.com/HelmMedium

Co-sign! Helm is one of the coolest companies in the valley right now.

We think so too ;)

Remote US only or Europe works too?

It depends on the position. We are open to international contractors for SWE and SYSE.

Can you host remote winter interns?

Possibly, on a case by case basis. Please apply to the full time equivalent position and note your intention in the text box. Thanks!

Imperfect Foods | San Francisco (CA), Remote | Full-time | https://www.imperfectfoods.com

At Imperfect Foods we are all about groceries on a mission. Since 2015, our services have saved over 100M lbs of food. Our product and technology team is responsible for building our ecommerce platform and internal tooling, as well as ensuring smooth daily operation of our rapidly growing business. We are swimming in interesting problems around customer-facing features, scale, and logistics. If all of this excites you, come join us!

We're hiring for roles across technology:

- Data Analyst: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/e8b6ce5a-033b-4798-bb1f...

- Data Scientist: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/4c198d6e-acc4-405a-996c...

- Engineering Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/e3f3dde1-2520-4331-85c0...

- Software Engineer (JavaScript or F#): https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/ebdaba83-69b0-4e10-aeac...

Do you guys take applications from non US citizens? Thanks!

Debuild | REMOTE | $125k-$180k | Python & Node Engineers | 1st full-time engineer | Generous equity | https://debuild.co/jobs

We're building an autonomous system that can create software at the level of the world's most skilled engineers based on OpenAI's GPT-3 API. While our system is quite new, what we're building already out-performs every previous attempt at generative programming by a remarkable degree.

We are looking for an engineer who loves building complex systems. In this role, you'll build the code generation pipeline. You'll also research and develop your own novel ideas to improve the overall code generation system, and build tooling to evaluate the quality of the system.

You’ll get to work closely with machine learning researchers, but don't need to be a machine learning expert yourself. We value people who can quickly obtain a deep technical understanding of new domains, and enjoy being self-directed and identifying the most important problems to solve.

We look for a track record with the following:

- Experience developing complex production systems in Python and Node. - Have been a startup founder or an early-stage engineer, and enjoy fast paced work environments with tight feedback loops.

Feel free to email me at sharif@debuild.co

Looped | Remote | Full-time | Frontend Engineer | $130k+, Significant equity

Looped is building the future of virtual events.

We believe in empowering public figures and their teams to host high-quality, engaging, brandable and monetizable live experiences. By joining the Looped team, you're giving back to creators who have seen much of their live performance revenue dry up due to the pandemic.

Join the team at a unique moment. Our userbase has been exploding over the last few months, opening the doors to countless opportunities for high impact projects. You'll be forever part of the core team that shapes the culture and vision of the company.

We obsess over gathering fast, direct customer feedback. And our customers are celebrities, so expect to speak with them often.Our web frontend is written in Vue, our iOS app is written in Swift, and our Android app is written in Kotlin. Our app server is written in Python Django.

The Role

- Build interfaces that are easy to understand, and serve the needs of talent and their fans

- Lead the system design and architecture of the frontend code

- Implement beautiful UI components that are fun to use

Email Pranav (CTO) at pranav@loopedlive.com to learn more and apply

More info: https://www.notion.so/Senior-Frontend-Engineer-a39ad32a65ff4...

ShowSeeker (https://www.showseeker.com) | REMOTE (US timezones) | Full Time

Primary description and contact information here: https://www.showseeker.com/backend-developer

In addition to the official posting i can offer some commentary. We run a webapp shop building a series of technologies to streamline linear/digital advertising tooling. Our (backend) infra is being slowly migrated to Rust, but currently contains Python and Go as well.

We're using Rust in what is typically Python / Ruby / Go problem domain. Primarily DB oriented applications, though with reasonably complex data relationships. We do have some medium-big-data processing in Rust.

We want someone who is interested in writing a correct, stable and maintainable codebase and microservice architecture. We want to hire people looking to grow. New Rustaceans are welcome. Past history with Python or Go is welcome. Though our current and future focus is Rust.

Please contact the official posting email for any questions, happy to respond. The official contact email will likely response more quickly than replies here, as i may not see replies to this in a timely manner. Thanks :)

Partoo | Lead Dev / Full-Stack Engineer / Senior Python Eng / Devops / QA | Paris, France | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.partoo.co/en/

We keep synchronized and up to date your business information on all major online platforms as Google + Google Maps, Facebook, Apple Maps, Foursquare, etc.. For example, those past weeks we helped tens of thousands of business updating their opening times regarding coronavirus. Like this, we avoided people doing unnecessary trips to a closed business.

We're looking for :

- Lead developers, to manage a feature team of 3 devs and a PM. Experience in python & webapps required.

- Experienced Full-Stack Engineers, 2 years of working experience minimum.

- Senior Python Engineer - Devops, junior possible here :)

- QA, to help us setup a quality process for our app.

Our stack is mostly in Python & React, and we're in AWS. We're growing rapidly while being profitable, and there are plenty of opportunities to leave a mark in the company.

Need to be able to work in France.

To know more about us : https://www.welcometothejungle.com/fr/companies/partoo (in French)

If you're interested, send an email to julie@partoo.fr :)

Chartable | Product Engineer, Sr. Backend Engineer, Account Manager | New York City, NY | Remote | Full Time

Chartable's podcast analytics and attribution tools help publishers grow, and help brands & agencies understand their spend. We're trusted by top publishers and brands to handle hundreds of millions of podcast downloads per month.

We’re a startup in a growing market, funded by top-tier investors including Initialized Capital, Naval Ravikant, Greycroft, Ryan Hoover, and others. We offer great benefits (medical, dental, gym, vacation, etc), and a generous options grant.

We don't care about where you went to school, or whether you have a Big Name on your résumé. We love to work with people who are driven, kind, and proactive. Though we're based in New York, we're open to working with anyone within the continental US. (We're unfortunately unable to accept international applicants.)

We use:

* Rails (backend) and React (frontend)

* Heroku and AWS Lambda/Serverless

* Postgres, Redis, Citus Data, and Elasticsearch

Open Positions:

* Product Engineer (Come help build, improve and maintain Chartable’s suite of products)

* Senior Backend Engineer (Help us move to a stream-based architecture!)

* Account Manager (sales, customer service)

For more information and to apply: https://chartable.com/jobs/

Distru (https://www.distru.com) | Senior Software Engineer | Oakland, CA | REMOTE | Full-Time Distru is a software platform for the cannabis supply chain. Our product helps cannabis companies manage production, sales, invoicing, and shipments, automating compliance with complicated state regulations that require real-time inventory tracking gram-by-gram. We are growing rapidly with over $700M in transactions per year passing through our platform, and we're uniquely positioned to define trade in the growing cannabis industry.

We are a lean 20 person engineering-focused team that values making the product process as streamlined as possible. We are hiring experienced engineers to help take our product to the next level. We love product-minded engineers that can own a feature across the frontend and backend, even if they're stronger at one side of that. Our tech stack is built from the ground up on Elixir/Phoenix, Postgres, React/Redux, and GraphQL.

After bootstrapping ourselves to profitability, we raised our seed round with Felicis Ventures, Village Global, Global Founders Capital, and notable angel investors including Elad Gil, Katie Stanton, and Avichal Garg: https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/03/distru-a-maker-of-supply-c...

Please apply at https://distru.com/careers and mention Hacker News!

MemSQL (https://memsql.com) | Lisbon (Portugal), San Francisco and Seattle | Full Time

MemSQL is a database startup focused on high performance, hybrid workloads. Our customers include half of the top 10 US banks, 2 of the top 3 US telcos, and 12% of the fortune 100. You can read all about our product here: https://memsql.com/product.

Right now, we are in the process of building a next generation data platform capable of handling many different workloads in one system. Think about a massive company storing all of its data, operational or analytical together. That's the vision - if that resonates with you, say hello!

We have several positions open:

* Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Helios (SF, Seattle or Remote)

* Senior Software Engineer, Backend (SF, Seattle, US Remote or Lisbon, Portugal)

* Software Engineer, Frontend (Lisbon, Portugal)

Careers page with individual links for each open position: https://www.memsql.com/careers/jobs/

If you want to learn more about the engineering work we do, check out memsql.engineering.

Feel free to email directly at david at memsql dot com.

Canonical | www.canonical.com | Remote (work from home) | Full Time | Developer, Project Manager, Design/UX, Product

Canonical and Ubuntu are at the forefront of cloud and IoT computing, helping customers master the challenge of operations on hybrid cloud, bare metal, and container-based systems.

We’re recruiting people that love Linux, automation, operations, and are interested in cracking some of the world’s toughest problems at scale, with a twist: we’re bringing the scale economics and flexible automation that you’d find in a FAANG company to the wider enterprise ecosystem. We work on open source tools, in an open, distributed environment with Tier 1 organisations.

If you're looking to work with some of the smartest people in the industry across the globe while designing and delivering bleeding edge open source solutions, apply below.

EMEA Cloud Operations Analyst - https://grnh.se/32b29bd31us IoT Field Engineer - https://grnh.se/7e035b7c1us

Worldwide EdgeX Software Engineer Manager - https://grnh.se/c095546b1us Foundations Software Engineer - https://grnh.se/7e035b7c1us

Americas Associate Field Engineer - https://grnh.se/161e52471us IoT Field Engineer - https://grnh.se/96a26e5c1us

Asia / Pacific Cloud Operations Engineer - https://grnh.se/daa4b7e71us QA Software Engineer - Taipei - https://grnh.se/d1193b751us QA Software Engineer - Beijing - https://grnh.se/e28b5eb11us

Canonical is hiring for 40+ roles - learn more and apply here | https://grnh.se/e29603601us

Matterport | Senior Software Engineer, Frontend/3D | Sunnyvale / San Francisco, CA | Full-time | REMOTE VISA

Matterport makes a 3D camera and web platform that allows users to easily capture and display 3D models of physical spaces. Check out some example spaces in our gallery: https://matterport.com/gallery

Some interesting facts about us:

* We host over 3,000,000 highly detailed 3D models of real places captured by our cameras, amounting to over 3PB of data.

* We serve over 90 million 3D views every month, which amounts to over 45 billion requests and 2PB of data.

The WebGL team makes our 3D viewing and editing applications for the web and VR. Core technologies include Typescript, THREE.js, WebGL and Preact. The team sits at the very end of our 3D pipeline: 3D data gets uploaded from our cameras, processed by our vision pipeline in C++, Python, and TensorFlow, before REST APIs serve the data to the WebGL and VR applications, which is what the end user sees.

If you have worked with 3D engines before, or if already know "normal" web development quite well, and want to take the next step into the world of 3D and WebGL, send me a note at hakon (at) matterport (dot) com.

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy | Genomic Data Scientist | Full-time | SF but Remote Possible |


The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI) was founded by Sean Parker with a mission to accelerate the development of breakthrough immune therapies to turn cancer into a curable disease.

As a Genomics Data Scientist on the PICI informatics team, you will analyze large multi-omic data sets to identify signals associated with response and resistance to cancer immunotherapies. We work with dozens of different molecular data types, including single cell RNA/ATAC-seq, CYTOF, MIBI and other HD Imaging technologies and many more, and you will too. The Genomic Data Scientist will lead large data-driven research projects, write scientific manuscripts and give conference presentations, and broadly contribute to the intellectual community at PICI.

Expertise in any particular data type is not required, but experience working with R/Bioconductor to analyze genomic/proteomic data to answer biological questions is.

Please apply online or send CV to Danny (me): dwells@parkerici.org

Otta (https://otta.com) | Full-Stack Software Engineer | London | Onsite | Full Time

At Otta we're reinventing how people find jobs at fast-growing tech companies. We're currently focusing on jobs at startups in London but have big plans and are backed by some of London's best investors. You can read about us in TechCrunch here: https://techcrunch.com/2019/12/04/otta/

We're looking for an exceptional engineer to join the team as our third employee! Salary range £40-90k dependent on experience + meaningful equity ownership.

