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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (June 2019)
407 points by whoishiring on June 3, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 799 comments
Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: Try https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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This month only: thinking of working at a startup? Join us for the 2019 Work at a Startup Expo on June 29! https://www.workatastartup.com/expo

United States Digital Service | Senior Software Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers, Senior Designers, and more! | Washington, DC | ONSITE https://www.usds.gov/

The best of technology. The best of government. And we want you. We're looking for the most tenacious designers, software engineers, product managers, and more, who are committed to untangling, rewiring and redesigning critical government services. You'll join a team of the most talented technologists from across the private sector and government. No government resume required! We work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people there are, immigration, veterans service, students, health care, and more. We're especially looking for talented senior engineers to join us to help shift move government tech in the right direction.

See one of our Reports to Congress for examples of what you could be working on:


Apply here:


Last month we had some tech openings with the Department of Interior, but this month it's just us. If you have any questions, just ask!

Do you guys ever hire remote?

The vast majority of our hiring is for DC roles, because that's where the work is for us. 1-2 of our agency partners let folks come to DC for 6-12 months, then have a conversation about remote work. But it's helpful to come to DC to get a handle on how the government operates... differently than the tech industry.

We did just hire a recruiter who is based in SF, but it's mostly DC for USDS.

What kind of skills are you guys particularly looking for right now? Any product management/marketing roles?

We are definitely looking for product managers, along with software engineers (e.g. backend, frontend, SRE, data science, security, cloud, API design) and designers (e.g. UX research, service design).

For product marketing, the closest role to that might be content strategy, which has proven quite useful.

Are you looking for any mobile developers? If so, I'm an iOS engineer and am interested in applying!

We don't really end up building many apps, so you're probably better off finding a closer match to your interests/skills. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

I've built https://findwork.dev/?source=hackernews to index the postings here so that they're searchable. I also enrich the jobs with data from Glassdoor (reviews) and Crunchbase (funding). I use it for my own job hunt, but it might be useful for other too...

Any chance of adding angel.co as a source too?

angel.co does not proivde an API and their job postings are hidden behind a login which requires significantly more work to scrape...

Oh, of course. Too bad.

This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing.

Hear hear! Thank you.

Blockstack (YC S14) | New York, NY or Remote | Full-Time, Onsite or Remote | https://blockstack.org

Blockstack is a decentralized computing platform. It’s the easiest way to build decentralized apps that can scale. Blockstack PBC, a public benefit corp, is dedicated to building the core Blockstack protocols and developer platform. Blockstack PBC’s mission is to enable an open, decentralized internet which will benefit all internet users by giving them more control over information and computation.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/blockstack

Here are our open roles:

- All Open Positions: https://jobs.lever.co/blockstack?lever-source=keyvalues

- UI Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/blockstack/72501251-8584-4946-8bd2-bc9...

- Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/blockstack/431188cd-63a3-4314-8d30-55a...

Tech Stack: our engineering team builds software using JavaScript/ES6, TypeScript, React, Redux, Swift, and Objective-C on the frontend and Rust, Python, bash, and Bitcoin Core on the backend.

Pex | Multiple positions | Downtown, Los Angeles, CA; Boulder, CO | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | $105,000 Minimum Salary + Equity | https://angel.co/pexeso/jobs

Pex built one of the largest search engine for audio-visual content (https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2018/06/22/video-search...) with primary focus on rights holders and creators.

We're looking for senior engineers for positions listed bellow:

  - C/C++ to help us optimize our algorithms
  - signal processing and machine learning (mostly R&D)  
  - DBA architect (Postgres [with Citus], FoundationDB, others)  
  - Go and Java for work on our backend systems
  - DevOps and SRE folks to help us to scale our services
  - QA to help us to deliver the best bug-free products to our clients
For all employees, we offer:

  - equal salary within US (no matter where you live you are paid as in LA)
  - 30 days of paid vacation
  - fully covered health benefits (gold/platinum) [70% coverage for dependants]
  - 3 months paid parental leave
  - $300 monthly limit on work related expenses (commuting, books, ...)
  - covering all costs of visiting conferences, education, ...
  - 50 hour work week (including commute)
If you want to learn more, reach out to use at hire@pex.com

Hi, your post mentions ONSITE but yet equal salary statement feels like you can live anywhere in US? (personal note, I am not in US)

Good question.

We still experiment with where we hire. If you look at my previous posts, we used to hire anywhere in US but trying to narrow it down to just couple of our physical offices.

BCG Gamma | Data Scientists, Engineers | Boston, LA, SF, NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle | Onsite Full-Time | Visa OK

Gamma at The Boston Consulting Group is a team of world-class data scientists, software & machine learning engineers, and business consultants who specialize in advanced analytics. BCG Gamma combines advanced skills in computer science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and statistics with deep industry expertise. We are a rapidly growing team and are hiring data scientists – from entry level to directors.

What we're looking for: people with experience applying advanced analytics to real-world business situations. Successful candidates have a deep understanding of modern machine learning techniques and their mathematical underpinning, are well-versed in a broad base of data engineering/analytics/visualization tools, are fluent in popular scripting/programming languages (especially Python/R), and have experience developing end-to-end analytical pipelines.

Competitive salary plus excellent bonus structure and benefits package.

Read more here: [ https://www.bcg.com/en-us/beyond-consulting/bcg-gamma/defaul... ]

Apply here: [ https://talent.bcg.com/apply/FolderDetail/Gamma-Full-time-Ap... ]

Yes, can you tell us the best place to get to you? I applied to this position a month ago and got no feedback.

Hey - where can I reach out to you to discuss this?

YC Work at a Startup Expo on June 29th | Meet 40+ YC founders looking for Software Engineers [All Roles] | Mountain View, CA | http://www.workatastartup.com/expo

On Saturday June 29th, YC’s Work at a Startup expo brings together over 40 YC companies at one place. Founders of companies including Segment, Rippling and Mutiny will be there to meet with you and chat one-on-one, tell you about their startup and share open engineering roles on their teams.

This years companies include a range of startups, including 2-5 person companies and bigger ones like Segment, Checkr and Sift Science. Some are hiring full-stack/generalist engineers, while others have specialized needs across data, infrastructure, security and more. We hope this gives you more options to match your skill set, interests and risk appetite.

At the event, rapid-fire company presentations -- like Demo Day, but for engineers rather than investors -- will give you a way to quickly survey the companies. Following this, we'll have a casual open house for you engage one-on-one with any founders and early engineers who you thought were interesting.

Apply here to attend:


Thanks for posting, Ryan!

Modern Health (YC W18) is taking part this year and I'm excited to join YC at the Work at a Startup Expo. Looking forward to meeting engineers, talking about our modern tech stack, and chatting about open roles.


Founding ML engineer of Sourceress (S17) here - we'll be there! https://jobs.lever.co/sourceress

Slapdash (YC W19) - https://slapdash.com/ - will be out there representing at the expo. Should be fun!

We're one of the newer companies, but we're hiring a founding engineering team (3+ engineers). Perfect for engineers who love going from 0 to 1.

Accepting remote applicants?

We'll have a live stream for people who can't make it in person.

That said, if you create a profile on http://www.workatastartup.com, you can engage directly with founders before the event.

Theorem LP will be there! We look forward to presenting at the Work at a Startup expo, and please view our open roles here: https://jobs.lever.co/theoremlp

Benchling (YC S12 - https://www.benchling.com/careers/) is excited to attend! Stop by and chat with us if you're curious about applying software engineering to biology.

Is this also for leadership roles? eg. Tech lead, project manager, director of engg etc?

Yes, it definitely is.

It'd be nice if there were a way to filter startups by location (e.g., all remote).

When you apply, you can see & filter companies in the directory, including by location and remote.

We'll be there at Gusto! We're excited to meet great candidates and share more about the work we're doing to build the People Platform for small businesses!

Woot! Newfront (W18, https://www.newfrontinsurance.com/) is excited to be there :)

I dont see a place to "apply".

If you're already logged in and have created a WaaS account, go to "My Application" and update the part that asks if you're interested in the Expo.

If you are not already logged in/do not have a WaaS account, you should see a button saying "Apply to Attend"

Channable - https://www.channable.com | Utrecht, The Netherlands | ONSITE

Join one of the fastest growing start-ups in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are currently looking for both a Haskell Software Engineer [1] and Python Software Engineer [2] to join our infrastructure team and our product team respectively. We are a young company with a strong engineering culture and some unique data problems that we are solving for our customers. You can read more about the kind of work we do on our blog: https://tech.channable.com/

Our Stack includes: Python, Haskell, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible, Terraform, Ember.js

We currently process hundreds of millions of products per day and offer technically interesting and challenging work. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled engineers to join our team in our office in the center of Utrecht.

See https://www.channable.com/jobs/ for a detailed job description.

[1] https://www.channable.com/career/haskell-software-engineer/

[2] https://www.channable.com/career/python-software-engineer-fa...

  AdGear - ONSITE - Senior Backend Engineer (Erlang, C, Rust, F#, Go) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Data Engineer (Scala, Spark, Kafka, Vertica, AWS)- Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Front-end engineer (SASS, Bootstrap, Webpack) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Javascript Application Engineer (TypeScript, React) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Ruby Application Engineer (Ruby, Rails) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Montreal - FullTime

Following its acquisition by the Visual Display division of Samsung in 2016, AdGear is now focusing on enabling brands to connect with Samsung TV audiences as they are exposed to digital media across all devices. We're trying to bridge the gap between traditional TV advertising and digital advertising!

For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://jobs.adgear.com/

#erlang #c11 #rust #scala #ruby #typescript #react #opensource

Eleos Technologies | Remote (US only) | Full time

Eleos Technologies is a growing 8-year-old company building communication software for truck drivers and field workers.

We’re helping a diverse mix of customers—from mom and pop operations to household names—improve how they communicate with their employees by tackling information overload, reducing phone calls, and eliminating obsolete technologies.

We're looking for someone to own and evolve our web backends. The primary backend is built on Erlang/OTP, plus supporting systems built in Clojure (image processing) and Ruby on Rails (dashboard, billing UI, those bits.) As a small team, we've all helped build and grow these systems, but we're ready for a specialist!

In addition to the above technologies, we're running on AWS, using PostgreSQL, although we're keen to remember that all these things are tools and not identities.

If that sounds fun and rewarding to you, the full description and info about applying are over here: https://eleostech.com/careers.html

Fullstack.io | Book author | Remote | Part Time | https://www.fullstack.io/write-a-book Earn on order of $50k/year by writing a programming book. We’re the authors of Fullstack React, ng-book, Fullstack Vue and we’re looking to work with authors like you to write a few new books this year. Our books sell very well because: - We go way beyond API docs and teach everything you need to know to build real apps.

- We guarantee the books and code are up to date.

- We invest in marketing the books (and have an active email list of over 100k)

- We love the topics we write about and aim to create something remarkable every time.

If you decided to self-publish, you may find the marketing is more than writing the book. We have an audience, and we know what they want to read - so when your book is done, we already have people who want to buy it.

If you decide to go with a “traditional” publisher, you may be given a mediocre editor, write your book in MS Word (ha), and earn 5-15% in royalties. With us, our editors (me) are programmers first, our tooling is dev-friendly, and our royalties are split 50/50. (For scale, the author of Fullstack Vue earned $20k on the opening weekend, Fullstack D3 even more.)

We’re looking to write content about JavaScript, Building Full-stack web apps, ASP.NET Core, Serverless, Python, Kubernetes, Elixir, etc. Anything up and coming.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, fill out the form linked below. Looking forward to hearing from you!


(I've talked more about our economics of writing books here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17015117)

Foxbox Digital is looking for passionate and talented Software Engineers (React, Elixir) and Project Managers to join our engineering-focused product development agency. Do you take pride in your work, and want to constantly improve your skills? Do you want to work on a small team environment and want to be heard?

We build software for our clients using the latest software development and project management practices and we love what we do. We're a remote-first company based in Chicago and we'd love to have you on our team.

Software Engineer - React, React Native - REMOTE, N/C/S America https://foxbox.co/jobs/react-native-software-engineer/

Software Engineer - Elixir, React Native - REMOTE, N/C/S America https://foxbox.co/jobs/elixir-software-engineer/

Sr. Software Engineer - React, React Native - ONSITE, Chicago, IL https://foxbox.co/jobs/sr-software-engineer/

Agile Project Manager - ONSITE, Chicago, IL https://foxbox.co/jobs/pm/

AccuLynx | Senior Software Engineer | Beloit, WI | Full-time, ONSITE/Partial REMOTE (Relocation available) AccuLynx is a software company that helps construction contractors manage their whole business. We are expanding our 17 person software engineering team and adding another couple Software Engineers. We have quite a bit of autonomy throughout our day, lots of input into the direction of the products we build, and get to innovate daily. Great pay, good perks, private offices, great hardware... basically you get to be treated like an adult. It's the best job I've ever had.

Our stack is mainly ASP.net, C#, VueJS, Elastic, Redis, and SQL Server. Honestly we don't care what technology stack you are familiar with, we just expect you to have mastered yours and be willing to learn.

Here is the software engineer position up on stack jobs: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/135059/

Our interview process is pretty simple: 1. An engineer reviews your resume. 2. An engineer gives you a call to chat. 3. A couple of engineers talk with you face to face. No bubble sort whiteboard coding bull, just a conversation. 4. A take-home couple hour real-world coding audition: Build something that does these things. It’s not a stupid brain teaser or something requiring special knowledge.

Send an email to careers@acculynx.com with a resume attached to apply. Feel free to email me directly at plemke@ if you have questions!

Kalepa | Machine Learning Engineers, Backend / Data Engineers, Full-Stack Engineers | New York City, NY | ONSITE / PARTIAL REMOTE, VISA Kalepa is a New York based, VC backed, startup building software to transform and disrupt the $1T commercial insurance market.

Engineers at Kalepa will be solving interesting and challenging problems at the intersection of big data pipelines, cutting-edge machine learning models, intuitive frontend apps, and robust infrastructure. You will be working in a small team building technology from the ground up with the latest stack.

One trillion dollars are spent globally each year on commercial insurance. However, the process for estimating the risk associated with a given business across various perils is still reliant on inefficient and inaccurate forms and research. This information asymmetry leads to a broken set of incentives and a poor experience for both businesses and insurers alike. By combining cutting edge data science, enterprise software, and insurance expertise, Kalepa is delivering precision underwriting at scale. Kalepa is turning real-world data into a complete understanding of risk.

Kalepa is led by a strong team with experiences from Facebook, APT (acquired by Mastercard for $600M in 2015), the Israel Defense Forces, MIT, Berkeley, and UPenn. We are backed by IA Ventures.

More details here: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/1114358414/

Contact: paul.monasterio@kalepa.co

Ultimate Software | Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto, and more | Onsite & Remote http://www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers

We also have opportunities in Europe at PeopleDoc, a company we acquired last year: https://www.people-doc.com/company/careers

Ultimate Software has been building HR and Payroll software since 1990. We moved from selling licenses for on-premise installations to a cloud-based/subscription model in 2002. We are passionate about building awesome tools to make people's work lives easier. Our motto is People First, which describes how we treat our customers and our amazing company culture.

Ultimate Software is hiring for a large number of full time development positions, including:

Software Engineers Tech Leads Solution Architects, and more.

About 20% of our Product Development team works from home. We have an unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortune’s #1 Best Tech Company to Work For in 2019 today!

Here is a link to our job postings: http://ulti.pro/29PRPAj

You can also email resumes to techcareers AT ultimatesoftware.com

WellSaid Labs | Seattle | ONSITE | https://wellsaidlabs.com/

WellSaid Labs uses deep generative models to create hyperrealistic voice-overs for high-quality media content like books (i.e. audiobooks), videos, assistive devices, call centers, video games, resurrected celebrities, etc. The voice-over market alone is $5 billion dollars.

We have also secured substantial seed funding from top-tier VCs and are building out our funding team. Finally, we spun we are a spin-out from Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence (a.k.a. Paul Allen's AI Lab).

You'll work in one of these roles:

- Full stack engineer (React / Node.js / GCP)

- Deep learning engineer/researcher (PyTorch / Python)

- Deep learning performance engineer (C++)

With WellSaid Labs, you'll help build one of the first commercial core deep learning products.

Email michael[at]wellsaidlabs[dot]com to apply.





Kraken Digital Asset Exchange | Software Engineers | Full Time | Remote | https://jobs.lever.co/kraken | www.kraken.com Kraken was founded in 2011, being a pioneer exchange in the crypto market. The company grew 5-fold in 2018 and is in rapid expansion of its development teams. At Kraken we have a remote global team, allowing our employees to have more freedom in choosing how to organize their routine and balance work and personal life. Kraken offers remote positions with Silicon Valley-level compensation for developers.

We’re looking for crypto passionate professionals with the following skillsets: Backend (Rust/Go), Frontend (React/Flux/Redux/Sass/Less/PHP), DevOps (PHP/Python/C++/Go, Infiniband), Mobile Dev (React Native), and many more.

Here is the highlighted role for June| Frontend UI/UX-ReactJS|

Feel free to send me an email with your contact information (phone, Github, LI, resume, or other) to ryanz@kraken.com if you wish to talk about one of the vacancies or apply directly via our Lever website - https://jobs.lever.co/kraken

AMD | multiple Linux developers | Toronto, Canada | REMOTE | Full Time | https://jobs.amd.com/job/Markham-Linux-Developer-Open-Source...

(Remote possible for senior candidates at certain countries.)

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

* Open source graphics driver feature development based on Engineering and Marketing requirements

* Contributes to software projects of significant technical importance

* Solves complex non-recurring problems that leads to development and implementation

* Driver bring-up and qualification on new hardware platforms

* Debug, analyze and resolve quality and certification issues as reported by Customers and QA

* Write detailed design notes for new features

* Coordinate closely with peers and colleagues to ensure timely and effective communication of all assigned work activities

* Coordinate with developers in the open source graphics development community


* Proficient in C and C++ programming

* Excellent debugging and trouble-shooting skills

* Broad technical knowledge of Linux operating systems

* PC architecture knowledge

* Strong oral and written communication skills

* Experience dealing with customers or Linux community

Nice to have:

* Experience with 3D graphics APIs such as OpenGL and Vulkan

* Contributions to Mesa, LLVM (amdgpu backend), Xorg, or kernel GPU drivers highly valued

* Experience with Linux graphics driver programming a plus

* Experience with open source Radeon graphics driver programming is a strong plus

* Experience with Linux build and packaging tools (make, rpm, dpkg)

* Strong shell scripting and Linux systems administration skills

Caracal | Data Integration for Wildlife Conservation | INTERNS | Kigali, REMOTE | https://caracal.cloud

Caracal is a data integration and analysis platform which aims to convert geospatial information into actionable information for protected areas. We are a startup (just 3 of us) with partnerships with national parks and other protected areas in east and central Africa. We are looking for React developers and graphic design interns.

Key technologies: React.js, OAuth2, AWS suite

Email casey@caracal.cloud to learn more!

Artemis (formely Agrilyst) | REMOTE (US Only) or Brooklyn, NY | Senior Software Engineer II | Full-Time

Artemis is a web-based software platform that helps indoor farms manage their crops and gain data-driven insights to make more profitable production decisions.

We are looking for a talented and experienced senior engineer to join our team. Our goal is to build and maintain an agile team that can build and deploy quality code and features directly to our customers. Every member of the team will be integral in improving the product and directly growing our business. Our platform is built with Ruby on Rails and React on a Postgres database.

The ideal candidate will have: - 8+ years successful engineering experience - Experience working within a early/growth-stage startup team - and will love working with Ruby on Rails and/or Javascript

For more information and to apply, please visit: https://agrilyst.applytojob.com/apply/5jGs4Uq5I4/Senior-Soft...

Check out our company values! https://medium.com/agrilyst/agrilyst-culture-deck-40e4cd9eb0...

We also have an opening for a Senior Software Engineer I!

The ideal candidate will have: - 5+ years successful engineering experience - Experience working within a early/growth-stage startup team - and will love working with Ruby on Rails and/or Javascript

For more information and to apply, please visit: https://agrilyst.applytojob.com/apply/teCo6c2hHI/Senior-Soft...

The applytojob links redirect to jazzhr.com for some reason

Ford Autonomous Vehicle LLC | Senior Software Engineer | Detroit, MI | Full-Time | Onsite | https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/home/HomeWithPreL...

We are building a platform that connects people and goods with Autonomous Vehicles that serve their needs – and we’re looking for a senior software engineer to join our team now as we scale. Because we’re a true full-stack AV company – creating the SDS and vehicle from the ground-up – you will have an opportunity to contribute across the board to the creative, technical, and operational aspects of making self-driving a reality.

Here's coverage of the real-world demo we shipped in Miami https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/15/18096338/ford-self-drivi... + where we fit in the industry leaderboard: https://www.sae.org/news/2019/03/2019-navigant-autonomous-le...

We don’t have a strict hiring formula, but our ideal experience range is 5+ years in OOD, with exposure to Java/J2ee/Python or Spring/Rails frameworks. We’re continually growing, so apply even if your software skillset/interests aren’t a direct match right now. Comp and benefits are nationally competitive and are top notch vs Midwest cost of living.

Feel free to comment or reach out to me (Avi, a PM) with questions at aatkin3@ford.com. I’m a lifelong non-driver from NYC and came from a venture-backed startup and the hackathon community before Ford, happy to honestly answer questions about work and life here.

Level 12 | Full Stack Web Developer - Python, React, SQL | Louisville, KY | REMOTE, SALARY:$85K-125K, https://www.level12.io/careers/

We have a openings for mid ($85-$100K) and senior ($100-125K) level positions. Please see our website for a very detailed job description written by a developer for developers. No plain, repetitive, HR riddled job description here, we want you to know what you are really getting into:


- We have an engineering first culture. Good engineering principles and strategy drives business development decisions, not the other way around.

- We are not a startup. We are committed to steady and sustainable growth that doesn't sacrifice engineering excellence or our people for numbers.

- If you apply as instructed, we will give you a yay or nay response. No black holes here!

- We have a commitment to transparency and offer a “no surprises experience” throughout the interview and hiring process.

- We practice and preach sound development practices. You are likely to learn and grow as a developer while working here.

- You will have the option of working from home (US only) or our office, whatever suits you best. Let’s make the most of our time and minimize commuting when not necessary.

- We emphasize work/life balance and adopt policies that make sure our people don’t get burnt out. For instance, our PTO/Vacation policies are designed so that you actually use them.

