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If they are going to pay for 1/10 a developer, is anything stopping you from picking up 10 of these orgs as employers at the same time and delivering 1/10 of your effort to each?

I think andrew_19’s comment about the guy who subcontracted the jobs out to people where 1/10 salary is thought to be hitting the jackpot is probably the better way to go here if you’re even seriously considering the job in the first place. The main problem there is making sure your contract explicitly allows or at least doesn’t prohibit you from farming the work out.

The switching costs alone would eat half your day, and of course they're hoping to get much more than 1/10th of a developer despite only paying for 1/10th of one.

So if you're a 10X developer, and switching jobs will eat up half your time... you could take 5 jobs and provide 1 developer's worth of skill to each, right?

Until Fred Brooks shows up and slaps you.

Brooks slapped everyone decades ago and it's still ringing in all of ours' ears.

No, because these people are expecting full time work for 1/10 pay.

But if you get paid that 1/10 10 times in one month then fired, who cares, you already made out with 10 checks.

Not sure if serious, but probably the contract you'd sign (at least in Germany there's usually a non-compete in there somewhere).

Also it feels like this would be a lot more effort than just working one well-paying job. Imagine all the context switching...

Non competes only matter if they're competing. At the price they are offering I'd spend about 1/2 an hour trolling stack overflow for random bits of code, push whatever I find whether it is relevant or not and call it a day. This kind of blind abuse is literally to encourage H1B abuse. They are just going to use this to claim they couldn't find a local resource and export the job. It's illegal and should be cracked down on harder than a fleck of marijuana in Texas. It's apparently a felony to have weed in Texas, why is it not a felony to commit employment fraud/H1b fraud? You're destroying lives other than your own in one case and just enjoying yourself in another.

I thought everyone had agreed that non-competes weren't enforceable (because they're basically a restriction on trade, and that's illegal)?

Are they still a thing?

Non-competes are legal and enforceable in many states in the US.

good to know, thanks.

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