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Article in short:

  Geosign was doing "search arbitrage", which meant buying
  keywords from Google and filling their landing pages with
  ads from other providers (e.g. Yahoo).

  Google didn't like that. The end.

Man, can I hire you so I can surf about 90% less everyday?

Can anyone explain why the comment in this subthread by keating is marked as "[dead]"? What does that mean?

"dead" means "killed by a yc editor." somebody with some authority around here thought the comment was extremely inappropriate, trolling, spam, etc

Hmm, so why doesn't it just get deleted?

generally speaking, they are. if you don't want to see them, set the "showdead" parameter in your profile to "no." i assume they're kept around in zombie state for forensic purposes.

So people can't cry "censorship"

But it's still censorship?

The purpose of feature writing is to tell a complete story, not provide data as fast as possible.

War and Peace in short:

  Napoleon invades. Gets kicked out.

That article took a long time to get to the point.

It was still interesting.

THANK YOU! I could not even read the whole thing. I just got done watching 10,000 BC and guess I am not in the mood for another epic.

Seriously, can i get a feed of your Articles in Short.

Frikkin' A. that's the last time I read th article BEFORE I look at the comments. Could have saved myself 10 minutes.

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