- A commitment to Agile Principles while not being enslaved to any particular methodology.

- You are committed to automated testing of all the software you write (our apps typically have 92%+ test coverage).

- You recognize that there is a lot of idealism in the software development community and are not disenchanted with the the day-to-day realities of programming.

I really appreciate job postings with salary ranges. Thanks!

Me | part time backend node dev | Sydney | Onsite

I've got an open room in a penthouse on the beach in Sydney. Essentially I'd like you to come live in it for free and work part time on one of my open source side projects. This is the view you'd wake up to: https://i.imgur.com/3TiTwBp.jpg and the view from the other side of the apartment: https://i.imgur.com/7c3D4En.jpg . It's not bad. I've got surfboards if as well if you're into that, and the snorkeling just out front is some of the best in Sydney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKrdldogMLw

Position is from now until March. Three days a week on my project gets you a free room and free food.

About the project itself: Creating a Patreon meets Reddit kinda site. User pays $5/mo, we take $1 to run the servers without ads or tracking, then the remaining $4 gets split evenly between everything they upvoted that month. Philosphies I'm going into this with: Entirely open source, no ads ever, all analytics are purely opt-in. I'm a front end guy and right now I'm grinding my gears with the backend, so anyone that can create node apis secured with JWTs is really who I need.

If you're interested hit me up at j at jjcm.org

FullStory | Software Engineering, SRE, & Product | Remote and Onsite | Atlanta, GA

FullStory’s mission is to improve user experiences on the web. We’re accomplishing this mission daily by providing a platform that allows developers and product teams to automatically collect ultra high definition analytics from their sites, then make those analytics available through a powerful search engine, pixel-perfect session playback, and machine learning insights.

Capturing and processing data at this level of completeness is no mean task. Challenges range from developing highly performant JS that hooks into the browser at its lowest levels on our Recording & Replay team, to building the backend that scales to ingest and provide analysis of all that data on our Search & Insights team. And the scale that FullStory runs at means that there are lots of interesting problems and opportunities for high-leverage contribution.

FullStory is a remote-friendly, hyper-growth SaaS company based out of Atlanta. The work environment we've cultivated is aligned around our three watchwords: clarity, empathy, and bionics. We value high-quality/low-ego collaboration and use automation to eliminate toil in daily work. If that sounds good to you, join us!

Please submit via our jobs page: https://www.fullstory.com/jobs/ . And feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions: dk@fullstory.com

SevenFifty Technologies | Senior Full-stack Developer (Rails); Lead Engineer, Web & Mobile Product Team | New York, NY | Onsite

SevenFifty is modernizing the wholesale beverage alcohol industry, which is massive but technologically antiquated. Over 70,000 restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail stores across the country connect with their sales reps and wholesalers through our platform, replacing a status quo going back to Prohibition. We work with everyone from the largest importers to mom and pop winemakers to build bespoke tools for communication, content distribution, and order management, providing transparency across all tiers.

You'll be joining a small engineering team tackling a wide array of challenges - from complex data processing to modern, interactive web frontends; from liberating data from decades old mainframes, to consuming and writing APIs used by everyone from small retail shops to large conglomerates. We want people who are excited about learning new technologies and passionate about transforming a broken industry. We're also in a sweet spot for ambitious and talented engineers; we have a lot of traction and are well-financed, but still have a very small team responsible for a wide range of work enabling you to take ownership of large slices of our technology stack.

Technologies: Ruby, Clojure, Rails, JavaScript, Backbone, React, React Native

Reach out with a recent resume to erin at sevenfifty dot com to apply.

Quorum | Full-Stack Software Engineers | Washington, DC | Onsite, Full-time | https://www.quorum.us/careers/

Quorum is a fully bootstrapped 75-person startup based in Washington DC that builds software for public and government affairs. Thousands of public affairs professionals use Quorum for their work in Congress, all 50 state legislatures, major U.S. cities, and the European Union.

Called "The Moneyball Effect on K Street" by the Washington Post and "Google for Congress" by the Huffington Post, Quorum's software is used by four of the top five tech companies, major companies like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Toyota, non-profits like the Sierra Club and the United Nations Foundation, and many other companies, trade associations, non-profits, and advocacy groups.

Our engineers work the full stack using tools like React/Redux, Django, PostgreSQL, React Native, Ansible, and much more (though no experience with our exact stack is required and we're dedicated to investing in engineers early in their careers). We're rapidly scaling our engineering team and have multiple roles available. Apply at https://www.quorum.us/careers/.

SpaceX | Security Software Engineers|Los Angeles, CA - ONSITE ONLY | relo assistance provided |Must be U.S. Citizen OR Permanent Resident w/Valid Green card | www.spacex.com

Join SpaceX to be among the first to secure the world’s most innovative technologies including: rockets, satellite constellations, ISP platforms, spacecraft and communication networks!

Email me directly or feel free to apply using the links below: brandi.reed@spacex.com

We are hiring Security Engineers, at all levels, ready to tackle some of the most impactful security work you can do!

This position is based in our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Must be willing to relocate to Los Angeles (we provide relo assistance) or local.

Security Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/spacex/jobs/4284220002?gh_jid=4...

Sr. Security Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/spacex/jobs/4284607002?gh_jid=4...

Interested in working at SpaceX, but not a Security Engineer? Great news! We are hiring across all areas in the organization. Check out current openings at www.spacex.com/careers

Command E | Senior Software Engineer (engineer #2) | San Francisco, CA or REMOTE (North America only)

Hi HN! I'm the Founder & CTO of Command E…a lightning-fast, secure way to instantly find anything in the cloud with a simple keyboard shortcut. We're building a desktop app (Electron/React/Redux/SQLite) that syncs cloud data locally to your laptop and provides a Spotlight-like search & command interface on top of your cloud data.

Command E is basically a CLI for business users, built on top of their cloud data. It's inspired by the "fuzzy finder" search boxes in IDEs (i.e. Command-T plugin in vi, Helm plugin in Emacs, ⌘T in Atom, ⌘P in VSCode, etc.). The app has a lot of polish and a very clean, simple design. We already support many enterprise and consumer cloud services (Salesforce, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Asana, Trello, 15+ more).

We're a small team of 3 Silicon Valley veterans, well-capitalized by top Silicon Valley VC firms + angel investors. Both co-founders are engineers who worked at a VC firm, Eventbrite, and Digg. Our office is at 2nd and Market in San Francisco.

We're looking to hire 2 senior/core engineers. You'll be building a top-notch Silicon Valley company with experienced founders going after a massive market: search. Electron experience (or desire) is a big plus, but we're open to other backgrounds too. My co-founder and I met ~5 years ago through a "Who's Hiring" thread so we're excited to see who responds to this one - please email me at ben@getcommande.com if you’re interested.

Distru (https://www.distru.com) | Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Product Designer | Oakland, CA | REMOTE | Full-Time

Distru is a software platform for the cannabis supply chain. Our product helps cannabis companies manage production, sales, invoicing, and shipments, automating compliance with complicated state regulations that require real-time inventory tracking gram-by-gram. We are growing rapidly with over $500M in transactions per year passing through our platform, and we’re uniquely positioned to define trade in the growing cannabis industry.

We are a lean 7 person engineering-focused team that includes early engineers from Opendoor and Heroku. We are hiring experienced full-stack engineers and a product designer to help take our product to the next level. We love product-minded engineers that can own a feature across the frontend and backend, even if they're stronger at one side of that.

Our tech stack is built from the ground up on Elixir/Phoenix, Postgres, React/Redux, and GraphQL.

After bootstrapping ourselves to profitability, we just closed our seed round from some top tier funds and angels (announcing soon).

Please apply at https://www.distru.com/careers and mention Hacker News!

Our fundraising was just announced in TechCrunch today :)

Our round was led by Felicis Ventures, with participation from Village Global, Global Founders Capital, and numerous notable angel investors, including Elad Gil, Katie Stanton, and Avichal Garg.


Hi Bgentry, congrats on Distru's successful fundraising. I come from a remote engineering team based in Vietnam and we are now 5+ years strong in React, Elixir. Can I connect with you and discuss this position?

Diet Doctor Sweden AB | Senior Front-End Engineer & Front-End Lead (etc) | Stockholm, Sweden | FULL-TIME & VISA SPONSOR | €40-60k+ | Equity (direct stock offering) | ONSITE | https://dietdoctor.com

Join the code surgeons at DIET DOCTOR engineering – the PROFITABLE #HealthTech startup in Stockholm

We're looking for passionate & product-focused frontend engineers to join our +30-person Stockholm office (the Silicon Valley of Europe™) and help deliver on our vision – being the most TRUSTWORTHY online health company in the world. (Trustpilot just made us No 1 in our category: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/dietdoctor.com)

By the way: DD has taken zero VC money, so we're fully in charge of our destiny. And we're offering fresh new SHARES (not stock options) in the company to employees yearly.

Boom, time to join the rocket ship! Apply in 1 minute at: https://careers.dietdoctor.com/jobs/196340-senior-frontend-e...

Fotokite | Zurich, Switzerland & Syracuse, NY | Full-time part-time | Onsite | https://fotokite.com/

At Fotokite we build a tethered aerial camera system that provides public safety teams with mission critical situational awareness. Fotokite saves resources in a firefighting team by launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button. No piloting necessary. Authorized by the FAA. No pilot's license required.

We are looking for new enthusiastic team members in the following areas:

Web, Network and Cloud Software Engineers, to develop video streaming infrastructure, data processing pipelines and realtime web-based GUIs.

Embedded Engineers with experience in C/C++, Python, yocto linux, video encoding, networking.

Electrical / Electronics engineers: to aid circuit design, PCB layout, testing, and manufacturing setup for Fotokite’s electronic subsystems.

Industrial designers / Engineers / Mechanical Engineers to lead or aid in the mechanical and industrial product design of our next-generation Fotokite systems.

Apply at https://fotokite.com/careers/ or feel free to email me at <first_name>@fotokite.com with any questions you might have.

Jerry.AI (YC S17) | Senior Software Engineer | Toronto and Ukraine | Full Time | Canada Work / Immigration Visa

Backed by Y Combinator, SV Angel, Funders Club, & other prominent Silicon Valley investors. Jerry.AI is founded by serial entrepreneurs who previously built and scaled YourMechanic ("Uber for car repair", the largest on-demand car repair site in the US). Jerry.AI aims to be the personalized + trusted AI-based advisor for decision-making in all things related to personal finance. But first, we're starting with a small slice of the market: insurance.

If you:

- are looking to be part of a small crack team of developers who take immense pride in the quality of your code,

- get a jolt of personal satisfaction every time a user walks away happy after a delightful interaction with your product,

- are interested in seeing how company-building is done with 2nd-time YC founders

then I'd love to tell you more!

We know that developer happiness doesn't occur by happenstance, so cultivating a constructive & productive developer-friendly culture is very much a continuous & deliberate company effort.

Software Developer stack: Modern JavaScript (ES6+), NodeJS, GraphQL, React, React Native, AWS, Kubernetes.

Senior Software Engineer (On-site in Toronto or Ukraine): https://jerry.workable.com/j/089F60DE31

Thanks for reading! art


Portchain (container shipping startup) | Full-stack software engineer | Remote | Copenhagen, Denmark


5 years minimum of professional experience in Software Engineering. Experience with any or all of the following technologies is a plus: Node.js, React, TypeScript. Startup experience valued.

Our company:

Did you know that 90% of all goods globally are transported through a container, and the largest container vessels are 400 meters long and can transport 20,000 containers at a time? The container shipping industry is the back-bone and enabler of global trade, but it is struggling. At its core the industry is fundamentally inefficient: 50% of all container vessels globally are delayed coming into port, and key planning processes are done manually on a global scale. This leads to high operational costs, lost revenue, and unnecessarily high greenhouse gas emissions

Portchain is a 2 year old Danish container shipping startup devoted to help container carriers and terminals reduce operational complexity and optimize planning through software and cutting-edge analytics leading to both a better bottom line and less greenhouse gas emissions.

We are an international team of 15 people serving a global customer base and several of the largest companies in the industry. We have received $5M in funding to expand the team in order to serve our increasing customer traction.

Apply here: https://www.portchain.com/careers/full-stack-software-engine...

Northrop Grumman Corporation | Boulder, CO, San Diego, CA, Orlando, FL, + multiple sites in each state| Full-time | ONSITE Northrop recently won two huge government contracts and is desperate to find engineers with security clearances.

Work life balance is incredibly good here. We work a 9/80, meaning we work 9 hours a day and get every other Friday off. I usually use that off Friday to go surfing or hiking. There are a multitude of projects here that you would never get the opportunity to work on in the private world. Technologies include: C++, Java, C#, SQL, Machine Learning, Embedded software. Salary is competitive!

Here's a list of positions that are open now at multiple sites across the country: https://ngc.taleo.net/careersection/ngc_pro/jobsearch.ftl

I can almost guarantee a competitive offer IF you have a Secret or Top Secret security clearance already.

If you find a position that you're interested in, shoot me your resume at my personal e-mail jipotastic1337 @ gmail.com [remove the spaces]. I will have it forwarded to the correct manager, so they can take a look at it directly.

Compound | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | https://compound.co

Compound is a new P2P payments app currently in stealth. We are building a brand-new P2P payments network from scratch, and have designed the product to target pain points real people face when sharing money. We believe there should be more flexibility, personalization, and transparency in the financial products we all use each day.

Tech Stack: Our frontend is React Native for mobile, and we’re experimenting with React Native Web on the web side. Our backend is currently Java deployed using kubernetes, but we have a polyglot approach to problem solving, and we will likely end up with a backend that reflects that.

Check out our Key Values profile for more about us: https://www.keyvalues.com/compound

Hiring software engineers of all levels in SF.

Link to apply: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/compoundco/view/P_AA...

Email me with questions: ap@compound.co (Amanda Peyton)

SingleOps | Fullstack Engineer | Atlanta, GA | REMOTE, Full-time | https://singleops.com/careers/ SingleOps is a rapidly growing, Atlanta based, SaaS platform for mobile field workforces like tree care services, landscaping, pest control, healthcare — anyone who regularly coordinates employees in the field. The platform combines estimates, scheduling, time tracking, CRM, invoicing, and QuickBooks syncing with a mobile-first interface for teams on the go. Think of it as a cloud-ERP solution like NetSuite, but much easier to use and geared towards field service companies. We've found or niche in the Green space and are looking to scale and double our entire team this year. We use a Ruby on Rails stack, and this year we're transitioning to React.

We're looking for a Fullstack Web Application Engineer, as well as other sales, marketing and customer success positions. You can fill out the form at https://singleops.com/careers/ or email me directly at adam@singleops.com

GitLab | Remote only | Full time

It’s an exciting time to join GitLab. We’re a fast-growing, all-remote company where you can contribute and make an impact from almost anywhere in the world. You’ll be part of an ambitious, productive team that values transparency and collaboration.

We’re hiring engineering managers, security engineers, solutions architects, product managers, support engineers, mid-market account executives, strategic account leaders, recruiters, and more roles in every department. Here’s our full list of vacancies: https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/

We’re proud to share that we’re among Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2019! Find out what our team members love about working here: https://about.gitlab.com/2019/05/16/building-an-award-winnin...

Want to learn more about GitLab? Check out our company handbook: https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/

Working at gitlab sounds amazing!

I have a question about your compensation calculator however: it seems employees are penalized for living in areas with lower cost-of-living. It looks like you pay someone in San Francisco almost 2x what you pay someone in Vancouver.

Why is this? Is the SF employee worth 2x the Canadian employee?

This was often a hot topic on HackerNews, so we decided to write a blog post explaining why we pay local rates. Please find more information here [1].

[1] - https://about.gitlab.com/2019/02/28/why-we-pay-local-rates/

This is something that always discouraged me from applying at your company, even though it sounds amazing. I make 150k at my current position working remotely, but based on your calculator I would only make 80k at Gitlab so almost half. What a joke.

You are missing on a lot of top talent due to this policy.

Commure, Inc. | San Francisco, CA or Boston, MA | Senior Deployment & Ops Engineer; Rust Engineer | Fulltime | ONSITE

We are a stealth startup working to fix the software doctors use. If you have seen what physicians have to put up with, it's a bad version of the 90s, and makes medical care worse and more expensive for everyone. We are a group of previously successful engineers and entrepreneurs (MIT, Dartmouth, Stripe, Twitter, Salesforce, Palantir, DataPower, etc) and senior doctors (Johns Hopkins, UCSF, etc) who are determined to finally fix this.

Compensation: market salary & equity -- we are well funded by top-tier VCs.

Stack: includes Rust, React and Kubernetes. In addition to building our back end in Rust, we are also solving some very interesting problems in the areas of data transformation, high-speed APIs, flexible UX frameworks and fine-grained authorization for healthcare data.

Please email jobs@commure.com and mention "[hnkubernetes]" in the subject line.

Other positions available: - Rust Engineer (Rust, data pipelines) Senior Front End Engineer (React Native, React) (please use [hnrust] or [hnfe] in subject line for the above)

Locations: San Francisco, Boston or Montreal; sorry, no distributed/remote option at the moment.

OnSpecta | Redwood City, CA & Warsaw, Poland | Software Engineer, Research Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer | Visa

OnSpecta is an early-stage startup founded by successful serial entrepreneurs and deep learning experts, and was born out of MIT’s neuroscience lab. We offer a Deep Learning Server (DLS) which increases the performance of deep learning computations on Intel and ARM CPUs, GPUs and ASICs etc. We're a small team (~10), so you'll have a huge opportunity to make a difference.

We are looking for talented software performance engineers to work directly with our technical founders (CTO & Chief Scientist). If you have experience in C++ and are interested in working on cutting-edge AI/ML infrastructure tech, please reach out to us. See more at http://onspecta.com/careers.html We're also looking for Machine Learning Engineers (experience with Python + TensorFlow required).

Please reach out to hiring@onspecta.com and include "HN: " in the subject. (Note: while we're open to remote work, you must be in California's or Central/Easter Europe's timezones.)

Xstealth | Bengaluru, India | Fullstack Node.js Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | Equity 0.15% - 1% | ₹5L - ₹12L

We are a stealth technology startup and our demos have been delivering ‘WOWs’. We are angel funded by well known founders. Join us to build a platform which will power 'a million new solutions'.

  ## Skills :
  * You are a rockstar node.js engineer
  * APIs, SQL, NoSQL.
  * Docker / Kubernetes.
  * Apache Kafka.
  * Serverless.
  * Vue.js (React considered) / HTML / CSS
  * Desired : Eye for design and Electron experience
  ## Responsibilities:
  * Deliver features in an end-to-end manner: technical design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. 
  * Participate in product discussions, taking ownership and initiative. 
  * Work independently in a fast-paced environment.
  ## Nice to haves:
  * A history of working on side/hobby projects and contributing to open source projects is a real plus. 
  * You've worked at a startup before.
  If this spikes your interest email us at : admin@xstealth.space
  * With your resume and brief description about your interests.
  * And relevant links to your portfolio.

Instacart | Sr Full-stack Engineer, Sr Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Sr iOS/Android Engineer | onsite in San Francisco | https://instacart.com

Instacart (YC S12) is building the best way for people everywhere in the world to shop for groceries. Using your phone or the web, you can order groceries and have them delivered to your door in minutes. You can choose from a variety of local stores, as well as being able to mix items from multiple stores into one order.

Every day, we solve incredibly hard problems to create an experience for our customers that is magical. We aim to give our customers back their invaluable time so they can spend it doing the things they love with the people they love.

Hiring Process depends on the position, but will generally follow this flow: Phone screen + simple challenge / Take-home challenge / On-site. We're pretty flexible and can work with you on this.

We care that you can ship product and enjoy taking ownership over what you're working on. We don't really care where you went to school or what companies you've worked for.


  • Ruby (on Rails)
  • ES6+ / TypeScript
  • React / Redux
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Memcached / Redis

Data Analysis & Data Science: SQL, R, Python

Learn more about us and apply directly at:

  • https://careers.instacart.com/
  • http://tech.instacart.com
  • http://stackshare.io/posts/the-tech-behind-instacarts-grocery-delivery-service

I am interested in Data Analysis & Data Science: SQL, R, Python roles! Do you guys have junior-mid level positions? Check out my website (www.hfgoswami.com) I am very much interested! Thanks

Modern Fertility (YC S17) | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, Full-time | Early engineer | https://modernfertility.com/

We are a women's health company focused on making fertility information more accessible for women everywhere. Modern Fertility is the first comprehensive test you can take at home to check in on your fertility. We're growing fast and backed by top tier investors.

We're looking for a talented engineer to join our small team that shares our passion for women's health. As our third engineering hire, you will collaborate with coworkers across teams and own projects from start to finish. Technologies and platforms we use: Javascript, React, CSS/SCSS, Django, Python, Postgres, AWS

Requirements: * You have strong front end skills and experience styling & building web apps, ideally in a startup. We use React/ES6. * You are familiar with the backend - experience with Django/Python is a plus! * You thrive in a fast-paced environment. * You welcome feedback and love to learn. You get energy from working closely with a team. * You're passionate about women's health and making health information more accessible for women everywhere.

If you like making things that make a difference–and having fun doing it–we'd love to hear from you!

To apply: mention you found us on HN and email jobs+engineer (at) modernfertility.com or apply on AngelList at https://angel.co/company/modern-fertility/jobs/277844-softwa...

Southeast USA including: Virginia (Arlington and Dulles), Maryland (Annapolis Junction), South Carolina (Greenville), Alabama (Huntsville), Florida (Melbourne), Texas (Austin and San Antonio), Pennsylvania (State College) and possibly others, all ONSITE. Citizenship is a job requirement.

We do emulators, JIT, hypervisors, stuff similar to valgrind, debuggers, manual disassembly, binary static analysis, parsers, and assembly. We write our own low-level tools, frequently in C99 to run on Linux. We also use IDA Pro, ghidra, qemu, Simics, JTAG debuggers, gdb, Coverity, KlocWork, LLVM, and so on. Easily transferable skills include those related to compilers, kernel drivers, embedded RTOSes, vectorizing, firmware, VxWorks BSP development, symbolic execution, boot loaders, software verification, concolic testing, abstract interpretation, satisfiability (SAT, SMT) solvers, and decompilers. We work with more than a dozen architectures including PowerPC/ppc, MIPS, ARM/Thumb/AArch64, x86/x64/Intel, DSPs, and microcontrollers. We hire from no-degree to PhD. Common degrees include Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics.