Stack: Elixir / React with TypeScript / (some Python used for scraping + machine learning) / Docker / k8s / GCP / PostgreSQL

You can see our role here: https://app.otta.com/jobs/ZnUrQzZU

And learn more here: https://otta.com/careers

Any questions feel free to email me (xav at otta.com)

Memfault (YC W19) | Senior Full Stack Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer | San Francisco CA, Boston MA, Berlin Germany | Full Time

At Memfault, we're helping companies that build their own hardware automatically catch, triage, and fix issues in the field.

Unlike mobile or web developers, hardware engineers today do not find out something is wrong with their device until their customers start calling (or worse, tweeting). Memfault gives companies the initiative by providing a real-time view of errors their devices are encountering in the field, and infrastructure to deploy targeted fixes.

We're mostly ex-Fitbit, Pebble, and Oculus engineers. We know the industry well, and we are excited to solve the problems that we have faced endlessly for the last 10 years.

Open Roles:

* Full-stack Software Engineer (React, TypeScript)

* Backend Engineer (Python, PostgreSQL, AWS)

* Marketing Manager

* Business Development Manager

* Customer Success Manager

* Sales Development Representative

Launch HN for more context: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20801512

Angel Jobs Page: https://angel.co/company/memfault-inc

If you're a web developer who happens to have a passion for or wants to learn more about embedded systems and hardware, we'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to reach me directly at tyler(at)memfault(dot)com

Is remote possible?

Tessian | London | On-Site | Visa Sponsorship (all roles!)

Tessian is building the first Human Layer Security platform.

Head of Data Science - https://jobs.lever.co/tessian/c5a15221-c584-4c6a-ab8a-28aabc...

Senior Product Manager https://jobs.lever.co/tessian/525031b9-95f4-40bc-ba34-d1c2f8...

Product Design Lead - https://jobs.lever.co/tessian/24af0694-4f7b-4253-9aab-46af8c...

IT Manager - https://jobs.lever.co/tessian/2e54de09-8c99-4aff-a007-ecb5c4...

Senior Platform Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/tessian/d3f3ddb3-9751-4474-9893-e9f37a...

Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco, Barcelona, Budapest ONSITE or REMOTE | Engineering, Product Design, Sales

About Rollbar:

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Twilio, Instacart, Heroku, Zendesk, and Twitch

* We're well-capitalized - we closed our Series B financing this January

* We're a ~60-person team (SF, Barcelona, Budapest, and remote) on a mission to help developers build software quickly and painlessly

* Benefits and perks: competitive salary and stock options, medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k, annual conference budget, generous hardware and software allowance, casual work environment, inclusive team-oriented culture, rapid career growth opportunities, have fun and have an impact.

We're currently hiring for:

- Site Reliability Engineer

- Engineering Manager

- Full-stack Engineer

- Product Designer

- IT Manager

- Many more - please apply via https://rollbar.com/jobs

Waitwhile | Support Engineer, Frontend Architect | San Francisco/Stockholm, Sweden | Remote | waitwhile.com

At Waitwhile’s, we’re building software to eliminate the 1 Trillion hours that people spend waiting in lines every year. Plus, keep people more safe during the pandemic through remote waiting, automation and tracing.

Waitwhile is looking to fill two roles:

Support Engineer to assist customers in need and make their experience of Waitwhile a joy. This is a full time remote position and we are primarily looking for someone in a US time timezone.

More info and how to apply: https://waitwhile.com/jobs/support-engineer/

Frontend Architect to take on responsibility for our web client (v2.waitwhile.com) built in modern Angular. You will create new features, maintain existing code, set an example for the team and drive our frontend architecture, as we rapidly scale our product and organization. This is a full time position in Stockholm, Sweden but we are open to remote work for the right person in GMT to GMT+3.

More info and how to apply: https://waitwhile.com/jobs/software-engineer-frontend/

We build our app using Angular 10, Nodejs, Firebase, Firestore and Linux on Google Cloud Platform. We’re a small cross-functional team who genuinely enjoys working together to make Waitwhile a better product. We are looking for engineers that understand that simplicity and reliability are aspects of a system to be carefully calculated with every decision made.

CTO.ai | Senior Software Engineer/Infrastructure Engineer | REMOTE w/ VISA or Vancouver, Canada | FULL TIME

* CTO.ai is a Slack-first, serverless platform for automating developer workflows: https://cto.ai/platform

* VC backed by Tiger Global and Slack Fund: https://techcrunch.com/2019/11/04/cto-ai/

* Stack: Golang, Rust, Node.js and Vue. We offer SDKs for building Ops in: Golang, Python, Node.js, and Bash

* Community centric: https://w.cto.ai/community

* Growing open source registry: https://cto.ai/registry

Full details / apply here: https://apply.workable.com/ctoai/j/41B0101E08/

Happy to discuss the role and direct you to the right people: tristan@cto.ai

Posh Tech | https://www.posh.tech | Boston, US | Full Time | Onsite (Remote during Covid-19)

About Us

Spun out of MIT's AI Lab in summer 2018, Posh Tech is a Boston-based startup with a mission of powering more natural conversations using cutting-edge Conversational AI.

We help credit unions and community banks better connect with their customers and automate their contact center workflows. We've hit great traction and growing rapidly.

We have patent-pending IP and our platform is omni-channel with a central backend and open API suite (so we can seamlessly integrate with any backend APIs and services).

We're rapidly growing and hiring for multiple roles:

- Senior Web UI/UX Engineer

- Senior Backend Engineer

- Business Development Manager

- Technical Customer Success Manager

Please apply directly to our postings on angel list: https://angel.co/company/posh-technologies-inc/jobs

If you have questions, you can reach us directly at careers@posh.tech. Feel free to email me (Dhairya) as well for specific questions (my contact info is in profile).

PAZZING | iOS Software Engineer, Full Stack Software Engineer | Full Time – REMOTE or ONSITE | https://playpazzing.com/

At PAZZING, we work to use technology and gaming as a facilitator for social interaction, creativity, physical activity, and cognitive development – while simultaneously delivering great gaming experiences. Mobile gamers use their cooperative and competitive skills to solve geolocated augmented reality (AR) challenges and puzzles, similar to “digital treasure hunts”.

We’re expanding our team to further accelerate our development. We’re actively recruiting and hiring for two key positions:

- iOS Software Engineer – You will develop our iOS game application and deploy it to the App Store. You will partner with game designers, UX designers and backend engineers to build excellent gaming experiences. https://pazzing.talentlyft.com/o/iYg.

- Full Stack Software Engineer – You will architect and develop our web application, implement new functionality directly into the gaming platform itself, and craft and structure backend solutions. You will collaborate with UX designers and frontend engineers to create excellent user interfaces. https://pazzing.talentlyft.com/o/iYF.

Our stack/technologies: JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, Swift, Docker, AWS/Azure, .NET core, Angular or React, ARKit++

If these positions seem interesting, you can learn more and apply at https://pazzing.talentlyft.com/.

Looks interesting! But is there any requirements that you have experience with AR/VR or game development for the iOS SE position?

Thank you for your question and for your interest in the position. Experience with AR/VR development and/or game development are beneficial for the nature of the project, but a nice-to-have rather than a requirement. We hope to see your application!

Pager | Engineering | REMOTE | https://pager.com | https://grnh.se/f738bebe1us

Pager delivers a “like having a doctor in your family” healthcare experience, making it simple for consumers to connect with the trusted experts they need to make the right healthcare decisions. We bring consumers, nurses, doctors and other members of the care team together through text, voice and video chat, all in one place. We partner with healthcare organizations to deliver seamless, tech-enabled services and solutions for a consumer experience that leads to better decisions, outcomes and healthier lives. Started in 2014 and based in New York City, but hiring remote roles as well.

Hiring for:

- Engineering Manager (Backend)

- Engineering Manager (Web)

- Senior Platform Engineer (Remote)

- Senior Platform Engineer (NYC & United States)

- Senior QA Analyst

- Senior Software Engineer, Backend (NYC)

- Senior Software Engineer, Backend (Remote)

- Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

- People Operations Manager

- RVP of Sales

I'm a Technical Recruiter at Pager, happy to talk about the roles and company culture!

BrightHire (https://brighthire.ai) | Full Stack Engineer | Full-time | NYC, Remote

$100k – $130k, 0.15% – 0.35%

BrightHire is building the first platform built for the human side of hiring by transforming the most important part of the process: conversations. We do this by making it possible to easily capture, analyze, share and perfect hiring conversations at scale, to help forward-thinking companies build talented, diverse teams.

We have lofty goals and we need a talented, diverse team to make them a reality. You’ll be working directly with the CEO and Head of Engineering, shipping code daily while strategizing on the product with the team. This position offers a competitive salary, meaningful ownership, paid health coverage, and a budget to set up your ideal work environment (whether in NYC or remote).


Ultra Mobile/Mint Mobile|Various Roles| Costa Mesa, CA| Full-Time| Onsite but remote/WFH for time being due to COVID

Ultra Mobile and Mint Mobile. Our two brands are basically the Batman and Superman of the wireless industry, saving our customers from our overpriced competitors with incredible prices and premium wireless service. We are inventors and innovators who believe in owning the outcome of everything we do, being action-based, and embracing the journey we’re on as a team.

Check out our careers page to learn more about us and see all open roles: https://www.ultramobile.com/careers/

We are currently hiring for:

Scrum Master: https://grnh.se/2c7bb0603us

UX Developer: https://grnh.se/8c8726bc3us

UX/UI App Designer: https://grnh.se/bc3f87373us

Sr. QA Analyst: https://grnh.se/e83bc9323us

Software Engineer I: https://grnh.se/b79b16f53us

If these positions don't appear to be a fit for you, refer a friend or colleague and get $1,000. Just send us an email to referralbonus@ultra.me with 1) your name and 2) their resume or link to their LinkedIn page. If we hire them and they stay for 90 days, you get $1,000. For more details of restrictions and rules, please email referralbonus@ultra.me.

BioRender (https://biorender.com/) YC W18 | Engineering Team Lead, Engineering Manager, Senior Frontend Software Engineer, Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer | Computer Graphics | Toronto, Canada

About us: BioRender is a fast-growing seed-stage SaaS startup. We’re creating the standard visual language of biology and the suite of tools to communicate it.

Why join us?

- Fun technical challenges: Building a world-class visual editor comes with many challenges, such as optimizing rendering and caching, exporting large files, and building real-time collaboration.

- Fast growth: We've increased revenue and user base 4x in the last year and are currently profitable with 100+ companies and universities using BioRender in 100+ countries.

- Grand mission: To empower the world to learn and communicate science faster through visuals.

Stack: React, Typescript, Node, MongoDB

Team size: 40 whole company, 10 developers

Location: Toronto, currently remote

Find more info and apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/biorender

Spruce Systems | Engineering and Design | 4-Hour Overlap with US Eastern | Full-Time | Remote-Only

Spruce is hiring programmers to develop world-class open source products and libraries implementing the W3C Verifiable Credential and Decentralized Identifier standards in identity. At Spruce, we are reimagining trusted interactions for enterprises and governments by creating the world’s best software for packaging beliefs digitally. We hire programmers who love technology and are committed to intellectual honesty, user privacy, and innovation. We are fully remote.

