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I wouldn't know if 500k is a little or a lot.

Here is my usage on my PI. 2 people around 5 devices.


Seems like it's close to what a 'normal' household would consume: https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/2201126...

According to my nextdns analytics from the last few weeks my house has peaked at around 28,000 queries a day, 331k so far this month.

Nextdns is blocking somewhere in the region of 400-600 queries each day, mostly things like Google Analytics, Apple iAd.

5 people household here with 15 devices (iPhones, iPads, PS4, Raspis & Chromecasts) DNS via PiHole:

138,473 queries over the last 30 days

31,928 queries blocked (23%)

Hope this helps.

Also 5 person house with 60K queries in the last 24 hours with 39K blocked - that's 60+% blocked. All pretty much thanks to all the logging that Roku does that PiHole blocks.

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