We don't normally work overtime, and we get paid more if we do. We're never expected to take work home or be on call. Because of the citizenship requirement, there is no chance that the work will be outsourced. Flex-time is fairly extreme; some do randomish hours.

Location hints: Pick Arlington for a car-free life, subway included. Pick Florida or Texas to live in a place with solid gun rights and no state income tax. Pick Florida for almost no traffic or commute, surfing, and a median house price of about $150,000.

You can email me at users.sf.net, with account name albert.

Do you need to go through clearance?

It is expected. It isn't required on day 1, and we have kept on some people who couldn't get one. People can be mistaken about what would cause denial, so ask if you are unsure. Things far in the past are often forgiven, at least if you disclose them immediately. The major causes for rejection are massive out-of-control debt, personal conduct (lied on the application, etc.), and foreign connections.

Pluralsight | South Jordan, Utah| Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts: (Onsite) Machine learning, Data science, Sr. Software Engineer, Software Engineers (Node.js,C#,.NET, Python, Javascript, React.Js, Tensorflow, Redux.Js), Software Platform Engineer, Senior IOS Engineer, Senior Security Engineer | Remote: Systems Engineer, Principal Product Manager, Salesforce Engineers.

We’re Hiring! Pluralsight empowers businesses everywhere to build adaptable teams, speed up release cycles, and become scalable, reliable and secure. We help companies narrow their employee's skill gaps by providing them with the necessary training to increase their tech skills.

We come to work every day knowing we’re helping our customers build the skills that power innovation. And even better? We don’t let fear, egos or drama distract us from our mission to democratize technology skills.

We have the autonomy to do our jobs, transparency to eliminate office politics and we trust each other to do the right thing. Our teams thrive in an environment with creativity around every corner, challenges that keep us on our toes and peers who inspire us to be the best.

Together, we bring different viewpoints, backgrounds and experiences, and united by our mission—we are one. We can’t wait to meet you.

Apply here: https://www.pluralsight.com/careers

Read more about Pluralsight culture: https://plrsig.ht/2Gb1bYD https://www.pluralsight.com/careers/engineering

Ströer Labs Berlin | Berlin | Onsite | Full time and working students

Ströer Labs Berlin is an adtech division of Ströer, an online and out-of-home advertisement company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Together with teams in New Zealand and Czechia we build and run Ströer's tech platform. Our office is centrally located near Alexanderplatz, is fully stocked with drinks and food, and we have generous remote work policies.

We are looking for:

- Data engineers (junior, mid, senior). We do not expect you to know everything we would like you to, so keep that in mind while reading this. We are looking for skills in Scala, Java, Javascript/Node/Angular/Express, Python/Luigi, Hadoop, Flink, Kafka, HBase, Druid, Puppet, Docker and Kubernetes. Bonus points for skills in AWS (Fargate, Kinesis, EMR, etc.) and upcoming technologies (Rust, Typescript, Elixir, Go, etc.). Talent and willingness to learn can compensate for lack of experience. Fluent English required.

Send applications to tormod [at] mbr-targeting.com

Travelchime (YC W19) | Designer, Full-Stack Engineer/Developer | San Francisco or Remote | https://travelchime.com/, https://travelchime.com/blog/jobs

Travelchime is building tools to make leisure travel easier. We're a YC W19 graduate who's looking to hire our first (non-founder) engineer and first designer.

We believe that travel makes us and the world better, and are trying to lower the bar to travel by bringing together all the information you need to travel in the best tool to organize your plans. Our product so far is a Google Docs for planning travel and sharing recommendations.

We’re an engineering and product-heavy team. A typical week’s work involves talking to users, prioritizing tasks on a kanban, designing on Figma, and building and shipping continuously. Harry and I have worked at Stripe, McKinsey, and Google and studied Computer Science at Yale. We've built profitable travel businesses in the past, and at Travelchime, we try to take the best parts of each of the our past workplaces and bring them together.

We believe in work-life balance. We work regular hours, take time off as a team to eat lunch together (and even cook!), exercise, and enjoy time with friends and family. We love travel and believe it rejuvenates us and makes us better people, and have quarterly travel offsites where the goal is to just enjoy visiting a new place and use the tools we’ve built.

If you enjoy travel, and would love to make it easier for the rest of the world to do it, send us a note at founders@travelchime.com! We’d love for you to join our team.

IOMED | Data Engineer | Barcelona (Spain) | Full Time | Onsite

Are you looking for a job with a direct impact on healthcare? * Problem: Clinical data is messy and makes research slow.

  * Mission: To structure clinical data and give unified, standardized access to it.

  * Product: Natural language processing models and a data access interface for researchers and companies.

  * Traction: Validated idea, Validated business model, growing and scaling stage.

  * Funding: +2y runout and growing. Backed by national and international VCs.

  * Stack: Python, Dask, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Docker, and Kubernetes among others

  * Values: Scientific, methodic, transparent, hard workers with a HUGE emphasis on work-life balance.
Join a multidisciplinary team of mathematicians, statisticians, bioinformaticians and physicians working hard to make clinical research fast, accessible and ubiquitous. Enjoy Barcelona's vibe and nice weather.

Want to know more? Ping me at rocio.paciarotti@iomed.health Check our site for more info https://iomed.health/en

SQream | Tel Aviv / Remote (Bay Area / NYC) | Full-time | https://sqream.com

SQream builds a high performance GPU-accelerated data warehouse for analytics. We aim to make data consumers' life easier, by returning control of the data to them - whether they're BI analysts, data scientists, data engineers, or DBAs. We solve the biggest issues in data with the help of our in-house developed SQL compiler, optimizer, and runtime written in Haskell, C++, CUDA, Python, and more.

Open positions include:

* VP R&D - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Big Data Solutions Architect - Tel Aviv (onsite), New York (onsite), Bay Area (remote)

* Full stack developer - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* SQL Client driver engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Infrastructure and automation engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* DBA for automation testing - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* BI developer for automation testing - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Technical release manager - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Hadoop and ETL engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Director of business development - New York, USA (onsite)

Our careers page: https://sqream.com/careers Questions? jobs@sqream.com

Apollo Agriculture (https://apolloagriculture.com/) | Amsterdam, NL or Nairobi, Kenya | ONSITE

Apollo Agriculture is bringing commercial farming to everyone, starting with farmers in Kenya. We take a proven package of agricultural inputs, the training to use them, and sell them on credit to farmers at a price they can afford. We have great credit models that help us figure out who will pay us back and a custom digital loan pipeline that helps us make these small loans in an efficient way.

We use Scala + Postgres on the backend, Kotlin on our mobile team, and python on our DS team, but are increasingly moving towards scala all over. (For Scala, on the scale from "Java++" to "Bad Haskell" I'd say we're right in the middle. We use a number of functional features but are pragmatists about it.)

We're hiring for excellent software engineers, with a slight preference towards backend engineers currently. To apply, email earl@apolloagriculture.com with a LinkedIn, a resume, or something that shows me why you're fantastic.

I see you've mentioned kotlin on your mobile team, but I don't see any app related postings on the website. I'm super interested given the fact that it's in the farming space :)

Nuna (https://www.nuna.com) | San Francisco / DC | Full-time | ONSITE | Visa Transfer

We build data and analytics solutions that will help shift the US healthcare system to one based on value and quality. We partner with healthcare plans, providers, and the government. Our technical challenges are complex and compelling, and the work we do has the potential to impact millions of lives positively.

Data can be a powerful driver of change—but only when it’s acted upon with empathy. Our technology, data, and analytics solutions help healthcare payers, and providers get the answers they need to make quality care more affordable for millions of people.

Open positions include:

* Infrastructure Engineer

* Product Security Engineer

* Software Engineer - Value Platform, Government Services (DC), Network Products, Web Engineering

* UX Designer

Jobs Board: https://bit.ly/nuna-jobs

Backend Tech Stack: AWS/GCP, Java, Spark, Scala, R, Python, Bash, Go

Web Tech Stack: Python backend (Django), React, Typescript

Compensation: market salary & equity. We are well funded.

Questions? Contact me directly via email: derek+hn@( our domain )

Transparent Systems | Backend Software Engineers & Applied Cryptographers | Seattle, WA | ONSITE

Are you upset with how money works? We’re moving past the old way of thinking and are creating a seamless universal platform to bring settlement up to the speed of the Internet. We offer competitive base salaries, great benefits, all of the control in an early stage start-up, and of course, equity.

We’re looking for strong backend engineers and applied cryptographers to join us. We’re a fun, nimble, collaborative team and we trust our engineers to make smart decisions. We’re using Rust, Terraform and Docker, and looking for engineers who have experience designing and developing distributed systems with a passion for quality.

I'm the CTO - my personal email is in my profile if you'd like to speak directly.

If you want to have a huge impact on a team that’s truly doing something that hasn’t been done before, please reach out directly to careers@transparentsystems.com or apply online: https://jobs.lever.co/transparentsystems

Forward | Software Engineer, Product Manager, Product Designer, Technical Program Manager | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | https://goforward.com/

We’re on a mission to become the first healthcare system to serve a billion people. A mission to make care accessible to those most in need by building technology that scales. If you wake up in the morning with the same drive to do something bigger than yourself, then you might be a fit for Forward.

We were founded in January 2016 by former executives and engineering leaders from Google and Uber. We are funded by some of the world’s best investors and entrepreneurs including Founder’s Fund, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Eric Schmidt (Google/Alphabet Chairman), Marc Benioff (Salesforce Founder), Joe Lonsdale (Palantir Founder), Joshua Kushner (Oscar co-Founder) and Garrett Camp (Uber co-Founder).

Apply now here: https://goforward.com/jobs

Airtame (https://airtame.com) | Copenhagen, Denmark/ Budapest, Hungary | Full-time, Onsite/Remote

Airtame is a young Danish company that develops a wireless streaming product for businesses and education. We are based in windy Copenhagen, but have offices in New York and Budapest.

We're currently hiring:

* C/C++ Engineer - Budapest or Europe (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/4058777002)

* QA Engineer - Budapest (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/4242126002)

* Senior Backend Engineer - Budapest or Copenhagen (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/4300332002)

* Full-Stack Engineer - Budapest or Copenhagen (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/4307730002)

Our team is given significant ownership and responsibility over projects. We encourage experimenting with new technologies and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our code, processes, and systems.

Meet Airtame engineering team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jUqPWEvMlg&list=PLnZhp4hHHk...

Hey, can you elaborate whether you're hiring remote beyond Denmark/Hungary? The job descriptions don't mention it, but your first line does..

I applied to this company in 2016, and upon receiving their offer they suddenly said they were no longer interested in hiring remote. So my guess is, if you're 100% looking for remote, don't count on it with Airtame.

Hey guys, We are open to a fully remote option for some of the roles. For instance, C/C++ could be fully remote.

Thinknum | Web Scraping Engineers & Account Executives | Full-Time | Onsite | Visa Sponsorship | New York

Thinknum, alternative web data platform is looking for web scraping engineers and account executives to join our NYC office.

Thinknum creates datasets from a broad array of public online sources, capturing ephemeral information on the products, operating markets and labor markets of 400,000+ global companies across sectors, and provides rich toolsets for extracting intelligence. We just closed a $11.6M round.

Web Scraping Engineer | Apply here: http://smrtr.io/373Br


* Passionate about Web Scraping

* Expertise in Python

* Experience with Selenium, BeautifulSoup

* Experience with HTML, Javascript, CSS

* Understanding of the DOM, ORMs

Account Executive | Apply here: http://smrtr.io/34MQK


* 2+ years of previous sales experience in SAAS / or B2B sales experience with demonstrated record of success

* Aggressive and capable of opening doors across clients at all levels with a proven track record of repeatable business and business processes; a proven book of business is a MUST

* Very comfortable on the phone and handling large email traffic; ready to engage customers

* Experience in selling enterprise software products, investment analysis tools or data is a plus

* Relentlessly patient and willing to deal with customers at all times of the day

* Strong motivation for best-in-class service

Can you please share an email address? I couldn't manage to get validation email from Smart Recruiters.

Occipital (The Spatial Computing Company) | Full-time | ONSITE | Boulder, CO & San Francisco, CA

At Occipital, we’re working on spatial computing - using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real-world spaces. We believe it will power the next generation of augmented reality and some of the key parts of virtual reality as well. https://occipital.com











For detailed information check out https://occipital.com/jobs

If you apply please mention that you saw this post on Hacker News. Thanks!

Kickstarter | Brooklyn, NY | Full-time | ONSITE (REMOTE for the right person) | https://www.kickstarter.com

Kickstarter is changing how millions of people around the world engage with art and creativity. There’s something special about knowing your hard work and talents are helping tens of thousands of creative projects come to life.

Software Engineer, Payments https://www.kickstarter.com/jobs/software-engineer-payments

Senior Security Engineer https://www.kickstarter.com/jobs/staff-security-engineer

Senior Full Stack Engineer, Project Community https://www.kickstarter.com/jobs/full-stack-engineer

Mixlr | Software Engineer, Product Designer | London, UK | Full-time | https://mixlr.com

Our team is excited about what we're building for live audio.

We're now looking for an experienced Ruby engineer and product designer to help drive it to the next level.

Currently we have thousands of broadcasters —— from radio stations and podcasters to professional sports teams —— who rely on Mixlr to distribute live content to millions of listeners each month. There’s a great opportunity to see your work have a real impact on a large number of audio creators.

Tech stack: Ruby/Rails, Sinatra, Liquidsoap, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Redis, Puppet, Terraform, AWS.

We’re a small, tight-knit bunch. Social, hard-working and heavily inclined towards coffee, snacks and absurd sound effects. Remote-friendly for engineers within the UK and Europe.

To find out more, check out careers.mixlr.com or apply here directly: https://mixlr.workable.com

Hope to hear from you!

Udacity | Multiple | Mountain View, San Francisco, Berlin, Shanghai, São Paulo, New Delhi | ONSITE, FULL-TIME, REMOTE | https://www.udacity.com

Udacity's mission is to democratize education. We're an online learning platform offering groundbreaking education in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, virtual reality, and more. Focused on self-empowerment through learning, Udacity is making innovative technologies such as self-driving cars available to a global community of aspiring technologists, while also enabling learners at all levels to skill up with essentials like programming, web and app development.

Tech: Docker/PostgreSQL with Golang, React, Python, Node.js, or Ruby depending on team. Open positions in Engineering, Infrastructure/DevOps, Data, Design, and Marketing: https://grnh.se/cuagoq2

do you mind sharing your email?

First.io | Back-End Engineer | Rails/Postgres | Durham NC or Remote | Full-time

First is a venture-funded startup at the intersection of artificial intelligence and real estate tech. We identify when people are going to move, and develop products to change the game for real estate professionals.

* 5+ years of developing Rails applications in production

* SQL and relational database experience (not just using a database through an ORM; Postgres a plus)

* Experience in building APIs (REST at least, GraphQL a plus)

* Generalist mindset, excited to jump into many parts of the stack to ship working software

* Clear, effective communication skills, both written and verbal

* Experience with agile practices, including TDD/BDD, continuous delivery, object oriented design, etc Comfort with asynchronous development: pull requests, chat, email, etc

* DevOps and AWS skills a plus

Read full job description and apply at https://boards.greenhouse.io/first/jobs/1562700

Sentenai | Boston | On-site | https://sentenai.com

Are you passionate about distributed systems, functional programming and machine learning? Sentenai is looking for experienced engineers to join our team.

In particular, we're looking for engineers with:

- Industry experience in Haskell, Erlang, or Rust - Proficiency in Haskell (>90% of our SLOC is Haskell) - Some knowledge of time series data concepts - US Citizenship (customer requirement) - Knowledge of FreeBSD a plus

Primary job responsibilities:

- Maintaining and enhancing a large Haskell codebase - Ensuring a high level of code quality - Reviewing the work of other Haskell engineers

Sentenai helps organizations successfully develop and deploy sensor-driven AI/ML applications in challenging environments. Our data platform provides flexible realtime data engineering capabilities, eliminating the need to develop and deploy complex data pipelines for every project.

Interested? Send us an email at jobs@sentenai.com

Flexport (YC W14) | San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL | Onsite | https://www.flexport.com

Flexport’s mission is to make global trade easy for everyone. We are revolutionizing a huge industry that touches every country on the planet, which means solving complex challenges. We are looking for makers who love learning, are passionate about collaborating, and desire to see the global impact of the solutions they build.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/flexport

View all of our jobs here: https://grnh.se/c0d6caef1

Tech Stack:

- Frontend: React, Relay, Flow, Jest, Enzyme

- Mobile: React Native, Apollo

- Backend: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, GraphQL, Python, RSpec

- CI: GitHub, Buildkite

- Infrastructure: AWS, Python

Shape (YC S15 | Start X F17)

San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full-time Hiring | 3D Computer Vision ▪ Sr EE ▪ Sr Data Scientist ▪ Sr ME ▪ Sr Backend ▪ Sr iOS App & Web Developer ▪ and more | $120K-170K + equity

Shape is the company behind ShapeScale, a 3D personal body scanner, scale, and fitness tracker that digitizes your body in photorealistic 3D. Its companion app then shows you where exactly you have been gaining muscle and losing fat by color-grading your 3D avatar.

We are looking to expand our engineering team. It's challenging both on the software and hardware, due to ShapeScale's robotic, rotating and expanding arm. On the computer vision side, we face interesting challenging involving 3D reconstruction, rejigging, and data collection.

All open roles: (https://shapescale.com/careers/

Interested in hearing more? Reach out to careers@shapescale.com for more information

DataArts | Application Developer | Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE | Full-Time | https://culturaldata.org/

DataArts is a cultural arts research organization started by Pew Charitable Trusts earlier in the decade. We are looking for an Applications Developer to work on our PHP/MySQL/Postgres/AngularJS/Angular stack. We are currently working to simplify our platform and scale it out on AWS. We think the ideal candidate will have about 3 to 5 years experience writing in any language, and at least a year of PHP and/or AngularJS.

We offer probably the best work/life balance ever, and we are now backed by Southern Methodist University.

You can direct apply here; https://smu.taleo.net/careersection/ex/jobdetail.ftl?job=MEA...

EmbraerX Beacon | Senior Frontend Engineer (React & React Native); Senior Backend Engineer (Clojure); Senior QA Engineer; Senior Product Designer | REMOTE

Embraer, the third largest producer of civil aircraft, is hiring! We’re building Beacon (https://beacon.works), a tool for airlines and mechanics to manage unscheduled aircraft maintenance. This has the potential to be a very high-value product for the aviation industry and could make air travel better for everyone. We’re looking for a few experienced engineers to form the initial internal engineering team.

Location: Remote (US or Brazil)

Tech: React, React Native, GraphQL, Clojure, Postgres, AWS/GCP

Apply (Engineering): Please email your resume to dom at beacon dot works

Apply (Design): https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1284800922/

Feature Labs, Inc. | Software Engineer | Boston, MA | Full-time | On-site | https://www.featurelabs.com

At Feature Labs, we’re building automation technology to make machine learning easier to use. We work on many unique and important machine learning challenges with a focus on making sure machine learning isn’t just a theoretical endeavor but has a real-world impact.

Currently, our stack is mostly Python on the backend (pandas, django, sklearn), React for the front end, and AWS and docker for deployment. Above all, we prioritize the ability to choose the right approach to solve a problem.

We love open source and hope you do too: https://www.featurelabs.com/open

Apply at https://www.featurelabs.com/careers/

Carta (formerly eShares) | ONSITE | Full-time | https://carta.com | NYC - New York, NY

Carta is building the network graph of asset ownership. We help 10k+ privately held companies and a growing number of public companies track who owns what. We're a series E company and offer very competitive benefits packages (equity, free lunch, 401K, fully subsidized personal healthcare, transportation and cell phone allowances, etc).

Specifically, the Enterprise team creates products to satisfy the needs of large private and publicly traded companies, such as equity management, foreign/domestic money movement, and brokerage (trading stock) services to name a few.


Senior+ full stack engineers



* 4+ years professional software development experience

* Experience writing unit tests


* Experience with Python and Django

* Experience with React

* Development experience with OMS/trading

Drop a note to robert.balousek+jun19 [at] carta [dot] com for more info.

Industrial Analytics IA, Berlin, Germany | Data Scientist | Onsite | Full-time | https://www.industrial-analytics.io/

We are looking for a Data Scientist to join our small but yet fast growing company. You will work with a team of experienced engineers and data scientists taking the challenge to change the world of machine monitoring. You will deal with some big data from the industrial processing world, creating detection and prediction models.

Your profile:

- Engineering, Physics, Math, CS background desired

- Experience with numerical computing languages (e.g., Julia, Python, Matlab)

- Strong experience with various machine learning algorithms

You will have the opportunity to:

- be part of a small team (~10 people) with flat hierarchy

- perform research and experiment with new machine-learning techniques

- surf in the Internet of Things

- have a flexible working time

Submit your application or inquiry to: info [at] industrial-analytics [dot] io

Súper | https://www.superseguros.mx | Mexico City, Mexico | Senior Engineer (Phoenix/Elixir)| Full time | ONSITE

At Súper we build earthquake, health and life insurance that doesn't suck. Instant payments, no claims, super simple.

The job: We're hiring our first full-time engineer. Current version of the app was built by the founders. You will have free rein to build software however you like. This means you need to be very good and can operate in a vacuum. You should enjoy getting things done and extremely tight feedback/coupling with the founding team.

Pay: Top of market.

Requirements: Experience building software in Elixir/Erlang. This could be as a hobby/side project, but in that case you should have 5+ years professional development experience (in any language).


Email me at sebastian@superseguros.mx

AlphaSense (https://alpha-sense.com) | New York, NY | Helsinki, Finland | ONSITE

What We Do: AlphaSense is used by the largest, fastest-growing companies in the world. Powered by AI technology and leveraging advances in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, AlphaSense is a revolutionary search engine that delivers superior results—helping agile teams make better strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Roles - Machine Learning Engineer - AI Researcher - Dev Ops Engineer - Full Stack Engineer - Senior Software Engineer - Site Reliability Engineer - iOS Engineer - More

You can see all of our open roles here: https://alpha-sense.com/careers#positions

Precision Nutrition | Front End / Back End Developers | Remote

Precision Nutrition helps people transform their lives through expert coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship. Our team builds and supports tools for our coaches and clients to help facilitate transformative change and learning.

