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How is the process for that? I'd like to get that integrated into RhodeCode as well.

Hey! Sourcegrapher who works on the browser extension and other integrations here.

The road to complete integration in a product is a bit longer as it takes collaboration if the product isn't open source. This is what we'd like in every product we integrate with.

However, I just did quite a bit of refactoring to make it easier and more straight forward to add support for new code hosts to the browser extension.

If you want to add support, we'd gladly accept a PR!

Always feel free to reach out and ask questions. Check out how it's done on GitHub, GitLab and Phabricator here: https://sourcegraph.com/search?q=repo:graph%5C/browser-exten...

Thanks for your answer. Our product is actually also open-core. And the source is here: https://code.rhodecode.com/rhodecode-enterprise-ce

In this case, what's the best process to start, should we open an issue, or send support email?


In that case, let's build it right in to RhodeCode!

A good place to start would be opening an issue on your product's issue tracker and start discussing requirements there.

Thanks, we'll discuss this and follow up!

This is exciting!

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