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Are you the CEO of a company that works in computer security, where fame is probably more important than in other fields?

To be fair, conceptually the concept of a CEO of a security company with no social media presence at all is not surprising, speaking from my experience with people in this field.

Interesting, I have little idea how the field really works. I guess there must still be some kind of internet presence, maybe not through a typical social network ?

This is often overlooked. If your kid wants to work in security it will be hard to get a job if his/her info and history can be found on social media.

No it won't, that's a really odd take. Perhaps if you want a job in very specific sub-section of cyber-espionage stuff, you might have a problem with existing on social media (although I doubt it)

But the idea that general IT security companies have a reduced chance of hiring someone based on their information being on social media is... not the case.

Nope, sorry, this isn't accurate at all.

That's a very odd thing to say. There are so many security professionals in the world with LinkedIn profiles.

This is not true.

Fame does not equal trust. While there may not be any security through obsecurity it is a barrier. As for being a trusted CEO at a certain point its about who you know and who knows you. Do you think the NSA employees all have social media profiles?

Fame doesn't equal trust, but trust over time does create recognition (perhaps fame is a bit too strong). My claim is that if no one can vouch for you, how can I trust you?

Fame doesn't equal trust, but if someone with no public background starts claiming to have been in the NSA/MI6/FSB/whatever, why would you believe them?

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