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created:October 18, 2009
about:I work for Computas in Oslo, Norway. We are and employee owned company and provides specialists in cloud, machine teaching (i.e. programming), machine learning, project management, digital transformation and more.

We are a nice bunch. If you are stuck in Norway in a less than ideal job and you are a friendly person who knows any of the above as well as enough Norwegian to communicate effectively with Norwegians at work, shoot me a mail.

Writing I think is funny:

- http://erik.itland.no/courses-id-like-to-teach

- http://erik.itland.no/simplified-and-more-precise-privacy-policies-for-big-companies

- https://erik.itland.no/tag:aifails (Less funny. I wish stuff just worked.)

Stuff others upvote on various sites:

- http://erik.itland.no/what-did-google-get-right (About Google+)

- http://erik.itland.no/are-you-making-a-chrome-application-or-a-web-application

Tell HN: I think (2017-02-22) that user data should be treated in much the same way as nuclear raw materials. I would suggest considering a User Data Non-Proliferation Treaty along the lines of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_on_the_Non-Proliferation_of_Nuclear_Weapons

I am a:

Sysadmin that prefer nix but have worked for years with a big, widely distributed, safety critical Windows system as well.


  * Java, Java EE 
  * C#, Asp.Net MVC
  * Client side Javascript (TypeScript now)
  * modern PHP
can script my way around vbscript, python (flask, scripting) and simple golang.

I don't do graphic design.

I'm happily working for a Norwegian company.

You can reach me at erik.itland_at_gmail.com or you can try @eitland or @eitland@mstdn.io