Backend Engineer: Cross-Platform Rust, Tech Standards, CI/CD, LXC, Security Engineering

Application Engineer: Flutter, Webapps, ReasonML/TypeScript, Integrations, CI/CD

Product Designer: Figma/Sketch, Customer Research, UX Design, Wireframing, Prototypes, Design Style Guide

Full Job Descriptions and Contact Email:


Qualio | multiple roles | Full-time | Remote (EU only)| https://www.qualio.com/careers

We are hiring for several technical positions:

* Technical Support Engineer

* Senior Software Engineer

* Principal Software Engineer

Our mission is to help teams building life-saving products get to market in less time, with less cost and less risk. We're bringing fresh thinking to a slow-moving industry that's ripe for change, and it's working - Qualio is the fastest growing platform for life sciences companies, and is used in 80+ countries.

With dual headquarters in San Francisco, California and Dublin, Ireland, our team is distributed across North America and Europe (tech). Join our remote-first global team where we want everyone to do their best work and help our customers succeed in bringing quality products to the world.

Contact - ping me, Mirek, product manager here: mwozniak (at) qualio (dot) com or just apply at https://www.qualio.com/careers :)

Patch | Senior Software Engineer | Remote | Full-time

Hey everyone, I'm Brennan Spellacy, the CEO of Patch (https://www.usepatch.com). Patch is an API that gives businesses and developers access frontier carbon sequestration technologies and traditional carbon offsets. Businesses are using our platform to automate their sustainability initiatives and provide their customers a way to mitigate their impact on the climate.

We're still in private beta and we're looking for a second full time engineer to join the team. You'll program along side myself and one other teammate. Working at Patch is a great opportunity for someone who wants to join an early stage startup looking to make a massive impact on an existential problem.

If you'd like to join the team and put a dent in climate change, send me an email at: brennan@usepatch.com

Check out our Github here: https://github.com/patch-technology

Specto | [https://jobs.specto.dev/](https://jobs.specto.dev/) | jobs@specto.dev | North America & Europe (remote) | Full-time | Backend (Go) | $120k-$200k | 0.15% – 0.75%

We're building the next generation front-end app performance monitoring platform (APM) for the mobile era.

For the backend position we're looking for engineers passionate about performance that have experience building complex systems that can handle large quantities of data. We're using mainly Go with some Python and we deploy to Google Cloud.

We're a team of ex. Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb and Mozilla engineers with extensive experience from mobile platforms to devops. We're very well funded by a few infrastructure-focused investors.

We're looking for remote engineers out of North America or Europe only. For Europe based engineers we will strongly favor candidates who can overlap with the PST timezone for a couple hours per day.

Loom | San Francisco, Remote (US + EU timezones) | Full Time | Engineering

Loom is on a mission to empower everyone at work to communicate more effectively, wherever they are. Our recorders empower people around the world to create quick videos–of their screen, of themselves, or both. We are trusted by over 5M users across 100k+ companies. Our customers are global and use Loom at work at world-class companies including HubSpot, Square, Uber, GrubHub, and LinkedIn.

Our usage is rapidly scaling, and our team is ~90 people right now (~50% in SF and 50% distributed from Australia to Poland).

------------ Job Listings ------------ https://jobs.lever.co/useloom

* Analytics Engineer * Android Engineer * Core Video Engineer * Infrastructure Security Engineer * Senior Fullstack Engineer * Senior iOS Engineer * Director of Data Science

My Twitter (DMs open) if you have questions (I am a co-founder/the CTO):


Oden Technologies | Multiple roles | New York, NY | ONSITE (post-COVID) or REMOTE (US only) | Full-time

Oden Technologies builds software tools for improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes through effective gathering, analysis, and productionization of data and insights. Our goal is to democratize efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness in the manufacturing domain. Learn more at https://oden.io/

Open roles: - Senior Software Engineer (Backend): https://odentech.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0qt3l?cjb_hash=O_QT... - Senior Data Engineer: https://odentech.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0qzch?cjb_hash=O_Gf...

Stack: Go, Java, ReactJS, Javascript, Docker, k8s, Beam, Flink, Airflow, Kafka, gRPC, GraphQL

Universe | Platform Engineer | Full-time | Toronto, Canada | ONSITE

Universe is an innovative and high growth global ticketing platform acquired by Ticketmaster in 2015. The company operates independently with startup-like agility with backing of a Fortune 500 company. We build products that enable our hosts to provide unforgettable fan experiences. Given the realities of COVID, Universe has launched some popular new product solutions, including for virtual events, timed-entry and drive-ins. If you’re passionate about the magic of live experiences and want to work at a company dedicated to helping millions of fans experience them, we want to hear from you.

We are looking for a platform engineer to grow our team. You'll help migrate the last of our services to Kubernetes, improve our infrastructure, monitoring, DX tooling and help scale to 50k concurrent users.

Must haves: Kubernetes, AWS/GCP, Go.

Nice to have: RoR, Phoenix/Elixir, FluxCD/Helm.

I am one of the hiring managers. NO white boarding. Please contact me directly at sean.drumm [at] universe.com.

Bicycle Health | https://www.bicyclehealth.com/ | REMOTE | Full-stack Engineer | Full-time Bicycle Health is a rapidly growing telemedicine startup that provides Medication Assisted Treatment for individuals struggling with opioid use. Our mission is to improve access and treatment for patients with substance use disorders and to provide comprehensive care through telemedicine.

* We are looking for a software engineer to build clinical systems that our medical teams use to provide care to our patients. * Tech stack: Python, Flask, Typescript, React * We've experienced recent rapid growth due to the shift to telemedicine * We recently closed our first round of funding

Contact Chris, chris@bicyclehealth.com. Full job description: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/1944126475/

InnoVint (https://www.innovint.us/), the world's leading SaaS solution for wineries and wine producers is hiring in engineering, customer success, sales and marketing. InnoVint streamlines winery operations by managing everything from vineyard to bottle. An InnoVint wine production overview video is here:


We're hiring for the following roles (all REMOTE):

- Front-end Software Engineer (Angular, javascript, CSS, HTML, PWA) [REMOTE]

- Full-stack Software Engineer (Python/Django) [REMOTE]

- Customer Success [REMOTE; wine country desirable]

- Marketing (growth; demand gen) [REMOTE]

- Sales [REMOTE; wine country desirable]

We are and have always been a well-performing, tight knit virtual team that meets several times a year in the real world (usually a wine destination!). About half the team has some wine production experience. If you love the idea of being part of the wine industry, but haven't yet considered combining your experience in SaaS and tech, maybe InnoVint is the perfect company for you. If you are a reformed or aspiring winemaker, that's even better!

If you're interested in helping us delight our winemaking clients with the wine industry's best software and most passionate team, we'd love to hear from you. Either email careers@innonvint.us or send it to me directly at kevin at innovint dot us. I'm an investor, board member and COO of the company (and an aspiring winemaker) and will make sure your email gets to the right individual.

No recruiters please.

Hi Kevin, I just emailed you. The "careers" address seems to be incorrect (the domain part has an extra "n"). I corrected that and got another error from googlemail. I also sent it to your address, and got no errors so maybe that one got through. I'm from Mendoza, Argentina. In case you didn't receive my email, please contact me (sbayeta at hotmail dot com). Thanks

Sorry about the typo. Yes, I just received your email and will review it.

Iontra | Embedded Software Engineer | Denver | Full Time, Onsite

Iontra is involved in the development of important battery improvement and enabling technologies. This is a full-time, hands-on role in a fast-paced startup environment located in Denver, Colorado. The team is currently working remotely due to COVID.

We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer to join the team and develop firmware for Iontra's battery technology. Some qualities of a good candidate would be strong C skills, experience with Cortex-M microcontrollers, ability to read PCB schematics and exposure to PID controllers/FFT measurements/Kalman filtering. See job posting for a full set of qualifications and requirements.

Cover letter not required, but please reference this HN post in the cover letter section of the application.

Apply here: https://www.indeed.com/job/embedded-software-engineer-8c7fd0...

Nightfall AI | Senior/Staff Backend, DevOps | REMOTE, ONSITE | USA, Canada (HQ: San Francisco, CA) | https://nightfall.ai

Nightfall is a data security startup dedicated to helping enterprises discover, classify, and protect sensitive data across their cloud footprint - their corporate SaaS, data infrastructure, and APIs - via machine learning.

- We’re looking for folks passionate about working at the intersection of deep learning, information security, and distributed systems.

- Tech Stack: Go, Node.js, React, Python, Cassandra, Redis, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes.

- Raised $20M+ from top-tier VC investors who have invested in, operated at, taken public/exited major cybersecurity & SaaS companies.

Apply & view detailed roles here: https://www.nightfall.ai/careers

We would love to hear from you - please reach out to us at careers@nightfall.ai with any questions you may have.

UnifyID | Redwood City, CA | Full-time | Onsite | Competitive | https://unify.id/

UnifyID is building a revolutionary identity platform based on implicit authentication. Our solution allows people to identify themselves in a unique way that is extremely difficult to forge or crack. Best of all, we are doing it in a way that respects user privacy.

Latest Announcements - https://unify.id/press.html - SXSW Security & Privacy 2017 Winner - RSA Innovation Sandbox Unanimous 2017 Winner - TechCrunch Disrupt SF Battlefield 2016 Runner-Up - Stanford StartX S15

Roles: - Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://bit.ly/2ZfoNVE - Machine Learning Engineer: https://bit.ly/3839Uta - Lead iOS Engineer: https://bit.ly/2A46R7N - Senior iOS Engineer: https://bit.ly/2VeshX2 - Lead Android Engineer: https://bit.ly/3ezYks2 - Senior Android Engineer: https://bit.ly/2VkqOhV - Lead DevOps Engineer: https://bit.ly/3ey7hCr - QA Engineer: https://bit.ly/31fD5be

Excellent team, comprehensive benefits, great light-filled office, visa sponsorship, exciting growth, and meaningful impact at this early-stage VC funded startup.

Email: careers@unify.id

Canva | Full-time senior hires | Sydney | Permanent, Onsite, VISA, Relocation post COVID. https://about.canva.com/careers/

We're taking on the world of design and content creation with a product loved by millions around the world. If you're a founder have a look at the tool.

Recruiting across the business - including Frontend, Backend and Fullstack Engineering, UX Design, Digital Design, Product Management, Growth, Data Science and more.

Engineering stacks: Backend = scalable Java services, Frontend = React + TypeScript, iOS = Swift, Android = Java & Kotlin, Data = Python.

Feel free to ping me on crowe[@]Canva[.]com for a referral, any questions on what life here is like, and the cool things we're doing.

Permanent & onsite roles only, initially remote opportunities, full relocation provided post COVID.

Reddit | Sr. Application Security Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE | https://boards.greenhouse.io/reddit/jobs/2092047

This role is responsible for assessing and assuring the integrity of Reddit’s applications for millions of users. We partner with product and engineering throughout the software development life-cycle to ensure applications are designed and built securely. If you evangelize security and love to train developers to build better, more secure software, this position is for you.

There aren't many companies that can offer the chance to have such a large impact in a company that executes at this scale. If you have 5+ years of experience in application security with python and node this is a rare opportunity.

Mnemonic | ONSITE (Oslo, Norway) | Python Developer | Full Time | https://www.mnemonic.no/career/

Mnemonic is the leading security provider in the nordics. We provide managed security services and develop the platform that ties them all together.

We are looking for Python developers to complete our tooling team, providing integrations around our Argus platform and ad-hoc tooling for internal and customer use.

This position (not yet published on our careers page) is opened to both experienced developers and more junior profiles, with experience in Python or a strong interest in language and information security.

It's honestly a great environment to work in and comes with great benefits, shoot me an e-mail (altair --- mnemonic.no ) if you're interested and/or would like to know more !

Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com) | Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Security Engineer, Product Manager | ALL REMOTE

Sourcegraph is building Universal Code Search so developers can focus on solving problems instead of struggling to find and understand code.

