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ustwo | Technology Director | New York, NY | Full-Time | Visas welcomed | ustwo.com

At ustwo, we design and build digital experiences for our clients. Our products span across mobile and web, as well as immersive technologies such as AR / VR, all the way to wearables and IoT devices. Our technology team engages in full production builds, as well as functioning as creative technologists, strategists, and architects in the conceptual stages of projects.

We are looking for a Technology Director to join the leadership team in our New York studio. As the Technology Director, you will be responsible for the overarching technology leadership, well-being and development of our tech team of 10. This role will sit on the New York leadership team, collaborating closely with all disciplines and the Managing Director to drive future innovation and improvements, as well as driving the overarching business impact in the studio. It will then be your responsibility to translate the studio strategy into tangible practices and capabilities for the technology team.

Apply here: https://www.ustwo.com/join-us/jobs/4220436002-technology-dir...

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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