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Personally I run either pihole or something similar however setting something similar for all the friends is a bit cumbersome as it at least requires getting a raspberry pi. This seems like a really intriguing alternative although will voice similar concerns as others are expressing that the site does not indicate the source of the funding, motivations for the project, etc. As such that could be a barrier to entrust something as personal as DNS to a service without understanding their motivations and future plans. Would be great if that could be better outlined on the site.

Motivations: like most tech startups, scratching your own itch :)

Funding: Free during beta, then freemium with low pricing tiers (something like free up to 500,000 DNS queries a month, then $0.99/month). We will tweak later based on actual costs at scale, but it will follow this logic.

You should add some kind of rogue device/app guarantee+ notification. If something starts to drill a server, it could spike the users costs without their knowledge. That means every device and app is a liability for the user.

Something to ponder.

I know my Nvidia shield DRILLS Netflix even when it's a asleep.

I wouldn't know if 500k is a little or a lot.

Here is my usage on my PI. 2 people around 5 devices.


Seems like it's close to what a 'normal' household would consume: https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/2201126...

According to my nextdns analytics from the last few weeks my house has peaked at around 28,000 queries a day, 331k so far this month.

Nextdns is blocking somewhere in the region of 400-600 queries each day, mostly things like Google Analytics, Apple iAd.

5 people household here with 15 devices (iPhones, iPads, PS4, Raspis & Chromecasts) DNS via PiHole:

138,473 queries over the last 30 days

31,928 queries blocked (23%)

Hope this helps.

Also 5 person house with 60K queries in the last 24 hours with 39K blocked - that's 60+% blocked. All pretty much thanks to all the logging that Roku does that PiHole blocks.

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