Sourcegraph search helps developers find and discover code by providing the ability to quickly search across all code using regular expressions and advanced filters. Sourcegraph code intelligence helps developers navigate and understand code by providing hover tooltips, go-to-definition, and find-references, when viewing code on Sourcegraph or on a code host (via our browser extension). Sourcegraph campaigns enable developers to fix and evolve code at scale by automating search-and-replace and running arbitrary tools across massive codebases.

We are a completely transparent company and you can learn more about how we operate by reading our handbook: https://about.sourcegraph.com/handbook. Technologies that we use: Go, TypeScript, React, RxJS, GraphQL, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes.

We are an equal opportunity workplace and our all-remote team is spread across the world. We embrace diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

We just raised a $23M Series B (https://medium.com/craft-ventures/why-we-invested-in-sourceg...) and are growing our team to keep up with customer demand (some of our customers are listed on our homepage). If you want to make software development more accessible to everyone, come join us!

Apply to one of our many open roles here: https://github.com/sourcegraph/careers/

Lean Panda | Italy | Senior Javascript Developer | Full-time | REMOTE | GMT - GMT+2

Lean Panda (aka Cantiere creativo) is a digital agency founded in Florence, Italy but now permanently full remote.

We're looking for a senior Javascript developer. Senior for us indicates ability and behaviour, not experience :)

Our client-side development is in React: React Web and React Native. Backend systems are either Ruby on Rails or Elixir Phoenix, or serverless JS.

The need to know Italian is optional, but useful.

Our interview process is divided into a number parts:

* you provide a GitHub/GitLab/other profile and any other material that indicates what you can produce as a developer,

* we have a wide-ranging chat where we work out if you would work in our team, and you ask as many questions as you like about us,

* we pay you to do some real work on one of our projects followed by a review.

If you're interested, contact me directly via my email in my profile.

Sector Labs | Senior Full Stack Developer | REMOTE, but only from Europe | Full-Time | www.sectorlabs.ro/jobs

We're building software for the real estate and general classifieds industry and operating web sites with millions of users across Asia and North Africa.

Our stack is Python & JavaScript based.

Key highlights:

• high degree of developer autonomy, e.g. we encourage contributors to own the product, we don't have daily stand ups and we barely have regular meetings

• conservative mindset when it comes to the tech stack, we judiciously add new dependencies and we care a lot about the code we write so it keeps its value on the long term

• ruthlessly efficient in delivering software that's cheap to run, scale and maintain

Apply here: https://www.sectorlabs.ro/senior-full-stack-engineer

I'm curious, Europe-only, or European timezones?

Only Europe for now.

Allma (https://allma.io) | Boston, MA | Remote | Full-time

Allma is an incident management and operations product for software engineering teams. We're building the next generation of alerts, incidents, and service cataloguing, right in Slack.

We're a small seed funded team, just launched our beta product to our early customers, and are looking to hire design-minded front-end focused engineers to continue to build out both the Slack application as well as the web application.

Tech stack: C#, GraphQL, Node.js (Slack App), Vue.js

$90k - $150k, 0.15% - 1.00%

If you love building tools for other engineers, love building user experiences with high autonomy, are excited by the idea of being one of the first few hires, and want to contribute to stressful reliability challenges, please contact us at careers@allma.io!

BusRight | Full Time | Android Developer | Remote

BusRight (https://busright.com/) is hiring a full time Android Engineer to own features from inception to launch, implement new designs, and shape the future of our Android team!

We are looking for individuals who have a: 1) Solid foundation in software engineering 2) Experience with Android Architecture Components (LiveData, ViewModel) 3) Familiarity with Kotlin, RxJava, and Jetpack Navigation

Why BusRight? - Crossed 100% of our sales goal last week - 3,000 new parents will use our app this Fall - Work from anywhere, on your own time

Email the school bus emoji to keith at busright dot com if you’re interested in learning more!

Introduce us to our next BusRight-er & we will give you a $250 check :)

Helix | https://www.helix.com | Software Engineers, Security Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, Solutions Engineers, DevOps Engineers | REMOTE | San Mateo / San Diego

2020: Help scale COVID-19 testing in our lab to 100K tests/day — https://techcrunch.com/2020/07/31/genomics-startup-helix-rec...

2021-: Build Helix's population genomics platform by accelerating the integration of genomic data into clinical care

Stack: React, Go, AWS (ECS Fargate, Lambdas, DynamoDB/RDS)

Please contact me @ jim at helix dot com

Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE [REMOTE during the plague] (London, UK; also Downtown LA, California)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small and agile team in our beautiful office in St. Katharine Docks. If our US location tickles your fancy, you get to help setting up a sunny satellite office too. For the time being, thanks to Covid, we are in fully remote mode.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly in Python, C++ (replacing still present Erlang[ß]) and Javascript for React & React-Native, relying heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. The tech stack sports Kafka, Postgres and Kubernetes. We use REST where we can, and gRPC where we can't. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

Production environment is in AWS. In fact, Smarkets was the first gambling operator under the Maltese regulator to get permission to run everything in the cloud. We push the envelope where needed and educate auditors when necessary.

We are looking for engineering talent all across the board: frontend and mobile, infrastructure, trading engine, security - and of course generalists, those yet to find their calling.

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/careers .


ß: to pre-empt questions on why C++ or why not Erlang - our exchange team have promised to put together a proper write-up on the tradeoffs, design constraints, performance needs, etc. In fullness of time, that is, when the most painful (and probably interesting) migrations are behind them.

Curious how the Erlang->C++ progress is going? I asked a bit over a year about it (which I think prompted the pre-emptive note :) ); obviously not owed an explanation but perhaps you can get a quick update on whether the migrations are more painful than expected, or the scope of changes in-/decreased, etc?

Oh hi! It's going on - and indeed, your question prompted the note.

As one might expect, the original scope was ... insufficient. The exchange team have taken over the responsibility for new customer-facing stream API. The current one is starting to bump into a number of edges that were not obvious two years back.

I can however happily say that the first major migration is complete: the team moved settlements from the old Erlang-based system to C++. (The final remnants of the old component were removed from our tree less than a month ago.) This doesn't necessarily sound like much, but it required a lot of walltime due to multi-month shadow deployment. Since the last time we visited the topic, they have also migrated the market state updates from their old "teed off" feed to a dedicated subsystem with higher throughput and better reliability - though not without hitches.

A kafka client library bug caused them (and our customers) quite a lot of grief. The postmortem for that was rather uninteresting, even if the visible impact was bad enough. When the solution to a problem is "downgrade client library, wait until upstream fixes are in place, avoid local delta", the technical aspect scores quite high on boring.

Another component, a customer-facing "recent orders cache" subsystem written in C++ now augments its Erlang predecessor. A service designed to run in a K8S cluster from inception is obviously an easier deployment and maintenance target.

The two really big ones left are the actual exchange core ("matching engine") and market maker trading API. Both under active development. It'll probably be some months still before the new trading API can take over. And it will be a long road to validation, but the matching engine has also recently graduated to an early shadow mode, feeding off of the the order flow spigot.

In a nutshell: plumbing. So much plumbing...

Is the Low Latency C++14/17 Developer position UK only?

Adding more information since yesterday. The location requirement can be relaxed, although we're currently doing this on a case-by-case basis. (We're still figuring out how to adapt longer term to a potentially plague-ridden world.)

Our hiring team is aware of the context. You should contact them directly at hiring@smarkets.com - and they'll take it from there.

It is, yes. But considering how the situation with the plague has progressed, and how physical location means slightly less than it used to, I'll check with the team tomorrow.

Aclaimant | Remote | Full Stack Developer | Full-time | https://aclaimant.com

Aclaimant is looking for an experienced Clojure developer to join our team. At Aclaimant we are redefining the way companies and employees work together to manage risk. Our SaaS platform is built using Clojure and ClojureScript. We work remotely from the comfort of our own homes. Pair programming is important to us; it helps us build culture and share knowledge. We expect candidates to be located within North America.

Email jobs@aclaimant.com for more information or visit https://www.aclaimant.com/work-with-us

> We expect candidates to be located within North America

Do you mean that living inside the US is required? Or Mexico/Canada are fine too, but not other countries? Is this a timezone restriction or US work authorization restriction?

We'd like to stick with North America time zones to simplify communication. We have experience hiring within Canada, but not Mexico so we'd have to figure that one out for the right candidate. Point being if you're in Canada/US/Mexico and are interested, let's chat!

Highly Composite | Senior Software Engineer - ClojureScript | USA | REMOTE | https://highlycomposite.com

Highly Composite makes managing your QA database way easier. We're looking for an experienced software engineer to own the front half off the app. The first big project will be converting the current MVP into a full Clojure stack.

If you want to have a big impact, work on something interesting and use functional programming to do it, we should talk.

More info and application steps: https://www.notion.so/Highly-Composite-858096c7cf5543edad9d0...

(worth adding: remote but requires US work authorization and within US timezone)

Good points. I should have included it in the top level comment.

Dyndrite| Full Time | Seattle, WA (Temporarily remote)

Come join our team as a software engineer focused on the development of our GPU kernel. We’re an established startup with a team of software engineers, mathematicians, and mechanical engineers that believe in the game-changing power of additive manufacturing. We’re building modern 3D printing software with a turbo-charged geometry kernel that empowers users to build complex products faster than ever before. Our customers include medical, aerospace, and automotive companies.

To learn more or apply, check out the role here: https://www.dyndrite.com/software-engineer-cpp-cuda

MeetKai | Full-Time / Intern | REMOTE | Los Angeles / US / China | 50-180K + Equity for qualified candidates

We are a stealth-ish startup in the conversational AI space, co-founded by a founder of a >10bn cap tech company. We are hiring Engineers of all levels, If you are drawn to ANY of these bullet points email hello@meetkai.com to hear more.

* Being scrappy about collecting a dataset

* Building models based on latest academic research and internal R&D

* Making sure you can actually deploy a model rather than just measure the accuracy

* Handling deployments to a variety of NPUs NPUs (Da Vinci / TPU / NXP i.MX / etc.)

* Building APIs that can handle anywhere from 1-1000+ TPS

* Languages: Python, Rust, C, Dart (And anything else client side as may be needed)

* Being multilingual is a huge plus!

Goldbelly | Data Analyst | New York, NY | ONSITE (post-covid) | Full-time | https://jobs.lever.co/goldbelly

Goldbelly empowers the top food makers around the country to sell their specialty dishes (think deep dish pizza from Chicago, iconic Texas BBQ, etc) to food-lovers nationwide.

We are looking for a Data Analyst to join our growing Data Science team in New York. This role will oversee generating data-driven insights across all of Goldbelly's data including ad-hocs reports and business intelligence dashboards.

If interested or you have any questions feel free to email me at marcin@goldbelly.com.

Stackwatch | Backend Engineer | Full-time | Remote

Stackwatch is the company behind Kubecost https://github.com/kubecost/cost-model . We're building tools to help devops and finops work together to track, manage, and optimize containers in Kubernetes. We're a small team of 4 engineers and 1 salesperson today, all remote, and looking to grow. We're backed by some great investors and actively selling an open-code product to enterprise today.

