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To be fair, conceptually the concept of a CEO of a security company with no social media presence at all is not surprising, speaking from my experience with people in this field.

Interesting, I have little idea how the field really works. I guess there must still be some kind of internet presence, maybe not through a typical social network ?

This is often overlooked. If your kid wants to work in security it will be hard to get a job if his/her info and history can be found on social media.

No it won't, that's a really odd take. Perhaps if you want a job in very specific sub-section of cyber-espionage stuff, you might have a problem with existing on social media (although I doubt it)

But the idea that general IT security companies have a reduced chance of hiring someone based on their information being on social media is... not the case.

Nope, sorry, this isn't accurate at all.

That's a very odd thing to say. There are so many security professionals in the world with LinkedIn profiles.

This is not true.

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