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Show HN: WWBR – Who Wants to Be Relocated? (July 2019) (relocate.me)
17 points by andrewstetsenko 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Hi there! Andrew here, the founder of Relocate.me (https://relocate.me), a tech job relocation platform.

As we're working with relocating techies every day, we observe a discouraging trend.

Around 80% of tech job candidates applying from abroad are being rejected on the resume screening phase.

Driven by a desire to change this, our Relocate.me team has launched the new 'Who Wants to Be Relocated?’ page.

The aim is to give the relocating tech specialists more chances and better exposure.

Every month, we'll update it with a fresh batch of new applicants.

Maybe you could hide full names, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles to be visible only those who are registered as businesses?

Good point! This could be an option, but a bit later

Two small suggestions: - Make it possible to filter based on desired country. If i am hiring from a specific country it would be nice to know who want to relocate here. - Set a size limit on the "tech skills" column

Great suggestions! Thanks

So this is just a list publishing peoples' email address?

This is pretty similar to the 'Who wants to be hired' list on HN, but with a focus on finding a job abroad.

Moreover, we're promoting this list to tech companies from over 30 countries.

I’d also consider who wants to work remotely for a SV company while living somewhere they’d rather be for whatever reason

Me, please! Thanks for sharing it

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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