You can email me directly at ajay@kubecost.com

Kira Systems | Senior Azure System Administrator| United Kingdom | Remote | https://www.kirasystems.com We’ve built a machine learning software that enlightens the world’s enterprises by enabling them to truly know what’s in their contracts and documents. We’re bold in our decision making, clear on our mission and – most importantly – passionate about pairing the power of human know-how with a powerful product. We are hiring a Senior Azure Systems Administrator who will become a Subject Matter Expert on Azure at Kira. Our Systems team is a group of DevOps-minded Linux Systems Administrators who run our production infrastructure. We have become experts at AWS and we are now ready to expand our portfolio with Azure. In this role you will architect and build new environments and infrastructure with Azure & Amazon Web Services, design and deploy automation scripts and also leverage your knowledge of Kubernetes, Docker and JVM. Our Systems Team is dedicated to building and automating our infrastructure using Python, Ansible and Puppet while running and maintaining our core technology. For more information, visit our careers page https://www.kirasystems.com/careers/?gh_jid=4758398002 or email us at sarka.urbankova@kirasystems.com

Datawheel (datawheel.us) | Back-End Developer | REMOTE, ONSITE Cambridge MA and Washington DC | Full-time Datawheel is a small but mighty crew of programmers and designers who are here to make sense of the world’s vast amount of data! Learn more about us here: https://www.datawheel.us/

  Back-end Developer
We are looking for someone with back-end development and data ETL experience and comfort with devops. An ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about what they do and can bring that to the projects assigned to them. We are looking to work with someone on a contract basis with the option to transition to a salaried employee based on performance.

  - 3+ years experience
  - Familiarity with Python, Node.js and Rust (bonus)
  - Comfortable with rapid prototyping
  - Experience writing SQL queries
  - Experience working with Linux server environments

  - Experience with Scikit-Learn/Tensorflow or other machine  learning libraries
  - Experience working with ClickHouse or similar columnar databases
  - Experience working with GCP and/or similar cloud platforms
  - Experience with Docker/Kubernetes
APPLY HERE: https://www.datawheel.us/jobs

This post discusses a back-end developer, but your /jobs URL instead only shows a full-stack developer listings.

W3BCLOUD | Sysadmin / Devops | REMOTE | Full-Time | Contract | Global

W3BCLOUD is a joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD), a leading high-performance computing, graphics and visualization technologies company, and ConsenSys, the leading blockchain software development and product company.

We want you to deploy and maintain large Decentralized Storage Mining Operations.


Software Engineering- Mentor | Bangalore | ONSITE | Full-time employment | 75 paid vacations days | INR100K learning & travel allowance | Competitive compensation | Apply at https://bit.ly/2S9PNVw

If you've ever thought of sharing your programming skills, we want you. MountBlue Technologies (https://www.mountblue.io) is looking for great software engineers to mentor the next generation of coders. Come, contribute towards making India a nation of coders. You have been saying you want to give back- here is your chance

Design, plan and implement a 9-12 weeks intensive programming bootcamp in one of the various streams such as Full-Stack Web development, Android, iOS, front-end intensive, backend intensive etc. Be a coach and a cheer leader. Continuously push, nudge and encourage, trainees to produce their best work.

MountBlue vision is to be an alternative to traditional college education. Currently, MountBlue’s business is running coding bootcamps for entry level programmers on most in-demand web and mobile technologies, with a view of finding them rewarding development careers in startups. Our developers are in some of the most well-known startups in India- from bootstrapped software shops to unicorns. If successful, MountBlue will rewrite the technology education paradigm in the country

100K INR? Are you serious? Please tell me its for some part time stuff for college students.

Forward | San Francisco, CA | Frontend Engineer, Backend Infrastructure Engineer, Security Engineer | ONSITE when safe, REMOTE for now

Want to transform healthcare? Now’s the time. We're hiring for our world-class engineering team at Forward. https://blog.goforward.com/health-moves-forward-939f73334bf

We're on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to those who need it most around the world. We’re looking for detail-oriented, product-focused, impact-driven teammates to help us realize the mission.

We're building an entirely new system to empower our doctors with advanced tools (https://goforward.com/technology) to facilitate early detection, continuous improvement and personalized care – supported by data – with a nationwide network of primary care clinics in cities across the country. Video tour here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnJEsoGmh-8&feature=youtu.be

If this mission resonates with you, check out our open roles at https://goforward.com/jobs, or reach out to me directly at marissa@goforward.com with your resume.

Imagination Technologies – CPU Performance Modelling Engineer – VISA – REMOTE / WFH now, ONSITE @ HQ in Kings Langley, UK later

The CPU modelling team are looking for a low level software or embedded systems engineer who can design and deliver cycle-approximate functional and performance models of the CPU. These models are used for performance analysis, early design exploration, hardware verification and inclusion within our platform simulations as a software development tool for external and internal application engineers. Working alongside the hardware engineers, CPU architecture and compiler teams, you’ll take requirements, add new features into the CPU software models and provide research so decisions can be made about how to improve the hardware.

We want to hear from you if you have skills in: - C++ programming (or Rust / similar) - Computer/processor architecture (CPU, GPU, DSP) - Assembly languages (ARM, RISC-V, x86) - OO design principles - Version control systems (Git, Perforce, SVN)

We welcome the best talent from around the world, and can hire you now from the safety of your home during the pandemic, and then assisting with VISA sponsorship & relocation allowance when the time comes for you to move here.

If you’re interested in applying for the role, simply do so by sending a CV to aimi.walker@imgtec.com directly or apply via our careers page at https://www.imgtec.com/.

Hims & Hers | Full-time | REMOTE | https://www.forhims.com | https://www.forhers.com

Hims & Hers is a health and wellness e-commerce brand dedicated to making healthcare accessible for everyone, regardless of gender, age, insurance status, or location. Since launching in November 2017 we have become one of the fastest growing direct-to-consumer brands in history.

Our mission is to make it easier for people to access care and treatment for the conditions that impact their day-to-day lives, whether that involves finding the right birth control, addressing hair loss or skin care issues, or treating low libido. For certain issues, we provide our customers with easy access to medical professionals. Our telemedicine consultations help our customers obtain prescriptions for branded or generic Viagra (sildenafil) and other erectile dysfunction medications, generic Propecia (finasteride) to treat male pattern baldness, 10 forms of oral birth control pills, and Addyi (flibanserin) for female hypoactive sexual disorder, among other prescription treatments. We also offer a growing range of non-prescription products for women’s and men’s wellness.

Open positions here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/himshers

Paige | Software Engineers & More | Full time | NYC & REMOTE

Paige is using AI to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. We have raised $95M and have one FDA cleared product. You'll be part of a team of experts in software engineering, AI, and cancer research.

We have multiple roles open, including:

AI Scientist: https://grnh.se/9dfdd02a2us

Senior AI Engineer: https://grnh.se/603eb8c72us

Software Engineer, AI: https://grnh.se/66fb56082us

Senior Application Security Engineer: https://grnh.se/701f310a2us

Senior Platform Engineer: https://grnh.se/b548322c2us

Senior Software Engineer, Data: https://grnh.se/f7b678462us

Many other positions are also open: https://boards.greenhouse.io/paige?t=676fa8ae2

We provide competitive salaries and stock options to our employees. Help us to save lives and do something that matters.

Learn more at https://paige.ai/

3Box | Backend or Full Stack Engineer | NYC, Berlin, Remote | Full Time

Want to build a more interoperable web free of silos? 3Box is building the decentralized information management network that connects the web through users, unlocks permissionless innovation, and decouples data from platforms and applications.

We're a small, highly technical team at the center of the web3 ecosystem. We are extremely intentional, impact-driven, community focused (everything we do is open source), and driven by nonstop learning and growth. We have a lot of fun while we work - remote-first, with pods in NYC and Berlin - and travel to amazing places for regular retreats.

We're adding a backend engineer to drive our core infrastructure development, with strong collaboration with our CTO. As we roll out our new distributed protocol and network we'll have some a number of novel and massive challenges to tackle.

Learn more and apply at https://jobs.lever.co/3box/238f2fb0-1d25-4440-978d-843a35a57....

More on 3Box and Ceramic Network: https://3box.io/ ; https://github.com/ceramicnetwork/ceramic/blob/master/OVERVI....

The lever and github links are broken.

Learnerbly | Software Engineer | Full Time | London, UK | ONSITE, REMOTE (limited to Europe)

Learnerbly is a Workplace Learning Platform that enables people to be their best selves at work. We work with organisations to create a progressive learning culture that empowers their people to own their development, guides them towards the best learning opportunities, and supports them in applying their learnings.

We are looking to hire a passionate full-stack engineer with experience in designing for and operating AWS based systems. Developing in Javascript/TypeScript for an AWS Lambda based architecture, using AWS DynamoDB and ElasticSearch, the ideal candidate should be familiar with these technologies. This knowledge may come as professional experience or personal research but you will be expected to speak knowledgeably about the state of the art with respect to web application development and infrastructure design. We like ‘geeks, and your ‘geek’ credentials are more important to us than your professional or educational experience. Show us your personal projects, tell us what you like and what you don’t like, about interesting things you have read, projects you have been involved with, people you have met and what you have learned.

Reach out to me or apply via https://learnerbly.teamtailor.com/jobs/917572-software-engin...

SameGoal Inc | Staff Software Engineer | Madison, WI | ONSITE (Post-Covid) | Full-Time | https://samegoal.com/

SameGoal's web application allows districts to collaboratively and compliantly document student participation in K-12 Special Programs such as Special Education, Gifted Education, English Language Learning and TGRG. We are a privately held, profitable company that operates without external capital to ensure stability and strategic direction.

We are looking for someone with 5+ years of Software Engineering experience ; 10+ preferred, who can architect and develop significant infrastructure projects, debug complex systems to isolate and resolve problems quickly, mentor junior engineers to increase their productivity and foster a highly collaborative environment, develop key new features & functionality end-to-end including modification to our frontend and backend, initiates and leads tactical engineering projects to streamline operations across the company, and can keep our users happy with a user-friendly, low latency, highly stable application experience.

Technology Stack: Backend - Go, PostgreSQL, K8s | Frontend - Closure Tools, SPA | SCM - Git, Gerrit

Competitive salary and benefits package included. FLSA: Exempt. To comply with federal law, SameGoal participates in E-Verify. SameGoal is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To apply, email cover letter and resume to jobs@samegoal.com

Surfly | Frontend Engineer, Full stack engineer, Support Engineer | Amsterdam, NL | VISA, ONSITE https://www.surfly.com

The ideal engineer for us has Python, Javascript and Go experience, deep knowledge about the web (caches, proxies, event loops, browser rendering). But, we're looking for a variety of different roles, all talent welcome. Please take a look at https://jobs.surfly.com or shoot me a message directly: nicholas AT surfly.com

What we offer:

  - Market conform Salary
  - Ability to participate in stock option plan  (you'll join pre-series A)
  - We'll arrange tax benefits for migrants
  - Developer focused (sitting/standing desk, multiple screens, good hardware)
  - Nice office located in the centre of Amsterdam (at the Singel)
  - Reimbursement of costs for conferences etc.
  - We'll help with VISA and relocation
  - New laptop of your choosing

About Surfly

Surfly allows you to surf the web together with others. Unlike traditional screen sharing it requires no installation or browser plugins. By using a smart content-rewriting proxy we allow any website to be shared, without website owners having to change them in any way.

Joining now is the perfect time: proven business model, primed for growth, but still early enough to still be able to define the culture and join prior to our series A.

UW Laboratory Medicine | ONSITE (Seattle, WA) | Full-Time Our department maintains all clinical testing and laboratory operations at the UW Medical Center, from sample collection to analysis and final reporting. We employ over 900 people and handle 30 million tests each year. In parallel, we research, develop and operationalize novel diagnostics in genomics, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry and automated imaging.

* Bioinformatics developer * within our NGS laboratory. We're looking for someone to develop and maintain our germline NGS data processing pipelines, as well as investigate new opportunities in a translational research context. Experience with germline specific bioinformatics tools, annotation databases, common bioinformatics file formats highly valued!

Our stack: Primarily Python, Nextflow, and React/PostgreSQL. PHI-compliant AWS cloud infrastructure with push-to-deploy application servers and a batch-processing pipeline.

Work environment: Very flexible work/remote schedule (currently fully remote), excellent UW benefits, cross-sectional work environment where you will be working with technologists, trainees, physicians and laboratory directors. The UW maintains a "Patients are First" model of operation-- your contribution at UW Laboratory Medicine will impact the health and lives of those patients!