Tech stack: Ember.js, Ruby/Rails, Postgresql, Some Elixir/Phoenix

Our whole company is remote.. and we're awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

We're looking for Front End and Back End Developers. https://www.precisionnutrition.com/front-end-developer https://www.precisionnutrition.com/senior-backend-developer

SAF Platform | Full Stack Engineers | REMOTE | Full-time | www.safplatform.com

SAF Platform builds software that digitizes the workflow of alternative investments for institutional investors and asset managers. Our mission is to give our clients control over the investment process through the use of our platform. We are a growing company with leadership that has a track record of success. Our company is based out of NYC, but our engineering team is 100% remote. We currently have engineers based in North America, South America and Europe.

Full Stack Engineer - https://bit.ly/2TqxdFv

We are currently looking for mid-to-senior engineers that are based out of the Americas. See above job description for more information.

* Ruby, Rails, JS, React

* Docker, Git, and CircleCI


Aclaimant | Remote | Full Stack Developer | Full-time | https://aclaimant.com

Aclaimant is looking for a senior or mid-level Clojure developer to join our team. At Aclaimant we are redefining the way companies and employees work together to manage risk. Our SaaS platform is built using Clojure and ClojureScript. We work remotely from the comfort of our own homes. Pair programming is important to us; it helps us build culture and share knowledge. We expect candidates to be located within North America. Email jobs@aclaimant.com for more information or visit https://aclaimant.com/careers-developer

CompilerWorks | San Francisco Bay Area:

1. Full-time, remote (or local) developer | $95k-$250k driven by what you bring to the company.

2. Full-time (local) Product Manager | $150k - $250k.



1. Developer/Architect:

If you love solving tough programming challenges and avoiding organizational politics this might be the place for you.

CompilerWorks is a bespoke compiler company, with our core product centered around compiling one dialect of SQL to another - e.g. would you like to run Oracle PL/SQL on a PostgreSQL database? You can with CompilerWorks.

We are driven to solve interesting engineering problems, for this reason we take on challenges where compilers are useful. Our current product focus IS disruptive to the database market.

We are looking for EXPERIENCED developers (our least experienced developer has more than 10 years of experience). Our core development language is Java. We are currently a team of 11 in 8 countries.


2. Product Manager:

If you have domain expertise in enterprise wide data processing read on:

CompilerWorks is a bespoke compiler company, with our core product centered around compiling one dialect of SQL to another - e.g. would you like to run Oracle PL/SQL on a PostgreSQL database? You can with CompilerWorks. Of course our core technology has much wider application.

We are looking for an EXPERIENCED product manager who groks the potential of our technology and is strong enough to wrangle a wide range of product opportunities, customer requests, and a globally distributed experienced development team.


Let us know if you are interested info {at} compilerworks.com

Spill | London, UK | Onsite | https://www.spill.chat/ We're a mental health startup on a mission to bring the benefits of therapy to everyone. We offer message-based therapy for workplaces and universities.

We work with some brilliant companies including Monzo and Rightmove, as well as two Universities, and we are backed by great VC's including Passion Capital and Seedcamp.

You can read a little about our culture here: https://medium.com/spill-stories

We're currently hiring software engineer #3 at Spill. You can get in touch via email at calvin@spill.chat. Thanks!

Tech Stack: React, React-Native, Node.js

Privacy.com | Product Engineer / Full Stack Engineer | 110 - 160k USD / 0.01 - 0.25% | New York, NY | Full Time | Onsite

About Us

At Privacy.com we've reimagined the way consumers and businesses buy online by creating a one click checkout experience everywhere online - all while protecting our customers' financial information by making unique and ephemeral payment card numbers.

We're a small venture-backed company looking to expand our team to keep pace with our growth. We're nimble, product-focused, and working on a multitude of interesting technical challenges across payment processing, fraud detection, scale, and predictive analytics.


Product Engineer

As a Product Engineer at Privacy.com, you'll work at the intersection of design and engineering to build effective and delightful experiences. You have a strong desire to understand the needs of the user and enjoy collaborating with teams across the company on building and shipping products. You'll be working primarily with Javascript (AngularJS, React Native) and SASS/CSS on a variety of platforms including web, mobile and browser extensions.

More Info: https://angel.co/company/privacy-com/jobs/566489-product-eng...

Full Stack Engineer

As a full stack engineer at Privacy.com, you're just as comfortable working with Javascript promises as you are with multiprocessing in python. You'll have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and languages, ranging from our browser extensions to our real-time financial transaction processing engine.

More Info: https://angel.co/company/privacy-com/jobs/307492-full-stack-...

Apply through AngeList or shoot us an email to jobs@privacy.com

Luma Consulting |North Bergen, NJ| | Remote | General Assistant / Junior Developer


Hi HN!

I am looking for an assistant to help me with financial reporting and programming projects. Most of the work is with Python so experience there is a plus. Core job duties will be assisting with drafting financial reports for a Family Office, but that isn’t full time and we will have a lot of opportunities for growth.

Perks: Remote. I give employees the opportunity to learn on the job. For 20% of their time they can work on anything they like. I will also assist you as I am able with certs or courses.

Starting at $20/hr (can be contractor or on the books).

Email your resume to: ryan (at) luma.im

Hello! I am interested to participate in your projects.

My CV: https://zety.com/mycv/vsevols Samples of my code: - year 2013, server(gate) REST->XMPP: https://github.com/vsevols/VkXmppGate

- year 2019, small utility for time-tracker log convertation: https://github.com/vsevols/TomatoAgg

dropped you an email.

Paperspace (YCW15)| Brooklyn, NY | Full-Time | ONSITE or REMOTE

Paperspace is a high-performance cloud computing and ML development platform for building, training, and deploying machine learning models. Tens of thousands of individuals, startups and enterprises use Paperspace to iterate faster and collaborate on intelligent, real-time prediction engines.

We're hiring for a few roles, and we'd love to connect if you're interested!

• C++/QT Engineer

• DevOps Engineer

• Frontend Engineer

• Senior Frontend Engineer

• Fullstack Engineer

• Developer Evangelist (AI & Machine Learning)

Want to learn more? View all job descriptions at https://jobs.lever.co/paperspace or you can email ops@paperspace.com with any questions!

Hi. I looked on lever and saw that only the frontend roles are open to remote. Can you confirm this? I'd be interested in the fullstack role.

Hey - yes indeed. Remote welcome - I can update that! Feel free to apply via our Lever job site.

I hope the C++/Qt role is also Remote welcome. Just sent in my application for the same.

Acusensus | Software Engineers | Melbourne, Australia | ONSITE | https://www.acusensus.com/

We want to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries caused by distracted driving. Come help!! Check out the website for the office address and media videos if you're into those things.

The technologies we are currently using includes AWS, C#, C++, Python, Ubuntu, darknet, docker.

We're ONSITE but we do work flexibly. e.g. I work from home 2 days a week.

Send me an email! murray@acusensus.com. I love reading code. If you have some code that you are able to share, send it to me! I will read it and send back any commentary that pops into my head.

That is a great mission, and it's awesome to see it happening in Melbourne! I'll keep an eye on you guys... :-)

Datadog | Software Engineers | ONSITE (Boston, NYC, Paris) and REMOTE | Full-time

Datadog is a monitoring, tracing, and logs system for your infrastructure and services. We build our own tsdb, distributed tracing tools, cutting edge visualizations, and more. We love shipping great experiences for customers just like us and are growing fast!

We write Go, Python, Java, and React, run on AWS, and are moving to k8s.

We're looking for people who can build systems at scale as we process trillions of events per day. Let us know if that's you!


Marlo | Software Engineer - Backend | Full-Time ($90-120k) | ONSITE / REMOTE | Boston, MA | https://getmarlo.com

At Marlo, we are building software tools to bring meetings into the 21st century. From our Net Meeting Score algorithm to diagnose unproductive meetings to NLP models giving custom recommendations for meeting facilitators, we are shipping exciting new features to our customers every week. We are looking for a full-time backend developer to join us in our quest to make meetings the best they've ever been.

What You'll Do

-Work directly with the CTO on building new features for our many microservices

-Develop new endpoints and backend functionality for our web applications

-Build for reliability and uptime as we quickly scale our product to thousands of users

-Have the opportunity to work on infrastructure, DevOps, and/or data pipelining if interested

About You

-You love learning. You enjoy experimenting with new technology, including areas with which you might not have experience with yet.

-You have experience in Python web development. Our entire stack is Python-based (Django and Flask) and we want to make sure you can hit the ground running.

-You feel comfortable working as a full-time contributor and can be successful with significant autonomy.

-You want to rid the world of meetings that suck.

Why Marlo?

As Marlo originated out of the MS/MBA program at Harvard, the team has a solid technical base on top of significant business talent. We will always be an innovation-focused organization and will continue to build the best software tools to quantify and improve the meeting space. If you're interested in joining a fast-growing startup that will change the way people view meetings, Marlo is the place for you!

Apply here: https://angel.co/l/2gU2rq or apply directly by emailing your GitHub link or a piece of interesting code to info (at) getmarlo (dot) com

Learnosity | Sydney, Australia | Full-time | ONSITE | VISA | https://learnosity.com/company/careers/

Learnosity is an Education-focused software company and our products are used to power learning for millions of students around the world. We provide edtech companies the building blocks for interactive learning tools and assessments, allowing them to focus on what makes them unique instead of reinventing the wheel.

We are looking for:

- Back End Engineer: Analytics Team - Our customers deliver tens of millions of tests and activities every month. Our mission is to make this data accessible and more valuable to our customers through our back end & front end Analytics APIs. (PHP, Symfony, Go, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redshift, AWS) https://learnosity.workable.com/j/CE0F2F5811

- Full Stack Engineer: Internal Apps Team - We build applications that allow us and our customers to manage their Learnosity playform and provide the data, tools, and services our customers and colleagues need to solve problems and excel at their tasks. (PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, Scala, Play, Go, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS) https://learnosity.workable.com/j/F5A52EA61B

Nimble | Bangkok, Thailand & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Fulltime | ONSITE | Visa/Work Permit + Relocation assistance | https://jobs.nimblehq.co/

We are a team of passionate software engineers, product managers and designers that enjoy building outstanding web and mobile applications.

Millions of people use our apps. We work for companies of all sizes; from 1-person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. We take a collaborative and product development approach, creating custom software that people will love to use and solving our clients' problems so that they can focus on what they do best - better.

- Senior Web Developer: https://jobs.nimblehq.co/o/lead-web-developer-1

- Senior Android Developer: https://jobs.nimblehq.co/o/lead-android-developer-201906

- Senior iOS Developer: https://jobs.nimblehq.co/o/lead-ios-developer-1

- Technical Product Owner: https://jobs.nimblehq.co/o/technical-product-owner-1

Nerevu Group | Data Analyst & Backend Development Intern | Peoria, IL | Onsite (Remote Possible) | Part Time

Nerevu Group is a data analytics and software startup headquartered in Peoria, Illinois that gives organizations a 360° view of their customer. By analyzing user interactions, we help businesses better engage and retain their customers. This leads to improved conversion rates, higher customer satisfaction, and increased recurring revenue. We’ve worked with intergovernmental organizations, non-profits, and private corporations.

Are you interested in working at a startup? Do you want your job to offer you impactful and novel challenges to solve every day?

Nerevu Group is hiring for a Data Analyst & Backend Development Intern in Peoria, Illinois (remote possible). Nerevu Interns will work on client project deliverables and also play a key role in creating internal tools, products, and services. You will be part of a growing team that is focused on support, co-learning, creativity, and growth. You’ll enjoy working with Nerevu if you’re an unabashed data enthusiast, not one for the status quo ("that's the way we've always done it" isn't in your vocabulary), or want help build a company from the ground up.

More info & apply: https://nerevu.workable.com/jobs/1045003

LetsCompass | Front end developer | San Francisco / Boston / Remote | pre-product: https://www.letscompass.com/

We are a startup that is delivering transformative lead-generation and lead-enhancement solutions, as well as other point-solutions based on web scraping. We have a highly effective dynamic web scraper, with a focus on delivering customizable data sets to build and enhance sales leads. We believe that sales teams should be focused on selling - our product finds leads and automates the prospecting process, so sales teams can focus on what they do best.

We want to turn the sales process on its head. Instead of acquiring cheap / unreliable leads, and relying on an army of salespeople to prospect and qualify those targets, clients can use our software to set prospecting parameters from the start. That way, sales professionals can find the exact leads they want, and never prospect again.

We are hiring a front end dev to rebuild an outdated, existing front end for our new back end. We have repositioned our web scraper from a price comparison chrome plugin (linked above) to serve a more robust function as a lead generation tool. You would be integral in redesigning the front end for our new product!

Thanks for reading, please apply here if interested!


Software Engineering- Mentor | Bangalore | Full-time employment | 75 paid vacations days | INR100K learning & travel allowance | Competitive compensation | Apply at https://bit.ly/2S9PNVw

If you've ever thought of sharing your programming skills, we want you. MountBlue Technologies (https://www.mountblue.io) is looking for great software engineers to mentor the next generation of coders. Come, contribute towards making India a nation of coders. You have been saying you want to give back- here is your chance

Design, plan and implement a 9-12 weeks intensive programming bootcamp in one of the various streams such as Full-Stack Web development, Android, iOS, front-end intensive, backend intensive etc. Be a coach and a cheer leader. Continuously push, nudge and encourage, trainees to produce their best work.

MountBlue vision is to be an alternative to traditional college education. Currently, MountBlue’s business is running coding bootcamps for entry level programmers on most in-demand web and mobile technologies, with a view of finding them rewarding development careers in startups. Our developers are in some of the most well-known startups in India- from bootstrapped software shops to unicorns. If successful, MountBlue will rewrite the technology education paradigm in the country

https://teads.com | Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Devops + more | Java, Scala, JS | Montpellier, Paris - FRANCE | Full-Time, ONSITE, relocation assistance About us: Teads was created in 2011 in the south of France in Montpellier. We were the first to offer OutStream Video Advertising formats, allowing you to keep the Web free AND enjoyable for everyone. We have united and empowered the best publishers in the world and distribute ads to over 1.5bn people every month within professionally-produced content.

Our engineering team brings together more than a hundred talented individuals (feature teams) that tackle great back-end and machine learning challenges as well as ambitious web and mobile projects. Our infra is hosted on AWS (3 regions, 1500 instances).

Our stack includes Java, Scala, Spark, React, Node.js, ES6, TypeScript, Go, etc. (https://stackshare.io/teads/teads). But, we're not only looking for people with experience in these!

For more info, you can check our blog https://engineering.teads.tv and our job offers https://www.teads.com/teads-careers/#careers Have a great day :)

can you refer me? email id?

MakerSights | Lead: Data Science + Senior: Fullstack, Frontend, and Backend Engineers | San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE (1)MakerSights uses real consumer input to enable world-class brands to decide what products they manufacture and sell. (2) We're a profitable, 28-person startup, based in SF's beautiful Jackson Square and we're going to double headcount and revenue this year. (3) Daily we work with the most exciting client-brands in the world and help them save millions of dollars, including Levi's, Madewell, All birds, Chinola, Hoka One One and more!

We are the product decision platform for retail, bridging the gap between what brands think consumers want and what consumers purchase. Aligned with the retail calendar, MakerSights’ AI-driven technology partners with product teams, informing and de-risking decision-making – across early-stage concepting, line planning, and go-to-market – before resources are committed.

Data Science: https://grnh.se/334cd2772 Fullstack: https://grnh.se/55971d322 Backend: https://grnh.se/7d2c45c42 Frontend: https://grnh.se/40bd7c3e2

EDITED | Lead Front End Developer | London | Onsite | Full Time

EDITED is a Data Science company that supplies the biggest real-time retail data source, on tens of millions of products daily, to some of the world's best fashion retailers. Our product is powered by machine learning, lets industry experts explore global & regional markets and get insights on performance and trends worldwide.

As EDITED's Lead Front End Engineer, you'll be involved in leading and managing our 4 strong Front End team in the building of new product features from scratch. You'll also be working closely alongside the rest of the product and design team to create an amazing user experience for our customers. This role is a mixture of hands-on development, team management and helping set the technical direction for the Front End of our product.

Our web app is primarily built using the latest web technologies like React, so expect to dive straight into those. We are looking for someone with a strong Front End background (6+ Years experience) and a love for building web applications consisting of more than just HTML and CSS.

You can find out more information and apply here:https://edited.com/jobs/engineering/

BuySellAds (https://buysellads.com) | Fully REMOTE (US timezones strongly preferred)

We’re looking for an integration engineer with ad tech experience who wants to make ad tech a little less crappy

About us: BuySellAds operates the largest self-serve advertising marketplace on the web. We're an adtech company empowering publishers and advertisers to connect more efficiently. Don’t let the "adtech" part scare you away: our mission is to help publishers better monetize their sites so they can spend their time focusing on what they care about (their content!) rather than selling ads. We leverage tech to help broker these sales, and attempt to distance ourselves from the shady world of advertising that existed before.

Dribbble, CodingHorror.com, NPR, and The Atlantic are just some of the sites who we’re able to help make more money - connecting them with advertisers like Adobe, Microsoft Azure, Slack, Digital Ocean, and Atlassian who are all able to expand their reach through us.

We are a fully distributed/remote team, with 49 people spread out across 25 cities in 5 countries. We primarily use Rails and React, with a smattering of Go and PHP, but seek to hire developers who are language agnostic and are more interested in shipping quality code than bikeshedding it.

Interested? Send an email to dev+q2@buysellads.com (or ping me directly, firstname@) with some details on your background and what interests you about working with us.

Fleetio | Senior Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer | Full-time | REMOTE or on-site at HQ in Birmingham, AL | https://www.fleetio.com/careers

Fleetio is a modern software platform that helps thousands of organizations around the world manage a fleet of vehicles. Transportation technology is a hot market and we’re leading the charge.

Your work will be heavily focused toward high level, high impact areas. You’ll work closely with Product Managers and Designers to plan, design, and implement some of our more complex features. You’ll have a strong voice in the development and planning processes. You'll be joining a tight-knit team that's used to moving fast and taking on responsibility. That said, we have lives outside of work, and we know you do too. We are a family-friendly company that is still young enough for you to get a nice slice of equity but old enough to be a stable and healthy place to work.

Tech Stack: Ruby/Rails, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Postgres and Heroku - currently on Rails 5.1 and strive to keep our frameworks and libraries up to date.

Perks: competitive pay, meaningful company equity, 100% coverage of health and dental insurance, strong remote working culture, professional development budget

Apply here: https://www.workable.com/j/183C8EE373

Cignition | Software Engineer: Full-Stack/Generalist; Game Dev | San Mateo, CA, USA | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

Cignition is an growing education startup that is passionate about blending the arts and sciences of gameplay, teaching, and neuroscience to create immersive learning experiences for children. Our game, FogStone Isle, is loved by teachers, parents, and children. We are also rolling out an online micro-tutoring service (currently in trials in low-income schools). We believe in the importance of measuring the efficacy of our offerings, with a focus on improving students' conceptual understanding.

We are looking for a software engineer to take over a mixture of backend development, web development, data analysis, and AWS/GCP dev ops. There will also be some machine learning in the near future. Basically, we need someone with good software fundamentals and the ability to pick up whatever is needed (our stack is currently Python/Flask/MongoDB, though you would get to decide future directions).

This is to replace me as I head back to grad school. Our other engineer is primarily focused on game development, though he is super-sharp and shares the load for non-game work as well.

We are also looking for another game dev. Our game uses the Unity engine.

Contact: jobs@cignition.com https://cignition.com

FYI: We are currently a small team, and you would often work directly with everyone else: the CEO, marketing, teacher/tutor relations, and product/game design folks. You'd get to help define the vision for our products and company.

Please ask any questions you may have!

Squad (YC W18) | Android / iOS Engineers | Full-Time | San Francisco | REMOTE | https://squadapp.io Squad is a new way to communicate with your friends––sharing screens and chatting live on video together. It’s the next best thing to hanging out IRL. Our novel approach makes screen time more connective and collaborative for Gen Z.

Our mission is to reduce loneliness by bringing people together to engage in meaningful and fun experiences.

We are a distributed team with a hub in San Francisco. You’ll be implementing fun and engaging features to delight our growing user base. You will be deeply involved in the design process, and own features from conception to roll out.

- Android: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/squadappio/view/P_AA....

- iOS: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/squadappio/view/P_AA....

We’re a creative, diverse and fast-moving team that’s passionate about building the future of social communication. If you are driven by ownership and impact, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to ping me directly with any questions at esther@squadapp.io

CTC (Chicago Trading) | Python Engineers | Full Time | Chicago, IL | ONSITE

Are you someone who wants to challenge your skills with quantitative problems in combination with your software expertise? Do you love working with state-of-the-art data science techniques? You would stay on top of current and new technology such as Python3, Dask, Flask, and Jupyter as it relates to your role making an impactful contribution to the firm. On our team, you will have the opportunity to work closely with multiple groups throughout the organization including quant, platform services, and operations teams. This role gives you the chance to work in a collaborative setting sharing your ideas, while also gaining knowledge from fellow teammates.

About CTC: Chicago Trading Company is a proprietary trading firm founded in 1995.

Back then we did all our business on Chicago's noisy exchanges. Today our teams work primarily in our own space -- a former trading floor that's now a busy hive of collaboration where our traders, quants, technologists and operations teams work together to solve the toughest problems our markets have to offer. We hold each other to the highest standards - in our effort, our ingenuity, and our integrity.


PsiKick | Data Scientist | Ann Arbor, MI | Full-time, ONSITE

PsiKick in an industrial internet-of-things (IIOT) company that creates energy-harvesting batteryless sensors to monitor industrial equipment like steam traps and motors. Our founders have invented the lowest-power wake-up radios on the market, and we complement that IP with a full-stack solution spanning hardware, software, and analytics. We've got amazing investors and a long runway, so now we're taking time to build a platform that will scale to millions of sensors.

I'm looking for a Data Scientist to join me in our Ann Arbor office as the second member of the Data team. We're working to detect and predict state changes in the equipment we monitor. I'm focusing on the data infrastructure and pipeline currently and need help with the algorithmic state detection and building tools to help analysts annotate our data as efficiently as possible. I'm particularly interested in applicants with a background in signal processing or applied mathematics.

I work primarily in Python (numpy/pandas/etc), with some R (tidyverse, Shiny), and deploy to AWS with Docker (ECS, EKS).

This role should be posted in the next week or so. In the meantime, checkout our careers page at https://www.psikick.com/careers/ and email me at clayton dot yochum at psikick dot com.

