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created:November 3, 2010
karma: 4691
about: Author of Underhanded JavaScript: How To Be a Complete Arsehole with Bad JavaScript - https://leanpub.com/underhandedjavascript. Hacker News discount here: http://leanpub.com/underhandedjavascript/c/NackerHews

I run Fork the Cookbook (http://forkthecookbook.com). People have claimed it to be like Github for recipes.

I used to run edgeyo (http://edgeyo.com) - a matching platform for investors and startups [dead];

and Strangers for Dinner (http://strangersfordinner.com) - we match hosts and attendees to dinner parties. Make food, make friends [dead].

You can contact me here: chewxy [at] gmail dot com

My personal blog is http://blog.chewxy.com . Be warned. Lots of nonsense in there.