Please reach out at nkrumm@gmail with a resume if interested. At this time we cannot support fully-remote (not in PNW) applicants or those needing visas.

Thanks, Nik.

FundApps | Multiple Positions | London, UK (Remote) | Full-time

FundApps helps investment managers monitor and comply with worldwide regulations.We're a proud B-corp and bootstrapped. We believe focusing on automation, testing and code quality enables us to move faster than our competitors whilst delivering better software.

Engineering Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/fundapps/863ef6aa-12f7-4c60-816e-604b8...

Software Engineer (Full-stack/Back-end): https://jobs.lever.co/fundapps/64ce99a6-9e5a-4e14-b814-64764...

Software Engineer (Full-stack/Front-end): https://jobs.lever.co/fundapps/06e88fe4-ec6d-4269-b44b-92b2e...

Come join us! We're motivated, friendly and collaborate closely (even when Covid-19 has taken us out of our FundApps offices). We're running our recruitment and onboarding process virtually.

Our tech stack: Front-end: React, Redux, Webpack, Gulp, Jest, Jasmine Back-end : C#, Golang, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ Others: AWS, HAProxy, Atlas, Terraform, Packer, SumoLogic, TeamCity, Octopus, Selenium, Sentry

Remote only within UK?

August Health | Product Designer | San Francisco or REMOTE (USA for now) | Full time

We're working on a new company to improve how people age in our country. A demographic "perfect storm" is brewing over the next 25 years: (1) the 80+ population will double to more than 30 million people, (2) the family caregiver ratio will almost cut in half (and is further hurt as more children move away from their parents), and (3) as life expectancy rises, people are living for years with complex health issues and disability.

And annual long term care costs are about $400 billion today. Our goal is to make a significant difference in care quality for elders and put a dent in healthcare costs in the country.

>> We are looking for a full-time product designer as one of our earliest full time hires. The right fit is an end-to-end product designer who can span user-research to full resolution mocks - a longer job description is at augusthealth.com

Prior to this, we cofounded and sold a big-data mapping company, Mapsense, to Apple. Our team of 7 has a strong technical background and also includes a physician with years of experience with geriatric patients. We recently raised a round of financing from tier-1 VCs.

The first few hires for a company set the engineering practices, philosophy, culture for the future - and we are looking for people who are excited by these parts of company building in addition to the technical parts.

I don't work at August Health, but I want to chime in and say that Erez and team are building something really exciting here. I'd reach out if you're looking for something mission driven with passionate founders.

FYI, I think you may have forgotten to mention how to apply.

Muck Rack is looking for talented SREs to join our fast-growing New York (but remote-friendly) SaaS startup. Our mission is to make journalists, PR pros and marketers more successful. Muck Rack offers tools that help media professionals find and contact the most relevant journalists for their stories, and monitor how their stories perform. Muck Rack offers a very flexible remote working policy. We strongly believe if you let responsible people handle their own work on their own priorities and timeline, not only will you produce better work, but you will be a happier employee! We are devoted to our wonderful customers, transparent with one another, take ownership over our work, and remain resilient when presented with challenges. We offer eligible employees access to quality health insurance and 401(k) plans, your choice of equipment, a generous vacation policy, personal development, and more.

If you enjoy scaling massive MySQL and ElasticSearch clusters and Celery installations, rapid iteration, standing up data model pipelines, care deeply about monitoring, security, and observability, and want to swim in _data_, please reach out! We are a diverse company, we move quickly, and we pride ourselves in shipping new and exciting features for our customers quickly. And please - do not think you aren't qualified if you do not check every single box.


- DevOps SRE Engineer: https://muckrack.com/careers/openings?gh_jid=4733604002

Hubdoc @ Xero | Full-time | Onsite | Toronto | https://www.hubdoc.com

Senior Software Developer (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/b10fc082-5b3c-49a3-9d4c-e1c9445ef...

Hubdoc is a document automation service for accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners. With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.

Xero is a beautiful, easy-to-use platform that helps small businesses and their accounting and bookkeeping advisors grow and thrive.

You will become an integral member of our Dataflow team who are responsible for our document processing pipeline which integrates our upstreams, downstreams and machine learning to process millions of our financial documents per month, along with the internal tools/applications supporting it. We work extensively with Node.js, Postgres, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, AWS and Docker.

Apply via the link. I am a part of the hiring process for this specific role, feel free to ask general questions here.

Lots of other roles in Toronto, Denver, New York, Wellington, and more: https://jobs.lever.co/xero?lever-via=XwiHpkoGYx

FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE U.K.


At FreeAgent we help freelancers and small businesses be more successful by putting them in control of their company finances.

We have built an award-winning banking and accounting app that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength with over 100,000 paying customers and strong YoY growth. Our NPS is amazing (70!) - customers love what we do and our team get to make a real impact.

We're a growing team of over 250 people. 50% of our engineering team are distributed across the UK, the rest being based at our Edinburgh HQ (pre-COVID). If you want to help us make small businesses AWESOME at doing their finances, take a look at our vacancies -> https://www.freeagent.com/company/careers.

* Product engineers - you'll be working predominantly with Ruby on Rails but you don't need to have direct experience of it - we'll get you up to speed!

You can apply directly via the website but feel free to get in touch with me (the CTO) directly – olly [at] freeagent [dot] com – if you have any questions. Happy to chat!

(We are looking for UK-based full-time staff only right now)

Do you sponsor visa?

Hi, I'm Marius, Head of Engineering for backend at Citymapper. We want to help people navigate their cities, getting them from A to B across all forms of transport from trains to buses to cycles to walking and more. Join us and work on an app that is a daily use-case for you and millions of city-dwellers in cities around the world.

We're looking for almost any level of experience, from seasoned tech leaders and people managers, to engineers with 1-2 years experience.

On backend I recommend you take a look at the kinds of work we do at [https://citymapper.com/jobs](https://citymapper.com/jobs) , whether it's processing reams of transport data or building user experiences so good they're featured in the Design Museum in London.

If you've mastered both backend and frontend, then we're especially interested in senior full-stack web engineers: [https://apply.workable.com/citymapper/j/DA33FBBD15/](https:/...

Feel free to apply at the links, or you can contact our hiring engineer directly at [michael@citymapper.com](mailto:michael@citymapper.com) if you have any questions (no recruiters please - even though you will ignore this anyway…)

Monadical.com | Senior iOS Engineer | Full-Time | Montreal / Colombia| Remote

We're a full-stack consultancy building software that outlasts us. We have a wide variety of interesting projects such as building unified data formats for neuroscience labs to share datasets, developing custom medical software for doctors, creating platforms for real estate agencies, and more.

We're looking to hire a senior iOS Engineer to work on a patient-facing iOS app that interacts with a REST API to help a patient view their medical records and message their doctor.

Cutting edge iOS design is required (being app-based is the core part of their business and it needs to look and feel as modern as possible). Some of the features are a live chat to contact message the doctor, iOS HealthKit integration for reporting workouts to the doctor, patient signup flow with payment gateway integration and Applepay to accept membership fees.

We have dedicated time for self-improvement, blogging, talks, and contribution to FOSS. our goal is to be a workplace with a strong focus on learning, where the client projects provide a base of capital for us to all work on dream projects of our own.

We have an inclusive, transparent culture with a public company principles handbook.

See more info and apply here: https://monadical.com/team.html

If you have any questions drop us an email to apply@monadical.com

Almond ObGyn | Senior Software Engineer | ONSITE Bay Area, LA (once COVID-safe), or REMOTE | Full-time

Almond is building an empowering ObGyn care experience.

To say the ObGyn experience today needs attention is an understatement. 3 out of 4 of women in the US are not happy with their care; they are frustrated by the impersonal interactions, loneliness, and inefficient communication cycles, and it’s become clear that the standard care model for other specialties does not work for ObGyn. Almond is an ObGyn that gives women the option to have extraordinary care. We offer a personal connection between doctors and patients, a community-infused care experience, and seamless, tech-enabled care management. See more here: http://www.almondobgyn.com/

We are a team of doctors and builders from Stanford, McKinsey, and tier-1 funded startups driven by a passion to change the way healthcare works. We're just getting started and have had great early traction.

We’re looking to add founding members to our team — people that are passionate about health and paradigm-changing consumer experiences, are energized by the challenge of what we’re taking on, and want to have fun while doing it.

We’re hiring a Senior Software Engineer (backend), ideally somebody who is excited by beautifully built administrative/backend tools

Please email me at tara at almondobgyn dotcom

<> ASAPP (AI SaaS company HQ'ed in NYC, with offices in Mountain View, San Francisco, and Buenos Aires <>

Founded six years ago, ASAPP is an AI software company with a vision for completely transforming how knowledge workers perform (think customer service agents for fortune 500 companies). We’ve built a cross-channel (voice and text) platform that leverages ML/NLP to give human agents real-time suggestions on what to do or say during a live customer conversation. We’re able to see how the top 10% most efficient agents perform, and pass that learning to the other 90%. The result is a first-to-market non-chatbot solution that gives agents modern tools to provide customers with the best possible experience.

Open Roles (NY or remote in US): <> Sr Backend Engineer (go/node/typescript/kubernetes/AWS for our core products team <> Application Security Engineer

Current Series B ($185M - one of the highest-funded Series B startups in NY venture capital history) News / Press about us: https://www.asapp.com/company/in-the-news/ Headcount: ~350 Perks: competitive base salary / equity/options package / solid perks All of our offices are closed due to COVID, so we are 100% WFH. When it's safe to reopen, we'll still be remote optional until June 2021 at minimum. Please reach out to me at mike@asapp.com if you're interested in chatting.

Nightwatch.io | Remote | Full-time | Elixir, Rust, Ruby, Go This is a fully remote position, full-time or part-time, with flexible working hours and work arrangements.

We’re looking for an experienced developer who enjoys working with server side technologies and possesses a good mixture of DevOps and application development chops, has been around the block a couple of times, and would like to build forward-thinking and innovative solutions with experienced teammates in a progressive-oriented environment.

About the role: You should have plenty of experience in building performant, easy to use, well monitored and well tested APIs, creating and maintaining robust web applications, designing efficient data flows, communicating clearly, sharing knowledge and questioning existing solutions.

If you are a positive-oriented hacker who does not fit the traditional company structure and resonates with the mindset of programming languages and paradigms being just a tool and not a heavy personal attachment and identification, then this role might be the right fit for you.

About the company: We’re a self funded SaaS company that primarily builds forward-thinking tools for internet professionals. We are a bootstrapped company that believes the future belongs to smaller companies that don’t subscribe to the 9-to-5 corporate way of doing things. We believe that the Silicon Valley era is over, and we are building a business that allows us to enjoy the freedom of working remotely where each of us has the autonomy and flexibility to have a high impact on the world with our work.

Devops Engineer: https://nightwatch.io/jobs/devops-engineer

Front-end Developer (Ember.js): https://nightwatch.io/jobs/frontend-developer

Elixir / Ruby Back-end Developer: https://nightwatch.io/jobs/backend-developer

Product Manager: https://nightwatch.io/jobs/product-manager

Assured Information Security (AIS) is a cyber and information security company with 10 office locations across the United States. What started as a group of engineers working around pool table has turned into an industry-leading company with over 350 employees. From testing drones and searching for vulnerabilities in software to building tools for the cyber warfighter, AIS leads groundbreaking efforts in both government and commercial spaces with a focus on research and innovation.

Our emphasis is on meaningful growth opportunities and creativity. Employees are encouraged to experiment with new ideas and find their own path to success. We’ll help foster your advancement through education, training and career development.

We have multiple open positions for software engineers, reverse engineers, network engineers, analysts and more.

