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Thanks for creating Sourcegraph for GitLab https://github.com/sourcegraph/about/blob/master/projects/so... we really appreciate it.

Every single developer that used Sourcegraph and talked to me about it loved the product. I think that every code product must have intelligent navigation.

I saw you already responded to my tweet in https://twitter.com/sqs/status/1046986755919024129 We're looking forward to add Sourcegraph to GitLab by default and it is awesome that you offer to do the work.

Thanks for choosing the Apache license which will make this much more acceptable to some companies then for example AGPL.

Sourcegraph CEO here. :) Thanks for creating GitLab and for the kind words. We're indeed looking forward to adding Sourcegraph to GitLab by default. Look out for a prototype/proposal MR from us in a bit. That's one of the super valuable kinds of features/integrations that we can do now that Sourcegraph is open source!

Amazing! Here's an issue we can use to discuss: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/41925

Awesome! Apart from the Web IDE having Sourcegraph code navigation by default in the repository view would be great.

It's too bad that a browser extension is required to make this work. I've asked previously for GitLab to provide the necessary hooks so that any plugin could offer this type of functionality in a first class way, and was told that the proposal lacked a "concrete first need". I suppose SourceGraph has now demonstrated the usefulness of such a thing, which is great!

Ref: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/33047

Yes, we would love to integrate Sourcegraph into all code hosts directly and not require users to install a browser extension. Please provide the same feedback to other code hosts you use (GitHub, Bitbucket, Phabricator, etc.) as well and link to this thread. :)

How is the process for that? I'd like to get that integrated into RhodeCode as well.

Hey! Sourcegrapher who works on the browser extension and other integrations here.

The road to complete integration in a product is a bit longer as it takes collaboration if the product isn't open source. This is what we'd like in every product we integrate with.

However, I just did quite a bit of refactoring to make it easier and more straight forward to add support for new code hosts to the browser extension.

If you want to add support, we'd gladly accept a PR!

Always feel free to reach out and ask questions. Check out how it's done on GitHub, GitLab and Phabricator here: https://sourcegraph.com/search?q=repo:graph%5C/browser-exten...

Thanks for your answer. Our product is actually also open-core. And the source is here: https://code.rhodecode.com/rhodecode-enterprise-ce

In this case, what's the best process to start, should we open an issue, or send support email?


In that case, let's build it right in to RhodeCode!

A good place to start would be opening an issue on your product's issue tracker and start discussing requirements there.

Thanks, we'll discuss this and follow up!

This is exciting!

Hello Mike! Can you please reference the Sourcegraph example in the issue? Maybe this will initiate further discussion and convince someone to reconsider your proposal. Thank you!

Yes, for sure there is a need now. We can do either a plug-in or just integrate Sourcegraph directly into GitLab.

It would be great to do it via a generic plugin interface, if possible.

Sourcegraph engineer here - that's the goal of the Sourcegraph extension API, being generic and code-host agnostic. One Sourcegraph extension can provide the same features on any code host (Gitlab, GitHub, Bitbucket, ...)

Hey, I worked on the GitLab support. I'm glad developers are liking it so far!

Thanks for building a great product with clean APIs and user interfaces that are easy to integrate with!

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