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Not sure if serious, but probably the contract you'd sign (at least in Germany there's usually a non-compete in there somewhere).

Also it feels like this would be a lot more effort than just working one well-paying job. Imagine all the context switching...

Non competes only matter if they're competing. At the price they are offering I'd spend about 1/2 an hour trolling stack overflow for random bits of code, push whatever I find whether it is relevant or not and call it a day. This kind of blind abuse is literally to encourage H1B abuse. They are just going to use this to claim they couldn't find a local resource and export the job. It's illegal and should be cracked down on harder than a fleck of marijuana in Texas. It's apparently a felony to have weed in Texas, why is it not a felony to commit employment fraud/H1b fraud? You're destroying lives other than your own in one case and just enjoying yourself in another.

I thought everyone had agreed that non-competes weren't enforceable (because they're basically a restriction on trade, and that's illegal)?

Are they still a thing?

Non-competes are legal and enforceable in many states in the US.

good to know, thanks.

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