Click here for our current openings: https://www.ainfosec.com/careers/job-openings/

We also have a hacking challenge for anyone who might want to have some fun and test their skills: https://hack.ainfosec.com/

If you know someone who might be a good fit at AIS, check out our talent referral program: https://www.ainfosec.com/careers/talent-referral/

RXR Realty | New York City, NY | Full Time | Onsite | Software Engineering

The Digital Lab at RXR is hiring! We are building a platform and a suite of services to empower Residents, Employees, and Tenants across our residential, commercial, and hospitality properties. We want to optimize how people live, work, stay, and play at our properties, and RXR is perfectly positioned in the "new normal" to deploy the Lab's productivity, efficiency, and safety technologies across our full portfolio.

RXR is one of the largest landlords in the Tri-State Area, involved in Grand Central Tower, Pier 57, 5 Times Square, 75 Rockefeller Plaza (including one of the world's first Airbnb hotels), The Helmsley Building, a new JetBlue terminal at JFK, and many other impactful, massive scale projects. We are strongly supported by the RXR executive team, including our CEO Scott Rechler, who personally oversees the Digital Lab.

We are seeking exceptional engineers to join our growing team. If you are passionate about technology, large scale consumer facing products, and real estate, let's chat to see if we have a role for you. Together we can shape the future of real estate technology!

Engineering roles include: Full-stack, Backend, Frontend, Data Science, DevOps, QA

Core technologies: Javascript, Azure, AWS (Amplify, Lambda, DynamoDB, GraphQL, Cognito, Pinpoint), React, React Native; Mobile experience preferred

To apply or find out more, please contact Tara Tretsven at ttretsven@rxrrealty.com.

Botkeeper | Fullstack, ML, Data, Infra Engineering | Charlotte, NC; Boston, MA | ONSITE

Maybe someday I'll meet someone who is excited about bookkeeping but today the list of complaints is long; it's tedious, it's manual, it's error-prone... it simply doesn't scale. Botkeeper's mission is to change this status quo and deliver services that lift this burden off the shoulders of accounting firms and business owners.

Delight, adapt, scale. We achieve this by developing technology that bends to the needs of individual businesses, are easy to interact with and can deliver at a consistent high-quality bar.

Botkeeper is a Series B startup with engineering offices located in Charlotte and Boston (of course... currently all remote) and scaling quickly! We are a small and growing team of T-shaped engineers who have an insatiable desire to learn new technologies, develop exciting scalable solutions and teach each other as we collaborate on projects. Being a part of this team provides an opportunity to work across a variety of technical domains, while contributing insights from your own experiences and domain expertise.

Just a dose of technologies we love! ReactJS, NodeJS, Python, Kubernetes and the AWS eco-system

Interested in helping us drive this change? Email us at hackernews@botkeeper.com and tell us a bit about yourself!


Citrine Informatics (citrine.io) | Engineering Manager, Infrastructure, Sr. Backend roles |Remote within USA| Full Time |

Working at Citrine offers the rare opportunity to collaborate with applied scientists at the leading edge of statistical learning theory and application. Here are a few representative peer-reviewed publications describing research done at Citrine in support of the platform’s AI capabilities:

Assessing the Frontier: Active Learning, Model Accuracy, and Multi-objective Materials Discovery and Optimization (2019). at https://arxiv.org/abs/1911.03224 Can machine learning identify the next high-temperature superconductor? Examining extrapolation performance for materials discovery (2018). at https://doi.org/10.1039/C8ME00012C Overcoming data scarcity with transfer learning. (2017). at https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.05099 High-Dimensional Materials and Process Optimization Using Data-Driven Experimental Design with Well-Calibrated Uncertainty Estimates. (2017). at https://doi.org/10.1007/s40192-017-0098-z

Learn more at: https://jobs.lever.co/citrineinformatics

Siam Computing|Angular JS Developer|Full Time|Chennai|Temporarily Remote

Siam Computing is a product development studio that work with growth-stage startups to build solutions that disrupt their industry.

Job Responsibilities:

Angular JS Job Description: 1. Proficient understanding of HTML, CSS, js, jquery, bootstrap, photoshop, angular 2. Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS (added advantage) 3. Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery 4. Good understanding of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks of Angular. 5. Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX 6. Basic knowledge of image authoring tools, to be able to crop, resize, or perform small adjustments on an image. 7. Familiarity with tools such as Gimp or Photoshop is a plus. 8. Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them. 9. Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git 10. Build reusable code and libraries for future use 11. Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs 12. Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end

Skills Required:

HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, bootstrap, Angular (versions above angular 2) preferably Angular 2 - Angular 8, Photoshop.

Added advantage React JS basics or willingness to learn React Js

reply to: madhuha.kmk@gmail.com

Overleaf (www.overleaf.com) | REMOTE (UK or EU) | Product Specialist

Overleaf builds modern collaborative authoring tools for scientists — like Google Docs for Science. We have over six million registered users from around the world. Our primary product is an online, real time collaborative editor for papers, theses, technical reports and other documents written in the LaTeX markup language.

We’re looking for a product specialist to help us support our growing number of institutional and enterprise (B2B) customers, from pre-sales through to onboarding and then operation. This is a highly technical role, involving a detailed understanding of how to install (for on-premise editions), configure, operate and troubleshoot our products, and how to integrate them with customer IT systems and processes.

Some reasons you’d enjoy working with us:

- Around 80% of our codebase is open-source and we’re big fans of Free Software.

- Remote is a first class citizen, all founders and employees work remotely. We get everyone together in London every few months for valuable face to face time (coronavirus permitting).

- Working hours can be flexible to your needs. Core hours 2pm–5pm UK time.

- We’re helping scientists get their jobs done faster, which is a good thing now more than ever!

To apply: https://apply.workable.com/overleaf/j/4BA8E719C5/

Arcesium | Infrastructure Engineer | Linux Engineer | Product Consulting Associate | Product Manager | New York, NY | Onsite | Full-Time | Visa

Arcesium is a technology and tech-enabled services company. We deliver front, middle, and back office solutions to some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional asset managers, hedge funds, asset allocators, and banks. Through a combination of advanced automation, innovative data management tools, and anomaly-resolution workflows, Arcesium’s clients can achieve a single source of truth, scalable to millions of data points, for use throughout their entire organization.

Building on a platform developed and tested by one of the world's leading investment and technology development firms, the D. E. Shaw group, Arcesium launched as an independent company in 2015. Arcesium received additional equity backing from a second seed client, Blackstone Alternative Asset Management, the world's largest discretionary allocator to hedge funds. Since then, we have grown to support more than $200 billion in assets with a staff of over 900 software engineering, accounting, operations, and treasury professionals.

Arcesium is hiring for the following roles:

- Infrastructure Engineer - Linux Engineer - Product Consulting Associate - Product Manager

To learn more about these positions, please visit our https://arcesium.com/careers.html. To be considered, please send your resume to careers@arcesium.com.

Neeve Research | https://www.neeveresearch.com | Bay Area, New York & India | Sr. Java Software Engineers | Full-Time | Onsite (Remote during Covid-19)

Neeve Research offer the X Platform, a distributed data and compute framework that is used to process massive amounts of big and fast data in real time. X combines big-data storage, fast-data streaming, and real-time data processing in a single holistic offering thus supercharging the data management, real-time compute and analytical capabilities of the enterprise. X based systems are microservices based in which each microservice manages private in-memory state, is horizontally scalable, fault tolerant, ultra-performant and collaborates with other Microservices using fire-n-forget, exactly once message passing. X is an easy to use and highly flexible framework, and is being used to implement a wide variety of enterprise systems ranging from high performance data stores, low latency stream processors, real-time analytics engines and machine learning pipelines to complex, highly collaborative miroservices applications.

Our customers include Fortune Global 500 Bank, who is using us to power their Equity Trading platform, and Fortune 500 travel and hospitality giant, using us as the backbone of their e-commerce system for point of sales personalization.

Careers: https://www.neeveresearch.com/careers

Apply: jobs@neeveresearch.com

Ultimate Software | Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto, and more | Onsite & Remote in North America www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers

We also have opportunities in Europe at PeopleDoc, a company we acquired last year: www.people-doc.com/company/careers . Hiring in France, Germany, Spain, London, and Remote.

Ultimate Software has been building HR and Payroll software since 1990. We moved from selling licenses for on-premise installations to a cloud-based/subscription model in 2002. We are passionate about building awesome tools to make people's work lives easier. Our motto is People First, which describes how we treat our customers and our amazing company culture. We just merged with Kronos, another HCM provider, and we are very excited about the future of our combined companies!

We are hiring for a variety of product development positions, including:

Cloud Data Engineer, Product Manager, Front End Mobile Developer, and more.

Although our entire company is currently working from home due to Covid-19, typically, about 20% of our Product Development team works from home. We have an unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortune’s #1 Best Tech Company to Work For in 2020 today!

Here is a link to our job postings: http://ulti.pro/29PRPAj

You can also email resumes to techcareers AT ultimatesoftware.com

AWS Developer Tools | US/Canada Virtual | Front-End Developer | Full-Time | https://aws.amazon.com/products/developer-tools/

[Note on Location: The team is mostly in Seattle but is becoming more distributed with COVID19, I doubt it will ever go back so we're willing to do long term remote.]

AWS Dev Tools builds the tools that we all use for software development and CI/CD ... at least some of them :-). I'm leading a team (CodeStar) of impassioned developers trying to re-invent how we create, release, and iterate on software quickly and safely.

We're looking for front-end engineers to build this out! If you have an interest in how developers work with different languages (Python, Go, Java, Node, etc...), different platforms (Linux, iOS/Android, MacOS, Web Apps), different workflow tools (JIRA, Circle CI, Pivotal Tracker, etc...), and different organizations (startups, enterprises, governments, universities), I'd like to hear from you.

I come from a startup background and the rest of the team is made of people with varied skills - you will learn ALOT here.

3+ years of professional experience are required for these roles and leadership opportunities are available.

Email me (Adam) a resume and cc Leah: adnelso @at amazon.com and leahfitz @at amazon.com

Strivr | Palo Alto, CA or Seattle, WA | Full-time

Senior Software Engineer - VR https://apply.workable.com/strivr-1/j/40D585FDD1/

Lead Software Engineer - Backend https://apply.workable.com/j/76B37D39E3

Staff Software Engineer - Backend https://apply.workable.com/j/4CB9B6E14A

Staff Software Engineer - Data Platform https://apply.workable.com/j/652059027E

At the intersection of technology, science, business and sports, Strivr offers an end-to-end, VR-based immersive learning platform that changes the way people around the world train, learn and perform. With a mission to elevate performance through immersive experience, we are redefining an industry in real time and shaping the future of learning.

We're looking for folks with expertise in VR/AR, Cloud, Data Engineering and Graphics.

Find out more about us here: https://www.strivr.com/company/careers/

Bellhop | bellhop.com | Backend Engineer (Go) | Remote (US), Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Chattanooga | Full-Time

We’re making moving easier for everyone.

I’m an engineer on our small, close-knit team of developers (we’re a team of 5 backend engineers in an engineering team of 20). We’re looking for more backend engineers to help us scale with the growth we’re seeing, even through this pandemic. Our team is passionate about strong engineering principles that lead to highly scalable, reliable, and responsive systems. Every one of us has a big impact on the foundations of the business, and we’re looking for dedicated engineers who like working directly with stakeholders on improving the bottom line.

What’s our stack? Go - Terraform - Kuberentes - AWS (incl. Dynamo, Lambda, API GW) - GQL & REST - Salesforce & Heroku Connect

We’re on a mission to transform the $15B moving market into a space that’s more trustworthy, reliable, and fun. How? By combining a flexible skilled labor force, automation, highly reliable operations management, seamless customer experience, and incredible customer service.

