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created:October 18, 2009
karma: 7894
about: I sometimes write at https://erik.itland.no

Writing I think is funny:

- http://erik.itland.no/courses-id-like-to-teach

- http://erik.itland.no/simplified-and-more-precise-privacy-policies-for-big-companies

- https://erik.itland.no/tag:aifails (Less funny. I wish stuff just worked.)

Stuff others upvote on various sites:

- http://erik.itland.no/what-did-google-get-right (About Google+)

- http://erik.itland.no/are-you-making-a-chrome-application-or-a-web-application

Tell HN: I think (2017-02-22) that user data should be treated in much the same way as nuclear raw materials. I would suggest considering a User Data Non-Proliferation Treaty along the lines of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_on_the_Non-Proliferation_of_Nuclear_Weapons

I am a:

Sysadmin that prefer nix but have worked for years with a big, widely distributed, safety critical Windows system as well.


  * Java, Java EE 
  * C#, Asp.Net MVC
  * Client side Javascript (TypeScript now)
  * modern PHP
can script my way around vbscript, python (flask, scripting) and simple golang.

I don't do graphic design.

I'm happily working for a Norwegian company.

You can reach me at erik.itland_at_gmail.com or you can try @eitland or @eitland@mstdn.io