Zume Inc. | Senior Fullstack Software Engineers | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | https://zume.com/

The Company: Zume is on a quest to be the most powerful source of health and well-being on the planet. To achieve our objective, we must facilitate the provision of wholesome, affordable food on a global scale and in a sustainable manner. We are meeting this challenge by providing an end-to-end, scalable platform that reduces the time and distance between clean food sources and dense population centers, using cutting-edge automation and transportation logistics. By developing better tools and processes, we can feed people healthier, sustainably-grown food, delivered fresh and free from chemical stabilization.

The Role: Zume needs experienced technology leaders to help build, improve, and scale our products. You will own the delivery of major features that enable a complex logistics machine to run smoothly and flawlessly, to the delight of Zume’s customers. Shipping these features will require good communication with all stakeholders and solid judgement about how to architect code to both ship quickly and handle changes in the future.

Apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/zume/jobs/4108466002?utm_source...

LYRASIS | DevOps Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time

Do you have experience with open-source technologies and like to help users resolve their technical problems? Do you have experience with library technology and are excited to help libraries further their mission? Are you looking for a remote position?

LYRASIS is seeking a Devops Engineer who will be responsible for bringing up new client sites, improving existing devops infrastructure, contributing back to open source projects and providing technical support to our open source cloud-based hosting clients, in particular Islandora (v7 and v8) and Library Simplified.

Library Simplified is an open-source e-book content aggregator developed for public library use by the New York Public Library. It aggregates content from a library’s e-book vendors, integrates with the libray’s ILS for patron access, and provides access to open ebook content. It provides all this content to library patrons for checkout and download via a mobile app called SimplyE.

Islandora is an open-source, community-driven and -supported digital asset management platform. It captures digital items (photos, newspapers, books, journals, video, etc.) and their corresponding metadata and provides access to them over the web.

If you are interested you can find more details and apply here: https://lyrasis.isolvedhire.com/jobs/66615.html

Elation Health | Software Engineer / Systems Engineer | San Francisco, CA| Full Time & REMOTE

At Elation we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible. We've got a number of roles available in engineering and across the organization. See them all here: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers/

Specifically I'm closely involved with trying to fill our positions in engineering. Looking for Software Developers (particularly frontend folks!) as well as Systems Engineers focus on cloud based infrastructure & ops. Our engineering team is about half based in our San Francisco office and half remote, at the moment we're focused on adding some folks in the home office (though the Systems Engineer role is open to REMOTE). Tech stack is AWS/Python/Django/MySQL/ReactJS. We have a great team full of people that really value working closely with product, customer-experience, and users. Lots of interesting problems to solve!

Apply online at the link above -- Also feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or are curious! I'm always happy to chat with people about healthcare, startups, whatever. Contact info's in profile.

Lumen5 | Mobile Developer and Customer Success | Vancouver, BC | Fulltime, Onsite | https://lumen5.com

We're a startup (15 people so far) that is growing quickly! We're writing software that uses machine learning to convert text content into video. We've found that what we're building is very attractive to marketing teams from lots of different organizations and we've got tons of interesting search, NLP, artificial intelligence, video rendering, and web scaling technical challenges. Right now, we're hiring:

- Mobile developer (react native): we haven't built a mobile app before, so this is a great chance to work on something really greenfield. You'll set up the whole architecture, decide which tools we use, how we release updates, and drive the direction of our mobile platform! https://lumen5.workable.com/j/B2928CA74B?viewed=true

- Customer Success Lead: Provide expert guidance to help our 15,000 monthly active users, wow our Enterprise clients with timely, white-glove customer service, and maintain and expand our education materials. Grow the customer success department from one to a full team - lots of growth potential. https://lumen5.workable.com/j/36D2D6F760?viewed=true

Blackbird Studios | Sr Fullstack Developer | San Francisco | Onsite or Remote | US Citizens Only | Contract to hire

Blackbird Studios is a full service digital product studio. We specialize in a holistic approach to launching new software products inspired by Human Centered Design and Lean UX. We partner with top innovation and design firms (like IDEO) to bring startup best practices in launching ambitious new products into market. Our teams include CTO consulting, Software Development, UX/UI, team building, and Product Management. We work with large and small companies/startups on projects ranging from 1-6 months with 2-7 people on each project.

We build full stack web, mobile, IoT, physical installations, etc. Our favorite stack is React, React Native, GraphQL, and Rails. We also use a wide range of other tech as needed since we face a pretty diverse set of challenges. Recent and upcoming examples: Elixir/Phoenix, .Net, Native iOS/Swift, Native Android/Kotlin.

Working at Blackbird is very different from larger product companies. We operate in very strategic relationships with our clients and partners which gives us all a unique opportunity every few months to deep dive into a new interesting understanding of our client's business and build ground up new apps where everyone is making major and early contributions. It is very satisfying and fun work!

We are looking for Senior and Lead Fullstack Developers excited about building great software products, who are great teammates, and who are passionate about continuously refining best practices for creating successful digital products. Experience in dev team leadership, new product development, collaboration with business and design stakeholders, and consulting experience are all a huge plus. Specific skills ideally include our favorite stack (at least very interested in learning) plus (nice to have) expertise in one of .NET/C#, iOS/Swift, or Android/Kotlin. We work remotely but occasional travel to San Francisco and other locations is part of the job for project kickoffs and other critical collaboration phases or meetings.

Interested? We want to hear from you! Please send resume/CV or LinkedIn to jobs@blackbird.us. I am a founder so ask me anything! If there are other aspects of what we do that interest you definitely still hit me up!

BitMEX | San Francisco | VISA | On-Site | bitmex.com/careers

What is BitMEX - and why do we exist? BitMEX is a derivatives trading platform that offers investors opportunities using only Bitcoin. We are not a spot exchange where you can buy Bitcoin with USD or other fiat currencies. Across the globe, and particularly in Asia, we have over half a million open accounts, of which approximately 100,000 belong to active users.

Effectively, BitMEX offers commercial hedgers, Bitcoin miners, and professional and retail traders the ability to speculate on the price of Bitcoin, and to exchange Bitcoin risk, with other market participants on a level playing field. Our platform was developed by ex-bankers who were (and are) well-versed in computer science, financial engineering, and traditional finance. BitMEX launched in 2014 and subsequently has grown to become one of the most important marketplaces in the crypto space.

Our hottest positions are listed below. Please apply if you are interested in learning more. For questions, reach out to people@bitmex.com

Senior Data Eng- https://grnh.se/f602ee3a2 Senior PM, Web - https://grnh.se/a43b96db2 API Engineer - https://grnh.se/499fb4222

Markforged | Software Engineers (all levels, full stack), Software Engineering Managers/Directors | ONSITE | Boston, MA, USA | https://www.markforged.com

Markforged builds cutting-edge cloud connected industrial 3D printers that produce parts 50x faster that are 23x stronger and 20x lower-cost. We print in composites (eg. carbon fiber) and in metal!

Check out this interview with our CEO from Rapid 2019 to learn about how we are changing the game with our new software offering, Blacksmith: https://3dprint.com/244314/interview-with-markforgeds-greg-m...

Our software stack: * Webapp - Express.js / AWS backend, AngularJS / WebGL frontend, Electron for optional desktop client, CoffeeScript * Computational geometry engine for part slicing - Written from scratch in CoffeeScript and C++. Runs on AWS Lambda, in-browser, or on desktop client * Printer touchscreen application - Node Webkit / AngularJS + Python, all on top of a custom Debian image on a BeagleBone * Printer firmware - embedded C on a custom board

To apply email me directly with your resume at cary.demello@markforged.com or go to www.markforged.com/jobs to check out our full slate of jobs and apply there.

Airtable | Software Engineer | San Francisco | REMOTE (US only)

Airtable's mission is to expand human productivity by letting everyone create tools to organize their world. Our current product includes a real-time collaborative database and a rich set of components for building tools using this database. Unlike single-purpose apps, we think of Airtable as a toolkit of building blocks that people can repurpose to create their own applications. Our roadmap is filled with enhancements and additions to this toolkit that will push the boundaries of Airtable's capabilities.

To see some of the ways people are already using Airtable, check out https://airtable.com/universe

We're hiring engineers for web (Javascript + Flow, Node, React), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), and Android.

We're a small team, with backgrounds from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. We believe in the power of highly motivated and capable individuals to accomplish great things in small teams, with end-to-end ownership of projects and rapid iteration. Read more about our engineering culture and values here: https://www.keyvalues.com/airtable

You can apply here: https://airtable.com/jobs

Nylas|San Francisco|NYC|Full-time|On site

The Nylas APIs make it easy for developers to build simple yet sophisticated email, calendar, and contacts integrations into software applications. Companies like Pipedrive, Lever, NewsCorp, Velocify, Hyundai, and hundreds more leverage our APIs to create amazing email and scheduling features in their products.

We’re proud of our team and fight to include traditionally underrepresented groups of people in tech. Our co-founder, Christine Spang, leads engineering as CTO and has written extensively about our values and our commitment to diversity on our Key Values profile. We actively and regularly work with the entire team to shape our culture to our ideal of honesty, transparency, individual empowerment, and kindness.

Check out our keyvalues page here: https://www.keyvalues.com/nylas

All open positions: https://jobs.lever.co/nylas/

Staff Software Engineer (SF): https://jobs.lever.co/nylas/7f6b0dad-7867-4bf9-9697-3e16babb...

Site Reliability Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/nylas/904a7af3-1734-47f6-8896-5d9e5b07...

Questions? Email me at cat@nylas.com

HealthRhythms | Backend Engineer | NYC | Full-time

At HealthRhythms [https://healthrhythms.com] we are working to make it easy to measure and care for everyone’s mental health. Our products leverage real-time mobile measurements with data analysis and modeling to create truly personalized just-in-time interventions. We are helping people and their clinicians detect and characterize their mental health from passively available data from their mobile phones.

We are funded by the NIH as well as seed investors, and we work with researchers, hospital/healthsystems, as well as pharma companies.

We're looking for independent thinkers who care deeply about the problems we're solving. Our mission is to redefine not only how we measure and treat mental illness, but how we optimize wellbeing as a whole.

We are looking for a backend engineer to help drive our various python coding efforts. You'll be working closely with our data science and mobile engineering teams on our data pipeline, improving our data quality system, and helping our data scientists put behavioral inferences into production.

Details are here: https://www.healthrhythms.com/s/backend-engineer-2019.pdf

Email us your resume and tell us a bit about yourself at jobs@healthrhythms.com

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Reaktor | Software Developer, from World to Amsterdam | VISA, ONSITE

We: engineering and design company, located in Amsterdam, 12 nationalities strong, 18 years old. You: a gifted developer, not necessarily located in Amsterdam, whatever nationality or age, interested in seeing what the land of tulips has to offer.

Reaktor is looking for software developers to join our team in Amsterdam – wherever you might be living now.

From day one, our growth philosophy has been to hire any and all Reaktorians out there. In order to help newcomers from abroad ease into Dutch life as smoothly as possible, we have now published our very own Relocation Guide: https://relocate-to-amsterdam.reaktor.com

What we expect from you: – A ton of skill and wisdom in working with tech that you consider useful. In no particular order, here are some things many of us like: functional programming, Node.js, Clojure, React, Swift, SQL, NoSQL, general bleeding edge stuff – Ability to read and speak English fluently and idiomatically – Appreciation for agile and lean principles that actually work, and solving really hard problems with clean code – Willingness to be responsible for your work, development and career path

What we’re offering to you: https://www.reaktor.com/careers/software-developer-from-worl...

(All open roles: reaktor.com/careers/amsterdam)

Drop us a line: careers-nl@reaktor.com. <3

RadioPublic PBC | Sr Full-Stack Web Developer | Boston, MA and Anywhere | Full-Time | REMOTE

Join us in creating a delightful consumer podcast experience that is scalable, beautiful and of exceptional quality. We want to create something that listeners and podcasters love and recommend to their friends. Learn more about why RadioPublic is a great place to work.

We're looking for someone to join our team working on our Website and APIs.

You'll have the opportunity to influence the technical and product decisions at an early stage company that's rethinking radio. You'll work directly with members of the founding team, industry veterans who started RadioPublic after years at PRX, and add your own expertise to the conversation. You'll shape the future of podcasts by helping to craft an exceptional experience for our apps and on the web, and construct world class tools for producers to reach their listeners and build a sustainable business.

Stack: React, Redux, AWS Lambda (using Typescript & Node), Ruby on Rails, Postgres, and ElasticSearch, CSS, HTML, XML, XSLT

Our tech-team is fully distributed. We're only set up to handle employees in the US right now, but will try to work something out for an exceptional candidate.

Apply: https://radiopublic.workable.com/j/A37DB50D2E or email chris@radiopublic.com

HqO | Software Engineers, UI/UX | Boston, MA | Onsite | https://www.hqo.co

What we do: A tenant experience (TeX) platform that connects people to places, experiences, and each other. Aka the app for your building.

We're well funded and are active in over 20 million sq. feet of property.

Our stack is mostly JS with React Native + React on the frontend and a new Node.js/TypeScript/GraphQL backend. We've got amazing work/life balance and are looking for senior engineers to keep raising the bar and help revolutionize an age-old industry.

Shoot me your resumes/questions. Email in profile.

Backend Engineers: https://hqo.applytojob.com/apply/0s1ByARDjq/Back-End-Enginee...

Frontend Engineers: https://hqo.applytojob.com/apply/xulftv47ax/Front-End-Engine...

UI/UX: https://hqo.applytojob.com/apply/JfW73j99yr/UXUI-Designer?re...

Interos Solutions, Inc. | Full Stack Sr. Software Engineer (Haskell) | Full-Time | ONSITE | Arlington, VA or Menlo Park CA Interos Solutions, Inc. is a fast-growing venture backed company with an AI-driven SaaS application that delivers our commercial and government customers insights into their ever-changing business ecosystems. The core of our platform is the compilation, analysis and visualization of dynamically changing big data collected across open source, proprietary and public data sources. To accelerate our growth, we are building our team of Haskell engineers, data analysts, data scientists, UI/UX professionals and product managers. We are committed to building a world class product organization that leverages tools like Haskell and latest machine learning techniques to achieve outsized results as individuals and as a team. Summary

You will design, code, implement and maintain both front-end and back-end technologies. You will have room to shape your work and have an outsized impact on our product and our culture. We're looking for engineers who relish solving the hard-technical and analytics challenges and diving into the subtle details that make products amazing. Being part of and leading an innovative engineering team, you'll need solid hands-on experience in Haskell as well as web technologies and databases. Experience with machine learning, big data and cloud infrastructure are a plus.


Goodcover | REMOTE (US based) | Senior Software Engineer | SF, CA | FULL-TIME

Goodcover is building an insurer with the radical idea: We give unused premium back to the customer. We are starting in California with Renters insurance. We are looking to expand engineering and will be launching this year.

We are looking for someone senior who can hit the ground running. We are a pragmatic functional shop, who develops entirely in Scala, including the frontend (Scalajs).

Email me if you’re interested. Dan AT goodcover dot com I’d love to hear from you!

Peloton is hiring for Senior React Native Engineers-


In this role, you will work with the team that is responsible for expanding the Peloton ecosystem for Web and Mobile platforms. You’ll be working to implement a cutting-edge user experience that can be seamless for both Android, iOS, and Web users. You will also work with internal tech teams to identify and build platform elements required to support key mobile product features. React native experience is not required, but a plus for this role!


7+ years of Software development experience and minimum 2 years of React Native development experience Thorough understanding of React and its core principles Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model Experience with popular React workflows (such as Flux or Redux) Passion about complex, interactive applications with a thoughtful UX/UI Familiarity with RESTful APIs Experience creating, optimizing, and integrating (API) calls; background in API development preferred Experience documenting coding and architectural decisions History of building high-level user interfaces using rapid prototyping methodologies Experience designing application frameworks for use across multiple products Experience working in Agile Methodologies

job spec: https://www.onepeloton.com/company/careers/1681426

IF INTERESTED, please email me directly: amanda.uziel@onepeloton.com

Onsite or remote?

3dB Labs | Software/Signal Processing Engineers, System Administrator | Cincinnati, OH area | Non-remote | Full-time | https://www.3db-labs.com

We are seeking electrical/computer/software engineers of all experience levels. Experience with signal processing theory, digital communications systems, and/or software defined radio is a big plus. We develop custom high-performance signal processing and visualization products, primarily implemented in software running on COTS hardware. Our core technologies are C++ (from C++98 to C++17) and Python (2.x and 3.x). Interest and/or past experience in implementing signal processing algorithms on FPGAs is also a plus. Active US government security clearances are a big plus.

We are also seeking a systems administrator/information systems security officer to oversee our IT infrastructure and information system security processes. Familiarity with US government regulations such as ICD-503 Risk Management Framework and NIST SP 800-171 CUI are required. Experience with DISA STIGS requirements is also great to have. An active security clearance is needed for this role.

3dB Labs is located in West Chester, OH, between the cities of Cincinnati and Dayton. Our small but growing elite team enjoys a great work environment, competitive compensation, and incredible benefits. US citizenship is required for all of our positions.

If you're interested, send me an email at jasonr [at] 3db [hyphen] labs [dot] com and we can talk further!

Intersection | https://www.intersection.com | Manhattan, New York City (NYC) | Multiple Roles | Full-time | ONSITE

At Intersection, we are at the forefront of the smart cities revolution. Our mission is to improve daily life in cities and public spaces. Our products include a smart cities platform, Link (such as LinkNYC), Transit, Connect Communities, and programmatic advertising.

Our stack includes modern JavaScript (ES6), React, Python, Go, Docker, Scala, Swift, Ansible, AWS Services, Android, iOS, and more.

Here are some of the roles we have open:

  * Software Engineer, Smart Cities Platform
  * Senior Software Engineer, Smart Cities Platform
  * Senior Software Engineer, Transit
  * Staff Software Engineering, Smart Cities Platform
  * Senior Software Engineering, Front End
  * Senior Software Engineer, Smart Cities Client Experience
  * Technical Lead, AdTech
  * Technical Lead, Ad Products
  * Technical Lead, Fleet Manager
  * Graphic Designer (Marketing)
  * VP of Sales (Place Exchange)
  * Director, Business Development (Place Exchange)
You can see some of our open roles here: https://rebrand.ly/ixnjobs

If you're generally interested in smart cities or you see a role on the list that you're interested in, feel free to reach out to me at matt.joseph [ at ] intersection.com with "Hacker News" in the subject.

NTWRK | Hollywood, Los Angeles (LA), CA | Software Engineer (SWE) | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://thentwrk.com

NTWRK is a video-first mobile shopping experience with celebrity guests and exclusive products. We are a new content and commerce company challenging the traditional definitions of retail and entertainment.

We're looking for engineers to join our fast growing team to help us build the future of ecommerce! We're built on Golang + React. Engineers take features here from start to finish and there are a ton of opportunities to learn. We are still an early company and are growing fast (doubled in size in the last 6 months). You will play a foundational role as we grow the team and the company.

Our team is made up of leaders from YC-backed startups, Snapchat, Facebook, HBO, Legendary, Fullscreen and more. We deal with really interesting technical problems due to the live/show nature of our product.

We’re well funded and backed by top-tier investors including Jimmy Iovine, LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Warner Bros. Digital Networks. We have featured collaborations with Odell Beckham Jr./Nike, DJ Khalid/Beats, Blake Griffin/Levi’s, Wu-Tang Clan/Clarks, and more.

Send me your resume: alex@thentwrk.com and I'll make sure to get you fast tracked.

Permutive (YCS14) | London | Onsite | Full-Time

Permutive is building a platform for edge computing, first tackling problems in the ad-tech ecosystem. We can 5x our customers revenues while making their end-users privacy an order of magnitude better, by keeping data on their devices. Our platform bursts to 1+ million events a second, and our SDKs run on 1+ billion devices a month. We're currently 14 in engineering.

Functional programming and strong type systems are at the heart of our engineering philosophy.

We're hiring for lots of roles, a few of which are

• Software Engineer (Machine Learning)

• Mobile Engineer (iOS)

• Software Engineer (Backend/Scala)

• Software Engineer (Elm)

• Software Engineer (Data/Scala)

• Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

* Lead Product Designer

* Product Manager(s)

https://medium.com/permutive https://github.com/permutive

#Stack: Scala (functional), Haskell, Elm, TypeScript, Swift, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Google Cloud, Apache Beam

Apply: https://permutive.workable.com or email talent@permutive.com

Senior Front-End Engineer - Design Systems and Tooling (m/f/d) | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE | Full-time | https://researchgate.net


ResearchGate is the professional network for scientists and researchers. Over 15 million members from all over the world use it to share, discover, and discuss research.

We’re looking for a committed front-end engineer to join our Design Systems and Tooling team. We are a bunch of passionate optimists from all around the world and many different backgrounds. Together, we focus on taking the web back to its original mission and changing the way scientists communicate for the better. Checkout [2] to get an idea of our recent projects.

I'm a Senior UX Engineer at ResearchGate and you would be working alongside me. You can apply directly [1] or email ryen.beatty@researchgate.net

[1] https://www.researchgate.net/careers/senior-front-end-engine... [2] https://medium.com/@weaintplastic/design-handoffs-that-speci...

Factual | Software Engineers and Data Scientists | Los Angeles REMOTE| https://www.factual.com/company/careers/#career

Factual is currently hiring Software Engineers and Data Scientists, at all levels, in the Los Angeles office. Remote positions available for experienced candidates. Factual is the location data company that the world’s most valuable brands and technology companies trust to understand and intelligently grow their businesses. We help engineering teams, marketers and data analysts build the best digital products, deliver more impactful marketing and transform their businesses with the most accurate and comprehensive data on places and people worldwide.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Experience with Clojure, machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop/Spark is a plus!

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/company/careers/#career

Sparkswap (YC S18) | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | https://sparkswap.com

Sparkswap is the first cryptocurrency exchange built on Lightning Network atomic swaps. For the first time, it’s possible to make instant trades between blockchains while keeping custody of your assets. We’ve built a new and better way to trade cryptocurrency - one that doesn’t require you to deposit your funds on an exchange and expose them to loss or theft.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/sparkswap

Here are our open roles:

- Senior Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/sparkswap/9203c802-2083-4658-b23c-f904...

- Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/sparkswap/893c6338-fae3-466b-b1ef-aae6...