Join the team that’s helping make this possible!

Job description (Lever): https://jobs.lever.co/bellhops/c612546d-cee0-428c-9a79-1666c...

Or drop me a line at zk at bellhop dot com

TalkJS (https://talkjs.com) | REMOTE (Europe) or Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

TalkJS lets developers build the perfect custom chat feature in hours instead of months. We're product driven and we power communication inside online marketplaces, community sites, trading platforms and so on. We care tremendously about quality: We're out to build the tool that every developer worldwide will use to build chat/communication features.

Currently in the market for:

    * Senior Web/Product Designer (web/ui/ux)
    * Senior Backend Developer (Elixir)
    * iOS Developer
    * Android Developer
Our stack is mainly React, TypeScript, Elixir and PostgreSQL. Nearly the entire company is product people, founders are a designer and a programmer.

TalkJS touches millions of people and is growing quickly. We're in it for the long run: we combine a hungry ambition for growth with a healthy and flexible work/life balance. We expect a lot from each other and give a lot of support and freedom in return. Sound good?

More info on both positions, + how to apply: https://talkjs.com/jobs/


All jobs are remote (Europe) or on-site in Eindhoven, NL. We're organized as a fully distributed team. No recruiters or agencies, please.

Intellimize | Senior Back-end / Machine Learning Engineer | ONSITE San Mateo, CA or REMOTE (US or Canada only) | FULL-TIME | https://www.intellimize.com/careers/mle/

Intellimize optimizes websites to generate more revenue. We use machine learning to automatically optimize each buyer’s path to drive more web conversions.

Our unique solution enables experimentation and personalization at an unparalleled scale, and it replaces traditional approaches to optimization such as A/B testing and rules-based personalization. These methods are too slow, require daily attention, and don’t automatically adapt to changes in behavior over time.

This role: senior level, back-end and some ML engineering. The exact blend is flexible, and we'd be happy to have a great back-end engineer join us even without any ML background.

Primary technologies: Java, Python, Tensorflow, Spark, Airflow, AWS.

Our team is positive, low ego, and customer focused. Strong communication skills are a must.

We plan to re-open our San Mateo office once it is safe to do so, and the company will continue embrace remote work (it's going great for us!). This team in particular is remote-first.

You can apply via email to careers@, or to alex@ if you want to contact me directly. I'm the hiring manager for this position.

Accredible (YC IK12 W13) is hiring a Marketing Manager and a Sales Manager, both remote positions:

Marketing Manager: https://accredible.breezy.hr/p/ab6fc2ea3134-marketing-manage...

Sales Manager: https://accredible.breezy.hr/p/7c06e9f146a2-sales-manager

Accredible is the new digital credential standard for the online learning age. Our customers are organizations that issue certificates or credentials to people for courses, awards, membership, training or any other achievement. Accredible lets them issue secure, digital credentials instead of paper-based ones. We are the certification provider behind some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world including Rosetta Stone, Google, McGraw Hill, Kaplan, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Skillsoft and many others. Our vision is to host the world's credentials and in the process become the world's first truly verifiable repository of human capital. We are entering an exciting growth phase and are looking to build a professional, scalable and efficient team.

PayPal | Fulltime | Remote Only (US-based) | Hiring Javascript Application Engineers

The Checkout Web team builds the user experiences used by millions of buyers across the globe. We don’t think buying online has to be a “one size fits all” process, we’re on a mission to provide smarter, more tailored, experiences to all of our users. It’s a future where buyers can pay the way they want with all the accompanying benefits, all without sellers needing to know anything about a complex global e-commerce ecosystem. The team is at the forefront of GraphQL adoption at PayPal, and we’re using React to build dynamic UIs as we explore and test new concepts and smart experiences. We’re seeking an experienced engineers to join us on this journey — you’ll be working with a team of intelligent, passionate people and helping shape the future of PayPal.

Web Application Engineers: https://jobsearch.paypal-corp.com/en-US/job/web-applications...

We have several openings within my team as well as within other teams--so drop me a line even if my particular opening doesn't sound interesting and I'll help you find the right place! You can contact me at swesthafer at paypal dot com.

Waitr | Multiple positions | REMOTE (US), FULL-TIME | https://waitrapp.com/

Founded in 2013 and based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Waitr is a leader in on-demand food ordering and delivery. Waitr, along with Bite Squad connect local restaurants to hungry diners in underserved U.S. markets. Together they are a convenient way to discover, order and receive great food from local restaurants, national chains and grocery stores. As of June 30, 2020, Waitr and Bite Squad operated in small and medium sized markets in the United States in over 600 cities.

We're looking for senior engineers, for positions listed bellow:

  - Mobile Engineers (Android and iOS, Xamarin)
  - Mobile Engineers (Android and iOS, React Native)
  - Backend Engineer (PHP/Symfony)
  - Backend Engineers (Nodejs)
  - Senior Devops Engineer (AWS, Cloudformation, Ansible)
  - Security Engineer
  - Web and Mobile QA Analyst
Stack: AWS, Docker, PHP/Symfony, Nodejs, React Serverless, Lambda, ECS, ElasticBeanstalk, CloudFormation, Ansible


If you want to learn more about what we do, feel free to reach out at albert at bitesquad dot com.

I don't know how to say this without sounding rude, but your application form is overly burdensome.

Goodbox (https://goodbox.in) | Bangalore | Backend Engineers and Android Devs | Full-time, Contract, INTERN | Bangalore

Goodbox is an online grocery platform that helps consumers to order from local supermarkets and get orders fulfilled within 2 hours. We provide online storefront as well as logistics support to local grocery supermarkets to help them be competitive with pure online stores. We believe in making the local grocer be competitive enough that it can take the whole consumption potential around its 1-2 km radius. Doing all these in a unit-economics positive way (yeah, I know) is our goal. Higher concentration of demand, Sensible delivery radius and flexible delivery SLA - is what is making this possible. We're expanding to cover whole of BLR. We've been remote for few months before COVID-19 with occassional meet for brainstorming and nailing down of requirements across team.

Stack: - Python/NodeJS/MySQL/Kubernetes on GCP on the backend. - Angular/React for frontend. - ionic/Kotlin for Android.

Hiring for: - Frontend Engineers - Backend Engineers - Android Devs

Experience: Both 0-2 years as well as 3-5 years

Please write to me directly at mahesh@goodbox.in with the title "HN: Software Engineer" and a short note on what piqued your interest in Goodbox.

Cognita is Hiring a (REMOTE) Software Engineer!

About Cognita

Cognita makes art accessible to all through touch and sound. Utilizing virtual reality and haptic gloves, Cognita provides virtual tours of museums during which users can “touch” the artwork around them while listening to entertaining descriptions.

General Function

The Software Engineer works closely with the CEO to research various topics related to the core business of the Cognita including, but not limited to:

• Develop Cognita’s virtual reality art tours utilizing 3D scanning and photogrammetry • Integrate haptic gloves into these virtual tours • Develop customized and user-friendly apps for clients to be able to easily navigate the features of these virtual tours

Required Skills

• Experience using Unreal and/or Unity software to develop apps for the latest Virtual Reality headsets • 3-5 years of experience developing and implementing software applications • Experience utilizing 3D scanning equipment and photogrammetry software, and managing post production workflow

To Apply, please see full job description on Cognita's website: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d642f09c8f92f0001cde...

www.cognitaart.com Oakland, CA

Amazon Web Services (AWS - Game Technologies group)| Various roles | Seattle (though currently WFH) | Full-time, Onsite | https://aws.amazon.com/gametech/

I am the senior manager (skip-level manager) for these roles so feel free to email me with questions. We have 2 mid level software development engineering roles open. We work on cutting edge tech that helps games and simulations run on AWS and scale in ways they couldn't alone. I am looking for people with distributed service development (we do most of this in Java), and low level systems development skills (Rust). We're building an all new AWS service, solving hard technical problems, and we get to have games as a customer, which is pretty awesome to me.

Links: (service focused SDE role) https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1069398/software-development..., (low-level systems SDE role) https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1069386/software-development...

Emailing you on your person email address (mentioned in your profile) is okay?


NanoVMs | SF, NY, Remote (US) | Kernel Eng | Full Time

NanoVMs is building out unikernel tooling and infrastructure. We have open source at https://github.com/nanovms/nanos && https://github.com/nanovms/ops. We can run things like go and rust webservers up to 2x as fast on platforms like google cloud today.

We are specifically looking for more full-time kernel engineers so we can increase our velocity. We are well-funded by great investors and have revenue from extremely large customers.

You can submit here:


or just email me.

This is listed as remote but it's really just corona remote. We have a very strong preference for those who are either in the Bay Area or willing to relocate. We do have an office that we intend to fill up. Second choice would be New York as we have engineers based there as well. We are open for remote anywhere else in the US for now so don't be shy if you're 50 miles from nowhere in WY as long as you have a great internet connection and the mad skills.

We've found some of our great engineers have backgrounds coming from {networking, storage} companies and traditional embedded backgrounds.

For the right candidate we can move extremely fast.

Could you please share your email address?

Audatic | Berlin, Germany (ONSITE) | Full-time | Visa | SysAdmin & Deep Learning Engineer | http://audatic.ai Audatic is building systems to intelligently modify sound using state of the art deep learning technology and unique datasets. Our personalized sound environment allows users to customize sounds to their individual taste. Applications include effortless interactions in noisy places (especially for people with hearing impairments), and realistic audio-environments for augmented reality. We are a young, driven and dynamic team with the vision to change people’s lives. We value each team member and opinion equally and count on everyone’s contribution to make our vision come true. You are encouraged to constructively challenge our ideas and can expect to be involved in the decisions that shape the future of our company. Tech: Linux, Python with Tensorflow, Android & iOS and some AWS. We are looking for smart and curious people who either like to manage our in-house cluster and infrastructure (SysAdmin) or build novel network architectures (Deep Learning Engineer). Apply now at http://audatic.ai/apply-now/

Honeycomb.io | Full-time | Remote, authorized to work in the US + Canada | Product Manager, Customer Success Eng, Product Eng, Eng Manager, Account Exec

Honeycomb is built to help engineering teams deeply explore and understand their own production systems — in real time. It's a service for the near and present future, where distributed systems are the new default, every service is a platform, and empowered generalist software engineers are the new ops. We are passionate about consumer-quality developer tools and excited to build a product that raises our industry's expectations of what our tools can do for us.

Job links (and threads by the hiring managers!) can be found here:

* Product Manager https://twitter.com/fishmegs/status/1290347660319154177

* Customer Success Engineer https://twitter.com/irvingpop/status/1280982010937241600

* Product Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/honeycomb/2605efc2-2f69-4193-bc21-4524...

* Engineering Manager https://jobs.lever.co/honeycomb/db0b0b03-930a-439a-a4ee-dea3...


I’m leading a team of 6 through the development of an AI camera that auto-record soccer games, mainly focused on youth soccer. Our mission is to help young athletes get discovered and improve.

I’m the sole founder of this project, and I feel like it’s time for me to bring on an ML/CV engineer as a co-founder or team member. I’m very good with my time and managing the project, but I’ve come to a point where to successfully and efficiently keep up the momentum I need someone I can count on to spearhead the AI development.

We’ve made significant progress in the last 12 months: Our ML model is around 60% complete. Our video stitching software is nearly finished. Community building is strong on social media. We have interest from local teams to try the product. A local investor (LA) is mentoring us.

If you have extra time in your hands, good at what you do, want to push boundaries in the intersection of sports and AI, feeling ready to become a co-founder, take commitments seriously, and want to make real change in youth sports then let’s chat more about the project and get to know each other. There's a small budget. If you’re looking for a big paycheck, skip this post. This group is more of a garage story. Thank you. orhan (at) playgroundvision /dot/ com. Mention HN in your subject.

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