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Apollo Agriculture (https://apolloagriculture.com/) | Amsterdam, NL or Nairobi, Kenya | ONSITE

Apollo Agriculture is bringing commercial farming to everyone, starting with farmers in Kenya. We take a proven package of agricultural inputs, the training to use them, and sell them on credit to farmers at a price they can afford. We have great credit models that help us figure out who will pay us back and a custom digital loan pipeline that helps us make these small loans in an efficient way.

We use Scala + Postgres on the backend, Kotlin on our mobile team, and python on our DS team, but are increasingly moving towards scala all over. (For Scala, on the scale from "Java++" to "Bad Haskell" I'd say we're right in the middle. We use a number of functional features but are pragmatists about it.)

We're hiring for excellent software engineers, with a slight preference towards backend engineers currently. To apply, email earl@apolloagriculture.com with a LinkedIn, a resume, or something that shows me why you're fantastic.

I see you've mentioned kotlin on your mobile team, but I don't see any app related postings on the website. I'm super interested given the fact that it's in the farming space :)

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