Tech Stack: Node.js, Golang, gRPC, MongoDB, Leveldb, LND (Lightning Network implementation), Bitcoind/Litecoind, Docker / Docker Compose

The Dictionary Project | Full Stack Web Developer, IT Administrator | Charlestone, SC | Full-time, ONSITE

The Dictionary Project is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist all students in becoming good writers, active readers, creative thinkers, and resourceful learners by providing them with their own personal dictionary. The dictionaries are a gift to each student to use at school and at home for years to come.

We're looking for an in-house developer to join a small team of 2-3 (plus some outside consultants) to help us with our rebuild of our website and its backend API and database, which helps us track donations and sponsorships around the country. We want to have everything moved over to a modern software stack following current best practices that will make our applications maintainable for years to come. There are plenty more projects on the horizon as well.

We're currently building with a Typescript/Angular frontend, a .NET Core/SQL Server backend, and a PHP/Magento website/storefront.

You'd also be responsible for IT administration in our small office.

Pay range is $80k-100k DOE.

For a more detailed description and to apply, visit https://www.dictionaryproject.org/jobs/. You can also email me directly for anything at josh {at} joshrickert.com.

4degere.es is hiring!

We are a small digital agency focused on Democratic political work. We focus on fundraising (lots of email), building digital platforms (lots of data & web development work), and advertising (lots of social and video).

Since we are small we typically look for staff with multiple discipline skillsets. But this is hard to find (we do compensate well) and we've struggled to try to name a describe positions given we usually fit a position to a person.

So basically if you have digital political experience (especially management and technical skills) or you want to make a difference in politics and come from an engineering, advertising, or data background we'd love to hear from you!

And if anyone has tips on how to better name and describe please tell me...

Remote work is great, we have primary offices in Denver and DC. Contact me or jobs@4degre.es below.

-- Technical Account Manager Digital Advertising Manager (Ideally With Video Editing Skills)

Details here: [https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQt4siHKBWpD014r...]

Email Marketer & Copywriter details: http://4degre.es/

AngelList India | Software Engineer | Full-Time | ONSITE or REMOTE | Bengaluru, Delhi, Remote within India

AngelList’s mission is to help startups change the world. We’re building the definitive platform for startups — where they raise money (https://angel.co), build teams (https://alist.co & https://angel.co/recruiting), and launch their products (https://producthunt.com). We have delivered over $1B to more than 3,000 startups.

This is a unique role at the intersection of venture capital in India, software engineering, and product management. You'll get to define the future of the product & learn about venture capital in India.

We're looking for experienced engineers who are self-starters and can build products from the ground up. If interested, please apply here - https://angel.co/company/angellist-india/jobs/559968-softwar....

Blendle (https://blendle.com) | Utrecht, the Netherlands | Full-time | On site

Our goal is simple: build a better way for everyone to enjoy and explore journalism, while creating a sustainable businessmodel for journalists at the same time.

We’re backed by NYT, Axel Springer and NIKKEI, live in the Netherlands and Germany and in beta in the US, and have over 1,5 million users worldwide.

You can find open positions here: https://blendle.homerun.co/

Currently, we’re looking for a Data Engineer (https://blendle.homerun.co/data-engineer/en) and Data Analyst (https://blendle.homerun.co/data-analyst/en) to join our team (among others, looking for Ruby and frontend developers as well). You can read more about it here: https://blendle.homerun.co/?lang=en

Looking forward to hear from you. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at rick@blendle.com.

SRAM | Backend Software Engineer | ONSITE | Full-Time | Spearfish, SD

SRAM is a leading manufacturer of bicycle components and a leader in developing connected components, including wireless electronic drivetrains. We love writing fast software, and riding fast bikes!

Come join our team in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota[0] and work with an energetic team taking bicycle data systems to the next level. You can expect a great work/life balance, flexible schedule, and an awesome mountain bike trail system next to the office.

In this role you'll be able to work on a wide range of projects, including improving deployment and observability, ingesting live data from a variety of sources, building internal tools to support our design engineers in product development, data analysis, and lots of infrastructure-related improvements.

Current stack: Python, Django, C, C++, React, Postgres, Redis, AWS, Ansible, FreeBSD, Linux, Docker

Apply online [1].

[0]: https://livability.com/topics/things-to-do/the-best-home-bas...

[1]: https://www.sram.com/company/jobs/backend-software-engineer-...

navenio | Research Engineer, SLAM Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer | Oxford, UK | Onsite Problem area: indoor localisation. GPS doesn't work indoors but indoor localisation has a huge range of applications so navenio develops smartphone based indoor localisation technology.

Why would you want to work here?

We are a team of competent engineers from a broad range of backgrounds who write modern C++ and Python 3 to solve interesting research problems. navenio is a spin out of Oxford University, we are well funded and have an academic culture. Engineers have ownership of projects and autonomy to develop the solution they choose. We use continuous integration and automated testing to move quickly and develop our technology. Our current largest market is healthcare, we work on a strongly ethical technology that improves quality of care for patients through increased efficiency while lowering healthcare costs for society.

What are we looking for?

Research engineer:

• People who like to write high quality Python and modern C++

• People with a track record of algorithm development

• Highly capable people from a range of backgrounds including (but not limited to): machine learning, signal processing, robotics or academic research

Technologies used: Research: C++17, Python 3, scikit learn.

R&D engineer: https://navenio.workable.com/j/2737E0B606

Zoomforth (https://www.zoomforth.com) | Engineering (Product) | US-based REMOTE | Full-time

Hey HN readers, we're looking for engineers to join us!

Zoomforth is like Squarespace for Enterprise. We help professionals design and manage beautiful microsites. Big companies love us because their sites are consistently branded, accessible by a tightly controlled audience, and we provide great support. Their employees love us because they can use a WYSIWYG editor to create, edit, and publish with ease.

Founded in 2012, we have a stable and growing base of big-name customers who love us. We need help in the following areas:

Product Engineer:

Responsibilities include: - Design, implement, and improve our frontend React application, backend Python app, and ancillary systems - Work with the product team to help determine product direction - Review and improve other engineer’s code

Our stack is AWS/Linux/MySQL/Python/React. We use modern dev tools like Vagrant, Packer, Webpack, and CircleCI.

We're a small, distributed team—so excellent communication, and a self-motivated work ethic are essential. Bonus if you’re experienced with remote work.

If this sounds exciting to you, please see our full job posting and apply at: https://share.zoomforth.com/product-engineer


Data Theorem | Security, Software Engineering | Palo Alto, CA, USA | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

Data Theorem scans & secures mobile applications. We have built a technology to automatically scan and detect security and privacy issues in mobile Apps (Android, and iOS). We work with large and small companies within various industries (financial, tech, healthcare, etc.) and help them make their Apps more secure. Primary languages are Python/JavaScript(React)/Java(Android). Any Reverse Engineering skills are a plus, background in Security is not required. For more detailed positions please visit:

* Frontend(React) https://datatheorem.com/careers/frontend-engineer-reactjs

* Python https://datatheorem.com/careers/senior-python-backend-automa...

* Android RE https://datatheorem.com/careers/android-developer-reverse-en...

If interested, please apply at jobs@datatheorem.com with Resume and mention HackerNews

William Hill US Digital | Multiple Engineering Roles | Jersey City, NJ, USA | FULLTIME | ONSITE | 160-200K | williamhillplc.com

Whether it’s working out the odds on the winners of the Kentucky Derby or the Super Bowl, our work has a direct impact on every customer who places a bet. And putting that experience front and center of everything we do has helped us become a real betting powerhouse in the UK and Nevada – and now we’re bringing that expertise to New Jersey. William Hill is America’s largest Sports Book operator and our award-winning sports betting app allows you to instantly place bets in the palm of your hand, and all of that is completely legal here in New Jersey!

We code the platform which our odds traders use to update the prices on live events. Making sure our customers have up to the minute in-play chances right there and then. And we really do mean that our teams process 464 bets every single second. Our platforms have to reflect millions of real-time, In-Play sports events, so developing systems that are designed for low latency and high throughput is critical.

Currently hiring:

- Senior Software Engineer, Scala/Akka

- Functional Programmer, Clojure/Haskell/Erlang

- Senior DevOps Engineer, AWS/Docker

Email us at hiring@williamhill.us or if you have questions, feel free to send a note to me personally. Contact info in profile. I’m an engineer here by the way.

Scribd | Software Engineers | Amsterdam | ONSITE | VISA

Scribd is a reading subscription that gives you access to the best books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Our mission is to change how the world reads. Beginning of this year we hit 1M paying subscribers (https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/28/scribd-1-million-subscribe...)! We are one of the oldest YC startups (YC ’06), operating one of the largest Ruby on Rails sites.

In Amsterdam we are hiring backend software engineers with solid experience in building, running and scaling out cloud-native microservices (preferably in Ruby and/or Go). We value a hacker mindset, clean coding and a natural aversion to complexity, or if you're a glass-half-empty person: an affinity for simplicity.

Scribd has a very friendly, engineering-driven company culture with competitive salary and great benefits. We are ambitious but at the same time we value a good work life balance.

We have hired many people from these threads. If you have questions you can reach out to me directly at nickyp at scribd.com (I'm the Engineering Manager of the Core Services team and happy to answer questions related to the role). Please apply directly via https://jobs.lever.co/scribd?lever-via=ze1h-jCbee&location=A...

Repod | Mobile Engineer (React Native + iOS + Android) | Full-Time | Remote | San Diego

At Repod, our goal is to empower people to discover, listen, and share great podcasts. Podcasts are unique in that they inspire us, help us learn something new, or captivate us with the way stories are told. Yet, all of these experiences are rarely shared with one another. By connecting people with an easy way to share and discuss podcasts, Repod helps people find and listen to great podcasts.

Currently, we are a two person team (2 cofounders) and are looking for our 1st full-time team member by way of mobile engineer. We are in the midst of a public beta and will be launching in the near future.

As the lead mobile engineer at Repod, you'll initially be working in our main repo developing and launching new features. Repod is built using React Native and relies heavily on a native audio player built in Swift/Java. As we expand our product, you’ll help inform the technologies used in our future growth. The team is small, which means your impact on the company’s success will be instrumental.

We have one requirement — must love podcasts.

Interested? Find our post at: https://angel.co/company/repod/jobs/553851-mobile-engineer or send us a note to hello@repod.io

On the fence? Checkout and download our app at https://repod.io/

SecurityTrails.com| Senior Backend Developer| remote, full-time| https://sthr.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=3 | hello@securitytrails.com

We are looking for a Back-End Web Developer responsible proficient in Elixir.

Your primary focus will be development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. You will also be responsible for integrating the front-end elements built by your coworkers into the application. A basic understanding of front-end technologies is therefore necessary as well.

Your responsibilities: * Integration of user-facing elements developed by a front-end developers with server side logic * Building reusable code and libraries for future use * Optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability * Implementation of security and data protection * Design and implementation of data storage solutions

Get an insight of our working remote culture here! https://securitytrails.com/blog/working-remotely


Remind | Backend, Fullstack, or Android | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | ONSITE or REMOTE

Remind is building a communications platform for education, to help every student succeed.

We are a mission-driven startup with lots of passion, lots of integrity, and lots of users — 31 million MAU!

As a team of 30 engineers serving those millions of users (the whole company is about 85 people), each of us makes a huge impact on the business — and on the lives of the teachers, students, and parents using our platform!

Do you:

- like to move fast (but try not to break things)?

- want to drive engineering quality and rigor?

- thrive in the complexity, ambiguity, and rapid change of a startup environment?

- collaborate cross-functionally to get stuff done?

- want to regularly see heartwarming messages from teachers about the difference your product is making in the lives of kids?

Please consider applying:

Backend: https://boards.greenhouse.io/remind/jobs/496462?gh_jid=49646...

Fullstack: https://boards.greenhouse.io/remind/jobs/44809?gh_jid=44809

Android: https://boards.greenhouse.io/remind/jobs/1629370?gh_jid=1629...

Remote work is fine, within 3 hours of Pacific Time.

Alto | San Francisco, CA | Perm, Onsite, Full-Time | https://alto.com

Our mission at Alto is to fulfill medicine’s true purpose—to improve quality of life—for everyone who needs it. We build technology and use empathy to advance the pharmacy into the modern era and make high-quality healthcare accessible to all. We've raised $73M+ and are rapidly scaling the team in 2019 (17 engineers, doubling team in next 6 months).

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/alto

Here are our open roles:

- Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/e6c446df1

- Engineering Manager: https://grnh.se/90216bc61

- Lead Product Designer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/alto/jobs/1581210?gh_jid=158121...

- Product Designer: https://grnh.se/61e375121

Tech Stack: React Native, React, Ruby on Rails, Go

VSR (part of NCC Group) | Senior Security Consultant / Penetration Tester | Boston, MA | ONSITE

VSR is focused on providing quality information, network and application security consulting services. We work with clients in nearly every industry vertical and at multiple stages of maturity, from start-ups to large multi-national enterprises. VSR is always looking to expand its team of experienced security consultants so that we may better serve our clients and expand our thought leadership.

Our typical security assignments include: application penetration testing (web, mobile, commercial off-the-shelf software, products & appliances), network penetration assessments, red team exercises, and social engineering. Expertise in all areas is not necessary, however, familiarity with multiple areas is preferred. A strong desire to learn and the ability to effectively collaborate with colleagues however is a job requirement.

We're currently looking for Penetration Testers / Ethical Hackers / Security Consultants. Check out our employment page at https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/about-us/careers/current-vacan...

Stylight | Full Stack Developers | Munich, Germany | Onsite | Relocation + Visa Assistance

Stylight is Europe’s leading style aggregator available in 16 countries worldwide. The team behind Stylight are 100 style geeks and tech professionals, a data-driven lifestyle force, coming from 20 nations all around the globe (company language is English). Also we’re #1 Meetup organizer in Munich, deeply involved in the local tech community. We organize daho.am, our own annual developer conference. Grow with us: We’ll give you a personal development budget, to go to conferences, buy books, etc. We are looking for engineers who want to make an impact, having experience e.g. in Javascript, Python, Java, AWS, etc.

Check out our following open positions: Technical SEO Manager here https://about.stylight.com/technical-seo-manager-d-f-m Senior Pythin Engineer - Evolving Systems here https://about.stylight.com/senior-python-engineer-evolving-s...

Tech Blog: https://tech.stylight.com/

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Arbor | Software Engineer - Python (Multiple positions) | Cambridge, MA | Full-time Onsite

Arbor is a protein discovery company -- we're uncovering nature’s inventions at scale, with novel computational approaches and high throughput technologies in the wetlab.

We've published some of our discoveries in Science (http://science.sciencemag.org/content/363/6422/88) and Molecular Cell (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.molcel.2018.02.028), and have a partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company to develop novel solutions for serious diseases.

As an early software engineer in this venture-backed startup, you will have considerable latitude to innovate new methods for processing and extracting signal from massive amounts of data. We make heavy use of python and cloud computing (e.g. Google Cloud), and develop a lot of our stack in-house. You will be expected to work closely with our incredible team of scientists as we push the boundaries of discovery together.

More details: https://arbor.bio/careers

Datometry | Software Engineering Intern | San Francisco CA | ONSITE | https://datometry.com

Are you passionate about building robust systems and want to make a difference? Are you interested in query processing, distributed systems and compilers, and certainly don't want to waste your talent on re-inventing things that have already been done before. Are you looking to work in a fast-paced environment where what you do has impact - both on the company, but also on the industry.

Join Datometry as a Software Engineering Intern at our HQ in San Francisco!

Required Qualifications: We are looking for candidates who are passionate about building systems and would like to apply their knowledge in practice. A strong publication record is a plus.

- Currently enrolled in a PhD program in Computer Science or related field with a focus on databases or distributed systems - 2 years of experience in industry or as a research assistant - Strong abstract thinker who's not afraid of tough challenges - Experience in system software development

For more details and to apply follow this link: https://grnh.se/5d94824e1

All positions are in San Francisco, California. Applicants must have valid work authorization for the U.S.


Senior Full Stack Engineer | Manhattan, NY


What You'll Do at Knotch: - Write elegant and expressive Ruby and Javascript for our various backend services and frontend applications - Work with our Front-end Engineers to design APIs and deliver data

What We Want From You: - 4 years+ of Web Application engineering and architecture experience - Strong experience with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React, Postgres, and Docker

Data Platform Engineer | Manhattan, NY


What You'll Do at Knotch - Design and implement resilient backend architectures that process gigabytes and beyond - Write software for backend services using Python, JavaScript, and other languages

What We Want From You - 3+ years of data platform engineering experience - Working experience with AWS services including Kinesis, Lambda, S3, and RedShift

Knotch is the independent standard for content marketing ROI. We help CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts via real-time, actionable intelligence across all of their content investment. We’re based in SoHo, NYC and have been named to both Inc.'s Best Places to Work 2018 & 2019 and Built In NYC's Best Places to Work 2018 & 2019!

BlueSnap | Software Engineers, Senior Software Engineers | Boston/Waltham, MA | ONSITE

We're looking to expand our payments team of developers in Waltham, MA. Brand new office space, fast growing company, partnerships with large banks (https://home.bluesnap.com/snap-center/blog/press/first-data-...).

Tech stack: Java, Spring, Hibernate, SQL + some front end

Cool things we work on: credit card payments, Apple pay/google pay, in-store payments, 3D Secure, Subscriptions

Our website: https://home.bluesnap.com

To apply: https://www.comeet.co/jobs/bluesnap/73.002/senior-java-devel... https://www.comeet.co/jobs/bluesnap/73.002/software-develope...

or email your resume to: bluesnap.softwaredeveloper@applynow.io

HashiCorp | Product Security Engineer | US / UK / Canada / Netherlands / Germany | FULL-TIME | REMOTE

We are looking for Product Security Engineers to help scale our product security function, which works closely with engineering & product management to ensure that security is appropriately addressed across the HashiCorp product suite.

In this role, your responsibilities will include:

* Plan & execute security assessments (dynamic testing, static testing, code review, etc) and threat modeling of HashiCorp’s products, services, and associated cloud infrastructure.

* Build and implement security solutions across the product life-cycle, such as standalone security tools, CI/CD pipeline integrations, product security features/fixes, etc.

* Monitor threats and vulnerabilities impacting HashiCorp products and services, develop proof-of-concepts as appropriate, identify mitigations and assess/communicate associated risk.

We are looking for talented self-starters with 4+ years of security experience. We will consider experienced engineers with less security-specific experience but the desire to learn!

More information and application at https://www.hashicorp.com/jobs/1664419.

The Mobility House | Software Engineer (all levels) | Onsite | Austin, TX; Sunnyvale, CA

The Mobility House is driving the electrification of vehicle fleets with smart-charging technology that reduces operational costs, and monetizes EV batteries in energy markets.

We build the products that charge electric vehicles smarter and cheaper (by reducing peak loads at depots), and also stabilize the grid (25MW of power from second-life batteries in warehouses).

Most of the company is based in Munich, Germany... but our Austin backend dev team is expanding and looking for all levels of Software Engineers/Developers (Senior, Mid, and Junior).

Our stack is Python/Node.js + RabbitMQ + Postgres based with a lot of real-time data processing both in AWS and IoT (on-customer-prem).

The business team in Sunnyvale is also looking for some new faces to help with our sales/rollout.

Some other roles we are hiring for: Technical Product Owner (Austin, TX) Manager, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships (Sunnyvale, CA) Energy and Electric Vehicle Market Analyst (Sunnyvale, CA) Marketing and Communications Manager (Sunnyvale, CA)

More complete job descriptions should be available at https://www.mobilityhouse.com/usa_en/career shortly.

greg.lutostanski (at) mobilityhouse.com to apply or for more info

Alpha | New York City/NYC SoHo | Fullstack Engineer | ONSITE [Remote-US OK], FULL-TIME | $100 - $180k | https://alphahq.com Alpha is the fastest way to learn about your future customers. We are a SaaS platform that enables teams to make data-driven decisions about products, users, and new markets. Our customers use us to identify great opportunities, throw out poor or disastrous concepts, and refine their ideas. Alpha users ask plain English questions and get back supporting data in hours or days, not weeks or months. We're currently looking for full-stack software engineers.

We spend a ton of time thinking up new ways to automate and speed up organizational learning. If that sounds exciting to you we encourage you to apply!

Our stack: - Ruby (Sinatra) - Node - Python - MongoDB - PostgreSQL - Redis - Vue.js - AWS - Heroku

For more info check out the official posting (be sure to mention HN!):

Full Stack Engineer: https://alphahq.workable.com/jobs/854089

You can also check out our careers page for more information on the company/mission/perks: https://alphahq.com/careers

Audatic | Berlin, Germany (ONSITE) | Full-time | Visa | Deep Learning, Performance, Mobile and Software Engineer | http://audatic.ai Audatic is building systems to intelligently modify sound using state of the art deep learning technology and unique datasets. Our personalized sound environment allows users to customize sounds to their individual taste. Applications include effortless interactions in noisy places (especially for people with hearing impairments), and realistic audio-environments for augmented reality. We are a young, driven and dynamic team with the vision to change people’s lives. We value each team member and opinion equally and count on everyone’s contribution to make our vision come true. You are encouraged to constructively challenge our ideas and can expect to be involved in the decisions that shape the future of our company. Tech: Python, Tensorflow, C & C++ (Performance Engineer), iOS (CoreML) and Android (Mobile Engineer) We are looking for smart and curious people who are thinking in code and want to make a difference. Apply now at http://audatic.ai/apply-now/

Reasi | Senior Software Developer | Los Angeles, CA | Remote - US | Full-time | https://reasi.com

Reasi is revolutionizing real estate with a modern, secure, and convenient transaction platform. We're early stage but have already received backing by big players, such as renowned proptech accelerator MetaProp. Compensation is a healthy mix of cash and equity (up to 3%) - ideal for the senior developer tired of building other people's ideas without sharing in the potential for profits.

Imaginary "ideal candidate" laundry list - you don't need all to apply if you're an aggressive learner:

• 5+ years tech leadership on nontrivial projects (that were not necessarily all successful)

• Expertise in most of: PostgreSQL, Node.js, React, TypeScript / modern JavaScript, Solidity, Jest, Docker, networking / HTTP, OOP / FP / infrastructure patterns and practices

• Expertise in one of: real estate domain, blockchain development, DevOps / site reliability, UX / UI design

• Multidisciplinary interest beyond coding, e.g. focusing on product, improving the business, and devising solutions to real estate problems

We focus on results, continuously improve ourselves, and derive strength from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Drop us a line at jobs@reasi.com!

