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I'm guessing it's this:


Suppose we're both basecamp users. It may be possible for me to steal your session by giving you a link to a shared calendar or something with malicious javascript. Or I can steal the login cookie of one of the admins by luring them to my website with a support request.

I don't think permitting XSS is a good idea in a shared environment.

Apparently they consider XSS a feature. That's a first!

Nope. That's not it.

You can steal cookies with XSS?

Yes. That's why XSS is such a serious security problem. And even if you can't steal cookies, you can still do nasty things like re-target the login form's action to point at your own server and hence steal people's passwords.

document.cookie, wow... Guess you learn something new every day. For those interested, this has a good explanation:


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