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> I don't understand why they seem to be actively opposed to power users, all across their products.

Why is everyone so actively opposed to power users? I blame tbe field of UX that

- instead of working to improve products so that ordinary people can achieve more

- always decides to work on dumbing down the products so "everyone" can use them.

I feel for some companies this has backfired in the long run. Take for example Blizzard, a video game company. They used to have a perfect reputation but over time it has tarnished due to catering to the masses.

World of Warcraft became more and more accessible over time, and eventually reached a point where it was so accessible that no one wanted to play it since it wasn't fun and there was nothing to achieve.

Diablo 3 was meant to appeal to the mass market but it was really obvious to everyone that the game was horrible since it wasn't actually meant for anyone in particular. They literally had design choices that were obvious to teenagers that it was a profit-making machine.

I haven't really been a video gamer in years but AFAIK they don't have the same reputation and are just an ordinary company now due to changing their model from "amazing product" to "mass market product".

Because catering to power users is bad for business, and catering to the masses is good for it.

* Power users are far fewer than ordinary people. * Power users are hard to manipulate, and hard to satisfy.

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