Skyscanner | full-time senior and lead hires | London, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Budapest, Sofia, Shenzhen | ONSITE, VISA https://www.skyscanner.net/jobs/ We're one of the biggest travel search products in the world. We have a unique position in the market and are continuing our incredible growth as a tech company. We'll soon be a top-100 website in the world by traffic.

Hiring at an experienced level in lots of disciplines: engineering managers, backend with microservices & distributed systems, big data & data science & machine learning, full stack (modern frontend + api skills), designers, product, iOS & Android. Languages we like and have great tooling for: Java, Python, JavaScript & NodeJS.

We have a number of offices in Europe, and are focusing on Scotland, London and Barcelona in particular.

We want to hire great people to solve large-scale challenges and build industry-leading new products. In short, if you've got good software industry and tech company experience, know what best practices look like, and have the drive to improve product and people around you, we're interested.

I see a lot of freedom, responsibility, accountability here. We have room to make decisions, move fast, and the encouragement to make things better. It's exciting.

Please ping me an email at matteo.ruina@skyscanner.net if you want me to refer you, and/or have questions. Please specify which job are you applying to and which office would you like to work from.

Permanent & onsite roles only. Relocation / visa assistance for senior roles.

lowRISC CIC | Hardware design engineer, SoC tooling engineer, and more roles | Cambridge, UK | Full-time | ONSITE | https://www.lowrisc.org/jobs/

lowRISC C.I.C. is a not-for-profit company that aims to demonstrate, promote and support the use of open-source hardware - bringing the benefits of open-source to the hardware world. We are producing high-quality, security-focused, open, and flexible IP.

We are hiring for multiple positions to deliver on an exciting, high impact, open source hardware roadmap in collaboration with Google and other industry partners.

You’ll be joining a team with expertise including processor and SoC design, with a particular focus on hardware security, design verification, RISC-V tools, and the LLVM compiler.

Relevant skills: Verilog, FPGA, security, Python, design verification (UVM etc), RISC-V, and more.

I'd particularly highlight the SoC tooling engineer role "Tooling to configure, test, and generate our SoC designs is an essential part of our mission. It’s often treated as an afterthought, but is essential for developer productivity, and for delivering high quality, flexible IP. You will lead the development of this tooling, working with key stakeholders to define what’s needed and create and deliver a development roadmap and test strategy." https://lowrisc.applytojob.com/apply/S2RdBV4GY2/SoC-Tooling-...

Taxfyle | Miami, FL - Remote | Full-Time | https://taxfyle.com

Taxfyle is a Series A venture-backed startup based in Miami, FL. We started in 2016 on a mission to bring the accounting industry into the 21st century. We started as a two-sided marketplace connecting consumers to accounting professionals. We have since evolved to providing outsourcing services to accounting firms so they can tap into our network of professionals without having to worry about recruiting and training new staffers for their seasonal demands. Our system is powered by a very powerful and robust work routing engine that we have also started selling as a SaaS product for larger firms that want to use it as an internal work management platform.

The main points of our tech stack are: Node/Typescript, React, Xamarin, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch.

We are headquartered in beautiful, sunny Coral Gables, walking distance from restaurants and bars. We offer competitive compensation packages including health/dental/vision insurance, equity (stock options), professional development (conferences, training, etc).

We are looking for engineering talent in the following roles:

    * QA Engineer
    * Data Scientist
Email me with any questions at phillip | at | taxfyle.com

Uber | Backend Engineer | New York | VISA

We are looking for talented engineers to join the NYC Core Storage team to develop and support M3DB: our open-source distributed time-series database, designed for massive write throughput.

As a small team working on big technical challenges, we’re looking for highly capable engineers who want to grow, teach and lead others in a challenging environment. Feel free to email me at srobb{at}uber{dot}com to discuss the role, team or Uber.

More details on the position: https://www.uber.com/global/en/careers/list/50341/

And some related links for the interested:

- M3: Uber’s Open Source, Large-scale Metrics Platform for Prometheus: https://eng.uber.com/m3/

- Optimizing M3: How Uber Halved Our Metrics Ingestion Latency by (Briefly) Forking the Go Compiler: https://eng.uber.com/optimizing-m3/

- M3DB documentation: https://m3db.github.io/m3/m3db/

sent you an email.

Hypernode by Byte | Senior Developer - Full stack HNweb | Amsterdam , The Netherlands | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://www.hypernode.com

Industry: Web Hosting, Web Technology | Company size: 11-50 people | Company type: Private Technologies: Django, Python, HTML, CSS, vuejs react, Linux

Hypernode by Byte is a software engineering company, developing a PaaS for e-commerce, recently released on the international market. We are looking for a senior developer that knows his/her way around in web application and systems.

Skillset :

- a full stack developer with solid experience in Python and Django.

- development knowledge of HTML, CSS: experience with one of the major JavaScript frameworks, ie vuejs, react, angular, Ember.js


- has a natural drive to stay up to speed with the latest technological innovations.

- experienced with working in agile project teams (Scrum)

We’re ideally looking for people to join us full-time, but we’re flexible if full-time employment isn’t your thing. Interested?

For more details check: https://www.hypernode.com/careers/senior-python-developer-fu... Or apply via email : saskia@byte.nl Please include links to repos and sample work, if possible.

Follow Up Boss | Full Stack Engineer | Remote | Full-time | https://www.followupboss.com/about/ We are a simple, sales-focused CRM for real estate teams. We’re a bootstrapped, profitable company started back in April of 2011. We are a remote company with a mostly US-based team. We are very customer-centric: https://www.facebook.com/followupboss/reviews and our customers love our product.

More about how we work: https://followupboss-1.wistia.com/medias/kc5ows18dj

We are looking to hire 1-2 Full Stack Engineers. Solve challenging technical problems and put your skills to the test every day. We've processed over a billion emails; per month we send nearly 3 million text messages and handle 700k+ minutes of call time for tens of thousands of active customers.

Expertise in front end technologies, we use React, JavaScript, CSS. Expertise in back end technologies, we use PHP, Aurora, Postgres, Redis, to name a few.

You should have a successful track record for working remotely and can clearly show in past experience the value you specifically brought to the team and to the company you worked for.

Full job listing and specific skills we are looking for / Apply at https://grnh.se/3n8auf

Evervault (https://evervault.com/) | Haskell Engineers + Head of Product | Dublin, Ireland | ONSITE | €60k - €80k + meaningful equity stake

Love Haskell? Passionate about data privacy? At Evervault, we're working to make data privacy simple. We're building simple developer tools that allow companies to process personal data in a secure environment, so they can forget about data privacy and focus on doing what they do best: building their product.

This is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a world-class team, helping to fundamentally re-architect how companies handle personal data.

We're VC-backed by some of the best investors in the business and are now building out our team in Dublin.

You'll be responsible for building out our core tech infrastructure over the coming months and for driving the design and build processes of our platform and company.

Even if there isn't a role that seems like a good fit, we're always interested in speaking to interesting people. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


You can reach me directly at shane@evervault.com

Big Health | Engineering Manager (San Francisco), Senior Product Engineer (London, UK) | San Francisco, CA or London, UK, depending on role | ONSITE preferred, REMOTE for exceptional candidates | VISA

Are you passionate about mental health? At Big Health, we're building a digital medicine platform that uses clinically proven techniques to help our users deal with the problems of worry and sleeplessness.

Our evidence-based techniques draw on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and are already helping people back to good mental health.

We value tenacity, humility, ingenuity and soul. In my interactions with my colleagues, these shine through on a daily basis.

I'm working on the platform and integrations team as a Backend Engineer, and we're also hiring full stack engineers, front end engineers and mobile engineers. We have two offices (in London and SF), and for the right candidate we'd be open to sponsoring a visa or supporting a remote role.

We have a micro-service architecture deployed on AWS Lambda, and the backend is written in Python 3.6.

If you're interested, you can email our head of recruiting Lauren at lauren.lazo@Big health.com (no space) with a resume.

Or apply directly at https://jobs.lever.co/bighealth?lever-via=-u1ppSKpEp

Legal OS | Data Engineer, Senior Backend, All-level Frontend or Senior Fullstack | Berlin, DE | ONSITE, VISA | Fulltime

Legal OS is building the world’s first code-based library of legal knowledge. At Legal OS you will work in a small cross-functional delivery team responsible for the theoretical foundation of the legal knowledge library.

Engineering team currently of 2. Venture-funded and scaling up to around 8. You will be working in close proximity of tech strategy, product strategy and business strategy with founders.

Stack currently React.js, Node.js and MongoDB. Experimenting with Clojure, Neo4j and more. Loads of tech decisions still open. Using TypeScript variant of JS.

Looking for

Data Engineer: https://angel.co/company/legal-os-1/jobs/561407-data-enginee...

Senior Backend Engineer: https://angel.co/company/legal-os-1/jobs/562664-senior-backe...

All-level Frontend Engineer: https://angel.co/startups/6965545/job_listings/562669/edit

Senior Fullstack Engineer: Please email

Also feel free to email beer@legalos.io (Beer is my real name, it's Dutch)

YNAB | Full Stack Developer | Remote | Full Time

We build “You Need a Budget” the best budgeting software around. (But people in the know call us YNAB, which is pronounced “why-nab”). For more than a decade, people have been buying YNAB and then telling their friends what a difference it has made in their lives. Google us, or read some of our reviews on the app store, and you’ll see what we mean. We love building something that has a huge positive impact on people’s lives.

You’re a Full Stack developer with at least 5 years of experience shipping, monitoring, and maintaining SaaS apps at scale (not just websites). You’re an expert in at least one modern server-side framework (Rails, ASP.NET, Express, Django, etc).

You’re not necessarily the “Ops” person where you work, but you certainly understand the infrastructure well enough to aid in architecting and maintaining scalable solutions. We host on Heroku, so experience there is a bonus, but experience with AWS or other popular IAAS/PAAS is just fine.

Some client-side experience is required as well, meaning you know enough HTML/CSS/some-client-side-framework to get stuff on the screen matching a designer’s spec. We work in small, cross-functional teams where you will likely find yourself responsible for implementation on both the back-end (Rails and Postgres), as well as the front-end (using Ember or Vue and written in TypeScript).

You’ll help vet and improve our server-side layer, implement new features, integrate with third party API’s, and shepherd our application.

You can find out more information and apply here: https://ynab.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0j9o5

Hello, saw this post a couple days and would be interested to apply.. do you have an email address to learn more about and discuss this opening? Thanks

Zume Inc. | Senior / Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | https://zume.com/

Recently raised $375m https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/01/zume-reportedly-snags-375-....

Zume is on a quest to be the most powerful source of health and well-being on the planet. To achieve our objective, we must facilitate the provision of wholesome, affordable food on a global scale and in a sustainable manner. We are meeting this challenge by providing an end-to-end, scalable platform that reduces the time and distance between clean food sources and dense population centers, using cutting-edge automation and transportation logistics. By developing better tools and processes, we can feed people healthier, sustainably-grown food, delivered fresh and free from chemical stabilization.

Our stack:

* Node, Express, Vue, Javascript, Postgres, Redis, Heroku, RabbitMq

* Moving from large monorepo to smaller services in TypeScript using docker and GCE

All open positions (Seattle, San Francisco, Mountain View): https://boards.greenhouse.io/zume

Segment | Engineering, Design, Sales, Success | San Francisco, Vancouver, Denver, New York, Dublin, London, Sydney | Full-Time | Onsite

Segment is building the customer data platform for everyone. We transform data and route to over 200 different integrations, adding new ones every day. We're processing billions of events daily and maintain the analytics infrastructure for companies like DigitalOcean, Instacart, New Relic, and Docker. Our goal is to help companies learn from how their users interact with the products to build even better products. We also like to share our work and what we learn, here are some recent examples:

  - https://segment.com/blog/show-hn-to-series-d

  - https://segment.com/blog/we-test-in-production-you-should-too

  - https://segment.com/blog/secure-access-to-100-aws-accounts

  - https://segment.com/blog/why-status-codes-matter-in-data-delivery
  - https://segment.com/blog/goodbye-microservices

  - https://open.segment.com
We have a modern stack consisting of Go (golang), AWS ECS, Docker, Javascript, React, GraphQL, Kafka, Kubernetes and others! If any of this sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you! Check out our open positions at https://segment.com/engineering#jobs

FYI: Most of the international locations are for Sales/Success.

If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to me directly alan ⒜ segment.com (but please do apply on the site).

"We're hiring, here's some blog posts.

What's that, you want to know about the roles? Oh, they're _all_ in this link. Most are sale-BUT here's some info on our stack!"


Maven Clinic | Infrastructure, Engineering | New York, NY | ONSITE | https://www.mavenclinic.com

What we do: provide high-quality personalized care using concierges and telemedicine for women and their families. Our current focus is on those who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or recently post-partum. We provide companies and their employees personalized care programs to drive better clinical outcomes (like reducing c-sections or NICU), better paths back into the workforce through career coaching, and help navigating complex healthcare concerns. Our clients range from small groups all the way to Fortune 50 companies.

Who we are: a healthcare startup in New York (NYC), funded by top tier investors (Sequoia Capital, Oak HC/FT, Great Oaks, Female Founders Fund), Series B, growing across all functions.


* Senior infrastructure engineer (Kubernetes, Terraform, Google Cloud Platform, Gitlab)

* Senior software engineer (Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy backend, React frontend)

* QA engineer (Selenium, Appium, other automation tools)

* Others, including non-technical & leadership roles: https://boards.greenhouse.io/mavenclinic (Growth, people, sales, product management, design, client success)

Join us to have a human impact on an underserved segment of people: women and families.

Contact: hn@mavenclinic.com (I respond to 100% of reach outs)

HackerRank | Bangalore, India | Fulltime | ONSITE | www.hackerrank.com

HackerRank is a Y Combinator alumnus backed by tier one Silicon Valley VCs. We are a skills-based hiring platform that helps companies evaluate technical skills, better. We’re driving a new paradigm shift by eliminating resumes and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide. We have a community of 5M+ developers and 1,000+ customers across industries, and the best part is we are just getting started. Our customers - including VMware, Twitter, Capital One and many other Fortune 100 companies - rely on HackerRank to build strong engineering teams.

We're hiring across engineering for the following roles:

- Test Engineer (Automation)

- Sr. Product Manager

Good pay with following benefits:

- Insurance to all Employees (term life, personal accident, medical, gratuity) along with insurance to their dependents(medical).

- Employee stock options, flexible work hours and time off.

- Tech talks every week.

- Onsite gym, telephone, internet etc. Our pantry is stocked with healthy snacks, fruits, Coffee and free catered lunch every day.

- Ping pong, hoverboard, foosball, PS4 and many office celebrations like Mafia games, outings, movie evenings to name a few!

Please send an email to anil@hackerrank.com with "WHOISHIRING" in the subject line, with your resume/CV, and a little bit about yourself and relevant experience.

Cambly (W14, A1) | Mobile and Full-stack Software Engineers | San Francisco | ONSITE | VISA*

Cambly is an app that makes it really easy to practice English with a native speaker.

English is a critical life skill for billions of people around the world that unlocks life-changing economic and academic opportunities. Everyday, we empower people from around world with the language skills they need to improve their lives.

We have millions of users from around the world, and we're hiring product-focused engineers who are passionate about using technology create opportunities for people globally.

At Cambly, you get to: - Enjoy an eng-focused culture -- founded by 2 ex-Google engineers - Work on a noble mission -- every day you'll be helping people learn and improve their lives - Work in a fun, friendly, and collaborative culture -- our uniquely global team loves to collaborate across job roles - Accelerate incredible growth -- 5x in the last year

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/cambly/?department=Product&team=Engine...

If you have any questions, contact me at kevin@cambly.com

* We'll sponsor visas with a high likelihood of success (no h-1b regular cap unfortunately, US masters cap and transfers ok)

Jane | Santa Cruz, CA | Onsite | https://www.iheartjane.com

Jane is building the future of eCommerce.

Jane is an MIT-founded, high growth, and rapidly expanding technology company in the cannabis industry. As the cannabis industry’s first complete real-time marketplace, we aim to provide consumers with a confident, safe and simple shopping experience. Users can browse local products in real-time, compare by price, proximity or popularity and place orders at local stores for pickup or delivery - all on the industry’s largest marketplace. Our platform integrates directly with POS systems at retail locations and leverages this real time data to provide an "it just works" experience for both the retail operators and end consumers. Additionally, Jane provides key data insights to industry stakeholders via our growing analytics platform.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/jane

Here are our open roles:

- Full Stack Engineer: mailto:abe@iheartjane.com

Tech Stack: <p>Backend: Ruby on Rails</p> <p>Frontend: ReactJS</p>

Warner Bros. Digital Labs | Android Software Engineer, Front End Engineer | Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY | Onsite | Full time | wbdl.com WB Digital Labs (subsidiary of Warner Bros.) is a fast-paced, innovative development division working to build the next generation of video-enabled entertainment brands. We are looking at nothing less than to shape the future of media by combining our cutting-edge technology, design, and marketing capabilities with the world’s most beloved and iconic brands (eg. Looney Tunes & DC Comics) to build a portfolio of next-generation multi-media entertainment services and delight fans everywhere.

Details at the below links for each position:

- Senior Software Engineer, Front End https://www.warnerbroscareers.com/find-jobs/?168984BR

- Senior Software Engineer, Android https://www.warnerbroscareers.com/find-jobs/?167762BR

- Software Engineer, Android https://www.warnerbroscareers.com/find-jobs/?167765BR

SiteSpect | Various - Front End Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, Operations Engineer, Release Engineer and other roles | Boston/Newton, MA | ONSITE | https://www.sitespect.com

SiteSpect is a digital optimization platform that lets you test or target your web traffic without having to change any code on your side. Under the hood, SiteSpect is a reverse proxy. Requests from end users are routed to an appropriate backend and SiteSpect modifies the response based on what tests the user is assigned to and then delivers those changes back to the end user. Currently, we are handling ~10,000,000,000 visits a month.

We're looking to fill a variety of roles, including seeking client and non client facing front-end or full-stack developers, optimization specialists, release engineers, operations engineers and more to build out our (angular) control panel, proxy engines, help our clients use our tools to test and modify their websites, and advise clients on how best to test and optimize their customer experience.

If you are interested, please look at the positions and apply at: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3pHWqkwh

Secfi | Software engineer(s) | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | EUR 40-80k + equity

We’re on a mission to increase employee’s private company ownership by helping them exercise their options - a complex and opaque process that typically comes with a lot of anxiety and unanswered questions. Our tools help you fully understand your stock options’ value and maximize their potential.

For example: one of the most complicated things for employees is figuring out how much taxes they need to pay when exercising their Incentive Stock Options or Non-qualified Stock Options. The tax planning tool inside our dashboard does just that: https://www.secfi.com/#gif-container

Complex challenges we’re working on next include: multiyear tax forecast analysis, exercise planner that tells you what you should do with your equity based on your information with fantastic UX and UI.

Things have been going very well here at Secfi, allowing us to grow the team threefold. We’re looking for a financial engineer, multiple JavaScript engineers and a product director to join us: https://www.secfi.com/careers

Interested? Please email careers@secfi.com to get in touch.

Neosensory | Firmware Engineer | Full-Time | ONSITE Houston, TX office | https://neosensory.com

Neosensory develops non-invasive wearable devices for empowering people with new senses. Our current core focus is providing sound information from the environment to users in real-time for a variety of use-cases: whether as an assistive tool for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, entertainment and gaming, factory safety, or creating other entirely new sensory experiences. Our team is inspired by the transformative technology we are building and we are dedicated to making a meaningful social impact.

We are looking for a software developer with an emphasis on embedded systems who is comfortable taking initial software architecture through to production and maintenance.

We just raised our Series A this past December. We are lucky to be backed by wonderful VCs like True Ventures, DigiTx, and Excel to name a few.

You can view or apply our full job posting on angel.co: https://angel.co/company/neosensory/jobs/542232-firmware-eng...

I am the CTO and you can find my email address in my profile.

Ritual.co | Backend (Java), Mobile, Web (React), Data Engineers, DevOps (GCP+Kubernetes) | Toronto, ON | ONSITE, FULL TIME

Ritual’s mission is to digitize local commerce. We are a two-sided marketplace connecting consumers to their local merchants to make the purchasing of goods and service more efficient. Our initial product focuses on creating a social food ordering experience that allows users to pre-order take-out at their local restaurants. We make it easy to place group orders and have a coworker deliver your lunch or coffee right to your desk. Our value-add for merchants is to increase their order volume and repeat business. Additionally we provide merchants with valuable insights into their local customer behaviour, allowing for highly targeted local marketing campaigns.

We recently announced our international expansion plans (https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/bu...) and are looking to double our Engineering team to support our growing business (from 50 to 100 engineers). We are mostly focusing on intermediate and senior talent. Come help us digitize local commerce!

Our glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.ca/Reviews/Ritual-Reviews-E1195050.htm

You can apply at https://ritual.co/careers or email madeline@ritual.co

Textio | Seattle, WA USA | Full-Time | On-Site

Selected as Washington's #1 Place to work!

At Textio, we're changing the way people write. We predict how your writing will perform based on previous real-world results from similar documents. We have some of the largest companies in the world as customers, and we're hiring engineers across the board to help us solve difficult problems. We have a tight-knit, friendly, and experienced team, an incredible product, and a bright future.

Buzzwords for Keyword Searchers: AI, NLP, Machine Learning, ReactJS, SaaS

All Textio careers - https://textio.com/careers/ Check out our team - https://textio.com/team/

Open Roles: Engineering Manager - Infrastructure, Data Science Manager - Analytics, Senior Product Manager, Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist - Modeling, Senior Frontend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Senior Data Journalist, Account Manager, Director of Account Management, Lead Account Manager - Strategic Accounts, Senior Finance Manager, Marketing Operations Manager, Chief People Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Content Writer

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes | Software Engineer | Madison, WI | Full Time | Onsite


Our Engineering team is growing fast, and we are seeking Software Engineers to help implement software for our current and next generation systems, and to become future leaders of our organization. Our team develops electromechanical instruments, devices, cloud systems, mobile applications, and production equipment for medical and non-medical applications.

Stack: C# (.NET Core 3), C, C++, Rust, F#, Windows, UWP, Skia, SQLite, gRPC, Azure Devops, Git

Research: We are actively looking at adding the following technologies to add to our stack: AWS, Azure, UWP, Android, and iOS.

NorthStar’s mission is to transform the medical radioisotopes industry by becoming a global leader of innovative diagnostic & therapeutic medical radioisotopes. In fulfillment of this mission, NorthStar has developed ground breaking technology in radiopharmaceutical production as well as instruments/medical devices that will efficiently produce important medical radioisotopes on site at a radiopharmacy.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward your resume to hr@northstarnm.com with the position title in the subject line.

PrepScholar | Boston, MA | Onsite | Full-time | Full Stack Engineer | $100,000-$180,000

PrepScholar’s mission is to improve education at scale through technology. Our flagship product is an SAT/ACT prep program that automatically learns the strengths and weaknesses of each student and creates an individualized learning program through machine learning. You can think of it as an automated tutor that provides a compelling learning experience at scale. We also have a large web presence with over two million monthly visitors to our free tools and articles.

We believe we have a major advantage over other companies in our space because of our technology-centered and analytical approach to education. We're profitable and bootstrapped, and you'll join as an early engineer working on products that impact millions of students worldwide.

Our stack: * Sass, JQuery, Backbone

* Django/Python


* AWS/Linux


* Strong foundation in computer science and software engineering, including competencies in data structures, algorithms, databases, software design and dev ops.

* Strong hands-on experience with our core technologies is a big plus. In particular:

----Python and Django

----JavaScript and JavaScript MV* frameworks like AngularJS, Ember, Knockout, or Backbone

Email us at job.engineer@prepscholar.com, and read more at http://www.prepscholar.com/sat/s/careers.

Just applied through email. Hope to hear back soon!

Transview Logistics, LLC | Software Engineer | Boulder, CO | Full-time | On-site or Remote |

At Transview, we build transformative cloud-based ERP and logistics support platforms designed specifically for large distribution companies. Our flagship product is a shipping optimization solution. We plan product shipments with truck loading constraints, traffic constraints, delivery constraints and more all in a single optimization solution which allows us to find cost savings no other routing platform can. We build solutions that meet specific industry and customer needs using our flexible and comprehensive routing engine.

Core Responsibilities - Work with product owner to understand and design client-driven features. - Work with sales and product owner to onboard clients and customize applications to client requirements - Execute tasks within an Agile/Scrum style environment - Follow best practices and standards for coding

Core Qualifications: - Ruby on Rails proficient, Javascript, Rust, React, and/or devops experience is a bonus. - Bachelor of Science degree in CS or equivalent - 1+ years relevant experience

Compensation: Temp to full-time, salary-based dependent upon overall experience.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please send resumes to jobs[at]transviewlogistics[dot]com

PAXOS | NYC, London, Singapore | Onsite, Full-time | $100k - $200k | www.paxos.com/careers Paxos is a venture-backed, post series-B, regulated financial institution that is building infrastructure to enable movement between physical and digital assets. We’ve raised $93M to date, have about 110 team members, and we’re expanding rapidly. Our board of directors include former FDIC chair Sheila C. Bair, former senator Bill Bradley, and former NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer.

We are looking for Software Engineers to work on applications that move money, lower settlement risk, and bring blockchain tech to big markets.

Our tech stack is mostly Go/Kotlin/React/C# on AWS + docker/kubernetes


Some of our roles:

-Sr. Software Engineers (https://www.paxos.com/sr-software-engineer/)

-Sr. Front End Engineer (https://www.paxos.com/senior-front-end-engineer/)

Read more: (www.paxos.com/careers/)

email me at amckinley@paxos.com for more information or to set up a quick chat!

Bibliotech | Software Engineers | Remote| US and Europe

Our mission-driven team of 25 is changing the future of the multi-billion dollar textbook industry for the better.

We encourage an atmosphere of integrity, diversity, collaboration, passion, and fun. We have a remote first culture so lots of slack, google meet and communication with people who love flexibility but still want to be part of a team. You would come to London for a couple of weeks first to get to know everyone and then meet at our retreats ( Company and Dev)

Helping us a build a platform that scales globally, is used by millions daily and delivers terabytes of information to students everywhere - Think Spotify for Textbooks, you can imagine the engineering challeges we face both at the front end of UX, but especially at our backend, major API integrations, performance, security, resilience, you will be working on it.

What you would need for this position

● You have four (4) plus years in development with one (1) plus years working directly with Node.js

What is in it for you

You would receive a competitive salary, with many benefits such as medical insurance, stock options, travel card, and more. To promote a healthy work-life balance, we offer generous paid time-off and remote working opportunities.

Our Application process

Please send your CV and any github links to talent@bibliotech.com


CropOne | 725 Main St Millis Massachusetts | Onsite | https://cropone.ag/careers

CropOne is a cutting-edge indoor hydroponic farming company bringing fresh produce closer to your home by breaking down the old barriers of traditional farming. Our produce is grown with the precision of industrial controls and data-driven plant science without ever using pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides and are always in-season, available fresh all year-round.

We’re seeking Back-end and Front-end Engineers to join our team of farmers, programmers, teachers, engineers, technicians, scientists, and analysts to develop and extend our capabilities around operating and optimizing our indoor vertical farms.

You will work in a highly collaborative and dynamic environment building the tools and infrastructure that run our farms. The ideal candidates will be familiar and adapted to a fast-paced startup culture, comfortable learning new technologies, excel developing and implementing real-world solutions, possess excellent communication skills, and thrive collaborating within a multi-disciplinary team. This is a unique opportunity to enter into the burgeoning indoor agriculture industry.

Doing anything on mobile?

Plutus.it | Backend Engineer | Remote | Full Time

Plutus is one of the hottest FinTech start-up's, with a mission to bridge the gap between the traditional payment infrastructure and the blockchain, we're making it possible for owners of Bitcoin and Ethereum to spend their money in any high street store anywhere in the world via the Plutus Tap & Pay app for mobile.

We're a distributed team working 100% remotely, we are passionate about our product, we have a great engineering culture, and we're looking for other talented individuals to join us to disrupt the finance industry.

We are looking for a strong candidate who is able to demonstrate that he/she was a key developer on a Fintech project, who has completed at least one full cycle of a Fintech solution development.

Strong backend experience with Node.js/Express development At least 2 projects where you were fully involved in writing services on that technology Proficiency JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, PostgreSQL coding principles Good undersanding of Webpack, ES6, OAuth, JWT, Git, CI/CD, AWS, Linux Preferred basic understanding of Docker Preferred basic knowledge of GraphQL Extensive experience of developing high performance, large-scale systems throughout the product lifecycle. Fluent English

Competitive salary.

100% remote working.

Flexible working hours.

A development team made by developers, for developers.

Quarterly socials.

Please feel free to apply here: https://plutus-dot-it.workable.com/

Do you require remote workers to be in the UK?

Senior Frontend Engineer | Make School | REMOTE or in our San Francisco HQ

Who are we? We are a computer science college for the 21st century. Our education combines liberal arts, computer science, software development, and character development with a strong emphasis on fully preparing students for successful careers as software engineers, product managers, or entrepreneurs. Our alumni work at Facebook, Google, Apple, Snap, LinkedIn, Lyft and more.

Our college is accessible to students of all backgrounds, 40% are underrepresented minority students and 50% come from low-income families.

What You'll Do: -Play a key role in the continued architecture and implementation of the Make School educational platform -Analyze and improve the efficiency and reliability of the Make School infrastructure -Write code with best-practices (including TDD) and participate in peer code review

Our Stack: React, Apollo, Relay (legacy), GraphQL, ES6, Webpack, Jest, Cypress, Ruby on Rails (marketing site), jQuery (legacy)

If interested, please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/makeschool/1edb94b9-0757-4f2f-a0bb-9cb... OR send me an email at: madelyn@makeschool.com

Enigma|Software Engineers (all levels), Data Scientists (Ph.D. or relevant work experience preferred, Product Managers, Product Designers| Full-time | New York, NY | Visa

Enigma's mission is to empower people to interpret and improve the world around them. We do this by transforming how data is seen and used in the enterprise. Enigma links vast data sources to surface insights that inform business decisions, solve problems and unlock new opportunities. From combating money laundering to enhancing drug safety, Enigma is changing the way the world uses data.

Key open roles:

Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/611422cb1 Data Scientist: https://grnh.se/e58de8131 Product & Strategy: https://grnh.se/6d1476731 Senior Product Designer: https://grnh.se/33efaa021

Check out our careers page to see all open roles: https://www.enigma.com/careers

Yale University (yale.edu) | New Haven, CT | Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite

Yale University is a world-renowned institution of higher learning and research, dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations.

The Application Development team at Yale's Information Technology Services department is looking for both a Software Engineer and a Senior Software Engineer. We’re an in-house custom development “consultancy” building and maintaining small to medium sized web and mobile applications in support of research, teaching and learning, and other University activities. We also run the Student Developer & Mentorship Program where we train and hire students to work on some of our custom development projects.

We're looking for developers to build high-quality, well-tested, and robust web and mobile applications (our primary stack is Rails and React), make and guide application architecture decisions, and help to support and remediate existing applications. Ideal candidates will be self-motivated, collaborative, and passionate about education and mentoring others.

To view the job description and apply please visit the links below:

* Software Engineer: http://bit.ly/54287BR

* Senior Software Engineer: https://bit.ly/53581BR

If you have any questions please reach out to me at oren {dot} kanner {at} yale {dot} edu. Thanks!

Predata | Software Engineers | NYC | FULL-TIME | ONSITE | https://predata.com/

Predata is building machine learning models to link online behavior to geopolitical and economic trends. Fortune 500 companies and governments use Predata to anticipate events and make better decisions.

We come from the worlds of technology, political science, and finance, and share a commitment to building the future of predictive analytics. Our challenge is to transform abstract data into insight and narrative, while attempting to understand and measure the human elements that drive our data. We're passionate about simplicity, discovery, clarity, and performance in the face of large data volumes.

We are hiring for multiple engineering roles, including machine learning, front-end, back-end, and infrastructure. If you are always looking for things to improve and unafraid to get started quickly, you'll be at home on our team. There will be many opportunities to contribute meaningfully to our product and process as we continue to grow.

Front-End: Mithril.js, React, D3, ES6, Sass, Webpack, Babel

Back-End: Python, Django, numpy/pandas/scikit-learn, Celery, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, AWS

We're pragmatic about using the right tool for the task at hand.

You can find our jobs showcase and more information at https://www.themuse.com/profiles/predata

Questions? Email jobs@predata.com

ETFLogic | Quantitative Research and Development | New York, NY | ONSITE | https://www.etflogic.io | Full Time

ETFLogic is a fintech data analytics and quant tools company. We help our clients - ETF Issuers, Asset Managers, RIAs, FA and Corporates - make better investment decisions with Exchange Traded Funds and grow their assets. ETFs hold in excess of $5 trillion in assets globally. That number is projected to reach $30tr by 2030. Investor demand continues to drive innovation and complexity in the ETF landscape.

We empower ETF ecosystem members to better understand what is “under the hood” and gain an edge in investment trading decisions. We are building quantitative tools, analytics and trading signals around ETFs and their underlying assets.

We have two roles open:

1. Quantitative R&D: This role would, in part, further researching and development in key areas: intraday fair-value pricing, portfolio construction, portfolio optimization, fixed-income pricing, factor analysis, liquidity analysis. Prior finance experience in these areas is preferred.

2. Frontend Developer: Focused on building a rich UI/UX in React.

Our tech stack is comprised of JS, React, Python, AWS

Please reach out with your resume: info at etflogic dot io.

Cleary | Founding Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE | https://www.gocleary.com/ Cleary is building an ‘operating system of the office’ based on the kind of internal tools that companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Google, Uber, etc build for their own employees. We're seeing great traction - we're working with companies like Square, Flexport and LendingHome, and just raised a large seed round from top tier investors.

We're assembling an A+ team - currently just 7 with backgrounds from Twitter, Microsoft, Cornell, Carnegie Melon, YC, etc.

You’ll get to work directly with our experienced entrepreneurial team, which includes three second-time founders with two prior exits. In this role you will wear multiple hats, reporting directly to the CTO, and will have an opportunity to take on a leadership position (if desired) as we scale.


Submit resumes to ryan@gocleary.com

Tech Stack: Ruby/Rails, React, Redux, Postgresql, ElasticSearch, AWS

Argo AI | Pittsburgh | Senior Software Engineer | Onsite

The autonomous vehicle industry is heating up lately, and there's no better time to join Argo AI than right now! We started in 2017 and already have a team of 450 (and growing)! We're building a new C++ Code Health team - if you're passionate about C++ and writing scalable, efficient code - this role is perfect for you.

Our new Code Health team will maintain Argo's core C++ library, build out static analysis and refactoring tooling and own our C++ toolchain. The custom static analysis tools we create will ultimately ensure the safety and security of our vehicles, and the core library we maintain will make our on-vehicle code efficient and maintainable. With this being a new team, there is plenty of room for growth in the organization as the team/company continue to scale.

You can check out the full job description here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/argo/jobs/1650532 . Mention this post when you apply!

Oncora Medical | Philadelphia, PA | Full time, salary posted in link below

- Staff Software Engineer (Platform)

- Software Engineer (Platform)

- Software Engineer (Imaging)

About us: Oncora is an oncology software and data company dedicated to helping physicians and scientists collect and use real-world data to improve outcomes for cancer patients. Our products include: a workflow integrated data capture software system for radiation oncology, a data warehouse to amass real-world, regulatory-grade oncology data, a predictive model API with machine learning algorithms to power partner software, and a life sciences partner product leveraging automated medical image analysis to advance new technologies in the fight to cure cancer. We work with world-leading cancer centers such as MD Anderson and Northwell Health, and our team is mission-driven to its core.

We are looking for experienced engineers to join our mission driven team to help develop our data platform that integrates and transforms multiple imperfect and messy data sources into clean, usable data so that we can learn from every cancer patient.

To learn more or apply, click here: https://oncoramedical.com/careers/

Peloton | Site Reliability Engineer | New York, NY | Full-time | ONSITE

Peloton is a digital fitness company based in NYC. Our company is reinventing in-home fitness with a new take on blending together the best hardware, software, and instructional content with an eye towards becoming a 'Netflix for fitness'.

Our SRE team is building a deployment platform that supports millions of at-home classes taken each month by our customers. We have lots of opportunities for automation and development, and value partnering with developers to help deliver value rather than just fighting fires. Instead, as the SRE team, our goal is to make sure that our developers can get the job done in the most frictionless way possible, so that new features and improvements can reach our user base faster (and bugs get squashed easier!)

Site Reliability Engineer: https://www.onepeloton.com/company/careers/1268721

We have many other open positions listed on our career page: https://www.onepeloton.com/company/careers

FullStory | Data Scientist | Remote and Onsite | Atlanta, GA

FullStory’s mission is to improve the web for all users. We’re doing that by building an ambitiously high-scale platform that records, analyzes, and humanizes more customer experience data than any other technology on the web.

We’re adding talented Data Scientists to our Data Science & Analytics team to both accelerate the development of in-app features that benefit our customers, as well as create internal tools to help make our company more “bionic”—smarter, faster, and more scalable. FullStory’s Data Scientists are not just critical thinkers in the realm of data research and analysis, but also proficient developers who can turn important insights into tangible outputs.

FullStory is a remote-friendly, hyper-growth SaaS company based out of Atlanta. The work environment we've cultivated is aligned around our three watchwords: clarity, empathy, and bionics. We value high-quality/low-ego collaboration and use automation to eliminate toil in daily work. If that sounds good to you, join us!

Please submit via our jobs page: https://www.fullstory.com/jobs/

Homesnap | Javascript Engineer | Bethesda, MD | Full-time, ONSITE https://www.homesnap.com/

Homesnap is an award-winning technology company serving the real estate industry. We're well-funded and based in Bethesda, MD. Our website and app empower people to find and share accurate, real-time real estate information, whether they are standing in front of a house or sitting on a couch.

We've been awarded several prestigious awards, including 2018 Washington Post Top Workplaces, Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces, #43 on Deloitte's Fast 500, and DC Inno Coolest Companies.

We are looking for a JavaScript Engineer who is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. Responsibilities will include implementing visual elements and their behaviors with user interactions. You will work with both front-end and backend web developers to build all client-side logic. You will also be bridging the gap between the visual elements and the server-side infrastructure, taking an active role on both sides, and defining how the application looks and functions.

Email us at tthompson@homesnap.com to apply and we'll respond to you promptly.

Elements | Python/Django Developer | Almere, The Netherlands | Full-time, ONSITE, VISA, Relocation assistance

Elements is a digital agency founded in 1996, building web and mobile applications for a diverse range of clients with HQ in NL. Our team has over 60 professionals from around the world, who all share a passion for tech, innovation and sharing knowledge. We care a lot about growing our skills, delivering quality work and having fun along the way!

Check our current tech stack here https://stackshare.io/elements

Some of our PERKS

* conferences/events/courses budget to stay on top of your skills * flexible working hours * internal coach program to support your personal growth * employee participation program * diverse projects * regular fun events with the team * pension plan * free lunch, snacks, unlimited freshly ground coffee every day

Check more info & our projects here https://www.elements.nl


Almere https://elements.workable.com/j/381A27B5E6?viewed=true

Cover (YC S16) | Multiple Roles | Los Angeles, CA | Full Time | Onsite | https://cover.build

Cover delivers custom homes, built in a week. From architectural design through engineering, manufacturing, and installation, we've developed innovative solutions that address fundamental problems in the construction industry. We're a team that's radical in its make up with individuals from software engineering, automotive (Tesla/GM), applied physics and mathematics, architecture, industrial design, and other backgrounds.

And we're backed by top tier investors such as General Catalyst, Y Combinator, and 50 Years.

We're currently hiring full-stack, frontend, and generalist engineers. Problems that you might work on include: automating architectural design and putting it in the browser, building out scalable regulatory engines that tell users what they can build on their properties, developing VR/AR applications that bring new home designs to life, and more.

Learn more and apply at https://www.cover.build/careers, or email a resume to join@cover.build

DefenseStorm | Seattle, WA | Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.defensestorm.com

DefenseStorm is a cybersecurity startup that helps banks and other financial institutions manage the deluge of security data that they produce. We take our customers' security-relevant device and application logs, ingest and parse them, then alert on what's important, generate reports, and show cool dashboards.

We use AngularJS/Angular (upgrade in progress), Typescript, Java 8, C#.NET, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and we're built on AWS.

I got my job here through an HN Who's Hiring post, and I love working here. Strong engineering culture - weekly hour 'topic sync' to share knowledge, flexible hours/wfh, dog-friendly office, happy customers that give good feedback, interesting problems to solve, strong sales growth.

Email jobs [at] defensestorm [dot] com or apply here: https://angel.co/company/defensestorm/jobs/541601-senior-sof...

SentiLink | Software Engineer (backend, platform, infra, machine learning) | ONSITE | San Francisco, CA | sentilink.com

SentiLink prevents synthetic fraud, an emerging fraud vector in which fraudsters open accounts using name/DOB/SSN combinations that don't correspond to real people. Our partners include top ten US banks, fintechs, and alternative lenders. We're backed by investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Max Levchin (Affirm CEO/PayPal Co-Founder), and former presidents/CEO's of Visa, Transunion, HSBC, and Citi.

We recently closed our Series A [1] and are hiring software engineers to help us build our identity platform. Our tech stack uses Go (for the API part) and Python (for the ML part) on k8s and the work involves a lot of complex and sensitive data.

Please apply at https://angel.co/sentilink/jobs or shoot a resume/github/linkedin to naftali@sentilink.com.

[1] https://businessinsider.com/synthetic-fraud-detection-startu...

Teachable | New York, NY, USA | Full-Time | Onsite | https://teachable.com/careers

We provide a platform that lets anyone create, host and sell courses online, we have over 18 million students and well over 250k instructors on the platform who have earned more than $350m. We are a team of 100 with an Eng/Product org inching towards 40. We are hiring across the board with a focus on Backend (RoR), Frontend (React/Typescript), Product Managers, and Product Designers

Senior Software Engineers (Ruby on Rails preferred): https://teachable.com/job_posts/5fe8bb3d-a307-4429-8ee8-2199...

Senior Frontend Engineers (React/Typescript) : https://teachable.com/job_posts/53d2ec79-0178-478e-840b-6ba1...

Product Managers https://teachable.com/job_posts/da97cd84-4b12-42aa-bcc9-0f22...

Product Designers https://teachable.com/job_posts/db310e65-4f3f-42d5-987f-df26...

I can honestly say it’s the best place I’ve ever worked. I’m the CTO here, hit me up at noahp@teachable.com if you have any questions or head to https://teachable.com/careers/

Check out our stack and a bit about what it’s like to work here on this post about How We Code at Teachable: https://medium.com/teachable/how-we-code-at-teachable-ff4285... and read up on our growth in this post on our path to a $15M Annual Run Rate: https://medium.com/teachable/scaling-teachable-part-2-our-jo...

Kard Financial | Senior Software Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer | New York, NY | Full-Time | On-site | $120k - $160k + Equity

Kard helps consumers maximize their credit card rewards programs while also helping our partners, card issuers, turn loyalty from an expensive, inefficient marketing channel into a profitable revenue channel. We are flipping an already $16B industry on its head, which comes with a host of interesting challenges, from refining our real-time recommendation algorithms, integrating with partner API's and building bank-level security and compliance tools.

We are looking for several engineering and non-engineering roles including:

- Senior Software Engineer - Senior DevOps Engineer

Check out our postings at: https://jobs.lever.co/getkard

Perks to working with us at Kard • Flexible health insurance, including dental/vision • Retirement plans • Unlimited vacation • Work from home (or anywhere you like!) on Fridays • We're dog friendly, and have a labradoodle (Kobi) in the office every day

Check out our postings at: https://jobs.lever.co/getkard

Interview Schedule | Senior Full Stack Engineer and Product Designer | REMOTE (USA) | Full Time | https://interviewschedule.com/careers/

I'm a founder looking to make our first key hires. We have found product-market fit, have seen strong revenue growth, and recently closed a seed round from well known investors. This is an exceptional opportunity to join a small and fast-growing startup, transforming an industry with powerful and easy to use products customers love. As an early employee you'll have tons of ownership, a big impact on product, a say in our values, and opportunities to tremendously accelerate your career growth.

Interview Schedule is changing how teams hire. Our first product streamlines recruiting scheduling and coordination, saving teams hundreds of hours a month. We’re just getting started on, and have our sights set on making hiring a great experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. We’re building the platform to engage these key stakeholders and fix the $200 billion per year hiring industry.

- Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/interviewschedulecom...

- Product Designer: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/interviewschedulecom...

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